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Neil Young - Heart Of Gold
Live from 1971. Neil digs around in his pockets trying to find the right harp and then plays a new song...Heart of Gold.
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Montrose - Bad Motor Scooter
Ronnie Montrose with Sammy Hagar from 1974
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Johnny A - Witchita Lineman
A great instrumental version of the Jimmy Webb song made famous by Glen Campbell.
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Neil Young - Out On The Weekend
Neil Young from 1971 prior to the release of Harvest
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Nils Lofgren - Goin Back
Nils Lofgren from 1975
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Johnny A - Oh Yeah
Tasty jazz/blues/rock shuffle.
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Johnny A - 2 Wheel Horse
A great guitar instrumental by a master of tone, taste, and space.
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Johnny A - Hip Bone
More tasty guitar from the master.
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Traffic- Pearly Queen
Steve Winwwood and Jim Capaldi from the last great traffic jam in 1994
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Andy Timmons - Sgt. Pepper/ With A Little Help From My Friends
The Timmonator has reworked his Beatles medley, and now plays the first track from his upcoming CD, an arangement of the Sgt. Pepper album for instrumental power trio. The way Andy plays it, it is definitely a good idea! Andy says it is due out in July '11.......go buy the disc! From the Dallas Guitar Festival 4/17/11
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Andy Timmons -  Sgt Pepper Strawberry Fields medley
A masterful 3-piece interpretation of classic Beatles songs from Andy Timmons at the Dallas Guitar Show 4/19/09. This guy has monster chops. Buy his CDs and DVDs!
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Johnny Hiland - Slow Blues
Johnny Hiland shows off some true guitar wizardry on this slow blues at the Dallas International Guitar Festival 4/21/13. With Tim McDonald on keyboards.
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Wishbone Ash- Time Was
Andy Powell and Laurie Wisefield on guitars on this classic tune from Argus
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Andy Timmons - Pink Champagne Sparkle
Another tune from Andy's set at the Dallas Guitar Show, April 18, 2010. Andy is a staple in Dallas and always a crowd favorite. Buy his Cds and DVDs!!!
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Wishbone Ash - The King Will Come
Timeless twin guitar assault from one of the great classic rock bands.
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Gary Hoey - Foxy Lady
Gary Hoey lets it rip on this Hendrix classic at the Dallas International Guitar Festival 4/21/13
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Johnny Hiland - Every Day I Have The Blues
Johnny Hiland swings with a multitude of tasty licks on this tune from his set at the Dallas Guitar Show 4/22/12
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Andy Timmons - Ascension
Always a favorite at the Dallas Guitar Show, Andy Timmons never fails to dazzle with his guitar prowess. From April 18,2010. Rock on Andy!
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Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton - Moon River
Beck and Clapton made this song a part of their collaborative show at Madison Square Garden on Feb 19, 2010. Not quite the riff-trading guitar pyrotehnics one might expect from this pair but marvelously executed. An unusual choice?......maybe.....but if Rod Stewart can do it, why not these guys? I think Andy Williams would approve.
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Cactus -Rock and Roll Children
Carmine Appice (drums), Tim Bogert (bass), Werner Fritzschings (guitar), Jimmy Kunes (vocals), and Randy Pratt (harp) rockin' in Sellersville, PA. 6/15/08
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Johnny A - Hendrix story/ The Wind Cries Mary
Johnny A tells an amusing story as an introduction to his masterful interpretation of Jimi's song. From Sellersville,PA 5/17/08.
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Carolyn Wonderland - What Good Can Drinkin' Do
What a marvelous talent! Carolyn Wonderland's interpretation of this Janis Joplin tune is spectacular. From the Dallas International Guitar Festival 4/20/12. I'd like to thank Jimmy Wallace for inviting her to the show this year. Buy her CDs!
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POINT BLANK - How Blue Can You Get
Rusty Burns and the boys wailin' the blues at the Dallas Guitar Show 4/20/08
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Smokin' Joe Kubek - There Is Always My Guitar
Featuring B'nois King on vocals. From the Dallas Guitar Show, April19,2010.
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The Outlaws - Keep Prayin'
Henry Paul leads the 2008 lineup through this gem from their first album. Billy Crain and Chris Anderson on guitars.
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Andy Timmons - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
Another track from Andy's upcoming CD, a rearrangement of the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper album for instrumental power trio. Virtuoso playing and killer tone.......gotta luv those MESAs. From the Dallas Guitar Festival 4/17/11.
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Johnny Hiland - Opus d' Funk
The Johnny Hiland Band closed the show at this year's Dallas International Guitar Festival with a blistering set of both new and old material. Here's one from Johnny's first CD. Go out and buy their latest CD "Loud and Proud" and help support this amazingly talented band.
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Point Blank - Highway Star
Texas rockers Point Blank cover this classic Deep Purple tune at the Dallas Guitar Show 4/19/09. Rusty Burns and Mouse Mays on guitars.
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Todd Rundgren -  Lucky Guy
From the club Havana in New Hope, PA 6-25-11
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Montrose - I've Got The Fire
Another guitar great has departed this earthly venue. He left a lot of great music behind. This is how I want to remember him..........still with the fire............rockin' the nation...............havin' fun. RIP Ronnie.
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Johnny_A - Red House
Johnny A lets loose on some blues during a Father's Day show in King of Prussia, PA.
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Andy Timmons - Theme From A Perfect World
One more clip from the Dallas International Guitar Festival on 4/19/09. Andy is a staple at the Dallas show and I hope he keeps returning for many years to come. Check out his CDs and DVDs
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Billy Price - Nickel And A Nail
Pittsburgh's favorite son and the fabulous Billy Price Band doing classic soul
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Johnny Hiland and Lance Lopez Jam
Johnny and Lance sit down for an impromptu jam at the Ernie Ball booth at the Dallas Guitar Show. If you're watching this you probably know the staggering talent these two players manifest. One of the marvelous things about an event like the Dallas Guitar Show is exactly this.......you can find world class players and performance going on all around you at any given moment.
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Andy Timmons -  Gone
From the Dallas International Guitar Festival 4/19/09. Andy Timmons is a monster talent. IMHO he should have the same notoriety as Satch and Vai. Here's a track from his CD "Resolution". Go out and buy it!
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POINT BLANK - Stars & Scars
The boys from Texas reunited doing one of their classics at the Dallas Guitar Show 4/20/08. Original members Rusty Burns (guitar/vocals), John O'Daniel (vocals), and Phillip Petty (bass). Mouse Mays on 2nd guitar. Congratulations Rusty....you finally got to play at the Guitar Show!
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Montrose -  Rock The Nation
From Hew Hope, PA 10/15/11. Ronnie is back on the road rockin'' the nation again with a great new band. Go see his show!
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Rhett Butler - The Wind Cries Mary
A unique instrumental interpretation of the Hendrix classic by a gifted guitarist. From the Dallas Guitar Show 4/19/13
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Brother Cane - Hard Act To Follow
Damon Johnson leads the 2011 reincarnation of Brother Cane with Zach Myers (Shinedown) on guitar, Chuck Garric(Alice Cooper) on bass, and Scott Collier on drums. From the Dallas Guitar Festival 4/15/11.
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Jim Suhler and Monkey Beat - Restless Soul/ Bullfrog Blues
Jim Suhler lets loose with some searing slide guitar and Carlton Powell plays "karate" bass at the Dallas International Guitar Festival, 4/20/13.
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Rick Derringer - Pride and Joy
Rick Derringer offers up a tribute to Stevie Ray at the Dallas International Guitar Festival on 4/17/09. With the inimitable Charlie Torres on bass, Derringer is a fixture at the Dallas show. This day the rains washed out about half of the performance schedule, but they certainly didn't dampen Charlie's spirit. See ya next year Charlie!
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Lance Lopez - Black Cat Moan
Another song from Lance's set at this year's Dallas Guitar Show. This one is also from his latest CD "Handmade Music" and it just smokes from start to finish. Making an unintentional cameo by sticking his head in frame is Charlie Torres ( Rick Derringer Band) :-) It was good to see you again too, Charlie! :-)
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Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton - Outside Woman Blues
Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton at Madison Square Garden on Feb 19,2010. Two guitar legends - one stage. Wow!
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Andy Timmons - Fixing A Hole
A perennial favorite at the Dallas Guitar show, Andy delighted the crowd at this year's show by playing his latest CD in it's entirety. ATB plays Sgt. Pepper is a brilliant arrangement of the Beatles' classic for instrumental power trio. Here is one example. If you like this, go buy his CD.........I did.....and it is fantastic!
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Dave Hineman - Do You Feel Like We Do
A regular at the Dallas Guitar Show, Dave Hineman's shows are always a pleasure. What a great cover of this classic Peter Frampton tune! Hineman Comes Alive!
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The Outlaws - Song In The Breeze
There's a song in the breeze Hear it singin' in the trees As it blows along You will know the tune..... A fabulous rendition of this song from their first album. The new lineup of the Outlaws is on the road and sounding great. GO SEE THIS TOUR!
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Mexicali Run - Jim Suhler and Monkey Beat
Jim and the boys kick out this tune from their CD Tijuana Bible at the Dallas International Guitar Festival on 4/20/13.
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Carolyn Wonderland - Only Women Bleed
A powerful version of this Alice Cooper song. Carolyn Wonderland's performance was one of the highlights of this year's Dallas Guitar Show. I think Alice would approve.
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Todd Rundgren  -  Real Man
The opener from Todd's show in New Hope, PA on 6-25-11
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Rusty Burns, John O'Daniel, Phil Petty and the boys from Texas kickin' it out at the Dallas Guitar Show 4/20/08.
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