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Peavey 6505 Piranha Heavy Chunky Tone
Peavey 6505 Piranha Heavy Chunky Tones! Setup: Guitar - (rondomusic) used Douglas Solidbody, $90 Pedal - TC ELECTRONIC Dark Matter Distortion (Used as a semi-clean boost) $50 Amp - Peavey 6505 Piranha $179 Cab - Acoustic B115 (bass amp?)😉 ;) $150 What a time to be alive! This amp has Hartley Peavey's brown sound. Hardcore, Deathcore, Heavy Metal, Thrash, you name it, for only $179 In this video, i will be playing all of the techniques that you want to hear before you buy a high-gain amp. You dont want to hear any of these bozos out here playing "hard rock" w/ "leads"... (I'm calling out ALL generic rockers!!! LOL!) 😂😂😂 Every day i look around in their comments and see this: 'Now play some actual metal' 'That wasn't heavy, play something heavy' 'Etc., etc., etc.....' So here it is! You know, about 5-7 years ago, i bought a 6505+ from a well-known Texan Hardcore Band named Cannonball. I paid $700, and that thing was USED AS FUCK! Input jack was broken sideways and it STILL played, lol!!! Now, you can get an entirely superior setup with that same BROWN SOUND for much much less than that.
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Orange Justice Shirt Kid! Should I Make A How To Do The Dance???
This is the Original Orange Shirt Kid Version of the dance, minus footwork, NOT THE FINAL ORANGE JUSTICE. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME I KNOW. Gotta love it! Fortnite kinda slopped it but hey they got most of it lol usually they're spot on! 258bpm dance moves
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Flybackmachine Piston Disk Pylon Motor Battery for Self Powered Things Phones Electronics Etc...
Very self explanatory and there's more on my Instagram @ Flybackmachine and I WILL NOT be surpressed and my technology will forever live perpetually and invincibly. IT'S OUTSIDE OF THERMODYNAMICS! ONLY SOLID MATTER CAN EVEN OBSERVE THERMODYNAMICS. ONLY SOLID MATTER IS SUBJECT TO THERMODYNAMICS. ELECTRONS OPERATE OUTSIDE OF THERMODYNAMICS, BOTH CREATING, AND MEASURING, THERMODYNAMICS. Thanks for checking!!! :))) Even though it's self explanatory, hehehehe ;)))
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This is the Future Tattoo Machine New Technology Simplest Motor Ever
Super stoked on this! It is just an overwhelmingly powerful product, so I'm happy as can be! Flow like water!
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