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(No Clickbait!) Earn 1 Million in 1 Hour! | AFK Cash Making Glitch | Vehicle Simulator | Roblox
Hey! This video shows you how to make money in Vehicle Simulator by both being AFK and keeping your car driving! This means you can do other things while your car keeps making you money! Hope you enjoy! This glitch works with many cars. The only one we find that could not do it was the Nissan Skyline.
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Phantom Forces 50 Subscriber Special Montage
Thanks for 50 Subscribers! Hope you enjoy this montage! Instagram: IAmOlku
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THIS VIDEO WILL SHOW YOU HOW TO GET A LAMBORGHINI EGOISTA IN 30 MINUTES OF WORK! NOT CLICKBAIT! Who else watched the Yogscast Jingle Jangle yesterday? Check out my Social Media Instagram: IAmOlku Have any songs you liked throughout the video? Ask their names in the comments below and I shall reply!
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When I think of America (America on my mind contest) The Reinholds
This is a video for the "America on my mind" Competition. Made by Oliver and Iris Reinhold
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(25 Sub Special Meme) Elon Musk School Project but its a little more dank xd
Reminder: There will also be a 25 sub special Roblox video uploaded in a few days. This was just as a quick celebration.
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BMW M6 Review / Dodge Charger Flipping! | Vehicle Simulator Roblox
Today we will be reviewing the BMW M6! please dont kill me for not uploading its summer vacation.
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My sister in the talent show
This is my sister Singing in the talent show! Song: Part of Your World
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Mclaren 650s Review | Vehicle Simulator | Roblox
Ermmmm... the title speaks for itself. Sorry for not uploading for a while. Mostly school... but there is a surprise coming I can promise you that. Remember to comment down below what car I should review next. Budget:500k Instagram: IAmOlku Hope you will enjoy this video. Lets try to hit 2 likes! TY
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Roblox Egg Hunt Guide
Hey guys! Today I will be telling you guys the best strategies to get a little profit during Easter Week! Hope you have a nice Easter! Instagram: Olku971 Steam: IAmOlku Be sure to connect with me if you enjoy my videos! Hope you enjoyed this one!
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Shot on roblox meme
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Phantom Forces Montage/Edit | Roblox
Quick Edit/Montage. Thanks for almost 30 subs!
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Roblox | Theme Park Tycoon 2 | Park Review | The Four Seasons by Nommi7 | Best Park in game?
Hey there! Today I will be reviewing an awesome theme park made by my friend Nommi7. Go check out his channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC57tjWEbMx6wMkM1xHKBeJQ Instagram: Olku971 Steam: IAmOlku Be sure to connect with me if you enjoy my videos! Hope you enjoyed this one!
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Gameplay and intro
me and my sis doing a intro! Like and Subscribe!
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Vehicle Simulator Trailer (UNOFFICIAL)
Hey guys sorry Ive been away for so long. Hope you enjoy! Check out my Patreon and Instagram! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamolku/ Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/IAmOlku
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English Summative
Oh no.
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Cities Skylines Ep. 2 I A New Beginning
Hey there! Its me Olku here bringing you another video about Cities Skylines. I really enjoy this game. Since last time I brought you a horrible video and did not know much about the game, I have decided to start again. Prepare yourself for a well edited video! Instagram: Olku971 Steam: IAmOlku Be sure to connect with me if you enjoy my videos! Hope you enjoyed this one!
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another extremely bad roblox video (check desc)
Hey guys, sorry for not uploading. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me what you want to see done in Roblox. I have run out of ideas and am now focusing on making videos while playing on xbox... Remember to check out the guy who I played with, he puts a lot of effort into his videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt-Y-k5n90MkQakgr3IySfw Have a nice day oof
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Elon Musk School Project
This is our school project for English class. Please don't watch this. Eksdee
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Car Crushers 2 Beta Review | Best Edited Video Yet  | Roblox
HeywhatsgoingonguysitsyaboiOlkuhere and today I will be reviewing a game on Roblox called Car Crushers 2. This game was a lot of fun for me and Hoot! Stay tuned for The Escapists and Emily is Away! Instagram: IAmOlku
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How to make 200 wls in 1 hour
Today I will be showing you how to make a lot of was by spending almost no time at all. NO FARMING! :D
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How Youtube Works | 100 Subscriber Special.
Thank you for 100 subscribers and 10000 views. I appreciate it. I do.
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Harvest Fest Profit!
This video shows you how many was you can earn from Harvest Festival! Don't forget to like and Subscribe! Song: Savage - NCS
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Party Box Opening
Hi guys! this is me opening a gt party in a box!
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Apple Store Tycoon | Roblox |
No description, if I go into detail I will certainly get a strike. Insta: IAmOlku
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SirHootsalot's "Navalia" | Theme Park Review | Roblox
Hey guys! We recently hit 30 subs. Thank you all. Anyways, today I did a review of SirHoots' new park named Navalia. This park had a lot of bright ideas, so I highly recommend you watch the whole video! Instagram: IAmOlku
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Audi Aicon | Tallinn Digital Summit 2017
This is a short compilation of a few photos I took in the Tallinn Digital Summit Event of the new Audi Aicon project.
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Best tutorial on YT.
Hi! My name is Olku and I make gaming and react videos! Hope you enjoyed this one as I look at one of the best tutorials ever. I try to make child friendly videos so people of all ages could see my videos. Thanks for reading this and have a great time! Don't forget to LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE lel y caps idk. Bye!
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Fortnite but its actually not
Lets all give a big oof to IMovie.
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NONONONONONO! | Roblox Sharkbite with Olku/SirHoots!
Today we will be playing a quite new game called Sharkbite, which has the concept of the original jaws games. I am joined by my good friend SirHoots! Instagram: IAmOlku
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ARE YOU A MAD ROBLOXIAN? feat. Pewdiepie
The great content is back bois.
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3 Best ways of making robux
Hey there! Today I will be bringing you a video about how to make easy robux in some effort. Remember to like and subscribe!
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Alpha Car! | Car Reviews | Vehicle Simulator | Roblox
Hey! Today I am reviewing the Alpha car of Vehicle Simulator which is the Lamborghini Aventador. This is going to be a quick upload because I am currently busy with my school life and creating some stuff with friends. Stay tuned for my Emily is Away Ep.1 which I will upload very soon. SORRY FOR NOT UPLOADING. Instagram: IAmOlku
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Roblox | UD Westover | Gameplay and Showcase
Hey! Today I will be bringing you guys a video about me playing a game in roblox called Ultimate Driving Westover. I will show you guys an easy legitemate way to make money and showcase some of the gamepasses. Instagram: Olku971 Steam: IAmOlku Be sure to connect with me if you enjoy my videos! Hope you enjoyed this one!
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The Plaza | Roblox | Gameplay and Showcase
Hey! Today I will be reviewing a game called The Plaza on Roblox! This game has had a bunch of work put into it and that is why I made this video. Instagram: Olku971 Steam: IAmOlku Be sure to connect with me if you enjoy my videos! Hope you enjoyed this one!
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Fishing Time!
First of all, sry for the sucky audio. I didnt think I would upload this so that is why it sucks so badly. Anyways, hope you enjoy! Remember to rek that liek button!
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Getting the Fabregegg
Hey guys! first of all, sorry for not uploading... Schoolllllll bois. Hope you understand. Anyways, enjoy this video! Caleb's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwkHEmy0bvmGJ-VyOKSVdPA Instagram: Olku971 Steam: IAmOlku Be sure to connect with me if you enjoy my videos! Hope you enjoyed this one!
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Cities Skylines Ep. 3 | A Growing Community
Hey guys! So first of all sorry for the reupload since I got a copyright claim. Hope you enjoy this video! Instagram: Olku971 Steam: IAmOlku Be sure to connect with me if you enjoy my videos! Hope you enjoyed this one!
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Hey guys welcome to my channel. Make sure to Like and Sub for more 10/10 quality content. I am going to sell thumbnails. I normally play on cosmicPVP, so you could buy one for some monies on the server. Good Luck on life. Thanks Mom for gr8 computer and audio.
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Just playing!
Hey People! Pls Subscribe, Like, and do more! I will make some more videos soon!
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worst roblox video you will ever see (no joke)
Oh no what have I created
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The BEST Microphone under 50 Pounds!
Hey guys sorry, this was more of an informative video and did not want to put a lot of effort into it. assauwe
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TNT WARS TROLLING! Arkham Network Ep.2!
Today I was Trolling with TNT!
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Sharkbite Pt. 2! | Roblox!
eyyyyyyy its yaboi Olku here bringing you part two of Roblox Sharkbite! Hope you enjoy! PS. This time I got to be the shark! Instagram:IAmOlku
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Funniest Video Ever.. Playing with my sister
This video is about hilarious Box Heads gameplay... Anyways, just enjoy it. Don't forget to subscribe and like for more random crap like this! My Insta:Olku971
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Giving Casino Notes! Arkham Network EP #1
Hello! This is a short video of what I did with some of my money! I did this because I got to my rank by a person who did the same to me. I hope you would do something nice to a random person too like I just did in this vid! :D Thx for watching, and Subscribe!
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IT trailer but its a little more dank xd
Eksdee random video meme thing
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Skywars EP 1 Hard Luck
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MARIO KART IN ROBLOX?! | Meepcity Karts | Roblox
I hope you enjoy this video and my rage! Comment on what I should play next or should I do a storytime video? Instagram: IAmOlku
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(40 Sub Special!) OOOOOOOOOOF | Deathrun | Roblox
Heyyyyyy its yaboi Olku here and today me and my man SirHoots are playing some Deathrun! Do you guys play this game? Leave it down below! Instagram: IAmOlku
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DEAD BY DAYLIGHT IN ROBLOX??? | Flee the Facility | Roblox
Soooo today you will be watching me and my friend SirHoots play Flee the Facility on Roblox, which is a game that has the same concept of the popular game Dead by Daylight. Have Instagram? Follow me: IAmOlku
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