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★ Austin Rivers - Highlights of Hornets Rookie.flv
Stinger Hornets! Highlights of the Hornets rookie Austin Rivers Orlando Summer League
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2012 USA Olympic Basketball Team Analyzing The Roster
LAS VEGAS -- USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo and head coach Mike Krzyzewski didn't have a single bad option in choosing the 12-man roster that will chase gold at the Olympics in London.
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Not Suitable for Children - 2012 NEW Official Trailer
Not Suitable for Children If your twenties is the party decade, then Jonah Reid (Ryan Kwanten) is one very high achiever. Impulsive and charismatic, Jonah lives in a crumbling inner-city share-house, surviving off the proceeds of the massive, anarchic house-parties he hosts every week with his best mate Gus (Ryan Corr). All financial considerations and life administration he outsources to fellow housemate Stevie (Sarah Snook). In the wake of an unfortunate discovery during a one-night-stand, Jonah is diagnosed with testicular cancer. Assured that his life is not at risk, he is warned that his impending treatment will render him totally and permanently infertile. A shell-shocked Jonah goes directly to the sperm bank in an effort to preserve his parenting future, but when his samples fail to freeze effectively, he is left with just one option for parenthood - natural conception. Within the next four weeks! Suddenly the party maestro and has a convulsive shift in priorities. With paternal instincts firing, Jonah becomes determined to procreate before it's too late. He barrels back to his ex-girlfriends - starting with Ava (Bojana Novakovic) - but after failing to convince her to drop her life and offer her womb, Jonah contacts just about every girl he has ever known (and some he doesn't) before being given a reality check by Stevie. Advising him to ditch the ex-girlfriend strategy and cut out the emotional complications, Stevie assesses his options with razor-sharp frankness, lining up candidates and brokering meetings. But as Stevie's efforts as a 'womb agent' stall, and time ticks away... Jonah soon realises that the perfect candidate might be closer than anyone would think. Main Cast: Ryan Kwanten, Bojana Novakovic, Alice Parkinson, Laura Brent, Ryan Corr, Daniel Henshall, Clare Bowen Director: Peter Templeman
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AVN Awards Show 2012
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Scottie Pippen vs The World
"I know Michael's the best player, but Pippen was the best player on that team" - Chuck Daly on the 1992 Dream Team.
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Sexy Kate Upton Getting Personal, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2012
Stunning bikini and lingerie model Kate Upton, cover girl for the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. She was named SI Swimsuit Issue's Rookie of the Year. What a angel ;)
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Mariah Carey - Babe
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Bolshoi  Raymonda - NEW Official Trailer
Bolshoi: Raymonda Founded in 1898 at the Mariinsky Theatre, the last 'grand ballet of the 19th century, Raymondais a masterpiece which is symbolic of a key period for classical ballet. Although the collaboration between Marius Petipa and Alexander Glazunov was difficult (Petipa was by then an experienced choreographer whilst Glazunov was a novice at creating music for ballet),Raymonda became an overnight success in Russia. This new choreographic version from Yuri Grigorovich dates back from 2003. At the castle of Countess Sybil de Daurice, Raymonda is celebrating her birthday. She is also about to bid farewell to her fiancé, knight Jean de Brienne, who is going on a crusade. At night time, on her own, Raymonda falls asleep and dreams that she is taken to a magical garden where she is reunited with her fiancé. Suddenly, Jean de Brienne disappears and an arab sheik takes his place and declares his passion for her. Raymonda is forced to accept. When she wakes, Raymonda discovers with horror that her nightmare has become reality... Main Cast: Performed by the State Academic Bolshoi Theatre of Russia Directors: Yuri Grigorovich, Marius Petipa, Alexander Gors Specifics • Rating: G • Genre: Musical • Release: 19 Jul 2012 • Running Time: 240min
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The Sapphires  NEW Official Trailer
The Sapphires 1968 was the year the planet went haywire. All around the globe, there were riots and revolution in the streets. There were hard drugs, soft drugs, free love and psychedelic music. There was the shock of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy's assassinations. And dominating every other news story... there was Vietnam. For four gorgeous young women from a remote Aboriginal mission, 1968 was the year that changed their lives forever. Sisters Gail, Julie and Cynthia, together with their cousin Kay, are discovered by Dave, a down-on-his-luck musician with attitude, a taste for Irish Whiskey and an ear for Soul Music. Dave steers the girls away from their country and Western origins, and flies them to the war-zones of South Vietnam, where they sing Soul Classics for the American Marines. On tour in the Mekong Delta, the girls sing up a storm, dodge bullets... and fall in love. Inspired by a true story, The Sapphires is a triumphant celebration of youth, courage, love, family and Soul Music. Main Cast: Chris O'Dowd, Deborah Mailman, Jessica Mauboy, Shari Sebbens, Miranda Tapsell, Tory Kittles, Eka Darville Director: Wayne Blair
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NBA   Anthony Davis
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Ninja soccer skills.flv
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CleanSkin 2012 NEW Official Trailer
Ewan is a secret service agent faced with the task of pursuing and eliminating a suicide bomber and his terrorist cell. Stars: Sean Bean, Abhin Galeya and Charlotte Rampling
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Margaret - NEW Official Trailer
Margaret centers on a 17-year-old New York City high-school student who feels certain that she inadvertently played a role in a traffic accident that has claimed a woman's life. In her attempts to set things right she meets with opposition at every step. Torn apart with frustration, she begins emotionally brutalizing her family, her friends, her teachers, and most of all, herself. She has been confronted quite unexpectedly with a basic truth: that her youthful ideals are on a collision course against the realities and compromises of the adult world. Main Cast: Anna Paquin, Matt Damon, Mark Ruffalo, J. Smith-Cameron, Matthew Broderick, Jean Reno Director: Kenneth Lonergan
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Funniest Video Clip 2012 !!!!!
lemme know if you can beat that
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Funny Car Ad Accident ;
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AFL   The Dog Catcher
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