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Haitian History & Future Prospects - John Bracey
UMass Professor John Bracey presents a brief history of the country of Haiti focusing on the significant impacts Haiti has had on the world despite being isolated and ignored by most other countries. His lecture points out what needs to be done to truly help Haiti after the recent earthquake. Recorded on April 2, 2010 in the Greenfield Community College Stinchfield Lecture Hall.
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Addiction is a Brain Disease - Dr Ruth Potee
Dr Ruth Potee makes a strong case for treating addiction as a disease comparing physical, mental, and addiction illnesses and looking closely at common care techniques given to each in this presentation given to the Franklin County Opiate Task Force on 5/26/15. For more about Dr. Potee visit www.ruthpotee.com
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Regenerative Farming - Eric Toensmeier
The co-author of Edible Forest Gardens (among other titles) speaks about earth-friendly methods for promoting robust food production while improving soil fertility, sequestering carbon and contributing to equitable economies. Hosted by Heifer International, a non-profit which works with communities around the world to end hunger and poverty through the use of sustainable farm and garden practices.
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Capitalism Hits the Fan - Richard Wolff
Excerpt of a presentation on the current economic meltdown presented at Greenfield Community College Stinchfield Hall by UMass Economics Professor Richard Wolff on September 17, 2009.
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Catch Our Children Before They Fall - Dr. Ed Tronick
Dr. Tronick speaks about the research he has conducted using variations of his "Still-Face" paradigm, and its implications regarding trust and bonding in child development. recorded 9/26/11
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Science of Music and Sound - David Harvey
The Teaching and Learning Series (TLS) sponsored this presentation "The Science of Musical Sound" Professor David Harvey demonstrates and discusses sound, physics of sound, electronics related to sound, and relates it all to music making. rec. 3/3/98
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The Twin Sides of the Fossil Fuel Coin - Guy McPherson
Award winning conservation biologist and professor emeritus Guy McPherson visits GCC and delivers his presentation "The Twin Sides of the Fossil-Fuel Coin: Developing Durable Living Arrangements in Light of Climate Change and Energy Decline." rec. 11/28/12
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Advertising & the Perfect Storm - Sut Jhally
Adverstising & the Perfect Storm: Global Warming, Peak Oil & Consumer Debt presented by Sut Jhally is sponsored by the Foundation for the 8th annual Commager Lecture. Prof Jhally, Communication of Umass and Founder/Exec Director of the Media Education Foundation (MEF).
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Cost of Racism to White America - John H. Bracey
In his lecture, Professor John H. Bracey, Jr. examines how racism and white entitlement have economic costs for all Americans. Professor Bracey is a member of the W.E.B. DuBois Department of Afro-American studies at Umass. This lecture includes an introduction by Prof. Dovi Afesi.
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Comedian Ronnie Jordon
Greenfield Community College Office of Student Life presented Comedian Ronnie Jordon on 2/3/10. These are a few clips from his show that was recorded in the Greenfield Community College Sloan Theater.
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Shirley Chisholm Speech
Shirley Chisholm, the first black congresswoman and a 1971 candidate for nominee for Presidency of United States in a historical political moment speaks at the Greenfield High School Auditorium in 1983. Introduction by Risky Case.
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Spoken Word Artist Taalam Acey
A performance by Taalam Acey, an independent artist whose work has been featured frequently on TV One, The Documentary Channel and was selected as the original "number one thing you need to know about" on BET's countdown show, "The 5ive." Recorded in the Sloan Theater.
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Library Promo 70's Theme
At Greenfield Community College using a 70's Charlies Angel's theme, the Library staff creatively promotes the Library services. Greenfield Community College was awarded 2009 Massachusetts Library Association, Public Relations Award in the Media Presentation Category for this video.
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Galen- Flute Juice Jazz Trio (clips)
Greenfield Community College Office of Student Life concert with Galen - Flute Juice Jazz Trio. Recorded in the Greenfield Community College Sloan Theater on November 4, 2009.
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Storytelling: A Way to Know Ourselves - Julius Lester
"Storytelling: A Way to Know Ourselves" presented by Julius Lester storyteller and prize-winning author of 13 books and numerous articles. He is also a poet, musician and songwriter who lectures to us about the art of storytelling.
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Austin Renfroe-Student Life Concert
Musician Austin Renfroe performed live in the GCC Dining Commons as part of Spring Week events. It's sometimes hard to imagine how the spirit of a soulful song crafter and the energy of a compelling concert artist can coexist in the same person, but Austin Renfroe brought both to the stage. rec. 4/25/12
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Landscape of Memory: Holocaust Memorials- James Young
A slideshow and lecture presented by James E. Young, professor of English and Judaic Studies at Umass. Professor Young's presentation focuses on Holocaust memorials in Europe, Israel and the U.S. He asks: What is remembered?, How is it remembered?, and How is the meaning of past events reworked and reconfigured in the process of remembering?
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GCC TV Studio Lighting
Overview of GCC TV Studio Lighting system and quick start up with Garry Longe Instructional Media Specialist.
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Shays Rebellion: Revolution's Final Battle - Leo Richards
"Shay's Rebellion: The American Revolution's Final Battle" presented by Umass Prof. Leo Richards is the second annual Henry Steel Commager Lecture. Richards' research about Shay's Rebellion has totally reshaped the discussion about the significance of this event because Shays' fellow rebels were not all poor farmers. In researching the background of the people involved, Richards learned that many of them were prominent, affluent, powerful members of their community, not just disgruntled farmers trying to make a living.
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Who's Got the Blues & Why Lecture - Dr. Daphne Duval-Harrison
Who's Got the Blues & Why is presented by Dr. Daphne Duval-Harrison and takes a look at the development of "Blues" music through various examples through the ages. A very comprehensive history of the roots of "Blues" music by a noted music author/historian.
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Writer - Le Thi Diem Thuy
2005-06 Visiting Writers Series - Le Thi Diem Thuy - Thuy is a writer and solo performance artist. Born in southern Vietnam and raised in California, she often explores in her work the role of the body as the site of memory. She is the author of: The Gangster We Are All Looking For.
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Rendering the Life of Emily Dickinson - D Abramson & P Longsworth
"Rendering the Life of Emily Dickinson" is a presentation by Doris Abramson reading from Dickinson's works in conjunction with Polly Longworth's rendering of Dickinson's life. Longsworth is a biographer of Dickinson and her family; Abramson is Emeritus Prof of Theater at Umass. Introduction by Faythe Turner.
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CRAFT: Community Reinforcement And Family Training
Dominique Simon-Levine with Allies in Recovery presents the CRAFT process for helping individuals and families with addiction problems at an OPIOID Task Force event. She introduces the website developed using the CRAFT process to help families in working with addiction problems. rec 8/18/2015
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Archibald MacLeish in Conway
A look at Archibald MacLeish, his life, and home in Conway Massachusetts. Original slide show and audio was produced in 1982 by Greenfield Community College.
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Tap, Tray and the Fool" tap dance performance
Kurt Albert and Klaus Bleis, two fabulous tap dancers from Germany who are known as "Tap and Tray" and renowned Boston tap dancer Josh Hilberman with pianist Paul Arslanian performed in the GCC Sloan Theater on 4/4/12 during their tour of the United States.
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Mentalist Jonny Zavant - Student Life Show
Mentalist Jonny Zavant is one of the most in-demand mind readers in the world and has performed for U.S. troops in South Korea, performed in Istanbul Turkey, and at hundreds of college campuses across the nation. Jonny amazed the audience on the stage of the GCC Sloan Theater on11/14/2012 with his talents. These are a few excerpts of that performance.
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A Bit About Edward R. Murrow - Casey Murrow
The Nahman-Watson Library's annual celebration of Banned Books Week with a conversation with Casey Murrow. Casey is a Vermont educator and the son of historic broadcast journalist Edward R. Murrow. He discusses freedom of information and the press, as well as his father's legacy and important work during the McCarthy era.
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Authentic Philanthropy - Kathy Lemay
Do the benchmarks in the for-profit world translate to the non-profit world where humanity is the destination and the journey. Is there still a role for humanity in the new modern philanthropic movement? What does the future of social change look like and what might it look like if humanity is removed from the equation? Presented by Kathy Lemay, founder and CEO of Raising Change, which helps organizations raise capital to advance social change agendas and individuals create Generosity Plans to help change the world.
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High Impact Educational Practices-George Kuh
Dr George Kuh discusses the data and research compiled to show the documented importance of high impact educational practices used in helping students succeed. He presents information on all the forms of experiantial learning and group peer learning and it's impact on keeping students engaged in their learning. Recorded 9/20/12
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African Percussion Ensemble Concert Fall 2010
GCC African Percussion Ensemble Concert recorded on December 8, 2010 in the Sloan Theater
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19th Century Women's Clothing
Laura Patnode employs models in 19th century period clothing as well as historical photos to show the restrictive and oppressive clothing women wore in the 19th century.
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Gallery Talk - Amber Scoon
Artist Amber Scoon discusses her pieces as shown answering questions about their development and meaning including her views on working at being an artist. Excerpts of a presentation recorded in the GCC Art Gallery on 12/7/11.
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Speciesism: An Introduction - Marian Kelner
Animal rights advocate Marian Kelner ( www.mariankelner.net )reminds us that humans, in general, feel superior to other species and this prejudice, known as speciesism, results in the suffering of animals and plants worldwide. In her talk she discusses how addressing and eliminating this accepted and institutionalized prejudice is a key to bringing peace and justice to the Earth and all who live within and upon Her.
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Introduction to Permaculture - Abrah Dresdale
Abrah Dresdale introduces a group to the concept of permaculture and explains her involvement in studying and working in permaculture design.
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When Cultures Collide: Storytelling with Rene the Unstoppable
Excerpt from the repertoire of comedic performances by Rene Pellerin recorded 9/26/11 in the GCC Sloan Theater. He, his brother, three aunts and uncles have Usher Syndrome. Rene has dedicated his professional life to the deaf community, with positions at DEAF, Inc. in Allston, Massachusetts and at Vocational Rehabilitation for two years in Vermont. After that, Reneworked as the State Coordinator for the Deaf in Vermont for 15 years. His last four years of working, he was the Coordinator for Northern Vermont under the Vermont Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Long recognized by his peers as an amazing entertainer, he is a sought-after storyteller for various events.
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Survey of Health Careers-Lisa Sheldon
Lisa Sheldon talks about her career as a nutritionist and dietitian, some of her career choices and learning experiences.
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Legacy of the Holocaust:Children of Survivors- Tiana Mirapae
"The Legacy of the Holocaust: Children of Survivors" by Tiana Mirapae, M.Ed., LCSW who speaks about the Holocaust and being a child of a survivor.
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Coming of the Train - Brian Donelson part2
Brian Donelson, author of The Coming of the Train: The Hoosac Tunnel & Wilmington and Deerfield River Railroads and the Industries They Served and an outstanding speaker will discuss the most recent information he has discovered on the history of our local railroads and the towns and industries they served. His second volume of the series is well underway and will include a great deal about the development of the upper Deerfield's hydro-electric resources by the New England Power Company and the important part that the Hoosac Tunnel & Wilmington and Deerfield River Railroads played. He will also present new information about logging in the Searsburg and Somerset regions, including many pictures that few people have ever seen.
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Casey Weston - Student Life Concert
Singer-songwriter Casey Weston, from season 1 of "The Voice" graced the GCC Dining Commons for a Office of Student Life Concert on 1/28/13. This is a few clips from the concert.
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Capital Punishment & American Condition - Austin Sarat
Presentation by Law professor and author Austin Sarat, Nelson Cromwell Professor of Jurisprudence and Political Science, Amherst College. Sarat speaks on Capital Punishment, the death penalty as a Civil Rights and Civil Liberties issue in the first Annual Henry Steele Commager Lecture sponsored by the GCC Foundation..
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GCC Patch Bay
Brief description of how audio and video patch bays (panels) work in the GCC TV Studio with Instructional Media Specialist Garry Longe.
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GCC TV Control Room Introduction
Brief introduction tour of the GCC TV Control Room with Garry Longe Instructional Media Specialist.
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Practical Psychopharmacy of Autism Spectrum Disorders
Dr Christopher McDougle M.D., Director of Lurie Center for Autism provides information about evaluations, the use of medications, and treatment options for the rising population of adolescents and young adults with autism spectrum disorders that show behavioral regression, irritability, and even aggressive behaviors. Presentation was recorded at the INSPIRE Conference held in GCC Dining Commons on 11/6/12.
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"Forensic Investigation"
Science Lecture Series 1999 #1 This lecture by Lynn Orvis "Forensic Investigation" is part of the Science Lecture Series. Recorded in the Greenfield Community College TV Studio.
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Poet - Magdalena Gomez
2005 Visiting Writer Series - Contemporary poet Magdalena Gomez speaks of her life and how it has influenced her writings. She reads several of her poems which are written with a blend of both the English and Spanish language.
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Trends and Sustainability in Ecotourism - Austin Paulson
Presented by Austin Paulson, coordinator of GCC's Outdoor Leadership Program and founder of Peak Expeditions outdoor adventure company. A veteran of more than 60 international mountaineering expeditions around the world with 20 years in the adventure industry, he is regarded as one of the most accomplished mountaineering authorities in the Northeastern US. He received rock and alpine training from the American Mountain Guides Association, is a level 2 avalanche forecaster, and is trained as an Emergency Medical Technician.
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Writer - Tayari Jones
2005 Visiting Writer Series - Writer Tayari Jones - Tayari Jones talks about her first novel "Leaving Atlanta" a book about coming of age. The story is set during the city's infamous child murders of 1979-81. Jones was in the fifth grade when thirty African American children were murdered from the neighborhoods near her home and school. "This novel is my way of documenting a particular moment in history. It is a love letter to my generation and also an effort to remember my own childhood." Jones' work has received many awards including the Hurston/Wright Award. It was named "Novel of the Year" by "Atlanta Magazine". The Washington Post listed it as one of the best of 2002. Jones' is an assistant Professor of English at the U. of Illinois where she teaches creative writing.
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Dominican Women Breaking Tradition - Carmen Cosme
Dominican Carmen Cosme explores Dominican women as warriors who break patterns of gender domination in a patriarchal society. She shares a variety of strategies that women create to liberate themselves from oppressive households and then describe different spaces in which Dominican women work. The content of this presentation breaks from the popular Dominican Cinderella story in which a woman needs to wait for her "gringo" or European prince (Sugar Daddy) to take her away to live happily ever after. Dominican women successfully sustain their families and provide models of success for the next generations.
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Membrane Electrolysis - Dr Cortney Mittelsteadt
Here's your golden opportunity to learn about the science of a key component of hydrogen fuel cells: polymer membranes. Learn more about the development, use, limitations, and sustainability of this technology from expert in the field, Dr. Cortney Mittelsteadt, Vice President of Technology at Giner Electrochemical Systems (GES) (an R&D and manufacturing company in Boston, MA) who has been P.I. for over $20M in private and government research.
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