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Introducing Microsoft Surface Studio 2
Fuel your creativity and bring your ideas to life on our most powerful Surface yet. Now 35% faster, with 50% more graphics performance and a stunning 28” PixelSense™ Display, the new Surface Studio 2 is the ultimate creative studio. Learn more: http://bit.ly/2P5rfrm
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Introducing Microsoft Surface Hub 2
Turn any space into a teamwork space. Built for teams to work seamlessly together wherever they are, it scales and adapts to any space. Say hello to Surface Hub 2. Read the announcement: http://bit.ly/2DqY54s
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Introducing Microsoft Surface Hub 2S
Experience teamwork without boundaries with new Surface Hub 2S, a modern, all-in-one collaborative canvas and meetings platform that brings the power of Windows 10 to teams. It’s, light, thin, and easy to integrate into any work space. Wherever your teams go, Surface Hub 2S can go too. Learn more: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/surface/business/surface-hub-2
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Microsoft Surface | Microsoft Surface and Siemens NX Perfect Fit for Engineers
The latest Microsoft Surface devices, including Surface Studio and Surface Book with Performance Base, are now certified to run Siemens NX software. This certification gives engineers confidence in Surface devices to help them design and create innovative products. Learn more at Windows Solutions for Manufacturing: http://surfac.ms/1114WM
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Introducing Microsoft Surface Go
Ready. Set. Go. Our smallest, lightest Surface yet, the new 10” Surface Go gives you laptop performance with tablet portability, adjustable built-in Kickstand, power to run day-to-day software like Office 365, and a stunning touchscreen. Just slip it in your bag, and Go. http://bit.ly/2NCbt6O
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Microsoft Surface Studio | App Partners
Microsoft Surface Studio turns your desk into a Studio.  Partners like Sketchable, Bluebeam and Mental Canvas share their thoughts about this new category of device. Audio Description Video: http://bit.ly/2tnz1B5
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Introducing Microsoft Surface Pro 6
Now in Black. Get productive your way, all day, with the new ultra-light and versatile Surface Pro 6. Both a tablet and a laptop, Surface Pro 6 is faster than ever with the latest 8th Gen Intel® Quad Core™ processor, all day battery life, and an 8.0MP autofocus HD camera. A more powerful Pro. Learn more at http://bit.ly/2PafKPy
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The new Microsoft Surface Pen
The next-generation Surface Pen features increased pressure sensitivity, tilt for artistic shading, and true real-time writing. Like putting pen to paper or brush to canvas, the new Surface Pen supports a natural, immersive experience that sets you free to create, learn, and express yourself in completely new ways. Learn more: http://bit.ly/2rdgzP0 Audio Description Video: http://bit.ly/2uidM8d
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Surface + NFL: Make Music Happen – Chad Thomas
Chad Thomas grew up in a family where music was not only embraced but also a requirement. As a result, Thomas became a talented musician at an early age learning the foundations of music and how to play multiple instruments. Now a rookie defensive lineman for the Cleveland Browns, Thomas has continued his passion for music, releasing tracks under his stage name, Major Nine, and producing songs for some of hip hop music’s top artists. Thomas is set to prove that his music is more than just a hobby. It’s a passion, a side-hustle and it’s not going anywhere. Learn more: Surface.com/NFL
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Meet Kyle Landry | Microsoft Surface Pro 4
Kyle Landry is a clasically trained pianist, YouTube musician, and aspiring video game music composer. We follow along as Kyle runs our host, Austin Evans, through his maturation as a musician and development into a talented composer. Paired with the the Surface Pro 4, we've challenged Kyle to #DoGreatThings with the tablet that can replace your laptop. Learn more about the Surface Pro 4 at Surface.com. For more details on: Austin Evans - http://www.youtube.com/austinevans Kyle Landry - http://www.youtube.com/kylelandry
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Beneath the Surface | Thavius Beck
Thavius Beck is a music producer, teacher, and performing artist. He uses Surface with software like Bitwig Studio and Ableton Live to bring his sound to life. In this video, Thavius folds Surface into his creative process eliminating much of the heavy audio gear he used to use. We get to see how the versatility of Surface has changed the way he composes, performs, and teaches. Learn more about Surface Book on http://www.Surface.com.
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Surface Pro 3 - from Microsoft
The tablet that can replace your laptop. Meet the brand new Surface Pro 3. To learn more, go to http://www.surface.com.
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Introducing Microsoft Surface Laptop 2
Now in Black. Go beyond traditional laptops and think in color with the new Surface Laptop 2. Sleek, light and ultra-slim, just slip it in your bag and make every day more productive. Surface Laptop 2 comes with a 13.5” PixelSense™ Display, an 8th Gen Intel® Quad Core™ processor, and a luxurious Alcantara® covered keyboard, for both style and speed. Learn more: http://bit.ly/2NkWTzg
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Getting to Know Surface Dial
Mollie Ruiz-Hopper from the Windows Blogs showcases the new Surface Dial, including setup, features and innovative apps with custom Surface Dial functionality. Learn more: http://bit.ly/2m3XjhC
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Drawboard on Surface Studio with Surface Dial
Check out the latest from Drawboard with brand new features using Surface Studio and Surface Dial.
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Delta to equip 11,000 pilots with Microsoft Surface 2 devices for their electronic flight bags
Delta Air Lines is equipping its 11,000 pilots with electronic flight bags using the Microsoft Surface 2 tablet. Device rollout to pilots flying the Boeing 757 and Boeing 767 fleets will start later this year and all Delta cockpits are projected to be paperless by the end of 2014. The Surface 2 runs on the Windows RT 8.1 platform and provide flight crews real-time access to essential tools and the most up-to-date flight-related resources including key charts, reference documents and checklists while saving the airline $13 million per year in fuel and associated costs.
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Microsoft Surface | Craftsmanship
Discover quality and craftsmanship you can see and feel. With Microsoft Surface, the technology disappears so nothing comes between you and your ideas. Learn more: http://bit.ly/2pTPTC8 Audio Description Video: http://bit.ly/2v0VLsI
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Created on Surface | UWashington Motorsports Team
The University of Washington’s Formula Motorsports team is a student led group of engineers working every year to build a Formula 1 style race car from scratch. They then compete with the car they’ve built against other schools across the world. This program is all about inspiring and empowering the next generation of engineers, makers, and scientists. Surface Book is their laptop of choice. Learn more at: http://surfac.ms/1026UWY Audio Description Video: http://bit.ly/2uZOV6X
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Microsoft Surface Studio Unboxing and Set Up
Let us show you how to unbox your Surface Studio, remove the device from the box, and connect the keyboard and mouse. Learn more at: http://surfac.ms/SurfaceStudioYT
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Microsoft Surface Hub 2S | Microsoft Whiteboard Experience
Learn how to make the most of Microsoft Whiteboard on Surface Hub 2S. Learn more at: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/surface/business/surface-hub-2
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Learn more about Surface
Surface is your way of working, playing, and connecting. Check out this video to learn more about Surface. http://www.facebook.com/Surface http://twitter.com/surface/ http://www.microsoft.com/Surface
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Introducing Microsoft Surface Headphones
From home to office to airport, listen in comfort and style all day. Your music and phone calls sound spectacular with rich, clear audio and adjustable noise cancellation. And, use your voice to get more done with your hands free. Turn it up, or tune it out, with the new Surface Headphones - the smarter way to listen. Learn more: http://bit.ly/2Iz3rJL
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Beneath the Surface | Jordan Crane
Jordan is a comic book artist and illustrator, who needs the very best digital drawing experience. He uses Surface and the power of full desktop software to perfect his artwork. Jordan is doing great things with Surface, Surface Pen, and the Surface PixelSense™ display that shows his work in perfect color, allowing him to maintain creative control throughout his process. Learn more about Surface Book on http://Surface.com.
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Behind the Scenes with Christy Karacas - New York-based Animator
Christy Karacas is the creator of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim Superjail! Series and a Surface user. The Surface team caught up with Christy at his home in Brooklyn and at Titmouse Studios. We learned how Christy can create storyboards for the show and research new ideas for animating characters -- all while on the go.
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Windows App Partners Featuring Surface Studio and Surface Dial
Bluebeam, Drawboard, Sketchable, and StaffPad bring ideas to life with Surface Studio and Surface Dial.
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Created on Surface | Megan and Marshall Dostal
Megan and Marshal Dostal’s innovative business is called Further, a sustainable, premium brand of soaps and lotions made from restaurant’s waste oil. Surface Pro 4 is the perfect device to keep their business running, with the power to Office applications like PowerPoint and Excel and the portability of a tablet with Pen and touch. Learn more at: http://surfac.ms/1026YDOS Audio Description Video: http://bit.ly/2tRWXjN
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Riverside County DA replaces paper with Surface
District Attorney Luigi Monteleone uses Surface to replace his case books and files.
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See the Microsoft Surface Pen in action
The Microsoft Surface Pen. Write as fast as you think. Get StaffPad for Windows: http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/en-us/app/ce714f58-1113-4c30-a9a3-f14a0fb5d7ed
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Meet Francis Manapul - Artist, Writer, & Surface Fan
Francis Manapul is a Filipino-born, comic book artist living in Toronto. In 2008, Francis became the artist for DC's Legion of Superheroes with Jim Shooter as the writer. Francis co-created the character Gazelle with Shooter. Currently, he is a writer and artist for DC Comics. This is how he uses Surface.
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Microsoft Surface: Create Change - Von Miller
Super Bowl LII #CreateChangeContest Be inspired by five extraordinary NFL players creating positive change in their communities, then share your own Create Change story using #CreateChangeContest publicly on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to enter. Each player will select his favorite entrant to win a trip for two to Super Bowl LII. Von’s Vision provides low-income Denver children with eye care and corrective eyewear, helping to inspire kids to have the confidence and focus to succeed in school and life. Microsoft and Von's Vision have partnered because of a shared passion about ensuring that people of all abilities have the tools, technology, and confidence to achieve more. Disclaimer Contest ends 12/12/17. Open to residents of the 50 US/DC, 18+. For rules: www.surface.com/nfl. Sponsor: Microsoft Corporation. The NFL Entities have not offered or sponsored this Contest in any way. Learn more at: http://bit.ly/2i7dZ6g Audio Description Video: http://bit.ly/2gpAy5B
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StaffPad on Surface Studio with Surface Dial
Check out the latest from StaffPad with brand new features using Surface Studio and Surface Dial.
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Microsoft Surface Hub 2S Event Recap
See all the highlights from the April 17th Surface Hub 2S event in New York.
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Justina Blakeney designs wallpapers with Surface Pro 4
Justina Blakeney is a designer, artist, and best-selling author with a bohemian heart. Through her eclectic upbringing, she's crafted a signature 'jungalow' aesthetic throughout her acclaimed design blog and Pinterest curation. Watch as Justina utilizes the Surface Pro 4 to capture inspiration, create patterns for her upcoming wallpaper line, and rearrange her blog layout. Learn more about the Surface Pro 4 at Surface.com. For more details on Justina Blakeney - http://www.thejungalow.com http://www.pinterest.com/justinablakeney
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Microsoft Chief Product Officer Panos Panay Introduces Surface Pro 6
Microsoft Chief Product Officer Panos Panay introduces the all-new Surface Pro 6 - now in Black. Ultra-light and versatile. Get productive your way with new Surface Pro 6 — now with the latest 8th Gen Intel® Core™ processor. Learn more at http://msft.social/SP6GAPA
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Surface Pro 3 Empowers Student Melissa DeCapua
Melissa DeCapua is a nursing student in Seattle who uses her Surface Pro 3 to read, study, take notes, and collaborate with fellow students and her professors. She also uses her Surface outside of classwork to draw, paint and do amateur photography. Surface is her tablet, laptop, desktop... everything!
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Surface is here.
This is Microsoft Surface. From touch to type, office to living room, from your screen to the big screen, you can see more, share more, and do more with Surface. http://www.microsoft.com/Surface http://www.facebook.com/Surface http://twitter.com/surface/
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Surface 2 -- from Microsoft
Surface 2 is so much more than a tablet. See all you can do with Surface 2.
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Panos Panay on Surface Pro 3
An look at Surface Pro 3, the tablet that can replace your laptop, with Corporate Vice President Panos Panay. Panos gives insight into the making of Surface Pro 3 and the innovations that make Surface Pro 3 a powerful PC that is thin enough and light enough to be a great tablet.
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Surface Pro 4 | Williston Northampton School Empowers Teachers with Surface Pro 4
Founded in 1841, Williston Northampton is a student-centered institution striking a successful balance between modern, classroom-customized technology and the timeless value of traditional academics. When Williston sought a replacement for aging campus tech, it needed a tool to encourage engagement for over 500 students and close to 100 teachers and faculty across subjects and learning styles. The Surface Pro 4 with multimodal input and fully loaded Microsoft suite satisfied those needs beyond any other competitor. Learn more at: http://msft.social/GRjqNY
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Created on Surface | Architizer - Johnston Marklee
Johnston Marklee has been using Microsoft’s Surface Book during the construction phase of the project, testing its ability to handle modeling software usually reserved for high-power desktop computers. Learn more at: http://surfac.ms/1026YTA Audio Description Video: http://bit.ly/2ufbkiV
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Mental Canvas on Surface Studio with Surface Dial
Check out the latest from Mental Canvas with brand new features using Surface Studio and Surface Dial.
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Remix Project -- Linkin Park's Joe Hahn
Joe Hahn explains why the Surface Music Kit is an easy way to start remixing music the way you want. Learn more at www.surfaceremixproject.com.
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Coffman Engineers choose Surface Pro 3
Coffman Engineers, a leading multi-discipline engineering firm, is deploying Surface Pro 3 for staff all across the organization, from organization leadership to marketers to engineers themselves.
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Bluebeam on Surface Studio with Surface Dial
Check out the latest from Bluebeam with brand new features using Surface Studio and Surface Dial.
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Ravi Vora uses Surface Book as a mobile darkroom
Ravi Vora is a director and photgrapher with a talented, creative eye. Always on location and finding inspiration in the moment, Ravi shares the beauty he sees in the world to his 660 thousand fans on Instagram. Watch as Ravi utilizes the Surface Book as a mobile darkroom to review, retouch, and share photos on the go. Learn more about Surface Book on Surface.com. For more details on Ravi Vora - http://www.instagram.com/ravivora
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Seattle Children's Hospital Selects Surface Pro 3 For Laptop Replacement
Broadly, across the healthcare industry, there is a growing need for clinicians to have instant and secure mobile access to patient health records through fully functional, clinical-grade devices -- all to provide better care for patients. One way Seattle Children's Hospital is addressing this need is through the full power of Surface Pro 3. As a replacement strategy for existing laptops, Surface Pro 3 allows Seattle Children's to provide clinicians with a modern, touch-enabled user interface for electronic medical record (EMR) management while also allowing adherence to HIPAA and other strict security regulations in healthcare. Staff can also use Surface Pro 3 to view and have basic levels of simple order entry through a touch enabled interface—improving the experience for both physician and patient. Seattle Children's is excited to be part of the first wave of Microsoft Surface Pro 3 deployments which will enable the best patient care experience both for their clinicians and staff as well as their patients. Technology innovation is a key part of what Seattle Children's delivers for its patients. "Our patients are at the heart of everything we do and the quality of care we deliver to our to our patients gets better as we carefully select and adopt new technology like Surface Pro 3," said Wes Wright, CIO of Seattle Children's Hospital. "The potential for expansion into the clinical world, that's what the Surface Pro 3 gives me, versus just replacing laptops."
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Ralf Groene on Designing and Building Surface
Surface's Creative Director, Ralf Groene, lifts the hood of Surface to discuss the design and build quality of the device. Hear directly from the source on the team, tools and resources that brought us the tablet than can replace your laptop.
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Cincinnati Country Day School chooses the Surface Pro 3
Cincinnati Country Day School is a private pre-K through 12th grade school who has pioneered the use of technology and devices in Education by being the first school in the nation to enable 1:1 student computing in 1996. Cincinnati Country Day School is one of the first schools to adopt Surface Pro 3 as their 1:1 student computing device for the next academic school year equipping each of their incoming 5th and 9th grade students with a Surface Pro 3 tablet. Rob Baker, the Technology Director at Cincinnati Country Day School said, "I am trying to create the most powerful teaching and learning environment on the planet. I want to remove constraints. And the Surface Pro 3 absolutely lets us do that."
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Created on Surface | Yen Hoang
UYL Color Supply CEO Yen Hoang relies on her Surface Pro to run her business by day — and for some much-needed relaxation by night. Yen jokes that she loves her Surface Pro so much that “it’s like my third child!” Learn more at: http://surfac.ms/1026YDOS Audio Description Video: http://bit.ly/2ufn5pH
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Surface + NFL: Make Adventure Happen – Larry Fitzgerald
When Larry Fitzgerald is not busy training for the NFL season, he is often travelling the world and taking stunning photos. Fitzgerald has traveled to over 80 countries and given back to each community along the way, providing himself with ample opportunities to bring his passion for photography to life. Learn more: http://msft.social/NFLLFitzgerald
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