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They call him, Mister Pig!!!
Taken from several different episodes, Pumbaa's best Mister Pig moments, including the movie!
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Don't be such a Dad (lionkingfactsguy style)
Dedicated to the one who made a video like this. This stars Ariel as Cera, Kiara as Lizzie, and the others as backup chorus. I do not own the clips or the song this was just for entertainment and all rights go to the original creators.
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Scar and Zira "Who needs you?"
Fair use. Copyright. Credit to owners.
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Simba and the beanstalk part 1
I am so SORRY I didn't post this up sooner! Too many things have benn bugging me these last few months! I'm very sorry especially Derek Armstrong! :(
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Lion King Funny pics
I give full credit to the artists of these pictures. Especially to Juffs, and Kati-Kopa. I don't know how to use music on this so... maybe you can find a song and play it while this is too.
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Dancing buffalo bones 2
Comment! Number two with a surprise near the end! Note: I obviously don't own clip or song or sound.
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Timon and Pumbaa intro lionkingfactsguy  (reupload)
As my comeback, I give you my own bersion of Timon and Pumbaa show intro. (Update: Had to get rid of the hula scene)
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Nala attacks the Queen of Hearts re-edit
Here's a longer version. Tell me which one you like better
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Simba and the Beanstalk remake part 1
Well I've decided to remake my Simba and the beanstalk. Its better now than it was before. And I'm sure that this time I can finally complete the spoof. All rights go to Disney.
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Simba and the beanstalk cast
For Derek Armstrong.
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Kiara and Nala
If there is one thing I hated about the Lion King 2 was the lack of interaction between Kiara and Nala, in fact the only thing she ever says to her mother is, "Yes mom." And that's it. Wish there was more love and talk between the mother and daughter. So this is just a set of pictures from others who agree with me. No hate comments please.
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Avatar: Disney Benders
No not gender bender. This is based on the Avatar series. I have an original and a recently new one. Important fact: I do not own clips or the sound.
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Our Simba's growing up
This comic further tells the father and son relationship between Timon and Simba. Here Timon realizes what it's like to be a father. P.S. You can play any sad music for this. Also read the fanfiction "When did I become a parent?" A beautiful story similar to this comic.
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The Best Christmas Of All! (lionkingfactsguy and kenpoarniceguy1 style)
Once again me and kenpoarniceguy1 have made a special video together to celebrate this special day! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!! We do not own these clips or song they belong to their respectable owners. This was for pure entertainment.
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Daffy tells the Queen of Hearts to go.
I do not own the clips they belong to their respectable owners.
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Hyena insults the Queen of Hearts round 3
All info is in the video.
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Simba and the beanstalk preview
This is just a preview to a possible crossover.
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The Cubs of the Pridelands
The cubs also include semi-canon characters from the books and comics, others are fan made, and one can be seen in Kingdom Hearts 2. Music: Kingdom Hearts 2 The Pridelands
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Mufasa vs the trio
I know this has been done before but I like this scene. Shenzi and Banzai are seen trying to save each other.
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Matriarch threatens Queen of Hearts
My very first Queen of Hearts video. Finally.
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Real life Timon and Pumbaa
This was just for fun. And i know the title sucks.
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Copyright claim reaction
Here's my response since I'm being hounded too.
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Pumbaa keeps in shape
Timon and Pumbaa: Big Jungle Games
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Scar: Anything but Fathoms Below!
This will either start a new meme or not I don't know. But I've had this idea for a few months so here is a funny Scar and Zazu video.
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The Legend of Korra ending theme
I can't wait for The Legend of Korra to comeback.
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Hyena insults Queen of Hearts
I know it's Banzai but let's pretend he's that clone that thought Pumbaa was some sort of philosopher. First upload in ages.
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Dancing Buffalo bones
Response vid. Important note: I don't own clip or song.
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Shen's Wrong Cannon lionkingfactsguy style
Here is my version of Shen's wrong cannon.
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Eye to eye Lionkingfactsguy MEP (closed)
I've decided to make my own MEP involving the song Eye to eye. Anyone can participate. Part 1: benskywalker101 (complete) Part 2: TheAlakayLion (complete) Part 3: TrilogyTigerReturns (complete) Part 4: vcm1824 (complete) Part 5:FantasyFilms2011 (complete) Part 6:FantasyFilms2011 (complete) Part 7: rtgoh2 Part 8: Princess Rapunzel (complete) Part 9: TheFoxPrinceReturns (complete) Part 10: kenpoarniceguy1 (complete) Part 11: TheMichaelCityMaker (complete) Part 12: CoolZDanethe5th (complete) Part 13: DisneyTHX Part 14: RogersGirlRabbit *deviantart* (complete) Part 15: Lionkingfactsguy (complete)
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Nala attacks the Queen of Hearts
Short version. This time Nala catches something. (Update) Re-edit is now up.
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The Climb (My part)
Here ya go CoolZDanethe4th.
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Yoda destroys the Queen of Hearts
Yoda destroys the main source of all evil! I do not own the clips this is for entertainment purposes only and I give all rights to the original owners
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Harley vs Queen of Hearts
Harley Quinn has a go at the Queen of Hearts, and ends up running for her life.
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Im back
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Hakuna Matata Magazine series audio auditions
You can find the magazine on the Lion King wiki site.
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Kovu's real dad
At long last we found out who the dad is.
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My reaction to youtube layout.
Youtube layout stinks so I have and "angry" response to it. Lol.
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Hyena teases Queen of Hearts round 2
As she goes out on a date with her king, (an event rarer than a dinosaur) The Queen has to deal with a rude hyena yet again.
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Birthday Present for Johnny (lionkingrulez)
I made this with kenpoarniceguy1. He shared with me some videos and pics. This is still my present to one of my fellow huge Lion King fan. Thanks for the help Dandin. And Happy Birthday Johnny!!!
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Wild Wives of Africa (lionkingfactsguy style)
Hey everyone, haven't uploaded for a long time now. I don't own clips or audio they belong to their respective owners for this is just for entertainment.
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