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My Orchid House
This is my Pergola where I grow most of my cattleyas. When they bloom I bring them into my screen porch to enjoy them.
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2017 Redlands International Orchid Festival
Heading south to Redlands International Orchid Festival 2017.
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Coming home to find Blc Booth Lee Venice in bloom
Returning home after four days from Miami and just when I thought I have seen all the most beautiful orchids in the world, all along this one Blc Booth Lee Venice was blooming in my own back yard.
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My Favorite Orchid
My easy to grow and favorite orchid blooms. Cattleya Laelia Purpurata Carnea. It also has the most beautiful fragrance. Sweet & Spicey
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Rescued my wrinkled limply phalaenopsis
This little NoId phalaenopsis did not like being potted in wood bark mix. I repotted in to sphagnum moss and to my surprise the limply wrinkled leaves improved greatly
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Unboxing from Hausermann Orchids
Thanks to Maven's video I have found my dream orchid. One, out of 100 removed from my want list, so 99 orchids remain on the list and if one of those orchids should fall on my lap, 98 orchids remain on the list. lol My two new are: Miltonia Sunset Yellow Passion and mini Phal. Horng Lin Vicky. Hubby missed recording the mini phal. I need to give him some lessons on the camera.
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A few surprise blooms
I have been busy helping my sister with her move and apart from my orchids. It was a nice surprise to come home and find a few were blooming.
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A Visit to RF Orchids
We got a chance to visit RF Orchids in Miami. What a wonderful nursery. Employees are very attentive. You get the feeling of being far away in a tropical exotic jungle.
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" Rhynchostylis " First bloom in 2017
My first blooming orchid 2017, Rhynchostylis Gigantea red spot. Surprise birthday orchid Rhynchostylis Gigantea Peach Rare Color Form from Art Stone Orchids in St. Petersburg FL. One of my favorite vendors.
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2019 Tampa Orchid haul and gifts from Todd
Three new orchids from the show in Tampa. Prices were very high this year. It was a pleasure meeting Todd from Todd's Tropical's, and he had a box of goodies for me. We received a gorgeous orchid arrangement from very good friends in Memory of my Sister in Law, Sarah.
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My reliable bloomer
This mounted orchid blooms for me year after year. Very reliable and easy to grow. Kathy from Massachusetts ID her for me as, Bc Marg Putman. It never fails, every time I accompany hubby to the home improvement stores an orchid jumps into my cart. I am afraid hubby will make me wait in the car. lol
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My Orchid Collection in 60 Seconds
Most of my Growing Areas
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Good and bad spikes
Yea..... Second bloom spike on my catasetum. Unfortunately I cut off the spike on my big vanda along with the mother plant in order to save the keiki. Blc Hamlyn's Magic, another one of my favorites.
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Big White Cattleya is gone
For years this big cattleya has been infested with scale. I have sprayed all type of chemicals. It seem to work for a while, but they would to dormant or hide deep in the roots. I will be trying something new. Bleach, water and dish soap.
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2018 Tampa Orchid Show  Haul
As if I needed more orchids, here I go again. Dendrobium amethystoglossum; Blc Lilly Marie Almas 'Mgr'; Rlc. Memorial Gold-Harrisoniana 'Volcano Queen'; Dendrobium Angel Moon 'Love Letter'; Phal. Ken Avant 'Krull-Smith'
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My last orchid
Yes, no more orchids for me, that is this year 2018. But..... watch out! 2019 is just a couple of weeks away. lol.
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Orchid Tag
Questions : 1) What part of the world are you growing your orchids in? 2) How long have you been growing orchids and can you remember which was your very first orchid? Plus, have you still got it? 3) What first got you into the orchid growing hobby? 4) What kind of growing space do you have (windowsills, grow room, greenhouse, outside etc.)? 5) How many different 'types' (genera) of orchids do you grow and what are they? 6) Do you actually know how many orchids you have? (roughly) 7) What would be the one thing that you could say was your top orchid gripe (peeve)? 8) What are your favorite places to buy orchids? (and least favorite) 9) What is the worst orchid advice you've ever been given? (and did you take that advice) 10) Out of the orchids you own, which are your five favorite orchids? (try and include the actual orchid in your vid if you can or pics of the blooms) 11) Have you got an orchid related story (funny, interesting, sad) 12) What advice would you give someone about to start growing orchids and building up a collection? I am Tagging: Crazy Orchid Lady / and Lady Green Thumb (have fun girls).
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2018 Tamiami Orchid Show
A Christmas gift from hubby. Tickets, cash and an overnight stay in Miami. I purchased some new orchids and had a difficult time leaving there. I believe I wore the soles of my shoes out, but it was worth it. I also avoid running into hubby. I did not want to make eye contact, incase he would say: I am tired of sitting, lets go!." lol New Orchids: Phal KS Super Zebra "Wilson"; Blc Hsinying Willette; Blc Sanyung Ruby New Beauty; Phal amboinensis; Josphine Van Brero x Doctor Anek; Lycaste Abou First Spring Will
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2019 Tamiami Orchid Festival and Expo
The larges orchid festival in the U.S.A. I had an amazing time and got to meet a few YouTube friends. I hope to attend next year with an extra pair of shoes. Yes...... I wore out the soles of my shoes. lol Sorry the video is long. I cut half of it away.
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New Orchids & preparing for a few cold nights
New orchids purchased at the Sarasota, Fl Orchid show. Bringing in orchids into the garage from my screen porch to protrect them from a couple of cold nights.
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Update on new orchids From Tamaimi Internation Orchid Show
The Lycaste Abou Spring Will has bloomed very nicely. The Blc Hsinyling Willette lost two smaller buds, but the two bigger buds on top bloomed very lovely. Good news, I see some progress on a couple of phalaenopsis. Bloom spikes, about time, don't you think?
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Cold days and nights in Florida
I was gifted a beautiful phalaenopsis from my husband's coworkers at his retirement dinner last night. It has been an unusual cold winter here in Florida and I brought in some of my most delicate orchids.
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Hausermann Haul Dec 2018 and new bloom
This is it folks. My last orchid purchase for the year. I have no more grow space available. Maybe the New Year will bring me some extra space. lol.
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A few new orchids from USF Orchid show
When it comes to orchids, no control! That's right, I recognized my weakness. I drift away like a butterfly hovering over every orchid. Fortunately only a few make it home with me.
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My four new orchids
Saturday March 4, I attended the orchid show in Tampa. I purchased 4 new orchids. I like to flim outside, but today was crazy and windy, so I filimed in my screen porch.
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Orchid Show Haul 2018
I went to the Fl West Coast Orchid show to pick up some supplies, (come on) who am I fooling? lol. I came home with three new orchids. Now to make space for them.
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Oncidopsis Bartley Schwarz Beall and new bloom spikes
Oncidopsis Bartley Schwarz Beall blooms again this year after three years from first bloom. Oh yes, no snake in the landscaping. Hubby came home from work and chased out a huge rat out from under the crotons with a long broomstick handle.
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2018 Green Thumb Haul, Orchids and other plants
Every year I absolutely look forward to St. Petersburg GreenThumb Festival. It is held at Walter Fuller Park. (A park I never visit unless the Festival is going on.) They set up over 50 canopy's under the trees. Thousand of people visit and many of them bring there well behaved children. lol (kidding). Folks bring their dogs and other pets. I think this year I went overboard. No more orchid haul for me till this fall.
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Cattleya new blooms and more buds
I found addition buds on my pot bound cattleya. Blooming again this year is the Pot. Lisa Taylor Gallis Nora. And yippie...... two more spikes (total five) on the Miltonia sunset yellow passion.
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Grammatophyllum has bloomed
The biggest orchid I have (Grammatophyllum Scriptum Leopard has bloomed. She takes up a lot of space and is a fast grower.
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Scale and a bleach bath solution
This cattleya has been infected with scale through the years on and off. I am trying a new solution of a mix of water, household bleach and dish soap. If it works I may try to remove her from the wooden basket and split her up.
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I believe there are three blooms spikes on my vanda
I don't know how I missed it, but it could be the spikes are on the back side of the vanda and I can't get back in there.
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Update on big white cattleya with scale
My big white cattleya (c. Earl x c. walkeriana) is scale free after the second treatments of water, bleach and dish soap solution. Other orchids in bloom.
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My catasetum bloomed
One out of the two catasetum I bid on and won have bloomed. Ctsm Denticuatum Dark Spots x Ctsm. Frilly Doris SVO Yellowest. The slow grower one is, Clo Jumbo Lace Yellow & Spots x Ctsm. Susan Fuchs Burgundy Chips. Two out of my four orchids which I have purchased from Carmela Orchids have bloomed. Blc. Wanianae Leopard Ching-Hua, and Blc. Yen Corona Green Genie.
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First Haul of 2019 Tamiami Orchid Festival
My first orchid haul of 2019 from The Tamiami International Orchid Expo. Ha....this may be my last haul for a long time, because the well has gone dry. But that is okay because I have filled in every nook and cranny. For some reason hubby likes to stop along the road and observe the alligators in their nature habitat. Me, I rather stop at a pet shop and observer puppies in their playpens. lol
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Too chilly for my orchids
Lots of work for one cold night. Some orchids were brought into the garage and some into the spare bedrooms. I am liking the look of orchids indoors. So now I am thinking, humidifiers and grow lights. Ha.… Hubby says: "Don't get any ideas"
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Yippee!!! My new vanda is blooming
Asada. Tubtim x Muang Thong
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My Best Orchid Purchase on E Bay
I originally saw this orchid, phalaenopsis sweet memory liodoro on Rachel's channel. The way she went on describing it the more I needed it. lol. It took me a while to locate one because they were rather expensive. She will be one of my fav's.
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Oct haul & Duh....  What I missed
The Sept. FL West Coast Orchid show was cancelled due to hurricane Irma. The show was reinstated in Oct. Due to last minute scheduling there few vendors. I found one orchid wish I have been wanting for a few years, Blc George King. Blinded by the beautiful blooms on my new Miltonia Sunset Yellow Passion I failed to notice two, yes two new spikes. Last video hubby failed to record the unboxing of the mini phal from Haussermann. What a great couple we make. lol
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Catt Jenmanii blooms & Massive Snail among my orchids
Cattleya Jenmanii semi-alba blooms with a pretty soft fragrance. While accompanying hubby to Home Depot, two bag babies made it home with me.
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Update on Scale and bleach bath
This is the second treatment with bleach, dish soap and water solution. I am still finding many live scale. The cattleya is looking stressed out. I have decided not to attempt to remove her from the wooden basket. If this final treatment does not work, it will be back to the chemicals.
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Blooming today April 10
Dendrobium anosmum, dendrobium parishii
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L  Purpurata outgrows pot
Repotting L. purpurata with a stubborn pseudobulb growing down and out of the pot. This if my favorite orchid. Also I am trying to rescue my first L. purpurata from only one remaining pseudobulb.
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Repotting my hoya
I had to repot my hoya plant and provided support with a hand made trellis from bamboo and wire.
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Rotten Roots on  my Phalaenopsis
The roots were all nice and green while potted in sphagnum moss, but it seemed as the moss was always to wet so I re-potted and three weeks later by accident I found all the roots were rotten.
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Lycaste Red Jewel
New growth on Pot. Lisa Taylor growing downwards into media. Had to re-pot to save the growth.
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Rescued Oncidium
My local Ace Hardware sells a few orchids. Mostly phals and dancing ladies. I found these two in bad shape and had to help or rescue them. How shocked I was to find the blooms were not what I expected. A nice surprise. Also how I deal with mealy bugs.
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My Tropical Plants
Plants in my backyard
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Dendrobium Amabile
The little buds or cones on this dendrobium Amabile grew and bloomed very quickly.
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