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2006 Mazda3 weird idle hunting under electrical load
New alternator, did the same with old one.
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Update of suspected rod knock, 22r motor
The knocking subsides slightly when clutch is depressed. Also, all gears work, sound is much worse in reverse, than forward gears, tranny was leaking, I found after the fact(stain where it was parked) so possible tranny had low or no fluid. So possible it's just the tranny.
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Rod knock? 22r Toyota.
Suspected rod knock. Possible that it is not, and is a transmission problem, quiets and even goes away on acceleration or steady speed @ 1/3 throttle input or above, or clutch pedal depressed(thus the theory it is input shaft or perhaps a cracked flywheel or something) don't be alarmed, it is not still being driven.
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