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The problem with carbon dating
In this second vlog on carbon dating, we look at the problems and limitations of the technique ... and at what archaeologists and scientists do to overcome these.
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Essential field knowledge - taking levels
Virtual Field School Episode 5. How to set up and use the dumpy level, and why we do all those weird calculations with the readings! This is essential field knowledge for any archaeology student, so swot up before you go, or use it to remind yourself what you have been doing out in the field.
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Archaeology Explained
Five minute intro to archaeology covering popular questions: - What is archaeology? - What does an archaeologist look like? - What does an archaeologist do? - What's the coolest thing you've ever found? Also, ducks.
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Carbon Dating Explained
Carbon dating revolutionised archaeology, but what is it, and how does it work? Find out in this vlog, the first of two parts.
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What to Take on a Dig
What should you take when you're packing for archaeological fieldwork? Here are some suggestions from ArchaeoDuck! - If you think I've left something out, let me know in the comments below!
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Stone! Bronze! Iron!
Why do we divide prehistory up like this? Why are museums arranged in this way? Come with me to visit the National Museum in Denmark, where it all began!
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How does it get in the ground?
Have you ever wondered why archaeology is buried? And how archaeologists understand what they dig? Find out the answers ... with a little help from chocolate, Lego, and cake mix!
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Archaeology is a jigsaw puzzle
Imagine trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle with half of the pieces missing ... that's archaeology!
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The Scale of Academic Awkwardness
What everyday things scare academics? And what surprisingly scary things don't? Find out, with a little twist at the end.
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How To: Survey
Episode 4 in the ArchaeoDuck Virtual Field School is all about the modern archaeological survey techniques we use alongside excavation! With Josie Hagan and Hayden Scott-Pratt.
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Alien myth-busting and ancient metallurgy
The archaeology behind a news story from 2016, about how iron from a meteorite was used to make a dagger found in an ancient Egyptian tomb. Plus awesome tips on researching and learning for free online!
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Crowdfunding the Vikings
The latest in ArchaeoDuck's 'Meet the Archaeologist' series. Dayanna Knight is a talented artist and expert in Viking identity. Find out about how she combined her talents to create an educational and fun resource - 'The Viking Coloring Book' LINK TO FREE DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fvc9olkugu0jhuo/D%20Knight-%20Archaeoduck%20handout%20adjusted.pdf?dl=0
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Archaeology Field School
Episode 2 in the ArchaeoDuck VIRTUAL FIELD SCHOOL series introduces you to our dig at the Alhambra, Spain, and to some of our brilliant team!
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X-rays and excavation!
ArchaeoDuck's Virtual Field School Episode 3, with Dr Derek Pitman. Join us to explore one of archaeology's cutting edge field techniques: X-ray fluorescence.
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Grow your own cropmarks!
Understand how cropmarks can reveal an archaeological site by making your own, with cress!
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We Are Archaeology
Twenty-six archaeologists answer five questions about archaeology in this short movie. Find out what it's REALLY like, as told by the people who do the job.
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Find out YOUR archaeological superpower!
Some of the most vital tools for archaeologists are typology and seriation - find out what they are, what they tell us ... and why you already know how to do them!
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Animal Bones & Archaeology
In the second episode of ArchaeoDuck's 'Meet the Archaeologist', find out what a zooarchaeologist does with animal bones. With gues Alex Fitzpatrick, author of animalarchaeology.com
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So You Want to Be an Archaeologist?
(When the Duck met the Badger) Interview with David Connolly, the genius behind BAJR (British Archaeological Jobs and Resources). Packed with top tips for a career in archaeology, and some fabulous anecdotes from Mr Badger himself!
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Plasma, Lasers, and Archaeology!
Join me in the lab as we analyse the samples of glass we collected on our travels in Spain. Find out why we do this, and what it can tell us!
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A to Z of Archaeology Part 3
Roman archaeology to Zooarchaeology!
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What Happens When We Dig Up Your Bones?
'Meet the archaeologist' continues, with the fascinating Lauren McIntyre. Learn all about human osteology via decapitated Vikings and underground crypts. Find out what the job is really like (hint: it's nothing like 'CSI' or 'Bones') ... and what YOU can do to get into it.
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How 'natural' is the natural landscape?
ArchaeoDuck's 'Meet the Archaeologist' Part 1 The truth about landscape, how we do public engagement, and more, with Lawrence Shaw, Archaeological Officer for the New Forest National Park, England
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It's ArchaeoDuck!
A little selection of ArchaeoDuck, from the first few videos, 1-10!
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Science and Media Bias
An ArchaeoDuck take on bias in science reporting
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A to Z of Archaeology!
Part 1: Archaeometry to Geophysics
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Why are standing buildings archaeology?
Part 3 of ArchaeoDuck's 'Meet the Archaeologist', with Robyn Lacy, a cultural heritage specialist and historical archaeologist. Learn about the daily life of an archaeologist, and about the study of built heritage. Find out more about Robyn on her Twitter and blog pages: twitter.com/robyn_la spadeandthegrave.wordpress.com
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Archaeology on the Road!
Behind the scenes archaeology. We've been travelling around southern Spain, visiting museums to take samples of archaeological glass from their collections, and we'd LOVE to share it with you!
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The Power of Stuff
Why do we study stuff? What's the point in 'material culture studies', when we have texts to guide us? Can things really have power over us, and 'tell' us what to do? Find out in this video, which includes some of the arguments I make in a lecture on material culture studies for first year students at Newcastle University.
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A to Z of Archaeology Part 2
Historical archaeology to quantification
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