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Super-cute girl double pumping a Red 100
A beautiful young brunette repeatedly double pumps a Marlboro 100 cigarette, with nose and mouth exhales. Sorry about the audio, it's the best I have.
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Blonde that looks like she doesn't smoke smokes
The original and best, without the unhappy ending. Apparently this clip came from "Bob's videos". Google him and buy the full thing. Bob sounds a little creepy :(
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Candid brunette smoking, with naturally-lit exhales
A beautiful brunette smokes a strong cork-tipped cigarette with her girlfriend, also a smoker, at a food court.
Views: 65533 DTW
Long-term smoker hits a Red 100 hard
A cute blonde quickly smokes a Red 100 cigarette, with french inhales, double drags, nose exhales, and discussion about being a smoker during childhood.
Views: 16253 DTW
Perfect body smokes a Light 100
An astonishingly beautiful woman smokes a long, light cigarette while reclining.
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Girl smokes by a window
A pretty young brunette smokes a cork-tipped, king size cigarette by a window. Despite blowing the smoke to the top of the glass, the breeze blows the smoke back into the room.
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Hard Drags Megamix
Quite possibly the most proficient and beautiful smoker ever captured on film. More at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgBnB0uyPmU
Views: 412926 DTW
Hard Drags Megamix II
More of the most wonderful smoker ever.
Views: 81849 DTW
Interview with a heavy and very long-term smoker
A beautiful woman smokes full-strength Newport cigarettes while explaining how she started smoking, and how her mother allowed her to smoke from a young age.
Views: 61887 DTW
Girl smokes and dangles
A cute young brunette dangles a cork-tipped, filter cigarette from her lips as she idly smokes and reads a magazine, filling the room with a billowing fine blue smoke.
Views: 143847 DTW
Redhead smokes while drinking
A red-headed woman easily devours a full-tar cork-tipped cigarette, with frequent drags and thick nose exhales.
Views: 45763 DTW
Latina smokes a long all-white cigarette
A beautiful Latin girl smokes an all-white 100 cigarette.
Views: 109638 DTW
Woman snaps an all-white 120
A young woman smokes a 120mm all-white cigarette, with frequent drags, natural snaps, and long cone exhales.
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Strawberry blonde smokes yet another cigarette
A beautiful girl smokes a premium-brand light cigarette. You can see more of her at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrhTeh6DWGwFDzGigWBv49blASGMLQ4Ar.
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Smoking a slim cigarette
A beautiful woman smokes a slim cigarette, filmed in black and white. Sorry for the lack of audio, it's the only copy I have.
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Blonde lady smokes two cigarettes at once
A mother smokes two Red 100 cigarettes while discussing her smoking habit, starting at age 10, and smoking throughout her pregnancies.
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Indian woman chain smokes Red 100 cigarettes
A beautiful Indian woman chain smokes two Marlboro Red 100 cigarettes. More of this model can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lUQKbHpgxw.
Views: 154153 DTW
Woman power smokes a cigarette
A beautiful woman hungrily smokes a cork-tipped cigarette, until the heat from her rapid drags compresses the filter and renders it un-smokable.
Views: 204819 DTW
Girl smokes and coughs
A gorgeous young brunette smokes a filtered, all-white, menthol cigarette. Between deep drags and smooth exhales she swallows, breathes hard, and coughs on several occasions. With French inhales and residual smoke. More of this model is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odrLhTJYUiY.
Views: 130227 DTW
Young brunette smokes a long cigarette
A young girl very naturally smokes a super-king size cork-tipped cigarette. With fast and frequent hits, chained cheek-hollowing drags, and multiple nose and mouth exhales.
Views: 18756 DTW
Pretty girl smokes a long cork cigarette
A beautiful young girl smokes a long cork-tipped cigarette, with french inhales, dangling, and nose exhales.
Views: 59252 DTW
Indian woman smokes an all‑white cigarette
An Indian woman smokes an all-white cigarette by an open doorway. More of this model can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDrSN2fSN58.
Views: 34162 DTW
Japanese woman chain smokes all-white cigarettes
A Japanese woman chain smokes all-white cigarettes, breathing heavily throughout. She waits longer between some inhales than she does between cigarettes.
Views: 79742 DTW
Japanese beauty and mother smoke cigarettes
A beautiful young Japanese woman meets a mother with her child as they stop to smoke cork-tipped cigarettes.
Views: 134817 DTW
Woman dangles a cigarette while doing housework
An attractive woman smokes and dangles a 'crush' cigarette while washing dishes, with poised match light-up and delicate holds.
Views: 29003 DTW
Long-haired blonde smokes a Red 100 to the filter
A beautiful long-haired blonde smoked a Red 100 cigarette down to the filter, while talking about her life, likes, and money troubles. With chained drags, french and snap inhales, and talking exhales and residual smoke, she talks in a roughened voice and sniffs frequently throughout the video.
Views: 23010 DTW
Two European women take a smoke break
Two gorgeous young women enjoy cigarettes while taking a break from the day.
Views: 32963 DTW
Interview with a cigarette-smoking woman
A committed smoker explains why she won't be giving up.
Views: 290151 DTW
Sweet girl smokes a More
A cute brunette smokes a full-flavour More cigarette, with frequent, deep drags and exhales to the camera.
Views: 14171 DTW
Lady chain smokes, snaps, dangles, and talks about her habit
A sweet and beautiful mature lady smokes two long, cork-tipped cigarettes with cheek-hollowing drags and deep snap inhales. She dangles the second cigarette almost in its entirety, and talks candidly about her long-term smoking habit.
Views: 12600 DTW
Experienced smoker chain smokes all-white cigarettes
An extremely cute blonde smokes two long, all-white cigarettes, with hard drags, deep inhales, and long holds of the smoke.
Views: 100907 DTW
Pretty girl smoking a Saratoga
I know this video is available elsewhere on YouTube, but not that I know of in high definition. (Sorry if you saw an ad with this video, but Nickelback can't keep making the same song over and over again on love alone.)
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Favourite Eurosmoke Scenes
A mature blonde smokes multiple cigarettes through straining, muscled lips; a young redhead devours a cork-tipped cigarette while smothering the filter as she inhales; and a mother leisurely smokes with no forced exhales, just endless residuals carried on her breath.
Views: 14557 DTW
Four candid smoking girls
Four young women smoke cigarettes in a lounge bar-style environment.
Views: 33527 DTW
Interview with a pack-a-day, long-term smoking woman
A heavily-addicted young woman chain smokes long all-white cigarettes down to the filter during an extended interview about her smoking habit and its history. She is interrupted by two barking coughs that start at around 6:00.
Views: 145751 DTW
Young woman experiments with smoking
A beautiful young woman experiments with smoking an all-white cigarette.
Views: 117711 DTW
Woman smokes a Newport to the filter
A beautiful young lady smokes a strong Newport cigarette down to its filter.
Views: 41167 DTW
Girl in glasses smokes and coughs
A young girl in glasses smokes a smooth cigarette while coughing occasionally.
Views: 12289 DTW
Manicure and white cigarettes
A pretty young girl with manicured nails puffs on expensive all-white cigarettes in a smoking room in Japan, in front of an advertisement for other premium brand cigarettes.
Views: 16480 DTW
Strawberry blonde smokes a cigarette
A beautiful girl smokes a premium-brand light cigarette. You can see more of her at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrhTeh6DWGwFDzGigWBv49blASGMLQ4Ar.
Views: 9614 DTW
Strawberry blonde smokes another cigarette
A beautiful girl smokes a premium-brand light cigarette. You can see more of her at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrhTeh6DWGwFDzGigWBv49blASGMLQ4Ar.
Views: 49914 DTW
Young blonde smokes a long cigarette
A young blonde girl smokes a super-king size cork-tipped cigarette, with frequent multiple exhales.
Views: 67331 DTW
Bookish vamp smokes a Red 100
A girl in big glasses smokes a red-label cigarette.
Views: 5660 DTW
Woman smokes hard in a bathroom
A mature brunette fiercely smokes a long all-white cigarette, in a bathroom.
Views: 125138 DTW
Girl nervously smokes a cigarette
A pretty girl nervously smokes a strong cork-tipped cigarette.
Views: 64018 DTW
Girl in peach smokes a slim cigarette
A beautiful blonde girl smokes a slim cigarette while lying on a bed, wearing peach-coloured cotton and using a glass ashtray by her side.
Views: 10236 DTW
Swedish girl smokes a cigarette
A gorgeous Swedish girl smokes a cigarette. More of this model can be found at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrhTeh6DWGwGKt9E8ZyZnjUdYx3d6AfXI.
Views: 22980 DTW
Gothic lady smokes a cigarette
A black-haired and pale-skinned lady smokes a full-flavour, cork-tipped cigarette.
Views: 6629 DTW
Woman smokes a strong cigarette at home
A pretty young lady smokes a strong, full-flavoured Newport cigarette while seated at a table in her kitchen.
Views: 10733 DTW

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