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MSI GTX 980 Unboxing
Quick and dirty
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Meet Fluffy
he told me to make a video...
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Home server update  with Untangle OS 04/17/16
Installed Untangle OS on my Vyatta router. Best decision of my life. Power supply came in from New York bringing my Xenserver online. As soon as the Perc 6/E card and cable come in it will be linked to the bottom DAS. My personal and clients websites will be virtualized, email servers as well as a virtualized Mac OS for shits and giggles as well (of course) as Windows VM's for gaming. I want to have two GPUs in one machine (I'm not shelling out 2k for a grid card) so that I can game with a buddy no matter what the hardware. From the top: Asus N66U Dark Knight wireless router Rebranded Dell (Vyatta 2503) something or rather running Untangle OS. HIGHLY RECOMMEND FOR ANYBODY Hp 380 G5 as virtual server Supermicro something or rather as the fileserver Dell MD1000 as the DAS Soon to add my gaming PC (Dell T5500 with a GTX 980) and more when I can afford new toys. More to come.
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Re: iguana my cute & little iguana
Video Cam Direct Upload
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Aspire Nautilus + E-LVT = Awesome
My little review of the best damn combination of vapor goodness.
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SMOK Guardian III Review
If you want a vape that just works and you like the pipe mod, don't even watch the video just go out and buy it.
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How to get Started Taking Portraits Professionally
I briefly go over the basics of purchasing budget equipment, what to look for as well as price points. I will follow up with videos explaining how to use the 5D as well as budget studio lights. Sorry about the audio, the microphone was low so I had to amplify it.
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Vapor Zeus Review - 3 Weeks
My thoughts on the Vapor Zeus after owning it after 3 weeks.
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At a bar I fount iOS 5.5 on a new phone made by apple. Nah, I'm joking. With each release of iOS they make it more like android....this could very well be what iOS 5.5 looks like.
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iOS5 new features and Android notifications
I showcase all 4 of Apple's new features and their new and improved notification bar...
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Overkill home server upgrade...in progress
After losing a hard drive I went on a rampage buying equipment to replace it. I still haven't bought that hard drive but I have a hell of a whole lot of new toys to play with.
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