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Nice Girls - TMLA
A retake on Mean Girls. Hope you enjoy & have an epic summer!
Views: 3337 Melissa D' Angelo
TMLA Boston Trip 2014
Our trip to Boston 2014. TMLA Class of 2016. I used the FRIENDS theme song because our class is in absolute love with the show (as they are with Boston.)
Views: 490 Melissa D' Angelo
Christmas Music Video 2013 Sophs TMLA
This is a little video that the Sophomores put together for our amazing Dean, Mrs. Scozzaro-Patchett, describing how all we want for Christmas is her. Enjoy and please ignore my face. :)
Views: 196 Melissa D' Angelo
"Cooking with Maurantonio" - Polenta
The TMLA Italian Club makes polenta! Filmed & Edited by Melissa D'Angelo
Views: 219 Melissa D' Angelo
Christmas Music Video 2013 Sophomores
This is just a little video the Sophomores made during Christmas time at Mary Louis to honor our awesome dean, Mrs. Scozzaro-Patchett. We were just telling her that all we want for Christmas is her... and no midterms :) We made this video as a gift and all for fun. I used the song "All I want for Christmas is You" by Mariah Carey.
Views: 158 Melissa D' Angelo
Moses TMLA
oh my God. What I do for school. May of 2013. Couldn't have made this vid without my best friends. Elizabeth D' Angelo - my twin who also played about 5 different characters. Karen Rayappa - the person I tell everything to (and, who introduced me to youtube) Gabby Williams - i know it's only one "b" but i like two because she's both beautiful and bold... and crazy Skylar Singer - the one who goes on the train almost every day and is still afraid of hobos. one of the best vball players i know. we all came together to make up this vastly loser-ish completely hysterical and crazy video of the life of Moses. we all look better in real life, just saying. DO NOT LOOK THIS UP IF YOU HAVE A RELIGION TEST COMING UP, IT PROB WON'T HELP YOU... AT ALL.
Views: 269 Melissa D' Angelo

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