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IFBB Pro Helle Trevino in a Hilariously Embarrassing Armwrestling Match with the Wimpy Webmaster
We were a little afraid to go up to her at first but she turned out to be one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. see the site for the full video and to see our recruits from the 2018 Miami NPC Nationals
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Dove Reveals her Hidden Biceps!
more of Dove and others on VT and VP.
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IFBB Pro Helle Trevino left us Awestruck!
She was more than happy to talk to us and show off her muscle. She was also a great sport when it came to doing a bunch of strength tests vs Wimpy.
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New NPC Bikini Competitor debuts her AMAZING BICEPS!
No doubt she is destined to be a superstar!
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Cris Goy's Amazing Grip Strength
and this was after an exhausting day of competing and working out! Imagine if she would have squeezed with all her strength!
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Rowen does Pushups with an incredible ending Bicep Flex!
see more of her on VideoPosing and our other youtube channel
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Brenda Biceps Audition
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3 Amazing Girls we recruited at the Philly Fitness Expo
Their names are (in order of appearance) Jazmin, KhloeRose, and Rowen. Who do you like most?
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Carissa from RepsOverRest vs the Wimpy Webmaster
Another humiliating armwrestling defeat for the Wimpy Webmaster as he goes down to the beautiful Carissa from RepsOverRest at the Philadelphia FitExpo.
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Natalia Armwrestling
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Kelsey caught our eye out with her Beauty and Biceps!
We met her at the NPC Nationals in Miami. Stay tuned for more from Knockout!
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Female Bodybuilder Cris Goy leaves Camera man breathless!
Just a truly amazing physique and we're honored to have her on VideoTeasing
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She's a bit modest about her muscle
Look for more of Antonia coming soon!
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Savage Strength
you guys should check out her her instagram @asht01 where she posted the video of her squatting that big guy!
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FitExpo Pushup Contest
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A Bicep Babe with a Unicorn Head!
met her at the Chicago FitExpo
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Steely lifting heavy in the gym
Her name is Steely and her lifting strength was incredible during her Tryout!
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NPC Athlete Cheryl says her Muscles are not just for show
We will find out how strong she really is real soon!
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Marsha Marsha Marsha
Marsha turned out to be even more impressive with her Lift and Carries! After her Strength Tryout, all we could say is OMG "Marsha Marsha Marsha" (if you're over 40 and live in USA, you may get that Brady Bunch reference!)
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Meeting Muscle Beauty Myel at NPC Nationals
More of her will be coming soon!
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Alicia Weber's ABSolutely Amazing Pullup Exhibition!
This girl is insanely strong! If you don't know who she is, you should check out all of her World Record Strength Videos on VT!
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Lora proudly shows off her Biceps
Met her at the Chicago FitExpo
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An Amazing Bicep!
Her name is Kal, look for more of her coming soon!
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Steely explains her Bicep Tattoo
She is one strong and tough mama!
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Getting Pumped for the Best Abs Contest at the Chicago FitExpo
Watch as VT captures the excitement of the Chicago FitExpo
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Getting ready for her Bicep Contest at the Chicago Fitness Expo
Kylee and the Bicep Contest coming soon!
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Bikini Fitness Pro Jaz takes us behind the scenes
Happy to have Jaz on our site. A fun girl and a pleasure to work with!
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