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Johnny Cash - One piece at a time lyrics
Johnny Cash - One piece at a time lyrics under some funny vehicles videos. I've decided to add lyrics to the previous video.
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Funny signs and billboards
Funny signs and billboards: just few signs that make me smile. If you enjoy it please like it.
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Space Pictures (Hubble Space Telescope)
Those are some of the amazing picture taken by Hubble space telescope. It is hard to believe in some cases that those pictures are actually real. Enjoy it...:).
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Flash flooding Las Vegas
This was filmed just outside Las Vegas: on I-95 North, 8/25/13. In some areas close to Mount Charleston in about half an hour we got 3 inches of rain.
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Funny Christmas
A collection of Christmas images that makes me smile, enjoy it..;)
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Funny boxers pictures
Funny pictures of boxer dogs in humorous situations.
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Christmas Craft Ideas
Christmas Craft Ideas: some simple and inexpensive ideas for Christmas.
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Funny Police Video
An internet collection of funny (in my opinion) pictures involving police from all over the world....
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Redneck Ideas.
Redneck Ideas: some interesting ideas and "great inventions" from all over the world, enjoy it..:)
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Pioche Nevada - aerial tramway
An aerial tramway carried buckets of ore from the mines to the Godbe Mill. The tramway ran during the 1920s and 1930s and was used for the transportation of silver and nickel ore. Although the tramway is abandoned, its cables still stretch over parts of the town, and its ore buckets still hang to this day.
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Funny owl pictures
Funny owl pictures: those are my favorite creatures. If you like owls as much as I do please press the like button.
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Frog plays a game on an iPhone and than bites on the finger of the owner.
Frog with an attitude: that is what happens when you play games with a hungry frog.
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Hot women in uniforms
Hot women in uniforms: this is a tribute to all women in uniforms.
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Cool Ranger at Zion Nation Park in Utah
Cool Ranger posses for a couple quick shots at an entrance at Zion National Park - thanks a lot Sir it made our trip.....:) This video was taken by a good friend of mine...great job!
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Lehman Caves - Great Basin National Park
Lehman Caves - Great Basin National Park, Nevada (in the middle of nowhere) Lehman Caves may only be entered with a guided tour. Cave tours are offered daily, year round, except for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day. Park rangers lead all tours, explaining the history, ecology, and geology of the caves. Music by Electrodoodle from: http://incompetech.com/ (my favorite site for public domain music) The later portion of the video is with a voice over by our tour guide - I'm slightly embarrassed but I do not remember her name...:(
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Great house music moves
Those are some serious dance moves well ahead of times..:)
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Condor Airlines Employee: she was calm, wasn't so bad.
Condor Airlines employee admits that I was calm, wasn't so bad. In the video I explained how the conversation went. Still can't find a real reason. After calling Chicago office they told my husband that she SEEMED intoxicated. I've also overheard them saying that they smell alcohol (what about tired and stressed out before the 11 hour flight)
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Funny Sleeping Pictures
A collection of funny sleeping pictures from various places on the internet...
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Sexy and I know it song: funny.st edition
This is my own compilation of I am sexy and I know it video. Enjoy t!
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Funny human ideas
Funny human ideas: shows you what we as people are capable of when we really put our mind into it....wow...scary...
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Flash flooding on I-95 near Las Vegas
This is a video of record flash flooding near Las Vegas
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Funny drinking pics
A collection of funny drinking pictures from the internet...
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Funny cats
Here are few pictures with cats that I think might be funny, enjoy it..;)
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People in funny situations
People in funny situations: people cought in funny situations and much more..:)
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Cool trip through Zion National Park in Utah
We were just cruising through Zion Park. We've loved it. Try to enjoy it..:)
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Dancing robot
Dancing robot - great moves for a machine. What is next?
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Dress up dogs
Dress up dogs - a great example what some owner do to their animals. Some people call it animal abuse..:) Enjoy it.
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Harlem shake -BellaDotka's compilation
Some of my favorites Harlem shakes..:)
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Original Christmas Trees
Original Christmas Trees: great collection of cool looking Christmas trees and much more.
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Does Not Get Much Cooler Than This
Some funny McDonald's pictures.
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Dancing girl.
girls please close your bedroom doors when you performing for the webcome show...:)
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Condor Airlines; part of my husband's conversation with their rep in Chicago
This is a part of a conversation that my husband had with Condor Airlines representative in Chicago. The official reason: "she seemed to be intoxicated". When pressed what exactly I have done, the answer was: I don't know. I still can't find a reason.
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Humorous ideas
It is a collection of pictures with humorous ideas...at least in my opinion..:)
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Christmas Ideas
Christmas Ideas: some ideas that might brighten your Christmas.
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Just for fun
Just for fun is a nice little collection with mostly my commentary that makes me smile, enjoy it.
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Scary women
Some funny pictures involving women and more.
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Light up
Light up - If you need a way to keep track of your balls in the dark, which is clearly something many of us need to do, then this incredible illuminated pool table is clearly the purchase of the day...
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Creepy funny cartoon
It is an old creepy cartoon that shouldn't probably be seen by kids.
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Las Vegas Fremont Light Experience
Las Vegas Fremont Light Experience is one of the highly recommended things to see. This video was taken by a friend of mine ...thanks a lot!
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Cool optical illusions with house music
Cool optical illusions with house music playing in the background
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Some more Christmas Fun
Ho, Ho, Ho Merry Christmas to all.
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My favorite idiots - old school
A collection of "old" idiots that still makes me laugh..:)
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Perfect in every aspect.
This is a "picture" of perfection..:)
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Parenting guide
Collection of internent pictures refflecting "great parenting skills"...
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Drive-thru Pictures
Some amazing driving, or should I rather say parking jobs...)
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Fun Christmas.
I love Christmas and those are some of the Christmas images that make me smile.
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Condor Airlines refuses to provide a reason
Still can't find out the exact reason. The reason has to be based on my action as far as I know. Having a couple of drinks or as Condor rep said "she SEEMED intoxicated", since when drinking before the flight is illegal? Don't they have bars at most of the airports? Wait a minute maybe they just want the passengers only to drink on their planes? This way they can profit from it. Are Condors Airlines crew members breathalyzer machines that can determent how much I've drunk. Obviously they can also see a difference between being drunk and very tired, and stressed out before an 11 hour flight (especially if a person if horrified of flying).
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Great toilets
Some of the best toilet ideas I've come across lately..:)
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Animals in Love
Animals in Love: I love animal pics, especially when they are in love, do you?
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