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Jackie Blue Ozark Mountain Daredevils
One of the byproducts and pay-offs from posting songs on youtube, is discovering more things about the tracks that have been with me for most of my life. "Jackie Blue" received considerable airplay in Australia in mid 1975 but it was not a major hit on these shores, and yet I have clear recollection of hearing its catchy, pop country strains blaring out of my radio. I always imagined that the lead vocal was performed by a female singer - not so! The song, according to Wikipedia was sung by drummer Larry Lee! The Ozark Mountain Daredevils formed in the early 70's and were a fusion of pop/rock/country/folk influences and style. ""Jackie Blue" was to be the biggest hit of their career, and although they continued recording, they are largely known for this easy listening track. My eclectic tastes even then as a ten year old boy encompassed pop, rock, disco, r&b, and country. Heavily influenced by what was saturated on airplay lists and videos on 'Countdown', the mix of genres continued to add to my collection over the years. "Jackie Blue" like so many one hit wonders, takes me back to a specific time and place - a wondrous bookmark for life's history and experiences. Enjoy!
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Hawaiian beauty, Yvonne Elliman, was not on the pop landscape all that long, but she made her impact, and her gorgeous face and sweet but powerful vocals graced the 1970's with a distinctive air. I am posting "Hello Stranger", as it is not one of her bigger chart successes, but it does showcase her wonderful voice and it is a very seventies take on the 60's Barbara Lewis classic. 35 years ago, "Love me", written by the Bee Gees, was a breakout hit for Yvonne, giving her a worldwide hit, including Australia, where it would ascend the charts and reach #4 in the late summer of 1977. "Hello Stranger" was discovered by me, once again courtesy of a Various Artist compile - the sexy styled "Ripper 77" with the curvaceous cheeks of a woman adorned with lipstick writing of the names of the 20 original artists featured on the record. "Hello Stranger", like several of the hits on this compile, was not a hit in Australia, but three and a half decades later, it is a fondly considered musical postcard from the era, and i am eternally grateful to the record companies for releasing those compilations, even if some of the inclusions were bizarre and obscure. Back in the halcyon days of the late 1970's, radio airplay and tv shows like "Countdown" and "Sounds Unlimited" were the few outlets for songs to receive exposure. So many fine recordings were simply overlooked, because of the few opportunities for visibility or audibility at the time. 1978 would be the major year for Yvonne with another Gibb brothers extravaganza giving her the biggest success of her career with the #1 smash "If I can't have you", from the pop & disco juggernaut "Saturday Night Fever". Another movie soundtrack "Moment by Moment" also starring John Travolta, would see another recording by Yvonne Elliman - the title track, but the gentle ballad could not break through the endless litany of disco hits that monopolised 1979. Her own "Love Pains" was her final hit from that part of her career, and it is a much loved and much covered anthem from the disco era. I hope "Hello Stranger" gives whoever hears it, the joy that it has given me.
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Part punk, part balladeer, a little bit country, a bit of pop, a lot of rock n roll, but never out of fashion, Declan MacManus aka Elvis Costello has been writing, recording, performing and touring for 5 decades! He is perfectly unique and a most prolific and fearless pop progressive. His collaborations and ventures into all genres gives him that distinctive acclaim and enduring love by his fans. 'Alison' is the near enough to a title cut on his debut LP 'My aim is true' released in the middle of 1977. While not a major hit either in Britain or here in Australia, it remains one of his best loved songs, and displays not only his gentler self, but the assured writer and performer that he already was on his first recording. Enjoy!
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JENNIFER WARNES Right Time of the Night
The sublime vocalist and interpreter, Jennifer Warnes began her brilliant career years before this record came out, but it was her breakthrough hit in 1977. 35 years ago, it began climbing the charts in Australia, after a successful run in America. While only scraping into the Top 40 downunder, it was the song that brought her to my attention, and i have been an avid fan ever since. Her soundtrack songs, rarities on compilations and her all too rare solo albums have become treasured gems in my collection and in my heart. I wrote to Ms Warnes several years ago, and she responded with the utmost grace, warmth and humility - all i wanted and hoped for but never expected from such a huge star and talent. She is all class. A voice of such warmth, texture and depth.
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This should have been a huge hit everywhere in the world - it is one of the classic pop/rock songs. It sounds better 35 years on and despite many cover versions and samplings, this original will never be outdone. A #55 in Australia, a #24 in Britain and a complete zilch in America, the iconic Elvis Costello has continued to tour, record, diversify, act, produce, - what hasn't he done? ENJOY!
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According to American chart history, this song has the longest title for a #1 hit on the Adult Contemporary Chart! The fact it was a crossover success from the Country Chart, where it also topped and the Pop chart is testament to what a wonderful moment in time this recording was. B.J Thomas had been kicking around for quite a few years before 1975 and had already notched up some big successes: "Raindrops keep falling on my head', 'I just can't help believing' and 'Hooked on a feeling' some of the better known. Another Somebody.... was his first #1 country hit, and it went on to earn its composers the Grammy for Best Country Song, but Thomas was overlooked even for a nomination for country male vocal that year. His career continued to see him swing from pop to country and some gospel and Christian music influences. '(Hey won't you play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song' was a Top 10 hit downunder, and was one of the earliest country songs i was introduced to. In early 1975 there were lots of representations on the charts and Aussies seemed to be great afficianados of the genre, until disco came along, and country was seemingly deemed unhip and old fashioned. Hits by Ray Stevens, Diana Trask, John Denver and Billie Jo Spears all received airplay and chart success at that time. And there was a healthy local contingent with Reg Lindsay, Lester Coombs and Bill & Boyd some of the hitmakers. Country seemed to evolve into novelty with C.W McCall's 'Convoy' and Billy Swan's 'I can help'. Thanks to Linda Ronstadt, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton and Anne Murray among others it lived on and in part morphed with the American middle of the round sound that was personified by The Eagles. More traditional country lived on thanks to Crystal Gayle, Bellamy Brothers and others with Reba McEntire, Oakridge Boys and others bringing country into the 1980's. My favorite was Juice Newton, but she of course had pop and country in her repertoire. B.J Thomas's voice is so familiar and warm. This song is a classic! Enjoy!
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HELEN REDDY You're My World
As a young boy living in Australia, the three homegrown recording artists I witnessed on the international stage were The Bee Gees, Olivia Newton John and Helen Reddy, only to discover that it was Helen Reddy that was the true blue Aussie among them! The brothers Gibb and ONJ were born in England, but raised and nurtured as performers in Australia. Helen Reddy's inimitable style and look made her one of the great pop icons of the 1970's, with the best of her career having faded by the 1980's. Her beauty and strong, impassioned voice made her a best selling and critically acclaimed recording artist - with sales in the United States alone, topping 25 million. Although she would score several hits back home, America would be her greatest stage and platform for her fame and her fortune. With a television program, countless albums and tours, Helen Reddy was a force to be reckoned with, and displayed great star power - still does. Inducted into the Australian Record Industry Awards' Hall of Fame in 2006, I am incredibly proud of the achievements of this great lady, and she paved the way for artists such as Air Supply, INXS and Little River Band to find their success in the holy grail of markets. "You're my world" was a worldwide smash for Brit Cilla Black, in 1964, and Australia's own Daryl Braithwaite (Sherbet's lead singer) scored a local #1 hit with a remake in 1974. Helen's version released in mid 1977, was not a hit downnunder, but was in the States - and was to be her last major chart success there, reaching the Top 20 in July of 77. Helen continued to record into the 1980's, and is a successful entrepreneur and author.
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This is the original album version of the title track off the debut LP by one of the most vibrant and successful Aussie bands of the decade: Australian Crawl. After their first single 'Beautiful People' made the charts (should have been a much bigger hit), the band issued the long player: 'The Boys Light Up'. A fantastic mix of clever lyrics, organic rock and roll and some savvy pop sensibilities, Australian Crawl would be instantly taken into the hearts and minds and collections of local audiences and fans. Helped along by the tv appearances and the good looking image the band portrayed, they went on to release several top selling albums and many chart hits before the band collapsed on itself and key members broke away into solo careers and new projects. I was not so much into the meat and potatoes rock and roll that bands like Cold Chisel and The Angels espoused, but somehow I took Australian Crawl into my radius and at least for their first 3 albums, was quite obsessed with their catchy tunes and charismatic singer's strange vocal delivery. It was an impactful time for me culturally and my identity and preferences were being strongly shaped and directed by bands like these. 'Boys Light Up' the single, only managed to reach #22 nationally.
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THELMA HOUSTON Don't Leave Me This Way Original Album Version
A rarity in this form, but the radio version of this song is very well known and loved. A Grammy winning recording and a chart topping sensation, 'Don't Leave Me This Way' by Thelma Houston was one of 1977's biggest hits. The original album version is the one posted here, and it gives me great pleasure to create a clip for the 5.40 duration mix of the disco track. An extra two minutes of the song to love, this song has been an enduring favourite of mine - just as wonderful today as it was 36 years ago! Many other artists have memorialised this Motown song, but arguably Thelma's is the finest. Winning the Grammy for Best R&B Female Vocal Performance in 1977, 'Don't Leave Me This Way' topped the American charts, while topping several states here in Oz, it managed a #6 national spot on the Top 40, and was selling for more than 5 months. Interestingly, the original version by Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, although recorded two years earlier, beat Thelma's version into the British charts by 4 weeks, and achieved a Top 5, while her version stalled at #13. In Australia, the reverse order occurred, and the 1975 track could only manage to climb to #78 nationally. Enjoy one of the great disco records of all time!
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A cover of the 1972 classic by Lou Reed. 'Perfect Day' performed here by Caro Emerald in a radio station is proof positive that 1. A good song is an enduring one and 2 Caro Emerald is a treasure! I do not own the rights to any audio or images in this clip, but a strong affection for the Dutch singer and her unique style.
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BARRY MANILOW Weekend In New England
Randy Edelman meets Barry Manilow - two great songwriters, the latter interpreting the former's sublime pop song. Lifted from Manilow's "This one's for you" released in 1976, the song was a single that began ascending the charts in early 1977, reaching #10 on the Billboard Top 100, but only achieving a #73 height in Australia. A year later his "Even now" LP would bring him major success worldwide. The romantic style of both Edelman's composition and Manilow's performance along with the orchestrated production gives this recording its sweeping feel. I hope it is enjoyed by all who see it.
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The stand out track from The Boss's 1978 LP 'Darkness on the edge of town' - 'Racing in the street' is a beautiful recording from start to finish - soulful storytelling and musicianship from Springsteen and the band. Hailed as one of his best and much loved by the artist himself. 'Racing in the street' is a quiet classic. Enjoy (and also check out Canadian Serena Ryder's version of this song - sublime)
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JENNIFER WARNES I Know A Heartache When I See One
The simply sublime Jennifer Warnes, achieving a hit on the pop, country and adult contemporary charts with this 1979 hit 'I know a heartache when i see one'. Entering the Billboard pop charts in September of that year, it rose to the Top 20 in November. For me this track solidified my sense that this was a singer I wanted to know more about and hear more from. 'Right time of the night' had come into my radius the year before and early 1980 would bring more Jennifer with the Oscar winning 'It goes like it goes' from 'Norma Rae'. I have religiously followed Ms Warnes career and rigorously attempted to obtain every skerrick of her vocals whether it be her all too infrequent solo albums, or the collaborations, duets, rarities that this prolific studio singer and best kept secret in the business would create. Most people only appreciate Jennifer's double Grammy/Oscar winning recordings, but there is so much more to her music. The lady has the ability to sing any genre and work with the most interesting and cutting edge composers, musicians and producers. I hope lots of people discover or rediscover this wonderful hit from 1979. I do not own any of the stills or audio featured in this clip, but I do possess a deep affection for the music of one Jennifer Warnes.
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GEORGE BENSON On Broadway Album Version
It gives me great pleasure to create a clip and post the wondrously talented George Benson's version of the Barry Mann/Cynthia Weil and Leiber & Stoller classic 'On Broadway'. Recorded for his live 1978 LP 'Weekend In LA', the track was to become a Top 10 hit in America, and a Top 25 in Oz. It was my entree to the beautiful spirit and immense talent of Mr Benson. There is nothing the man cannot sing and sing exquisitely. His jazz/pop/r&b/soul melanges over the years, have contributed to his reputation as being a true superstar and legend. I was only 13 when i first heard this singer, but 'On Broadway' has remained a life long treasure, along with many of his later recordings, which showcase his guitar work, his distinctive sound and style and joyous approach to organic music. Long live George Benson!
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The wonderful Duffy has staged something of a comeback in 2015/16 with the recording and release of several new tracks, for the soundtrack of the Tom Hardy movie 'Legend'. Added to that, Duffy performed in the movie as 60's vocalist Timi Yuro. The song 'Are you sure' was originally penned by Willie Nelson and Buddy Emmons and recorded by the aforementioned singer. I am thrilled that the Duffy has emerged from her self induced retreat since the relative failure of her sophomore album 'Endlessly' which could never match either the quality or success of its predecessor 'Rockferry'. Her contemporary: Adele suffered none of the second album curse; quite the contrary, where her popularity has just exploded. Sadly many artists struggle after a successful debut. Duffy has that indefinable star quality and a distinctive look and sound that delighted listeners the world over since 2007. I hope we hear much much more from her.
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MEAT LOAF Heaven Can Wait
The 7th and final clip from 'Bat Out Of Hell' to be posted on my youtube page is the ballad 'Heaven Can Wait'. Issued as the B side to the title track in 1979, 'Heaven Can Wait' once again showcases the magical melodies and elegant lyrics of Jim Steinman and the unmistakable sound of Meat Loaf. Featuring only 7 tracks, the gargantuan feel and sound of 'Bat Out Of Hell' is the essential definition of an album - every track offers something rich and powerful. With international sales of 43 million, 'Bat Out Of Hell' will always be in the pantheon of great pop records.
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Another beautiful performance by Kirsty MacColl; this time a cover of the Ray Davies composition 'Days'. It was taken from her 'Kite' LP, and is one of the best things the singer ever recorded, that wasn't one of her own. Her sudden and horrific death in 2000 was such a loss to the music industry. Kirsty MacColl's discography is some solace for the fact that her voice was silenced way ahead of its time. Her fans, like myself still mourn her passing. Forever Kirsty: 'Thank you for the days, those endless days, those sacred days you gave me'....
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ROSE TATTOO Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw
daveinprogress3 loves himself some meat and potatoes rock & roll and AC/DC and Divinyls gave me that in spades in the 1970's and 1980's. As a proud Aussie, our history of cultivating rock and pop bands from their humble beginnings in the rough and tumble of pubs and clubs is legendary. The 'Tatts' were one such group. Formed in the mid 70's it wasn't long before their brand of bluesy rock and roll combined with hard grungy elements made them firm favourites both in the live music scene as well as on the pop charts and television programs. 1977's 'Bad Boy for love' provided Rose Tattoo with their first taste of success, and it was followed in '78 by 'Rock 'n' roll outlaw' a swampy piece of hard rock and roll. It is probably my favourite of their discography. It was given lots of airplay & live exposure on music televsion shows, but it failed to be a hit of any note, reaching only #68 on the National Top 100. Rose Tattoo would continue to produce anthemic hard rock material well into the 1980's with chart hits such as 'We can't be beaten' and 'Born to be wild' Rock on!
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GRAHAM BONNET It's all over now baby blue
Brit Graham Bonnet had a career with several chapters, perhaps the most successful, certainly downunder, was with his 1977-78 releases. His cover of the Dylan classic was released in Australia 35 years ago this week, and would climb all the way to #3 spending 6 months in the chart and nearly 2 months in the Top 10! The song blasted from radios for most of 1977, and Australia proved to be his biggest market, with the #1 success a year later of 'Warm Ride' - the Gibb Brothers track that was a hit for Rare Earth and also recorded by Andy Gibb and the Bee Gees themselves. Graham Bonnet's career ebbed and flowed, with a stint as lead singer of Rainbow, and more solo releases, including his only British chart success - 'Night Games' in 1981. He recorded several albums with Alcattraz, a hard rock outfit, and he continues to tour and record, now largely based in America. Australia is still a highly regarded place for the singer, who toured with a plethora of 70's and 80's artists as part of the Countdown Spectacular concerts in 2007. The Polygram various artists compilation 'Choc O Block' released in 1978 featured Graham's smash hit, among other big hits and artists of the day from the latter part of 1977 including Carole Bayer Sager's #1 and Leif Garrett, Marcia Hines, Bee Gees and Boney M. Graham Bonnet's powerful voice and stage presence helped make his recordings successful here in Oz, and the production on 'Baby Blue' has aged well. He is certainly styled as one cool dude! Enjoy!
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One of the more bizarre success stories of 1978 in Australia, was the Cold Fact LP which had in fact been recorded and initially released some 7 years before. Finally finding a local label to issue it, 'Cold Fact' was a huge hit in Oz, and although no singles were issued from it, i became aware of it, thanks to the exotic looks of its performer on the album's art work that was prominent in record stores for months in 1978, and the newly launched Top 20 Album Chart Countdown on local radio that was as exciting as the Singles Countdown, especially in the case of artists such as Joan Armatrading and Jackson Browne, where their LP's were big, but their singles were not. A new world of music was now offered to me - Albums Artists. This was to change my young mindset on what was of value and popular. It would find greater form through 1978 and beyond. In 2013 a renewal in interest in Rodriguez has occurred thanks to the Oscar nominated Documentary 'Searching for Sugar Man' and i am happy to post this clip of one of the most played tracks from the 'Cold Fact' LP - 'I Wonder'. Enjoy! p.s He is very much alive & well!
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Fairytale Original Album Version  Pointer Sisters
It is a real joy to create a clip for the Grammy winning breakthrough hit for The Pointer Sisters. In 1974, as a quartet, the country tune made history as a black act crossed over to the Country charts, and won accolades, with the group even appearing at the Grand Ol Opry. "Fairytale" entered the Australian charts in early 1975, and although it didn't even crack the Top 20, it made a big impact on this young culture vulture. As my entree to the forces of nature called The Pointer Sisters, "Fairytale" boasts their requisite sublime harmonies, as well as a cracker of a country song. That said, i adore their r&b and pop hits that followed for the next 20 years as well. They found a formula that kept them atop the pop, disco and adult contemporary charts right through the 80's. Enjoy!
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ANDY GIBB Love Is Thicker Than Water
Pinup boys were everywhere in the pop culture in early 1978 - Shaun Cassidy, Leif Garrett and Andy Gibb were 3 of the biggest. As I had grown up watching the Bee Gees who were claimed as part Aussies (having relocated here in their youth), it was with wide eyed enthusiasm that i embraced yet another Gibb brother and his pop success. Andy Gibb's follow up to the #1 worldwide smash 'I just wanna be your everything', the great pop hit 'Love is thicker than water' was a co-write between brothers Barry & Andy. The success of this track was sandwiched between other Gibb penned tracks such as 'Staying Alive' and 'If I can't have you', among others, in a run of hits in America that saw record after record dominate the charts with the Bee Gees stamp all over them! In Australia, Andy had already scored a hit with 'Words and Music' in late 1975, and 2 years later this run of success made him a household name, in the country that he had spent some formative years. Although not the #1 it had been in the States, 'Love is Thicker Than Water' just missed out on a Top 10 placing, when it charted during our Autumn of 1978. For me, it is one of my favourite Andy Gibb recordings. His great vocals were omnipresent for the next 3 years with his run of hit albums and singles, before his lifestyle caused him to drop out of the pop culture and tragically his death in 1988 at the age of 30 was one of the saddest losses to the world of music. Luckily there are some fine recordings bearing his name (and songwriting credits too). I am posting the longer, original 'Flowing Rivers' length version. Enjoy the baby boy Gibb at the peak of his worldwide success.
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MEAT LOAF For Crying Out Loud
Another epic track from 'Bat Out Of Hell', this is the seventh and final selection from the classic album. It showcases the great vocal strength of Meat Loaf and the songwriting style of Jim Steinman. It is essentially a ballad, and is a point of difference to some of the powerhouse rock anthems also featured in the set. With tracks like this one and 'Two out of three ain't bad' as well as the iconic 'Paradise by the Dashboard light', 'All revved up' & 'You took the words' it is easy to see why it is one of the best loved albums of all time.
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The Justin Bieber of 1977 - Shaun Cassidy had the X Factor. Famous parents, a famous half brother, good looks, a good voice and the right record label and promotion team as well as a knack for choosing the right mix of new pop songs and reworked classics from the previous decade. 'Da Doo Ron Ron' was a 1963 hit for The Crystals, and with the gender reversal in the lyrics to suit the boy singer, the track was a huge success in America, and ushered in Shaun's run of hits over the next 18 months. In Australia, 'Da Doo Ron Ron' was a minor Top 40 hit, but for me, was a memorable and catchy tune that fit his image perfectly. Australia made Shaun a star before America, with "That's rock n roll" and "Hey there lonely girl" Top 10 hits downunder in early 1977 before this cover version made it big at home in July of '77. Cassidy is an entrepreneur, an actor, a writer and producer. His uncanny resemblance to his Oscar winning mother, Shirley Jones, made him a household name, and following in the heartthrob footsteps of Shirley's famous stepson David, Shaun loomed large in the popular culture landscape thanks to his cross over role in the Hardy Boys TV series. He may not have had a long pop music career, but he made his mark!
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ELKIE BROOKS Sunshine After The Rain
British songstress Elkie Brooks scored half a dozen hits at home, three of which made the Top 10 - "Pearl's a singer", "No more the fool" and this 1977 hit 'Sunshine after the rain". Elkie achieved a bigger hit with Chris Rea's 'Fool if you think its over' than he did in the United Kingdom. She also memorialized versions of the Peter Allen classic 'Don't cry out loud' and the Moody Blues 'Knights in white satin'. With a five decade career, Ms Brooks is something of an icon in her homeland, but chart success by and large eluded her in Australia, but several of her songs have made their way into my collection, and her warm, textured voice is always a delight to hear. I hope all who find this, enjoy it.
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J.J CALE Cocaine
This mid seventies classic was written and recorded by J.J Cale, Eric Clapton's cover version is perhaps better known. In Australia, J.J's version made the Top 100, and received lots of airplay, while in America Eric's version made the Top 30. Cale's wonderful merging of blues and pop/rock made him one of the most distinctive voices and players at a time when disco and bubblegum pop reigned supreme. 'Cocaine;' went to #1 in the country across the ditch from Aussie land - NZ! ENJOY!
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1978 is such a fertile year for interesting artists, and Joan Armatrading was one such discovery for me at that time. Her 1977 released LP 'Show Some Emotion' was a slow burner on the Australian charts, and while it did not yield any hit singles, the album remained in the charts for several months. The title track is a classic pop/jazz/r&b melange of a recording. It still gives me 'goosies' all these years later. On my radar were a whole bunch of 'new' performers - not just one hit wonders and novelty acts, that had dominated my first 4 year love affair with the culture, but real 'artists' - acts that came with some depth and craft. 1978 would see the debut in the pop scene of many great acts, and i plan to honour at least 3 of them - with treatments of multiple tracks from their albums: first recordings by Kate Bush, Meatloaf and Gerry Rafferty's breakthrough second solo LP. I was 13 for most of 1978, and although i was sucked in to the disco hits and the one hit wonders, i evidently had a hankering for something more boutique - something more organic. I'm sure it had been available before, (Billy Joel. Fleetwood Mac, Doobies, Eagles,Stevie Wonder, Neil Diamond) but i was not as aware of it. 1978 seemed to generate more interesting music, than I had heard before. 'Simple Dreams' was a mainstay on my turntable in early 1978, as Linda Ronstadt's million seller continued to generate radio hits, and my beloved Renee Geyer's 'Moving Along' was played to death on my personal cassette player in my room. and I playacted I was on the National Broadcaster's music show 'Countdown' performing tracks from Renee's funky album, prancing and jiving around the room to 'Heading in the Right Direction'. Pop music gave me some much needed solace through my rites of passage and turbulent teens. Listening to the Radio countdown of the Australian and American Top 40's was a childhood favourite pasttime. I would hide the transistor under my blankets after my bedtime, and quietly await the revealing of the #1 hit in the land. The Top 40 Album chart became just as interesting to me, as the Singles one, as I would flick through the sleeves in the record bar, and discover what songs were on what album, and what face matched what voice! It was a wonderful time of discovery. Jackson Browne, Rodriguez, Foreigner, Alan Parsons Project, John Cougar, Patti Smith, Warren Zevon, Pablo Cruise, Todd Rundgren - these were just some of the new artists that encircled me during these halcyon days. Some of them didn't even issue singles - they were album artists! Get out! I was growing up. A little I hope those that weren't previously acquainted with the sublime Joan Armatrading, are enjoying this clip and song as much as I am in posting it, and waxing lyrical about the rise of the singer/songwriter. For everybody else, enjoy reconnecting with a great artist!
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February 19, 1977 and Linda Ronstadt wins the Grammy award for Best Pop Female Vocalist for her album "Hasten Down the Wind". The LP was to be her third successive platinum selling album,(she was the first female artist to achieve this) and featured a more contemporary set of songwriters and choices - although the Buddy Holly classic "That'll be the day" is probably the best known track from the set, and the chosen recording for this post. The album featured compositions by Karla Bonoff, Andrew Gold and Warren Zevon. Linda Ronstadt is one of the most gifted pop vocalists of all time - her range, power and versatility are all testament to her pre-eminent status in the pop world - and her multiple #1 albums and prolific Top 40 statistics as well as 10 Grammy awards back this up. Her choices to explore country, pop, rock, jazz, traditional pop, traditional latin & opera among her genres make her one of a kind in the recording industry. As a young man growing up in the late 70's and early 80's - Linda Ronstadt was the highest profile woman in pop. Her beautiful face and voice were simply everywhere. My love affair had begun 2 years earlier with her breakthrough hit "Your no good", and that adoration has not stopped since. I am excited about posting other Linda Ronstadt gems in the future. Enjoy!
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LEON BRIDGES Smooth Sailing
Texan performer Leon Bridges is a 2015 discovery who seems destined for pop culture greatness. His debut album 'Coming Home' has finally landed and has some great r&b/soul tracks. Like Sharon Jones is a throwback to a bygone era, so too Leon has some definite influences harking back to the iconic Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding and Sam Cooke. With all 10 tracks on his debut being originals, it is a pleasure to connect with a new artist who is putting his own stamp on his music, but who thankfully also derives great inspiration from those who came before, and they all advocate for organic rhythm and blues music. 'Smooth Sailing' appealed to me, hence this clip. I do not own any of the images or audio featured in this clip.
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Before Yvonne Elliman's version made her a household name, the original composers of this mid tempo ballad recorded it for themselves on their 1976 LP "Children of the World". With only 1 remaining member of the iconic superstar group, this clip is a tribute to the fabulous brothers Gibb and their amazing voices and songs. R.I.P Andy, Maurice and Robin.
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The 3rd single, and least successful from her 1980 LP 'Mad Love', 'I Can't let Go' is my favorite from the album. A cover of the Hollies hit, it followed the new wave pop sound of Billy Steinberg's 'How do I make you' and 'Hurts so bad'. Only the first of the trio made the charts in Australia, but the LP was a Top 10 success. In America, 'I can't let go' managed to crack the Top 40, peaking at #31. Linda Ronstadt was on an extraordinary roll by 1980 with 'Mad Love' being the 7th successive platinum album for the singer. Moving effortlessly between country, pop, rock and new wave, the new decade would see the superstar explore musicals, traditional pop, traditional Mexican, Bluegrass and mainstream pop/rock. There will only ever be one Linda Ronstadt.
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I am proud to share that Australia gave Johnny Cougar his first big break in the world charts, when 'I need a lover' became a huge hit in the 2nd half of 1978, climbing all the way to #5 and spending more than 4 months in the Top 40. Although 'A biography' was his 3rd album, it was the first to really bring him into the spotlight, thanks to 'I need a lover' which also ended up on his next LP 'John Cougar' marking the end of the Johnny Cougar era, and ushering in the stage of his career that would see him scale the dizzying heights of pop culture world wide. Here, i am posting the original LP version with its vibey and long intro. I recall when I first heard and saw this great song. Apart from his pin up good looks, his powerful voice and fresh sound could have gone one of two ways - one hit wonder or more of the same! What we got was reinvention over the next decade, as Johnny Cougar became John Cougar who became John Cougar Mellencamp who became John Mellencamp! With all the name changes also saw an evolving artistry as the songs became more soulful and personal and Mellencamp put his inimitable stamp on the culture as a singer songwriter who told great American stories through song, along the way selling more than 40 million records and being hailed as one of the greats. Enjoy the plaintive and rollicking 'I need a lover'.
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GRAHAM PARKER Hold Back the Night
This posting is a vibey version of the Trammps disco hit 'Hold Back the Night,' by British rock singer Graham Parker. Beginning a run of hits from the mid 70's under the moniker Graham Parker & The Rumour, songs like 'Hey Lord, Don't ask me Questions' and 'The New York Shuffle' made Parker a regular visitor to the charts during this time. 'Hold Back the Night' was a single issued from an EP called 'The Pink Parker' which made the British Top 25. In Australia, 'New York Shuffle' entered the charts in late Feb of 1978, making the Top 50. It was to be joined later in the year by 'Hey Lord..." which made the Top 25. He would become a popular touring artist downunder, and released several more albums and singles into the next decade. 'Hold back the night' is my preferred Graham Parker recording. The original by R&B group The Trammps had been a minor hit in 1976, and Parker's version is a different take on the catchy pop song. I hope it brings back some good memories for those that were around in that era,
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For my northern hemisphere friends and music lovers who are in the middle of the festive season and the first month of winter for 2014/15. From a James Taylor, 2006 album called 'James Taylor at Christmas' comes a duet with one of the very finest: Natalie Cole. A timeless classic: 'Baby it's cold outside' was written 70 years ago and has been recorded in every musical style and by the who's who of popular culture. A season greeting to all!
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KARISE EDEN Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
A classic song never gets old, and with the exquisite and powerful tones of Karise Eden, new life is imbibed into this Carole King/Gerry Goffin standard. 'Will you still love me tomorrow' is nearly 55 years old and has been recorded by countless vocalists, of every given musical genre! Karise brings such pain and soul to the composition. It is great to have watched her music grow and develop since being the inaugural winner of Australia's 'The Voice' in 2012.
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PETER FRAMPTON I Can't Stand it No More
Handsome and talented British wunderkind Peter Frampton had such gargantuan success with 'Frampton Comes Alive' and 'I'm In You' that inevitably that level of achievement couldn't be maintained. The 1979 LP 'Where I Should Be' generated this one hit single 'I Can't Stand It No More', a #14 in America; and a terrible #86 in Australia! I recall this track from Casey Kasum's Top 40 Countdown. R.I.P Sir! The version posted here is the original LP version, not the 35 second shorter 7" single! daveinprogress3 gives value if nothing else!
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Christina Amphlett made a lot of people happy during her lifetime. Her incredible stage presence and vocal prowess gave a generation of music lovers an awesome set of musical memories to cherish for ever! Having appreciated The Divinyls both live and on record, they were a force to be reckoned with and Chrissie was a force of nature, a cyclonic ball of grit, sexuality and firepower! With their main recording period a fifteen year span from 1981 to 1996, the band recorded some of the best rock and roll of the era. This track, was one of the few covers that the Divinyls memorialised. Another Aussie rock legend: The Easybeats first recorded this track some 16 years before, and this version again comes alive with the solid production and playing of the band, and of course Chrissie's kick ass vocals. 'I'll make you happy' is one of my favourite Divinyls tracks. It coincided with a tumultuous period of change in my young life, and the stomping, relentless vibe to it, helped me get through a major rite of passage in the summer of 1982/83. I am sad that Chrissie's life ended so prematurely, and that she encountered such trauma and pain in her final years. The sheer ballsy and empowered posturing of the iconic Chrissie Amphlett is an indelible stamp on pop culture, and will continue to be so as long as music is played and played loud! R.I.P Christine Joy Amphlett. You gave us much joy and you continue to make us happy
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The Captain & Tennille THE WAY I WANT TO TOUCH YOU
The very first song and single by The Captain & Tennille but was only a hit after their Grammy winning #1 smash 'Love will keep us together'. 'The Way I want to touch you' is a Toni Tennille composition that surfaced in 1974 as a single. Reissued in the fall of 1975 in America, the song ended up a Top 5 hit (#9 in Australia).
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Caro Emerald Jools Holland Mad About The Boy
'Mad about the boy', performed here by Dutch sensation Caro Emerald and the wondrous Jools Holland and Orchestra, is a traditional pop classic. Dating back more than 80 years, the Noel Coward composition is best remembered by Dinah Washington's 1952 version. Caro Emerald is not a powerhouse singer; she is a boutique pop star who morphs genres such as jazz, r&B, pop and urban with such ease, and she has created her own place in the pop landscape. If anything this recordings highlights her lighter tones, but Caro always places her distinct voice on every recording. She along with Gin Wigmore have become my two faves this decade. Caro Emerald has musicality oozing out of every pore, and it is just a matter of time before she takes the world by storm; having already been a household name in her native Holland, and in Britain where her sophomore album 'The Shocking Miss Emerald' hit the top spot in 2013. I just love her inventive and stylish approach to her mosaic of recordings and the joie de vivre that bursts forth.
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JANIS IAN The Other Side Of The Sun
Back to 1980 and the follow up to the huge and surprisingly beat filled 'Fly too High' was this beautiful track - 'The Other Side of The Sun'. Singer/Songwriter Janis Ian has a sound like no other - delicate, a little bit folky, and so compelling. The lady has a lovely ear for melody and her way with words is just sublime. 'At Seventeen' was a landmark hit and breakthrough for the performer five years before this. The 'Night Rains' LP, from which this track comes, was a gold selling title downunder, with 'Fly too high' making the Top 10 nationally, but this follow up could only make #30 in Sydney and #44 nationally. For me, Janis Ian's next set 'Restless Eyes' would generate more classic pop with 'Under the Covers' 'Passion Play and 'I remember yesterday'. I sort of lost Janis Ian's music after that. 'The Other side of the sun' was a co-write by Janis with the prolific Albert Hammond, the man responsible for such classics as 'The Air that i breathe', 'When i need you', 'Nothing's gonna stop us now', 'One moment in time' among countless others. It is a lovely piece of poetic pop.
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DUFFY Whole Lot Of Love
I am a huge Duffy fan! Her debut 'Rockferry' is among my all time favourite albums with 'Mercy' a timeless classic. Her follow up 'Endlessly' whilst containing some gems, was a disappointment critically and commercially, and the singer very nearly quit the industry altogether, taking an extended hiatus. I had lost a sense of her, but thanks to 'Legend' and the ubiquitous Tom Hardy, the music of Duffy has wonderfully re-entered my radius. I really like this song; Duffy back to her very best. Her voice, whilst powerful has a vulnerable quality with quite unique tones. The production here supports her whilst not swamping her distinctive sound. More please Aime Ann Duffy!
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Thanks to 'Supa Hits' an EMI Australia release in early 1978, I came across Brit Chris Spedding's manic 'Get Outa My Pagoda'. Neither a hit in his homeland, nor here in Oz, but Spedding's reputation preceded him and all these decades later he is regarded as one of the best guitarists in rock culture. He only scored one hit under his own name in Britain: 1975's 'Motor Bikin' - a Top 15 hit in the latter part of that year. His 1977 LP 'Hurt' generated this driven track 'Get outa my pagoda'. He has continued to record, but found wider visibility and acclaim, thanks to his session work with the likes of McCartney, Elton and Roxy Music among a litany of industry greats. Enjoy the sonic angst circa 1977/78.
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MAUREEN McGOVERN Different Worlds
A TV theme song that became a big hit. From a two season running sitcom 'Angie' came this wonderful pop gem 'Different Worlds' by Maureen McGovern. There is something magical about this recording: whether it is the building octaves, the percussive and disco driven production or the powerful vocal s of its performer, despite its two minute fifteen seconds duration, every note of it is enjoyable. I fell in love with it on first listen and ran out to buy the 7" single and it has been a treasured gem ever since. 'Different Worlds' spent two weeks atop the Adult Contemporary Chart in September of 1979. The single peaked at #18 on the Billboard chart. After achieving a run of successful movie theme songs in the 1970's, Maureen focused on stage work but continued to record albums of traditional pop and musical genre works. For me, Maureen McGovern will always be the voice from Blockbuster 70's movie songs: 'Poseidon Adventure' (Morning After), 'Towering Inferno' (We May Never Love Like This Again) and 'Superman (Can you read my mind). A trilogy of sublime vocal performances from an exemplary singer.
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It's hard to fathom that it is 30 years since the Queen Of Soul released her startlingly successful comeback album 'Who's Zoomin' Who'. The first single 'Freeway Of Love' was a worldwide hit and garnered her another Grammy for Best R&B Female Vocal Performance. The title track, posted here in its extended twelve inch dance remix form is quintessential 80's dance pop as well as quintessential Aretha Franklin! There may have been some truly extraordinary female singers in the r&b genre - like Natalie Cole, Minnie Riperton, Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Maria Carey, but to my ear none come close to the Queen of soul other than Chaka Khan. The legacy of Aretha Franklin is too huge to quantify or qualify even now. 'Who's Zoomin' Who' the single made the Top 10 on Billboard Chart and made #11 in England, and was a co-write between Aretha and Preston Glass and Narada Michael Walden the main producer of the album. Here in Australia, the song only managed to squeeze into the Top 40 to #38. Happy 30th Anniversary! 'You will remember my name....."
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Back to one off pop hits from 1978, and a big success for Scottish vocalist Scott Fitzgerald and Dutch singer Yvonne Keeley. The song 'If I had words' was released in late 1977 and would go on to be a Top 3 hit in Britain and Australia, among many other countries. Posting this clip, i discovered that Yvonne also sang on the 1975 hit 'Make me smile' for Steve Harley & the Cockney Rebels - one of the first pop songs i latched onto. This song had a second life thanks to the Aussie movie 'Babe' in the mid 90's.
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PABLO CRUISE Love Will Find A Way
Back to 1978 and one of the most radio friendly hits of that year was 'Love will find a way' by Pablo Cruise. Although they had been together for a few years, it was their 1977 LP 'A Place in the sun' that brought them their biggest sales, followed by the even higher charting 'Worlds Away' which spawned this Top 10 smash. A perfect summer anthem, 'Love will find a way' reached #6 in America, and #8 in Australia. The beautiful harmonies, the catchy and uplifting refrains helped make this track a memorable song from 1978. I hope it brings back great memories for all who find it again.
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Shop Around The Captain & Tennille
During the 1970's family acts were all the rage - The Jackson 5, The Partridge Family, The Osmonds, and then the brother sister act The Carpenters, specified the use of relatives as pop stars. The husband/wife duos were also fashionable in those wholesome years of pop culture, beginning with Sonny and Cher and followed by The Captain & Tennille, who shot to fame in 1975 with "Love will keep us together" a couples song if ever there was one, but curiously did not actually marry until the end of 1975. Their debut sold over a million copies went to #1 around the world and won a Grammy for Record of the Year (but even at the time, the Academy's choice was considered a bit suss). R&J Stone and Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jnr were subsequent husband/wife teams to scale the top of the charts in the mid 70's. For the next five years Daryl Dragon and Toni Tennille (aka The Captain and Tennille) were mainstays on the Top 40 with their pop confections which were often cheesy and sometimes sensual: "The Way that I want to touch you" and "Do that to me one more time" among their biggest successes. My favourite has always been "Shop Around", and although i was unaware of the Motown legacy then, I knew what I liked, and there was something cheekily fun and catchy about this track. Not one of their biggest hits downunder, but it was another Top 5 for them in America. Written by Motown founder Berry Gordy and Smoky Robinson, it had been a #1 hit 16 years earlier for the Miracles. The Captain and Tennile still tour and are still married. Love has it seems kept them together! Enjoy!
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WET WILLIE Street Corner Serenade
A rare gem, for me anyway, is this early 1978 hit by the American pop band Wet Willie. Best known for their 1974 hit 'Keep on Smiling', the band released several studio and live albums during the 70's, with their last LP issued in 1979, but 'best of' CDS and other collections have kept them in record stores in the decades since. 'Street Corner Serenade', released here in Oz in the January from their 1978 LP 'Manorisms'' was a minor hit in both America and Australia - where it reached #30 in the former territory, and #41 in the latter. The spooky thing for me, is how similar in feel and sound that the song is to one of my favourite Hall/Oates tracks 'Diddy Do Wop' from their 1980 LP 'Voices'. In fact Wet Willie's lead singer, one Jimmy Hall sounds much like Daryl Hall, but from what i've read, no relation! Both songs have a strong retro feel, harking back to the 'do wops' of the 50's and 60's while also being great blue eyed soul pop. I have come to have this great song in my collection thanks to a series of CD's that were issued in Australia in the late 90's called 'Living in the 70's'. Some 6 volumes have been released, each double cds and featuring chronological hits from 1970 through 1979. 'Street Corner Serenade' is from Volume 5. The cds have great notes and chart info too. Many wonderful 70's songs that were previously only on vinyl, were available on the CD format for the first time, bringing back fantastic memories, and thereby allowing mp3's to be utilised for such pursuits as these! I am forever thankful for such compiles. Enjoy the upbeat and delightful harmonies of Wet Willie.
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JULIE COVINGTON Don't Cry For Me Argentina
The best selling single in Australia for 1977. 40 years ago the now infamous song from 'Evita' was issued and became a monster hit for Julie Covington. The award winning singer and actor entered the British charts in December of '76 and the single 'Don't cry for me Argentina' would hit #1 in her homeland as well as downunder where it spent a glorious 7 weeks atop the National Top 40 (Curiously it stalled at #2 in Sydney; my homebase). Julie would continue to act in musicals, TV dramas and record hit singles including her cover of Alice Cooper's 'Only women bleed' - her last entry in the U.K Chart. Apart from having such a monster hit to her credit; Julie Covington's version is the original recording of the Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice composition. That's a legacy!
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A disco smash for a pop/rock group who went country after this huge success. Exile had been touring and recording for a number of years before this Chinn/Chapman composition gave them a worldwide best seller in 1978. "Kiss You All Over" spent a month atop the Billboard chart in the fall of 1978, also reaching the pole position downunder, spending more than 6 months in the charts and three months in the Top 10! They did follow it up with "You thrill me" and "How could this go wrong" before evolving into a country act. Enjoy this longer version of the classic 70's hit.
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