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Olympus Camera Lion Funny Marketing Advertisement
For more marketing videos, tips, tricks visit www.tforteach.com or www.youtube.com/user/tforteach In this funny ad, a photographer taking snaps of a Lion. Suddenly he feels that lion is attacking on his tourist bus! Olympus camera quality has been shown here.. Nice creation.. Lets have a look... Australian commercial for Olympus. Facing the lion king. About to eat you! Country: Australia Brand : Olympus Year : 2004 Agency: Saatchi and Saachi (Sydney) Production : Luscious International (Sydney) Director: Damien TOOGOOD
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Show VB Credits(Developement Team Names) in Visual Basic-6.0
To Display VB Credits in Visual Basic 6.0, follow these few steps: Step 1: Start Visual Basic 5.0/6.0 Step 2: Select New Standard EXE project and Open Step 3: Click View -- Toolbars -- Customize Step 4: Click Help -- Help Step 5: Right Click On About Microsoft Visual Basic Step 6: Change Name to Show VB Credits Step 7: Close Customize Window Step 8. Click Help Menu -- Help -- Show VB Credits Now, it will start slideshow of developers who had developed Visual Basic 6.0. Happy Coding... !
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How to Check My IP Address using Google Search Engine
Easy Steps to check IP using Google: 1. Open Google. 2. Type 'what is my ip' IP Address is specially used to identify the computers which are connected over internet. It can be represented as 113.344.232.1. Day-by-Day Google is helping us more and more. When you type search query 'what is my ip' in Google then Google answers the IP address from which computer has made request. Google is a powerful, brilliant tool which has a great command over internet.
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How to create business Google+ pages to promote your product
Author of Video : www.tforteach.com Follow us : www.facebook.com/TForTeach www.twitter.com/TForTeach Now, You can create business, places, brands promotion pages in Google+. Five categories are included in Google+ page creation to create pages like Local Business or Place, Product or Brand, Company or Institution or Organisation, Arts or Entertainment or Sports, Other.. Its very easy to create and update. Features of Google+ Pages: 1. You can select your business category which suits to nature of business or product. 2. You can set your own tagline. 3. You can upload or change your profile photo by uploading, from Picasa Web Albums, Photos of you and using Web camera 4. Profile picture can be cropped easily, also has a facility to change its direction with Creative Kit.. 5. Share any that you want like in the form of Photo, Status(Text), Video, Web Link, Place 6. Add your recommended links 7. Sharing facility with privacy For more info read article on TForTeach.com:
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Let It Snow in Google Search: Defrost The Snow | Happy Winter
Author of Video : www.technoexam.com Follow us : www.facebook.com/pages/TechnoExam/117795261623719 www.twitter.com/technoexam Try to search 'let it snow' in Google Search. Google has added this new feature dedicated to winter season. As previously Google has added features like 'Do a barrel roll', 'Z or R twice', 'Tilt', askew... So, Coooooooooooooooooooooooooool na ! For more info read article on www.technoexam.com/blog
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Search New Google+ Pages Using Direct Google Search
Author of Video : www.tforteach.com Follow us : www.facebook.com/TForTeach www.twitter.com/TForTeach Just goto Google Search Engine and search the desired page with starting + followed by page which you are looking. e.g. +Google, +amazon, +at&t, +angry birds, +abc news, +burberry, +chrome, +dell,... Google will take directly to their resultant Google+ page profile. If you are keen interested to get updates from them then you can simply add to your circles. For more info read article: http://www.tforteach.com/2011/11/new-google-pages-for-businesses-places-brands/
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Zerg Rush in Google Easter Egg
Author of Video : www.technoexam.com Follow us : www.facebook.com/pages/TechnoExam/117795261623719 www.twitter.com/technoexam Google is now showing with an easter egg by searching "Zerg rush" in Google. It shows relevant results as well as an army of Os (taken from Google's logo) intent on eating away those precious answers. All you have at your disposal is your trusty mouse, and counteracting this "O rush" is little different from the way you fight off the original Zerg rush in StarCraft: just click on the little vermin until they disappear. Once you're finally defeated — and defeated, you shall be — you can take your score over to Google+ to tell the world of your heroic defense against an insurmountable force. Bonus points go to Google for making this compatible with all the major browsers. It supports on the Zerg rush search on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari, and our results were reliably obliterated in all.
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Mother's Day 2012 : Google Doodle
Google Doodle is celebrating Mother's Day 2012. Mother's Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May in honour of mothers and motherhood around the world. In 1912, Anna Jarvis trademarked the phrases "second Sunday in May" and "Mother's Day", and created the Mother's Day International Association. Author of Video : www.technoexam.com/blog Follow us : www.facebook.com/pages/TechnoExam/117795261623719 www.twitter.com/technoexam
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Happy Holidays Doodle 2011 - Merry Christmas
Created By: www.technoexam.com Google is creating more interactive doodle on special occassions, festivals, birthdays. Today, On the eve of Christmas 2011, Doodle is playing the celebration tune of 'jingle Bells'. Making the 'Happy Holidays' Google doodle musical and interactive, Google wishes us Merry Christmas, bringing us in a festive mood. The happy holiday doodle of google has six butttons. When we click on each button then it plays a sound from the musical notes of 'Jingle Bells'. It plays as 'jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way'. This year's Google happy holidays doodle is made up of lit up holiday symbols - snowflake, Santa Claus, bell, snowman, candle and a gift box - on a dark background, symbolising the night sky. The Google logo appears as a faint outline behind the holiday icons.
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Do A Barrel Roll in Google and Z or R twice in Google
Day-by-day, Google is showing too much pretty doodles and designs. One of the best new feature has been added by Google. This feature makes user's screen 360 degree spin after typing an expression "Do a barrel roll" or "Z or R twice" as a search query in Google search box. You can try another one search query like 'tilt'. This search result tilts screen slightly. The above various 3 expressions cannot perform well on all browsers but works well on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. As Google spokesperson said that the purpose of using such special features is to entertain users with funny effects. It is build using HTML 5 and CSS3. Simply, Goto Google and type "Do a barrel roll" This expression now getting trending topic on Twitter.
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