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What color were Adam and Eve?
Carl Kerby of Reasons for Hope (www.rforh.com) talks about how we can get all the different "colored" people if we all go back to just one man and one woman as the Bible teaches.
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Giraffe Laryngeal Nerve
Richard Dawkins explains why he believes the Laryngeal nerve proves evolution.
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Go Beyond The Rim!
What a blessing to work with Jon Albert and Canyon Ministries on these devotionals. This is the first in a series of devotionals he and I have done that we hope will encourage the body of Christ. May God bless you in your faith or draw you to Him if you don't know Him! We're blessed to bring these to you, please pray for us so we can produce even more. Stay Bold, Carl Kerby www.rforh.com
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Camp Nathanael Thank You
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Cain's Wife Clip
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What about Carbon Dating?
Carl Kerby of Reasons for Hope (www.rforh.com) gives a simple illustration of what Carbon Dating is, as well as radio-isotope dating, and what it actually shows us.
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Asterisk in Action  - James Dew
Recently while in Georgia I was blessed to meet James Dew and his family. Please listen to how God showed up on Memorial Day 2015 for their family. We pray that you are as encouraged as we are from this. Stay Bold!
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AWANA Merit Camp 2018
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06 17 12 Sunday AM Carl Kerby Evangelism 101 MP4
Carl Kerby of Reasons for Hope (www.rforh.com) shares 10 Things a Christian Can Learn About Evangelism . . . From an Atheist in this powerful talk. Put your steel toed boots on and bring a pen and paper to take notes!
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Fast Facts Hippo 01 FINAL
This is the first in a new series produced by Reasons for Hope. They are 1 minute 3 second videos that have a Study Sheet that will hopefully encourage parents to teach their children. If you would like a copy of the Study Sheet just e-mail us at [email protected] and ask for it. The complete series is available on the Reasons for Hope Premium site for only $19.95 a year. Stay Bold!
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Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum
Join Carl Kerby and Otis Kline this July 18-25 in Glendive Montana.
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Fast Facts with Reasons for Hope
The amazing bee! Episode 1.
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Fast Facts with Reasons for Hope* - Bee
The amazing bee! Episode 3
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06 17 12 Sunday PM Carl Kerby Human Evolution MP4
Carl Kerby of Reasons for Hope (www.rforh.com) teaches how to critically evaluate the secular materials on Ida and Lucy. These two supposed "missing links" are used to "prove" that humans evolved from an apelike ancestor. Really?? Watch and see what it really shows.
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Carl Ft Lauderdale Whole
Carl Speaking at Calvary Chapel on February 9, 2014
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Fast Facts with Reasons for Hope* - Bee
The amazing bee! Episode 2
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Fast Facts with Carl Kerby
Are you looking for a fun study that you can do with your children that won't take a massive amount of time to do and or to prepare for? Take a look at Fast Facts. In V. 1 there are 24 approximately 1:20 video's spotlighting amazing design features on Elephants, Giraffes, Hippos and Lions. This gives you a one month study, six days a week with your children, grandchildren or students. Parent, become the hero to your child, teach them to see the handiwork of God in the world around us. You can do it!
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Dino Dig 2018
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Triceratops Head 2
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Fast Facts with Reasons for Hope* - Bee
The amazing bee! Episode 1
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Gomer Surprise-desktop.m4v
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Ate Fish Got Smart Turned White
Clip from "Ape to Man" - History Channel Ape To Man History Channel APE TO MAN examines the major discoveries that have led us to the understanding we have today, including theories that never gained full acceptance in their time, an elaborate hoax that confused the scientific community for years, and the ultimate understanding of the key elements that separate man from apes. It has long been considered the most compelling question in our history: Where do human beings come from? Although life has existed for millions of years, only in the past century-and-a-half have we begun to use science to explore the ancestral roots of our own species. The search for the ultimate answer has taken a number of twists and turns, with careers made and broken along the way. APE TO MAN is the story of the quest to find the origins of the human race - a quest that spanned more than 150 years of obsessive searching. The search for the origins of humanity is a story of bones and the tales they tell. It was in 1856 that the first bones of an extinct human ancestor were encountered, unearthed by a crew of unskilled laborers digging for limestone in Western Europe. The find, which would be known as Neanderthal Man, was seeing the light of day for the first time in more than 40,000 years. At the time, the concept of a previous human species was virtually unthinkable. Yet just a few years later, Charles Darwin's work The Origin of Species first broached the subject of evolution, and by the end of the nineteenth century, it had become the hottest topic of the age. Adventurers had embarked on the search for the Missing Link, the single creature that represented the evolutionary leap from apes to humans.
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Impact of Evolution
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WMI Promo v1
I cannot wait for you to see the final product!!
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Camp Patmos Baptisms 3
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Jamaica Prison
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God Said -- Part 1
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EQUIP 2015 Testimonies
EQUIP 2015 may be over, but not forgotten. Thank you to Steve and Dave who make it happen. Thank you to all the adult volunteers. Thank you to the youth who attended. Thank you most of all to Jesus who died for our sins! To God be the glory, great things He has done!
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Wolf to whale
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Thank you from rforh
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Fast Facts
Parents, Grandparents, Teachers! Are you looking for something fun to start conversations with those that God has put in your path? Take a look at Fast Facts with Carl Kerby of Reasons for Hope*!
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rforh meeting
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Apollo (Christmas Message)
Merry Christmas everyone! A number of years ago I had the opportunity to do ministry with Dr. Mills. His son-n-law made this video for him for Christmas and he gave it to me. It's a powerful reminder of where we once were and how far we've fallen as a nation. The post famous men on the planet at that time, and federal government employees to boot, read from the Bible and didn't lose his job or even get censored! Today this would probably be classified as "hate speech"! Come quickly Lord Jesus!
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Judge Mathis
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Word of Life Bermuda
Carl Kerby of Reasons for Hope (www.rforh.com) recently shared with a group of young people at Word of Life in Bermuda. Here is feedback from three of them. Very encouraging!
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3 Mile Project
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Bedtime Prayer
Carl Kerby shares a short story to encourage parents to pray with and for their children.
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Hip Looked Chimpanzee desktop
Don Johanson - In Search of Human Origins In this Emmy nominated, three-part series Donald C. Johanson undertakes field exploration in the countries of East Africa in pursuit of the truth to the biological Origins of our Human evolution.
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Trey at Gull Lake
We were so blessed to be able and speak at Gull Lake last summer. I was super blessed to be able and have my son and two of the grandchildren with us. Trey had a BLAST! Gull Lake is an awesome family spot. Check it out!!
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