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Stadt english Lyrics(Town)
The english Lyrics of "Stadt" by Adel Tawil and Cassandra Steen. I don't own the song!
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Ich bereue nichts english Lyrics(I regret nothing)
Ich bereue nichts by Silbermond I regret nothing by Silvermoon Well, I think here are a looot of grammar mistakes, but who cares ;P XD I don't own the song
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Cub Nala tribute
A tribute ONLY for CUB Nala. She's soooo sweet as cub! Song: ATB-Long way home
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[Spuk] F L E S H
WARNING: Mature content, as well as boyXboy!!! It's done. It was meant as some kind of birthday present for my dear friend Nina, but the project crushed when I was like 3/4 done, so I had to re-do it. That's why I'm almost a month late! I'm sorry! Well, anyways, I'm not such a big fan of spuk, but Nina likes it, so whatever... I know that the timing is off at some points, blame my shitty programm...
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I love Belarus ~ Nightcore
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HetaOni Anime-Opening
I'm sorry, there's not really a HetaOni-Anime... I wish there was, though... Well, I thought that Higurashi and HetaOni have a lot in common, so I made a HetaOni video with a Higurashi-song. :3 I don't own the animations, the art or the song. Animations: HetaOni-Uninstall MAD HetaOni-Chikai MAD HetaOni-Movie Trailer Song: Higurashi no naku koro ni from the same-named Anime Pictures: from Deviantart
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Irgendwas bleibt- English Lyrics(Something stays)
I was bored so I made up the english Lyrics for Irgendwas bleibt. I think there are some grammar mistakes, sorry. I don't own the song, and I'm totally not trying to get money for it. The song is Irgendwas bleibt by Silbermond or in english it means: Something stays by Silvermoon
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The Lion King-Couples - Meet me Halfway- For Y2JenJenn's Contest
EDIT: #1 Place? Thank you! "The title speaks for me." Er... Anyway... Not everything turn out like I wish it did. Bah. Bad me. Must. hit. me.... Okay, here's what you must do: 1. Watch the AMV 2. Rate and Comment!!!!
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~The beginning of the lion king~ (READ DESCRIPTION)
PLEASE READ ME!!! Here is the plot: Uru was born as the child of the king Mohatu. She fell in love with Ahadi, and they got two cubs: Taka and Mufasa. Taka and Mufasa met the two best friends Sarafina and Sarabi, and all four became friends. Taka fell in love with sarabi, but she loved Mufasa, and he loved her too. Taka met some hyenas and they became friends, but Ahadi hated Hyenas. Because Taka was sad (because of the hyenas and Sarabi), Sarafina, who was in love with him, tried to make him happy. He attacked her angrily. Ahadi punished him and gave him a scar. Taka gave himself a new name: Scar. He countinued meting the hyenas, and that's why Sarafina, Sarabi and Mufasa didn't played with him anymore. Scar found a cub in the river and saved her from drowning. Her name was Zira. The two fell in love with each other. Mufasa got a cub with Sarabi: Simba, and... well you know the rest of the story. Please tell me if you want me to make a video about what happened during Scar's reign. I don't own the pictures. I found them on google, TLKFAA and on Deviantart. I never claimed them as my own. The song is Angelic Brights by Ayane. It's from the anime 'Higurashi no naku koro ni' wich I really recommened if you aren't afraid of blood. However, I don't own the song and never tried to claim it as my own. :3 ~Kerry
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Yandere MEP [Super Psycho Love]
WARNING: Mature content!!! *bows deeply* Everyone, I'm really sorry putting this MEP together took so long. My computer kept crashing, and one time I even lost all the videos and had to download them again. But finally, it's done! I'm sorry if the timing is off at certain parts, I tried my best but at the end I was just happy when I was done with it. You all did a great job!! *frowns at own part* Tracks info: Part 1: Valentinebunny8236 www.youtube.com/user/Valentinebunny8236 Anime: Rozen Maiden Part 2: Kerrynes www.youtube.com/user/Kerrynes Anime: Higurashi no naku koro ni Part 3: Lillartan www.youtube.com/user/Lillartan Anime: Higurashi no naku koro ni Part 4: TheRandomvideoer1 www.youtube.com/user/TheRandomVideoer1 Doujinshi: Hetalia: Axis Powers Part 5: HikariSakura321 www.youtube.com/user/HikariSakura321 Anime: Pandora hearts Part 6: SilentEmerald94 www.youtube.com/user/SilentEmerald94 Anime: Mirai Nikki Part 7: Swifttalon101 www.youtube.com/user/Swifttalon101 Anime: Fairy Tail
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Simba big tribute
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Warriors- Bones Shatter
I love this song, so I made a video with it. I own nothing, only the pics where you can find my nickname.
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Warum?- Der König der Löwen 2
Wir kannten uns seit Jahren, sind zusammen abgefahren, uns gehörte fast die Welt und dazu brauchten wir kein Geld. Wir haben uns einfach treiben lassen, wir wollten nichts verpassen, wir wollten nicht so werden wie die Leute die wir hassen. Nur ein Blick von dir und ich wusste genau, was du denkst, was du fühlst dieses grosse Vertauen unter Frauen, das hat mich umgehauen, es war völlig klar, ich konnte immer auf dich baun' Keine Party ohne uns immer mittenrein, dazusein, wo das Leben tobt ohne jedes Verbot, Sie war geil, diese Zeit, wir waren zu allem bereit, und wenn ich heute daran denke und es tief in mir schreit tut es mir leid, das ich nicht härter zu dir war denn ich ahnte die Gefahr, sie war da, sie war nah, sie war kaum zu übersehen, doch ich wollte nicht verstehn' der Wind hat sich gedreht es ist zu spät! Und warum? Nur für den Kick, für den Augenblick? Und warum? Nur für ein Stück von dem Falschen Glück? Und warum? Du kommst nie mehr zurück. Komm zurück! Ab und zu mal eine Rauchen mal in andere Welten tauchen; das war ja noch OK was ich gut versteh doch dann, fing es an mit den Sachen die waren weniger zum Lachen doch du musstest sie ja machen. Ich stand nur danaben konnte nicht mehr mit dir reden alles was du sagtest war:"das ist mein Leben! Mein Leben das gehört mir ganz allein und da mischt sich keiner ein! lass es sein! Lass es sein das schrenkt mich ein!" ich sah dir in die Augen sie waren tot, sie waren leer. Sie konnten nicht mehr lachen, sie waren müde, sie waren schwer. Du hattest nicht mehr viel zu geben denn in deinem neuen Leben, hattest du dich voll und ganz an eine Fremde Macht vergeben: Geld,Geld,Geld! Nur für Geld hast du dich gequält, um es zu bekommen wie gewonnen so zerronen! Dafür gingst du aufem Strich aber nicht für dich, sondern nur für deinen Dealer. mit dem Lächeln im Gesicht. Und warum? Nur für den Kick für den Augenblick? Und warum? Nur für ein Stück von dem falschen Glück? Und warum? Du kommst nie mehr zurück, komm zurück, komm zurück, komm zurück! Geld, Geld, Geld! Nur für Geld hast du dich gequält, um es zu bekommen, wie gewonnen so zerronen! Dafür gingst du aufem Strich, aber nicht für dich, sondern nur für deinen Dealer, mit dem Lächeln im Gesicht. Und warum?
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Kopa tribute-For katikopa
Kopa, why you must die? Also Kati das ist für dich. Ich kann nämlich nicht malen also bekommst du kein Bild sondern ein Video für deinen tollen Doji. I do not own the audio and I do not own the pictures. (Die meisten Bilder sind von Katikopa [manche sind auch aus ihrem Doji])
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Animash- Be my Lover- La Bouche
I do not own the pictures or the audio!
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Nightcore ~ Tick Tock
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[APH]{MMD} Chibitalia - PON PON PON
Awww... Isn't it cute? Originally, I wanted Chibitalia and HRE dancing this, but it appears they have no motherbone, so their little feets always stuck to the ground no matter where I moved them, so they kept running into each other. Then I wanted to add a vector line, but I only had green and blue. AND I WANTED YELLOW! The problem is, I would've needed Photoshop to recolor the lines, and I don't HAVE it. Sooooo I converted the picture into WMM, chose the effect "Hue, Cycles entire color-spectrum" and took a screenshot when it was yellow. Then I removed the annoying black edge of the picture and TA-DA I had a yellow line without using Photoshop. I feel so proud. :3 Credit time: Model by akatsukisjewel (Base by HAM) Stage by ShikaneNara Vector lines by ? Edit of Vector lines by me Motion by TheHetaliaLuver Song: Pon Pon Pon by Gumi Megpoid If you actually read all this you'll get a cookie....
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Just dance-GNG and GDW
I found a video in my computer and load it up. Hope you liked it. I played with the effects on WMM :D I DO NOT OWN GDW OR GNG!!! I DO NOT OWN THE SONG!!! THE SONG IS JUST DANCE BY LADY GAGA!!!
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the Lion King Family tree
That's a old video from 2008 so it hasn't got my new opening. I do not own the pictures or the songs. Sorry for the crap on the end!
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another set of wings || destiel
→ "I'm doing this because of you" TUMBLR | http://deliciouspumpkins.tumblr.com/ This is my first time working with sony vegas so I had a lot of trouble finishing this. I have, for example, no idea why the beginning is so fucked up. I hope you enjoy it nevertheless. -kerry SONG: Another Set Of Wings - Rocket To The Moon PROGRAM: Sony Vegas 9.0 FANDOM: Supernatural PAIRING: Destiel SPOILERS: up to S6E20 TRANSCRIPT: "I would give anything not to have you do this." "Don't ever change." "I'm doing this for you, Dean."
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Dinosaur Meme {Hetalia}
Turkey... stop annoying Greece. :3 Turkey/Greece Motion by TheHetaliaLuver Japan Motion by me Stage by ? Models by Kanaha
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Kimba Seit bereit
Kimba will Simba töten! ^^
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NOW THERE'S an empty hole where you were long ago....
Song-Structure by Innerpartsystem
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GDW-Now or Never
I only used Episode 1 and some Pictures. I tried Lip-Sync. Listen! : I tried it! I DO NOT OWN GDW! I DO NOT OWN THE MUSIC! THE SONG IS NOW OR NEVER BY HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 SENIOR YEAR.
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{APH} World War II
For rememberance. Don't forget this cruelity! ~ Btw, I don't own the pictures, only the one at 2:45 is mine. The other ones are from Photobucket and Deviantart. The song is Pet by A perfect circle
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Tama's Story
Tama tells her stóry. Song: Bonnie Tyler-holding out for a hero I don't own the pictiure
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In everytime we touch-Kiara and Kovu
Kovu and Kiara for ever! I do not own the pictures or the audio!
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{APH} He's touching me! MEME
Greece and Turkey need more love. :3 Yup, they are fighting again. I used them first in the "Dinosaur"-Meme and now this. xD Greece/Turkey Motion Data: KuraNagareboshi Japan Motion: Me Models belong to their respective owners Audio by Lilo and Stitch
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[MMD] Busby's chair
Won't you take a seat? Motion data: Pianomanjojo England Model: Kanaha Fem!England Model: Ringtail14 Busby's chair Model: ? Song: Ievan Polka by Neru Akita
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[Fem!Baltics] Matryoshka
Seems like Russia forced the Baltics to dance one of his favorite dances. Look at their pleased expressions! I wnated Fem!Lithuania to stay as near to them as possible withoutb running into them) (Hidden Yuri-moment: 1:24) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Motion data1: DanchoP1127 Motion data2: ? Motion data edit: Me Models: Mrs-Yuki-Uchiha Background: Watery21 Song: Matryoshka by Zebra and Hashiyan (my fav. version of this song)
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Ivypaw is fu**ing perfect
I'm not dead! :) Sorry fotr being that inactive. It's me. XD The time fails in this, but that's my fault, not YTs as usual ;) Credit for the song goes to P!nk, Credit for the pictures go to: hikari2314 demonicvampyrewolf darkanime93 leaderofmoonclan Shadoegaze Sitavara Chibisasori inkremovesstains XXred_PandaXX Cloverheart Dovesplash GingerFlight Larksong wildmi Skywolf2244 Something827 SparrowflightOfMD BlueJayCat TaylorTheTiger Dragontamer13
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Warrior Cats- Getting away with murder
I was bored. :D If YT ruins this video I'll kill them. X( Hope you enjoy, and if you have requests, I will be glad to see them. I don't have any ideas what to post next. The song and the pics are belonging to their owners. I won't claim them as my own, I only did the edit.
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Stripped ~ Nightcore
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Warrior cats-This is war-Preview
Preview for my new AMV. I already said I have some ideas. Do you want me to finsih? Cause I'm not sure, if you like it. And I need ideas. Maybe I could add the three... Song: This is war by 30 seconds to mars Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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[USUK] Trade mistakes
"Once stuck it can never be removed. Liable to fall until it can no longer be seen. That is the game called 'love'." This took, like, three hours. x_x But UsUk is my OTP, so it was worth it. Please watch in HD ♥ The doujins I used are "My firearm is my friend" and "Fall" The pictures are from tumblr. -x- This Video is purely fan-made and is in no way associated with the musical artist or film/video/anime company in any way. All the video and audio clips used are © their respective owners. Song © Panic! At The Disco Hetalia © Hidekazu Himaruya "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."
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Blaustern/Bluestar-Bring me to Life
I liked Bluestar!!! I do not own the pictures! I only own my own pictures with my names. I do not own the song. The Song is "Bring me to Life" by "Evanscenes"
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Cross' And ben's Love Story-Preview
When you liked it, I make the full video. (@LoveNicoRobin28: Ich war zu faul, dir noch mehr Links zu schicken :D Werde dies aber bald machen (es sei denn oben genannte "Vorraussetzung" wird nicht erfüllt :D)
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Sakura Tribute-When you gone (Audio Swaped)
This is my first AMV, so please don't murder me! Thanks to LoveNicoRobin28 could I finally make it. I DO NOT OWN GDW! I DO NOT OWN THE SONG! THIS IS JUST FANMADE!
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Theme Songs- Warrior Cats
Almost every warriors-fan has done something like that, so I wanted to join "almost every Warriors-fan"! Three pictures are by me, and the opening pictures are ALL (c) me! Other credit (for the pics) goes to: Tribbleofdoom Alikatnya NatameSecrea Amritha Deafhpn Crystalpaw/kathleensart animeanimal Totosa Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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Bloodflowers-Casting call-OPEN!!! I need male voices or deep female voices!!!
Well... Bloodflowers is my series: Nightmare, a young brown Tom-Cat, leaves his home to search after his great Love, Jasmin. The problem is: His cousin Nekko is in Love with Jasmin, too. So they have to travel together. And that brings a lot of Trouble in the three-cat-pack. Some day, they meet the brown Akita-Inu Sammy. And they realize: Sammy has a dark secret... Well, yeah, here are the lines: Nightmare-two: Well, I'm really sorry... but I don't think Nekko really likes you. Forget him. And 'You" leave Jasmin, and "I" am the bad one? Sammy: taken by JeromeXWeed Cherry: Cancelled Iris: taken by Y2JenJenn Joe: taken by VoiceAndRants Fire: taken by WhyshouldIcare Hurricane: I have to find her. Maybe she's in trouble! And Is everything alright? And where are you? And when will I see you again? Jasmin: taken by whyshouldIcare Jojo: taken by Brightpelt19 Kathi: taken by Katieofsister Nameless Wolf: taken by Brightpelt19 Nekko: taken by WeiseWölfin Nightnmare-One: This forest belongs to us! There a lot of young wolfs in your pack and I don't want to hurt them, but I will, if you don't give up! And Take care of my kit, Joe. I have to go, you know. I'm sorry. John: Cancelled Lucy: You know what? I'm adult, I can look after myself, thanks for the demand And Don't do this! He'll die! Let's shout for help! Listen to me! Chani: taken by JulieLLawliet Ammy: taken by Salamanda Alex: I don't love her. She loves me, but that's not the same. I only love you. And I don't know what's up here, but ones for sure: I think it's better if I go now!!! Tommy: I mean, I do understand, that she didn't report me, but you... I think you two were friends! And She seems to be troubled. Is everything okay? Coro: Why? Nobody will find her here. And even when, she will be okay in a few days. There are twenty cats in the whole forest and twenty in the Furless-place, they won't come to us first. And I can't help you Ammy, I'm sorry! You must go your way alone! Eddie: Whoa, it must be a shock, to be bury among this big stones... Can I help you in any way? And You know, death is part of live and... When you find a role you like, you can ask me for more lines for an audition. If you have any questions, ask, I won't bite you.... I think...
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Bloodflowers Trailer
The Trailer for my animated Serie: "Bloodflowers" Need voices! Songs: (I don't own) You give Love a bad name-Jon Bon Jovi Headlines(We are)-Anasay Gravity of Love-Enigma GZSZ Them-Bo Anderson
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{APH} Meme: Screw Gravity
My very first MMD-video and I... forgot to add the background... I shall give credit! Motion/Cam Data: TheHetaliaLuver (even though I edited it to fit the models heights) Sound: ASDF Movie Models: England by Kanaha and America by Zeze
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Important news and a new AMV
READ DESCRIPTION! I'm back! I wasn't on for long, cause I got a new laptop, with windows 7, and I didn't know how to make videos on it. Now I know. WMV 11 is new for me, so if someone has tips for me, tell me! But WMV 11 has new effects, that's good, but some of the old effects aren't there anymore. That's bad. Another bad new is, that I won't finish this AMV. Sorry. Yours, Kerrynes. Credit goes to: The last goodnight darkanime93 Icewhisker19 panthereye24 ThePyf PedestrianWolf circle of menace Ylour wafflez Alisth Agographic blue crazymonkey unistar2000 anime animal Willow Escape Marika girl WhiteK9 MoonsongWolf
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Bloodflowers- Trailer #2
The second trailer. Common' I need voices. Why are there only so few male actors??? Anyway, the link wich is linking to the casting call is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2g5LEpX1Ekg The charcters on the pictures are: Nightmare (brown tom with a white paw and green-blue eyes) The-dark-wolf (black-and-white she-wolf with light-green eyes) Nightmare (black tom with amber eyes) Nekko (white-and-black Tom, light-green eyes) Jasmine (white-and-brown she-cat with light-green eyes) Sammy (brown Akita-Inu with greeny-brown eyes) Chani (dark gray she-cat with light-green eyes) Eddie (white-and-orange Tom with light-green eyes) Lucy (black she-cat with dark blue eyes) Hurricane (dark-brown tabby tom with yellow eyes) Joe (light brown tabby tom with amber eyes) Jojo (golden-brown she-cat with blue(later green) eyes) Ann (cream-and-brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes) Kathi (dark-gray, almost black she cat with dark green eyes) Phil (cream-coloured tom with light-green eyes) Ammy (brown she-cat with a white-and-cream-coloured stripe along her spine, blue eyes) :3 Kerry.
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I got tagged!!!
Everythings in the vid...
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Schöne neue Ginga Welt
Habe ich wie das Just Dance Video auf meinem PC gefunden. :D Ich hoffe es gefällt euch :P
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{HetaOni} The Howling [HD!!!]
I looooove this game! :3 I'll probably do more videos of HetaOni (If somebody knows a good song suiting the story, pls tell me). Song: The Howling by Within Temptation RPG: HetaOni (based on the Anime Hetalia and the RPG Ao Oni) Programm used: Windows Movie Maker Pictures found at: Deviantart and photobucket
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COTW-Fallen Leaves(Audio Swap!!!)-for TribbleIOfDoom
This is for Tribbleofdoom cause her anmations are awesome! I love COTW!!! The originalsong was Fallen Leaves by Billy talent, but Youtube mute it. I don't own the Animation or the Characters! Tribbleofdoom did!
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