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Lloyd Banks - A.O.N Volume 1: Failure's No Option (Full Mixtape)
TRACKLIST 01. [00:00] - The Natural 02. [03:32] - Failures No Option 03. [06:49] - Pain In Variety 04. [09:31] - You Wish 05. [12:46] - Reminder 06. [15:36] - Paint The Sky ft. Vado 07. [19:07] - The Plague 08. [21:25] - Lead The Blind 09. [23:51] - Daily Betrayal 10. [27:37] - Cover Me ft. Styles P 11. [31:20] - Keep Up 12. [33:32] - Tour Stories 13. [36:30] - My Flight 14. [39:15] - Drop A Diamond ft. Raekwon 15. [43:23] - House Pride 16. [45:56] - No Surrender ft. Mr. Probz ENJOY! Drop a like to support the P.L.K!
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Family Guy predicted Paul Walker's death conspiracy theory
Here's a link relevant to this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRHNUV... Here's some links to video's discussing the deaths of mega-stars who know something their government doesn't want you to know. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNDbGh9JTd4 Music: Immortal Technique - The Martyr
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Soul Eater Fairy Tail AMV
Anime: - Soul Eater - Fairy Tail I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did making it! I don't take ownership for the clips and music used in this AMV. I borrowed them and mixed them up
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Just For Laughs theme song
No copy right intended. All credit goes to Just For Laughs Gags and Quebec Original. Visit each of the respective companies websites for further information. Just For Laugh Gags: http://www.justforlaughs.com Quebec Original: http://www.bonjourquebec.com/us-en/accueil0.html
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Lloyd Banks - Live it Up (OFFICIAL MIXTAPE) tracklist and video HQ
Live It Up is the second addition to the All or Nothing series and is the sequel to Banks' 2013 mixtape; Failure's No Option. Tracklist: 01. [00:00] - Pledge of Allegiance (Prod. By Ty James) 02. [03:26] - Seniorities Feat. Prodigy & Vado (Prod. By Mr Authentic) 03. [08:41] - Bags of Gold (Prod. By Quis Star) 04. [11:37] - Land Of Opportunity Feat. Styles P (Prod. By Mr Authentic) 05. [15:59] - Insomniac (Prod. By HeiroWayne) 06. [20:39] - Work Hard Feat. Tony Yayo (Prod. By Tha Jerm) 07. [24:43] - Do Or Die (Prod. By Doe Pesci) 08. [28:07] - Holy Water (Prod. By Doe Pesci) 09. [31:39] - Reap What You Sow (Prod. By Tha Jerm) 10. [36:12] - Blood Sweat & Tears (Prod. By TyNitty) 11. [39:02] - Transitions Feat. Joe Budden (Prod. By Doe Pesci) 12. [43:57] - Reverse (Prod. By Phil Jackson) 13. [46:28] - Miserable (Prod. By LJ Milan) 14. [51:00] - Bad Weather (Prod. By ProspectBeatz) 15. [54:29] - Price of Life (Prod. By Sean Anderson)
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PS4 Exclusive Games Reveal Theme Song (2013)
Such an epic tune! Here's the link to the original video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQvggeBG-KE
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Lloyd Banks All or Nothing pt.2 Live It Up teaser trailer 2016
Here is the teaser trailer for the second addition of Lloyd Banks' All or Nothing mixtape series; Live It Up. It was posted on the 18th of September 2016 on Banks' Facebook page. I hope the beat used here is used in a full track because it's stupid good! It's got that familiar distant, somewhat futuristic, serious yet chilled feel that Failure's No Option has
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Clannad Angel Beats AMV (720p) HD
*SPOILER ALERT FOR CLANNAD AFTER STORY* I've chosen two anime this time round to create a more deep, emotional amv. ENJOY! If you like the video, then like xD [I don't take ownership for the audio and video in this amv. I took them and mixed them up]
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