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Guitar Hero 2 Less Talk More Rokk Expert 100% FC (392954)
Less Talk More Rokk- Freezepop Absolute garbage score. Just wanted to get it done with.
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Guitar Hero 2 Jordan Expert 100% FC (499238)
I've been trying for this really hard for the past 2 days, and had 3 devastating chokes, but here it is. Jordan FC. This is every Guitar Hero player's dream, and I just accomplished that. It feels great. BTW, RB2 FGFC happened last week, just haven't gotten around to uploading the huge score compilation video yet.
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Guitar Hero 2 Sweet Child O Mine Expert 100% FC (312018)
Sweet Child O Mine- Guns N' Roses EDIT: I'm blown away at how many people have seen this. I uploaded this many years ago just as a test for color correction settings, I never expected 1.5 million people to see it. The massive support for this video, and others I uploaded around the same time, inspired me to upload more, so to date, I have uploaded the entire setlists to Guitar Hero 1, Guitar Hero 2, Guitar Hero Rocks the 80s, Guitar Hero 3, Guitar Hero Metallica, Guitar Hero 5, Rock Band 1, and Rock Band 2. If you're new here and you want to see more high quality guitar hero and rock band videos, check out my other videos! A fun and easy song from Guitar Hero 2. I'm having fun playing some old songs I used to love to play. UPDATED SCORE: http://imgur.com/gallery/1HMS1
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Guitar Hero 3 Hit Me With Your Best Shot Expert 100% FC (209204)
Hit Me With Your Best Shot- Pat Benetar perfect example of how slowhero.com is not the best resource for pathing this game. http://slowhero.moto-coda.org/gh3-ps2.expert.html The top score attainable on this song according to that site is 208980, and I got 224 more than that. Even then, I'm still 28 points behind the 1st place score. It's not even hard to get 209,2xx. Slowhero does not account for "tick bursts" which is a burst of "ticks" at the end of a sustain. "Ticks" are the points you get from holding sustains. If you hit a sustain late in the Guitar Hero 3 engine, to make up for potential lost points, it gives you a burst of points at the very end of the sustain. You are able to fit those points under star power. It is common that a path in GH3 uses a tick burst squeeze to get an extra few points. It makes an otherwise easy activation, that might not even be a squeeze, into a more challenging squeeze. fun.
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Guitar Hero 3 Welcome To The Jungle Expert 100% FC (360998)
Welcome To The Jungle- Guns N' Roses 2 points away from 361k. feelsbadman. missed third and fourth squeeze. Again, should have moved back a note on the third to fit the chord in, but I couldn't care less
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Guitar Hero 3 Talk Dirty To Me Expert 100% FC (346379)
Talk Dirty To Me- Poison Missed the second to last squeeze, should have been able to get in the GY sustain. And there's a double squeeze at the end to get in that Y hopo. Good enough score
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Guitar Hero 2 Misirlou Expert 100% FC (377970)
Misirlou- Dick Dale Legit took me well over 200 restarts. This song is ridiculous to FC on 360. I know there is no concrete evidence that fast strumming is harder on 360, there definitely is something wrong with it. I went on my PS2 just out of curiosity to see if I could FC Misirlou more easily, and I got it within 3 tries. This song and Six are the hardest FCs in the game on Xbox 360 (Trogdor excluded, impossible). I am so happy that I finally got this FC on video. Now for getting Six and Trogdor...
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Guitar Hero 3 Paint It Black Expert 100% FC (315594)
Paint It Black- The Rolling Stones shit score. Optimal is 316414. Have I mentioned I hate squeezing this game?
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Guitar Hero 2 Hangar 18 Expert 100% FC (491544)
Hangar 18- Megadeth Fuck this song. Stopped caring about squeezing after I hit solo 4B and 5 in the same run. This engine makes this song hella difficult. This was the last song I needed to get my first FGFC back in 2013. Still have Misirlou, Six, and Trogdor to record FCs for.
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Guitar Hero 3 Rock You Like A Hurricane Expert 100% FC (308287)
Rock You Like A Hurricane- Scorpions -200 from the last squeeze and ticks.
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Guitar Hero 2 Thunderhorse Expert 100% FC (229654) 1st place
Thunderhorse- Dethklok Finally a good score in the bonus tier. 1st place on Xbox 360, 2nd place overall (behind by 5 points)
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Guitar Hero 3 Ruby Expert 100% FC (206510)
Ruby- The Kaiser Chiefs just missing ticks. catchy tune
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Guitar Hero 3 Barracuda Expert 100% FC (287998)
Barracuda- Heart 2 points from 288k. -600 and ticks.
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Guitar Hero 2 DLC Bark At The Moon Expert 100% FC (438568)
Bark at the Moon- Ozzy Osbourne Not so great of a score, missed 200 on the after solo activation and 400 in the outro
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Guitar Hero 1 Bark At The Moon Expert 100% FC (438568)
Bark At The Moon- Ozzy Osbourne And here's the hardest song in the game. not really. I've FCd this maybe like 4 times, Once was an accident when I was just playing it to practice the chart again. To get this run recorded, it took maybe like half an hour. I'm fairly consistent with hitting the solo. I might try to get 1st place sometime. Fun fact, this is the exact same score as I got in my GH2 Bark at the moon video. My scores: http://www.scorehero.com/scores.php?user=560643&group=1&game=1&diff=4
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Guitar Hero 3 Stricken Expert 100% FC (540464)
Stricken- Disturbed 1200 away from optimal. am bad a squeezing.
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Rock Band Run to the Hills Expert Guitar 100% FC
So after American Pie dropped, I got all sentimental about Rock Band and Guitar Hero, and I decided to pop in Rock Band 1. Within a night, I FC'd all the hard songs excluding GG&HT, and all I need to do now is the boring songs to have 56/57. I think I may do the same for RB2, but go for a FBFC. If anyone actually watches reads this, thank you for supporting me when I uploaded content. My time with Guitar Hero and Rock Band were the best years of my short life I've lived so far. I hope Harmonix has another Rock Band-esque game coming up for the new consoles, because I am just not ready to give this franchise up. Again, thank you to anyone who watched me through the years for making my time here more enjoyable. Tell me in the comments if you would like to see some other hard RB1 songs. I have about 17 recorded. I plan to upload a 56/57 FC proof video if that happens. If there is one, I'll see you guys in the next video :)
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Guitar Hero 2 DLC Smoke on the Water Expert 100% FC (308850)
Smoke on the Water- Deep Purple 2nd place, down by 136 points
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Guitar Hero 3 The Metal Expert 100% FC (289266)
The Metal- Tenacious D maaaaaaaaaan fuck squeezing this song. This shit took me like 3 hours. 1st and 2nd squeezes are brutal, 3rd is pretty tough too. 4th is no big deal. I have no idea how Ukog has the balls to go for the insane 4th squeeze to get an extra 200. I'm not even entirely sure that it's possible without easy expert, 289466 is is bonkers.
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Guitar Hero 3 One Expert 100% FC (660409)
One- Metallica Hot damn, ain't this a nice shiny FC! Score could be better, but I don't give a shit, all I really wanted was an FC, this was my first ever FC of One, and perhaps my last. This song is no problem on PC, but console GH3 makes it much harder due to being locked at 60 FPS.
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Guitar Hero 2 Psychobilly Freakout Expert 100% FC (322848)
Psychobilly Freakout- Reverend Horton Heat Fuck the second activation, I'll just activate one note ahead because I can't fucking hit that squeeze. -200 from that. May go for 323k in the future, but probably not lol
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Guitar Hero 2 Beast and the Harlot Expert 100% FC (481761)
EDIT: Thanks for all the support on this video! If you are new, welcome. I upload some FCs of songs I like or are hard. Subscribe to see some more :) OLD DESCRIPTION: As I said in my previous video, The setlist scroll is coming. I wanted to clean up my setlist because I had my last 4 FCs on PS2. I have more or less given up on Hangar 18 on Xbox, FUCK THAT SONG. So the setlist scroll will be on Xbox, with a pic of H18 and Trogdor in there. good morning, night, afternoon etc... BTW, this is a re-refc. The first FC was on PS2, next was Xbox, but the video got corrupted, and now here is the third haha.
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Guitar Hero 3 Even Flow Expert 100% FC (365564)
Even Flow- Pearl Jam Lots of tick squeezing in this song. So naturally, I'm missing a lot in ticks.
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Guitar Hero 3 My Name Is Jonas Expert 100% FC (362250)
My Name Is Jonas- Weezer Missed the back end of the second to last squeeze, and moved back the last activation by one note to make sure I hit the second GY under SP. Could probably get optimal if I tried hard enough, but I gave up.
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Guitar Hero 2 Six Expert 100% FC (441984)
Six- All That Remains I FCd this song literally my first try on PS2. But the score wasn't so great, so I played it took me three more tries to get this score. I played this song for 2 hours on 360, and never FC'd it. Broken ass game. Currently trying to reFC Trogdor on video
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Rock Band 4 Hail to the King 100% FC Expert Guitar
Hail to the King- Avenged Sevenfold I like crowd sing alongs in this song. It meshes well. Also first place ;) 10/65
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Guitar Hero 3 Slow Ride Expert 100% FC (221898)
Slow Ride- Foghat And so we start the Guitar Hero 3 uploads! I finished recording all these videos in mid July and now I finally worked up the motivation to start uploading. And I got a Trogdor FC on vid, so now all of GH2 is done and in a good order. GH3 is a completely different animal in terms of squeezing. Because of the incredibly lenient timing window, the GH community was able to take squeezing to the absolute extreme in this game. Most top scores are above upper-bound on slowhero.com. In a lot of these videos, I will be missing squeezes. I prefer squeezing on the GH2 engine, by far.
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Guitar Hero 2 Woman Expert 100% FC (257912)
Woman- Wolfmother Hit all the squeezes, just did shitty on ticks.
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Guitar Hero 3 Raining Blood Expert 100% FC (356343)
Raining Blood- Slayer Pretty good score I guess, never was able to hit the double squeeze in the verse, and you can also squeeze a few more notes under SP in the first activation. I'm content with this. 7 stars never.
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Rock Band 2 Visions Expert Guitar 100% FC
Does anybody remember back to my tech FC of this song? haha I have now FC'd all the hard songs on RB2, and to get the FGFC, I just need to power the through the boring easy songs. When I get the FGFC, I will show all the proofs as a stats screen compilation. Exciting stuff coming up. Also, I have 4 hard songs (Panic Attack, Painkiller, Bodhisattva, and Let There Be Rock) FC's recorded. If you want to see those too, just comment.
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Guitar Hero 3 The Number Of The Beast Expert 100% FC (627152)
The Number Of The Beast- Iron Maiden pretty happy with this score too nbd
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Guitar Hero 3 School's Out Expert 100% FC (163277)
School's Out- Alice Cooper 3 ticks behind 1st place global, tied 2nd place on 360 with like 50 other people lol
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Guitar Hero 2 Hush Expert 100% FC (263018)
Hush- Deep Purple Tied 2nd place behind Witwix. gj on being the only score on scorehero with that squeeze
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Guitar Hero 3 Knights of Cydonia Expert 100% FC (512685)
Knights of Cydonia- Muse surprise surprise, another awful score in the 7th tier. over 1000 down from first.
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Guitar Hero 3 Before I Forget Expert 100% FC (567862)
Before I Forget- Slipknot Pretty terrible score, missed a few squeezes, first place is 569k. Don't feel like going for more.
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Guitar Hero 3 Cliffs Of Dover Expert 100% FC (323762)
Cliffs of Dover- Eric Johnson Pretty happy with this, to get 324k requires a tough first squeeze, and an insane 2nd activation reverse tick squeeze, so no thank you.
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Guitar Hero 3 Helicopter Expert 100% FC (352878)
Helicopter- Bloc Party missing 408 from first. You can squeeze the YB after the G sust. from the first act under sp. It's easier to move the activation back by two notes, then you are guarunteed the rest of the ticks from the sustain, then you just need to squeeze in the two RB. Then after that, the last activation is pretty double, it's a double squeeze. I activation on the second to last O note of that SP phrase, and squeeze in all of the chords in the fast strumming. Potentially another 200 left, potentially more ticks.
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Guitar Hero 2 Free Bird Expert 100% FC (636342)
Free Bird- Lynyrd Skynyrd Note a very good score, just the first run I got an FC, called it good. Didn't want to sit through another 9 minutes with like a thousand activations. BTW, skipping Misirlou and Hangar 18. Those are songs are just such a struggle on this engine.
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Guitar Hero 1 Iron Man Expert 100% FC (209476)
Iron Man- Black Sabbath Another incredibly recognizable tune. This solo is deceivingly tough. I believe I'm only missing ticks My scores: http://www.scorehero.com/scores.php?user=560643&group=1&game=1&diff=4
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Rock Band 3 Crazy Train Expert Guitar 100% FC
Just another test video. I'm just uploading some of the hard songs from RB3 in preparation for RB4. Enjoy.
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Rock Band Train Kept A Rollin' Expert Guitar 100% FC
All of the songs that were really hard 3 years ago are really not that hard anymore. I've been having a great time playing through Rock Band 1 and 2, and I've FC'd most of the hardest songs in RB2, now I just need to get the last few difficult ones and the easy ones. If I can FGFC RB2, I may put some time in to FGFC Lego Rock Band, to get the Full Series FC minus GG&HT. Also, I may or may not want to play through Rock Band 1 with a full band to get the achievements. I just need 3 other players...
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Rock Band 4: Metropolis 100% FC Expert Guitar
Metropolis - Part 1 "The Miracle and the Sleeper" by Dream Theater The solo looks much more intimidating than it really is. I actually sightread 100%'d this song (overstrummed). Took me two more tries to actually get the FC though. Sadly not first place :( 2/65
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Guitar Hero 1 No One Knows Expert 100% FC (353724)
No One Knows- Queens of the Stone Age missing 400 and ticks. Great song. Always caught me off guard back in the day trying to figure out when this song would end haha My scores: http://www.scorehero.com/scores.php?user=560643&group=1&game=1&diff=4
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Guitar Hero 80's Play With Me Expert 100% FC (346918)
Play With Me- Extreme And there you have it folks, GH80's FGFC. This is a pretty decent score, I missed 200 that I am capable of hitting, and another 400-600 that is pretty tough. Had I hit the extra 200, this would have been a 2nd place score, behind Jprez of course with 347.5k lol. Shout out to him for being insane and holding 30/30 1st place scores on this game. http://www.scorehero.com/scores.php?user=38768&group=3&game=4&diff=4 Thanks for watching all these 80's videos. Next up will probably be a couple of GH2 global 1st place songs, maybe a Rock Band video, then I'll start uploading the GH1 setlist.
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Guitar Hero 1 Get Ready 2 Rokk Expert 100% FC (310504)
Get Ready 2 Rokk- Freezepop This is without a doubt the hardest song in the game for me to FC. I don't know why. I could probably FC Bark at the Moon twice in the same amount of time it would take me to FC this song. The last part of the solo is the trickiest section in this game for me to hit. This path is really hard to execute as well. I was lucky enough to get 2nd place with this run. The intro is fairly tough to hit with the quick descending triplets, and there's an SP pause right before that to hit. The third activation has reverse ticks to hit at the end of the Y sustain. The fourth and fifth activations are pretty straight-forward. The sixth is really fucky. This is at the start of the solo, you need to get really precise whammy, and activate as soon as the game lets you. If done properly, star power should end right before a new star power phrase that you need to whammy the shit out of to get the next activation. The second to last activation I played safe, you can actually activate one note earlier and get and extra 200 points, but I didn't feel confident enough in my early whammy. Then the last activation is straight-forward. This is probably the hardest song to FC with a good path. This isn't even the best path. Take a look at K3v's video to see that path in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtX4-GeqCuM His score is 1000 more than mine with an absolutely insane post solo early whammy activation. My scores: http://www.scorehero.com/scores.php?user=560643&group=1&game=1&diff=4
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Guitar Hero 3 Monsters Expert 100% FC (454406)
Monsters- Matchbook Romance -600 and ticks from first. Not too bad of a score for me though. Fun song
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Rock Band 4 Halls of Valhalla 100% FC Expert Guitar [First Ever]
Halls of Valhalla- Judas Priest I don't anyone has really played this song yet lol. I was honestly surprised that this is the first documented FC of this song. It ain't really that hard. Just strum every note in the choruses. 9/65
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Guitar Hero 3 Bulls on Parade Expert 100% FC (289895)
Bulls On Parade- Rage Against The Machine 4 points behind 1st place. Just a single tick. I tried for a while to get it, but every time I ended up getting way less than this score, so I gave up on that. It's only 1 tick lol
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Guitar Hero 1 Cowboys From Hell Expert 100% FC (489496)
Cowboys From Hell- Pantera That snake pattern in the solo is honestly one of the toughest parts to hit in the game. It's also one of the only sections in the game where I use hammer ons and pull offs. This score is pretty decent for not going for insane double squeezes, I'm tied for 4th place with McSkinny. This path is incredibly annoying to execute, during the solo specifically. So many activations that end right on time before another phrase, so many that require a certain perfect amount of whammy. This is another song where the activations are just too perfect, it's kind of satisfying haha My scores: http://www.scorehero.com/scores.php?user=560643&group=1&game=1&diff=4
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Guitar Hero 2 DLC Killer Queen Expert 100% FC (175142)
Killer Queen- Queen 2nd place, missed a lot of ticks
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