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Be Prepared- The Deleted Reprise
(Scar) It's time you were all introduced to Your ruler's executive staff Perhaps not the kind you've been used to But certainly game for a laugh (Hyenas) We'd like to assure you no fooling Red meat is no longer our scene And if now and then we're seen drooling It's only an ancestor's gene (Scar) So prepare for a glorious future Be prepared for the pride's golden age (Hyenas) It's like any other Who murdered a brother- If we don't spread rumors He'll feed us and room us With friends in high places We hold all the aces (Scar) So don't try and rattle my cage (Hyenas) Oh, imagine if anyone dared Be prepared Oh, imagine if anyone dared (Scar) Be prepared (thanks to JennyENicholson for the lyrics)
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Scar: Are You In Or Out?
Sorry/ Youtube messed up my timings. What's this? Scar as another Aladdin Villain? Movie: The Lion King Song: Are You In Or Out?(Aladdin and the King of Thieves.)-Jerry Orbach and Chorus
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I Just Can't Wait to Be King(Genesis Version)
Sorry the synching isn't perfect. Hope you enjoy it, anyway. :) Movie: The Lion King Music: IJCWTBK(The Lion King for the Sega Genesis)
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Be Prepared(Broadway Version)
Syching was a bit difficult, but I think it came out fine. But what do YOU think? Rate and Comment. Most of all, enjoy! Movie-The Lion King Music-Be Prepared(TLK on Broadway)
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Lion King-Grasslands Chant
Well, I matched the song "Grasslands Chant" from TLKoB to TLK itself! Hope you enjoy it! Please rate and comment. Movie: The Lion King Music: Grasslands Chant- The Lion King on Broadway original cast recording Ensemble
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Scar: Be Prepared
What kind of Scar-fan would I be if I didn't upload this? Audio and Video from Disney's The Lion King
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The Lion King: Son of Man(Broadway)
Well, I original thought I lost this vid, but it somehow reappeared, so of course I decided to upload it. The question was: "There are like ten Lion King AMVs with this song. How do I make mine stand out?" The answer: "With lipsunching and the power of Broadway." Well, here's the result. Hope you enjoy! Movie: The Lion King Music: Son of Man(Tarzan Musical Orignal Cast Recording)
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Hakuna Matata: Jimmy Cliff Featuring Lebo M
Entry for TLK FTW's contest. Okay, I admit. This is probably the least original idea anyone could ever come up with. But why not do it anyway? Who knows? Someone might enjoy it anyway. ;) Movie: The Lion King Music: Hakuna Matata(Jimmy Cliff Featuring Lebo M)
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Scar: Prince Ali(Reprise)
I decided to combine my two favorite Disney Villains. Enjoy! Movie: The Lion King Music: Prince Ali(Reprise)-Disney's Aladdin.
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Scar-Sexy Boy
Scar thinks he's a sexy boy. Movie: The Lion King Song: HBK theme(WWE the Music)
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Scar: Mr. Grinch
Merry Christmas!
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Lion King-King of Pride Rock(Broadway)
The Broadway version of King of Pride rock, set to TLK. Enjoy, comment, rate, etc! Heather Headley & Jason Raize & Tsidii Le Loka & Max Casella & T-King Of Pride Rock / Circle Of Life (Reprise)
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Simba: Hot Patootie(Bless My Soul)
Simba rocks out with a few chorus singers. My first AMV on Youtube, dedicated to TeenSimba, KiarasMate, and all my friends on the Pride Forum. Movie: The Lion King Song: Hot Patootie(Bless My Soul) Mostly lip sych, or at least attempted lip synch. And yes....Zazu is Buddy Holly, apparently. ;)
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The Lion King on Broadway: Act One Animated Preview
I've wanting to do this for a while, and finally got around to it. These are the songs of TLKoB Act One, in order and set to the movie "The Lion King" All credit goes to the artists of The Lion King on Broadway: Original Cast Recording. The songs are as follows The Circle of Life Grasslands Chant The Morning Report Lioness Hunt(couldn't find fitting clips, so I improvised.) I Just Can't Wait to Be King Chow Down They Live in You Be Prepared The Stampede Rafiki Mourns Hakuna Matata Enjoy!
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Hakuna Matata(Broadway Version)
Had to edit the clips a bit, and messed up in some parts. Making one of these is NOT as easy at is seems! Rate and Comment! Movie-The Lion King Music- Hakuna Matata(TLK on Broadway) Enjoy!
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The Lion King: Time Warp
First vid with my new intro. Nuka: Riff-Raff Vitani: Magenta Shenzi: Columbia Outlanders and Hyenas: Transylvanians Enjoy! Music: The Time Warp(Rocky Horror Picture Show) Movies: The Lion King Trilogy
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Lion King; Funny Pics Collection
My first video on Youtube. A slideshow of some funny Lion King pics and fanart that I've come across. Quality's bad at first, but gets better after a few pics. Enjoy!(And comment.) No copyright infringement intended. Credit goes to artists.
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The Lion King: Schadenfreude
Here you go! An Avenue Q/TLK AMV! I thought it fit, so don't give me crap. ;) Scar-Gary Coleman Simba- Nicky Enjoy! Movie used: The Lion King Song used: Schadenfreude(Avenue Q the Musical)
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Mufasa's Funeral(Bell Tolls)
Short video, but I like it. Really, I have no idea what to do with this video. It could become my new opening, if I add more to it. Or maybe extend it? I don't know. What do you think? Please rate and comment.
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Lion King: Can You Feel the Love Tonight?-Broadway
Well, the synching was really hard with this one, and the effects may not have been the best, but I tried my best. I hope you enjoy it!(And yes, I tried to make the Elephant Graveyard scene look cute/romantic. So sue me.) Movie used-The Lion King Song used- TLK on Broadway: Can You Feel the Love Tonight? Well, rate, comment, and enjoy!
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The Circle of Life(Broadway Version)
Okay, this one could have come out a lot better if I had LK2 clips, but it's good enough to post, in my eyes. Didn't really take much work, but rate and comment, anyway! Movie-The Lion King Song-The Circle of Life(TLK on Broadway)
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The Lion King: The Great Gate of Kiev
This is my tag vid without the facts. Enjoy! Movie: TLK Music: Jerry Lawler(WWE the Music)
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Scar Just Can't Wait to be King
Sorry the beginning drags. Enjoy! Movie:TLK Trilogy Music: I Just Can't Wait to Be King
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Simba's Happy Song
Simba's really happy....or is he? Movie: The Lion King Music: The Happy Song( Liam Lynch)
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The Lion King: MOD Theme
Yeah, mostly Scar. ;) Hope you enjoy Movie: The Lion King Music: WWE Ministry of Darkness Theme
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Scar: I Can Make You a Man
Well, here's another Rocky Horror AMV. The synching was a lot harder on this one, so cut me some slack. ;) Okay, hope you have a sense of humor and can enjoy this! Rate and Comment. Movie used: The Lion King Music used: I Can Make You a Man(The Rocky Horror Picture Show) Have fun!
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Rafiki on Drugs
Couldn't resist. :p Movie: The Lion King Song: Chacarron
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Tag Vid # 4
Here it is. Enjoy!
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A Very Short Lion King Spoof 2
Has this idea for a while. Hope you enjoy it!
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Rafiki's Message
Rafiki tells Simba something very important
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Tag Vid #3
My third tag vid
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A Very Short Lion King Spoof
I found this funny for some reason. Wow, I'm easily amused.
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Tag Vid #2
Well, here's my real tag vid. Enjoy! Movie: The Lion King Music: Jerry Lawler(WWE the Music) I know it has an actual title, I just can't remember what it is....
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Yeah, I got tagged, so I made a tag video. I recommend you turn up the volume. Enjoy!
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The King is Dead Spoofs
Multiple reactions to Mufasa's death. I found this funny when I made it. Looking back, I'm not sure why... ;) Movie-The Lion King Rate, comment, and enjoy!
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Not my best work. It goes in the "most likely to be redone" bin. Nonetheless, here you go. Enjoy! Movie: The Lion King Music: Burned(WWE the Music)
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Tag Vid #2
Well, here it is.
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The Lion King: Lucid Raksha
Well, as a request, I have done an AMV to Lucid Raksha, by Mia Sarno. All credit goes to Mia Sarno(except for making the video, which was my doing), as she definitely deserves it. Hope you enjoy!
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Zoo Pics
Just some pictures at took at a zoo, set to the Circle of Life(Broadway version). Enjoy!
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