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Imaginary Future- Everything We Need/ Starring Daniel Henney [Criminal Minds S13 E03]
I'm a big fan of Daniel Henney and made this music video dedicated to him Hope you like it ;) All credits to: Channel: Imaginary Future Song: Everything We Need
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Chino Colombiano Hablando Español Pereira (Colombian Chinese Speaking In Spanish)
http://www.facebook.com/andresyc00 https://www.instagram.com/tenjie_stylish/ Hola A todos, solo queria presentarme un poco y mi pais natal Colombia. Hi everyone, just introducing myself a little and my home country Colombia
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How To Find Counterfeit Clothing On Aliexpress For Men [Jeans] Part 2
Part 2, I'm finding counterfeit brand jeans for men such Dsquared, Diesel, Adidas, D&G
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Chino Colombiano Hablando español 2 (Mi Primera Experiencia En Mi Viaje A Nueva York)
Hola parceros! estoy de vuelta compartiendo este video sobre mi primera experiencia en Nueva York.
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Ninebot ES2 by Segway turn on or charge (part 2)
Charged with the extended battery on
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Ninebot ES2 by Segway Scooter Died (Part 1)
Charged without the extended battery on
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Asian Fashion Summer/Fall Outfits Ideas For Men 2012 (Tank Top Inspired)
Hii! This video is inspired by tank tops for summer/fall and deep colors. you don't have to spend $$ on brand names deigner clothing to look good. here i show you the essential of combining outfits with colors, of course accessories play a big part of role for more stands out. be creative with your clothes. don't be shy, be confident, be yourself and be humble!. Sorry for the low audio recorded !:(..... NOTE: I DO NOT OWN THE AUDIO ******** CREDITS GO TO THE RIGHTFUL OWNERS!******************
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Summer Tank Tops For Men 2015 (Fashion Street Wear)
Hii!, i wanted to share this video about tank tops for guys. since tank tops had been badly burried by the media. Everyone can wear them thanks to the large selection designs out there. Don't be afraid to wear them. Is hot outside, Be yourself and don't let anybody put you down because the ones that do that are fashion outdated!
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Poshmark Hack Share for beginners! Posh Ambassador Program
Some of you Poshmark users might know of this trick. But for those who just started using it and want to become an ambassador just as quicker by completing the 5000 mark community share and self-share without harming your account. The good thing is once you’ve done sharing, in your closet shares section the item you just shared won’t appear as multiple.
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Asian Fashion Fall Outfits Ideas For Men 2012 Lookbook (Kpop Style Inspired) Part. 2
Hi! Fashionlovers, this is part 2 of some asian fashion outfits by kpop Inspired casual look ^^
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New Deep Vocal trance music Mixed Part 2 HD
Hi, this is my 2nd part of my trance song picks :) Hope you like it! The title name of the songs are captioned in the beginning of each track
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Best Deep Vocal Trance And House music Mixed  2011-2012 Playlist Part 1 HD
Hi Trance lovers!, here i gathered a couple of songs from my heart while was on a trip in Tokyo. Hope you like them! :D...This is just part 1, as i was afraid that youtube won't allow me to upload longer. The name of the songs are captioned at the beginning of each track.
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How To Make A Vest Out of a T-shirt Tutorial For Guys  (Asian Fashion Streetwear/photoshooting)
Hello Fashion lovers!, I was watching some korean Kpop videos and somehow it came up out of me an unusual idea. i grabbed an unused t-shirt and thought... maybe there is something else going on in it. then i decided to recreate a vest inspired t-shirt :D...one tip for best looking is to get a good quality soft material such as H&M :D, if you buy them from Old navy, they will look too rough and unfitted! so hope you enjoy and like this video! Peace and leave any comment about this custome design :) NOTE: I DO NOT OWN THE AUDIO ******** CREDITS GO TO THE RIGHTFUL OWNERS!******************
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Where To Buy Asian Clothing For Men/Guys Online [Aliexpress Tour] Part 1
Most people ask me where do I get most of my clothes. So here I'm giving you a little tour of the company I shop at online.
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How To Make Jeans Cool/Fresh With Pocket/ Patches [The Easy Way]
On this small tutorial I'm showing you how to make or customize your jeans to look like Ralph Lauren/ Dsquared jeans!
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Men's Fashion Lookbook Of Different Ways To Wear A Shirt [Casual/Street Style]
You can create various outfits under one shirt. In this example video I will use a plain dark Navy button up shirt wearing the same bottom khaki pant and boots but creating different ways to pull it off
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Funny Dance Moves (Crazy Stripping)
Hey!!, i don't know what i was thinking...0.O I will never drink again hahaha
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ES2 Ninebot scooter by Segway  rattling noise!
What’s that rattling noise on my new ES2? I’m glad I was able to catch that on video because it happens once in a while especially as soon as I run over a crack or something it starts making that sound. Then I turn it off and on and works fine. Do I need to send it back for warranty?
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My Work Outfit Of The Day For Gap [Men's Style]
Just wanted to show you what I wear to work at Gap :)
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