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My effort to get Kira to wear the sign really DID NOT work out. But she enjoyed her organic fig cookie. The sign fell off because - I forgot - no neck!
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Furtive Peanut Mastication
Today was our new ham Kira's 1st full day at the Maniform Hamsteria, and this is her 1st video. She's named Kira because Mika thought she had the bearing of a queen, and that made us think of the great Freddie Mercury, and that's why the sloppily tacked-on track at the head is "Killer Queen". (Killer, pronounced in Japanese is "kira"). Many will have had enough very early on. Ham lovers will go further. But those who stay to just past the 7 min. mark will be rewarded with the actual act of furtive peanut mastication, which is a drama unto itself.
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Ham Break - Cookie
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James Rosenquist: F-111
As it should be seen, at MoMA. (BTW, not harassing strangers, I know that lady).
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Cheese, please! I don't give Wifi too much of this, but he requests it and I cannot resist his hamster pleas for cheese.
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