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WooCommerce Moodle Integration Demo- by WisdmLabs
The WooCommerce Moodle Integration is an extension to your WordPress website, which allows you to import Moodle courses as WooCommerce products. For more information: http://goo.gl/fLgU0j Transcript: Hi! Today I’ll be introducing you to the WooCommerce Moodle Integration. We’ll see how the WooCommerce Moodle Integration will help you sell your Moodle Courses in your WooCommerce store. Using this integration, you can seamlessly import your courses into your store. Let me show you how. Let’s consider, these are the courses and course categories you have on your Moodle site. You can now head-over to your WordPress site, and use the synchronization option provided to import these courses. Upon synchronization, previously imported courses and course categories will be updates as per changes made in your Moodle site, and new courses and categories will be imported. These Moodle courses will be imported as WooCommerce products. And you will be able to edit these courses as normal products, like setting the price, tags, etc. Let’s see how WooCommerce Moodle Integration can benefit your students. Students can easily purchase courses from your store. And once they purchase a course, they will be automatically enrolled for it. Students can then login to your Moodle website, with the same WordPress credentials, and start taking the courses immediately. Thus, the WooCommerce Moodle Integration, is not only easy for you to sell the courses, but also for students who want to start taking these courses. For more information, log on to our website http://wisdmlabs.com or write to us at inf[email protected] Thank-you!
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How to integrate Moodle and WordPress with Edwiser Bridge
Edwiser Bridge is a WordPress plugin to import your Moodle courses to WordPress and sell these courses beautifully. Using Edwiser Bridge, students can have the same credentials to access WordPress and Moodle sites. You can sell your courses through default payment gateway as PayPal. There are many such great features. This video focuses on the process of setting up the Edwiser Bridge plugin on a WordPress site.
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Edwiser WooCommerce Moodle Integration - User Flow
Watch the video to understand what the user flow of the plugin will be when your clients purchase your products. Click on the link to go to the demo and try it for yourself: edwiser.org/demo
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Moodle Tips & Tricks: Moodle made easy for you. Here's a simple 2 minutes guide on how to create a course on Moodle. Curious about the theme? Check out the Edwiser RemUI theme here: https://goo.gl/JZFrS9
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Edwiser Bridge-WooCommerce Integration Setup Video
This plugin provides you with an option to sell Moodle courses synchronized by Edwiser Bridge in WordPress using WooCommerce. Also, along with supporting subscription products the extension also provides an option to sell multiple Moodle courses as bundled products without the need of an additional extension. This video covers the set up process and the functionality of the Bulk purchase extension.
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QuoteUp: Proposal and Quotation Management Plugin for WooCommerce - Tutorial
QuoteUp is a quote to purchase plugin for WooCommerce. It adds a quote request functionality, which interested customers can use to send you a quotation request. You- the store owner- have a complete proposal management system at your disposal to send and manage complex quotes.
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Edwiser Bridge WooCommerce Moodle Integration
The WooCommerce Moodle Integration provides you with an option to sell courses synchronized by Edwiser Bridge using WooCommerce. What are you waiting for? Supercharge your online LMS now! Buy Now: https://goo.gl/4SDWF5
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Word Auto Fill for Gravity Forms
The Gravity Forms to Word Doc Auto-Fill Plugin is a comprehensive document automation solution. The plugin can be used to Create and Map Word Document templates with Gravity Forms. It also allows you to Generate Word Documents with data captured through Gravity Forms on your website. Generated documents can either be downloaded from the form page or can be sent to any email id of your choice.
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Different Types of Content in Moodle
Did you know there are 10+ different types of content for you to create a course on Moodle? Know all about it in just under 2 minutes! Love our videos? Subscribe to our channel. ;)
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How to add activities and lay out a course on Moodle.
Moodle Tips & Tricks: Moodle made easy for you. Here's a simple guide on how to add activities to a course on Moodle. Curious about the theme? Check out Edwiser RemUI theme here: https://goo.gl/JZFrS9
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Instructor Role plugin demo
The Instructor Role – an extension to the LearnDash LMS- adds a user role “Instructor” to your WordPress website. You can create multiple “Instructors” with capabilities to create courses content and track student progress, thus behaving as a teacher, instructor, or guide for students enrolled in your LearnDash LMS.
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WisdmLabs Environment Day Pledge
"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it." Come, let's beat plastic pollution by using only eco-friendly products. A Green Initiative by WisdmLabs. http://www.wisdmlabs.com
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Edwiser Bridge-Bulk Purchase Extension Setup Video
Now, sell your Moodle courses in bulk. This extension lets you buy more than one Moodle course and enroll your students or colleagues to it. Just select the total number of courses that you need and complete the payment through Edwiser Bridge-WooCommerce Integration. It is as simple as that! This video covers the set up process and the functionality of the Bulk purchase extension.
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WP Courseware - BuddyPress Integration Plugin
WP Courseware – BuddyPress Integration incorporates BuddyPress Groups into WP Courseware and transforms it into a socially interactive LMS where all users enroleed for a course have a private Group to themselves! Members of a Course Group can see Course activities streamed in their BuddyPress notifications, see how their peers are doing, view Course progress on BuddyPress profiles, share their achievements and much more!
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Product Enquiry Pro for WooCommerce Plugin- by WisdmLabs
Product Enquiry Pro for WooCommerce Plugin is an outstanding Enquiry Plugin extension for a WooCommerce Store. The plugin maintains a list of potential customers and helps you filter and export enquiry data to analyse product demands. For additional details regarding the features, and to purchase the plugin, please visit http://wisdmlabs.com/woocommerce-product-enquiry-pro/
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WooCommerce Scheduler Plugin
Want to sell products in your WooCommerce store for a limited time? With the WooCommerce Scheduler Plugin, you can manage product availability as per your business needs. Just add product start date and end date, and you’re ready to go!
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'Create Your Own Box' in WooCommerce- by WisdmLabs
Allow your store visitors to easily create and purchase assorted boxes using the Custom Product Boxes for WooCommerce plugin. Hi guys! Today I’ll be talking to you about the Custom Product Boxes for WooCommerce (http://wisdmlabs.com/assorted-bundles-woocommerce-custom-product-boxes-plugin/), the latest plugin from the house of WisdmLabs. Selling assorted products has been made incredibly easy using this plugin. And what’s more, customers can now create their own assorted boxes and purchase them from your WooCommerce store. Wondering how? Let’s take a look! Once you’ve successfully installed and activated the Custom Product Boxes for WooCommerce plugin, a new product type ‘Custom Product Box’, will be created on your product page, in your dashboard. To create a Custom Product Box, you have to select this product type, and set the box quantity (which is the capacity of the assorted box). You will then have to select products, which a customer can then add to the box. Once these values have been defined, the product can now be published to your WooCommerce shop page. The Custom Product Box will now be available as a product on your shop page. Upon selecting the box, a customer can create an assortment of products. The capacity of the box will be represented using a template. And feature images of add-on products (products which can be added to the box), will be shown to the customer. The customer can then add (or remove) products from the box, as per his requirement. Once the customer has completed selecting the products, he can then add the assortment to the cart and complete the purchase. The Custom Product Boxes for WooCommerce is an easy to use plugin, which allows you to create an unlimited number of boxes, and sell them as ‘create-your-own’ assortments. And here’s the icing on the cake! The plugin works in sync with product availability. (Which means customer created assortments and purchases are always in sync with product stock availability). Perfect Right?! If you think so too, head over to WisdmLabs (http://wisdmlabs.com/assorted-bundles-woocommerce-custom-product-boxes-plugin/), and get your own copy of the Custom Product Boxes Plugin. Thank-you!
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Today I'll be talking about the Gravity Forms to PDF AutoFill Solution http://wisdmlabs.com/gravity-forms-pdf-word-document-automation-solution/. Gravity Forms to PDF is a comprehensive document automation solution. It facilitates the creation and sharing of multiple PDF documents by fetching data entered through an online Gravity Form. Using this application you can link multiple PDF documents to Gravity Forms and map form fields right from within your WordPress dashboard. Let's take a look at how we can install and use this plugin. Plugin Prerequisites: Apart from installing and activating the Gravity Forms to PDF AutoFill plugin, you need to install the PDFTK library on your website's server. If your website is hosted on a shared server, you will have to contact the service administrator to include the PDFTK library in the root folder. To use the plugin you'll have to: 1. Create a Gravity Form 2. Create a PDF Template 3. Map the Form Fields 4. Upload the PDF Template 5. Create an Email Template 6. Map the Gravity Form to the PDF and Email Templates Step 1: Create a Gravity Form You have to start by creating a Gravity Form. Once you've created the form, you can add the required fields. For demonstration purposes, I'll be adding a name and email field. Step 2: Create a PDF Template Next, you'll have to create a PDF Template. You can create a PDF Template using Adobe Acrobat Pro, or online using PDFEscape. In your PDF Template, you'll have to add the fields you added in the Gravity Form. In PDFEscape, the values which have to be filled using the Gravity Form have to be added as form fields. Next, you'll have to map the form fields to the fields in the PDF template. Step 3: Map the Form Fields to the PDF Template To map form fields, go to PDF Auto Fill - Map Forms Fields. To map a single field, you'll have to copy the field id - displayed next to the field name, and then set it as the name of the field in your PDF template. To set the same of the field in your PDF template, go to Object Properties of the field and copy the value as the name and save. Do note: For select fields such checkbox, radio buttons, dropdown list, the value which has been selected by the user will be mapped to the PDF Template. Once you've mapped the form fields, save and download the related PDF template. Step 4: Upload the PDF Template You have to now upload the created PDF template and publish it. To upload a PDF template go to PDF Auto Fill - PDF Templates and click 'Add New'. Add a name, and select and upload the created PDF template from your computer. Once uploaded, publish it. Step 5: Create an Email Template Next, you have to create an Email Template. Go to PDF Auto Fill - Email Templates. This email will be sent along with the attached PDF once a user has filled a Gravity Form. To enter a field value from the form, you'll have to enter the field id, in the following format #field_id#. Recipient email ids will be entered in the 'To' field, and email ids from the form have be entered in the same format in the field below. Publish the template. The last step is to map the Gravity form with the PDF and email template you've just created. Step 6: Map the Gravity Form with the PDF and Email Template Go to PDF Auto Fill - Templates Mapping. Select the Gravity Form, the PDF Template, and the email template and save the mapping. Now when a user now fills and submits the Gravity Form on your website, an email will be sent with the attached PDF. That's all for now. For more information visit http://wisdmlabs.com/gravity-forms-pdf-word-document-automation-solution/. Thank-you.
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Advanced Course Manager for LearnDash
Introducing, Advanced Course Manager for LearnDash: A single solution to all your Course Management problems. https://wisdmlabs.com/advanced-course-manager-learndash/ To know more, click on the link above.
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Instructor Role for LearnDash
Add multiple course authors on your LearnDash website, without compromising website security. Introducing Instructor Role for LearnDash. https://wisdmlabs.com/instructor-role-extension-for-learndash/ To know more, click on the link above.
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Custom Product Boxes Plugin
Do you sell products which are purchased in bundles? Do you want customers to custom create product bundles? Then, this plugin is for you! Custom Product Boxes is an extension to your WooCommerce store, that allows your shoppers to select products, and create and purchase their own personalized bundles.
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Introducing the eLumine bundle
What happens when we combine our best LearnDash plugins and the eLumine theme? You get the eLuminate bundle! To know more, click here: https://goo.gl/X2otW5
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Custom Product Boxes Walkthrough
Do you sell products which are purchased in bundles? Do you want customers to custom create assorted product bundles? Then, this plugin is for you! Custom Product Boxes is an extension to your WooCommerce store, that allows your shoppers to select products, and create and purchase their own personalised bundles.
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WooCommerce Pricing Plugin for Customers, Groups & User Roles
Do you want to be able to define product prices for a registered customer on an individual basis? If yes , the Customer Specific Pricing Plugin is what you looking for.
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Advanced Course Manager by WisdmLabs
“Good teachers are the reason ordinary students go on to do extraordinary things” Being the perfect teacher is every educator’s dream. We plan to get you closer to it. Meet the brand new plugin from WisdmLabs and put all your troubles to rest! Introducing, Advanced Course Manager for LearnDash. Get ACM here: https://wisdmlabs.com/advanced-course-manager-learndash/
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Front End Course Creation for LearnDash
Front End Course Creation for LearnDash allows Course authors to create and manage courses from the frontend. https://wisdmlabs.com/front-end-course-creation-for-learndash/ To know more, click on the link above.
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Frontend Course Creation for Learndash
Want users to create courses without providing them back-end access? We’ve got a solution for you! With the Front-end Course Creation Plugin, you can create a ‘Course Author’ user with special privileges. A Course Author can create and manage courses, lessons, topics and quizzes, right from the front-end!
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eLumine LearnDash theme: Swift Load layouts
Offer students a book-like reading experience like no-other LearnDash theme does, with swift-loading pages and a collapsible sidebar. You also have the option to switch to the classic-look (with full-width and box-layouts), to offer a traditional LearnDash experience. The ‘Night Mode’ applies a dark theme to a website. It ensures ease of reading during evening and nighttime by de-stressing eyes. To enable ‘Night Mode’ Now your students can control the font size on the courses according to their reading comforts.
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Group Registration for LearnDash
Assign Group Leaders to Purchase Courses in Bulk with Group Registration for LearnDash. https://wisdmlabs.com/group-registration-for-learndash/ To know more, click on the link above.
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WisdmLabs- Product Enquiry Pro for WooCommerce
PEP- The must have inquiry plugin for WooCommerce (http://wisdmlabs.com/woocommerce-product-enquiry-pro/) Have you wondered how online buyers shop? What do they think about? What stops potential buyers from making a purchase? The products some buyers might be looking to purchase might currently be ‘Out of Stock’ products. They probably have some questions to ask you, regarding these products. Some buyers looking to bulk purchase products, might be wondering if you would be willing to offer them discounts. Some might be looking for an arrangement, through which you could supply them products on a timely basis. Potential buyers have varied questions before making a purchase, and they want to discuss these with you, before making a purchase. And how can you help? You need to provide them a portal using which they can ask these questions. With the Product Enquiry Pro plugin, an inquiry button is added on every WooCommerce single product page, customers can easily make inquiries, about a product they are interested in. When a potential customer clicks the inquiry button, a pop-up dialog appears, using which the customer can enter his queries about a product, and send them across to you. These inquiries are not just sent to you, (the store admin), but are sent to the product owner as well. Additionally inquiries are saved in the dashboard of your website, for easy access. The product inquiry records in your dashboard, can be filtered and exported to analyse shopping trends, and product demands. The inquiry button and dialog can be styled to seamlessly fit in your WordPress website. The plugin can be localized, and is WPML compatible as well, so you can translate the plugin strings, into your local language. A prime feature of the plugin, is the customizable inquiry form. So you can add any fields you need. The plugin provides hooks and filters, to change email template and content as well. Since the customer has to take the first step in making the inquiry, you will receive qualified leads, which you can then reply to personally, and improve sales! Product Enquiry Pro for WooCommerce plugin (http://wisdmlabs.com/woocommerce-product-enquiry-pro/) - the lead generator plugin, for your WooCommerce store!
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Tour Video: eLumine
This is a tour video of the latest WordPress LMS theme with most advanced set of functionalities and UI/UX. Click on the following link to know more: https://wisdmlabs.com/elumine/
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QuoteUp: Request for Quote Plugin for WooCommerce
QuoteUp is a Quotation Plugin for your WooCommerce Store. With QuoteUp you can easily add a "Request Quote" feature to your store where customer's can request a quote for one or multiple products. The admin receives the Quote request at the backend where they can add the best prices they can offer and send quote. If the customer accepts the quote he/she is taken to the checkout page where they make the purchase. You can also hide/show prices, enable/disable add to cart and make your store a quote only store. QuoteUp can help you close more sales by adding a Quotation and sales management feature to your WooCommerce store. Please check out the plugin in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IUJL_UU7Ik
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Scheduler for WooCommerce
Want to sell products in your WooCommerce store for a limited time? With the Scheduler for WooCommerce Plugin, you can manage product availability as per your business needs. Just add product start date and end date, and you're ready to go!
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WISDM Customer Specific Pricing - WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugin
WISDM Customer Specific Pricing is a WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugin which lets you set bulk custom prices for customers, roles and groups. It helps you bulk import and export prices very easily. It also provides Category Based Pricing and Wholesale Pricing for WooCommerce Stores. It is one of the Best Dynamic Pricing Plugin For WooCommerce. With WISDM Customer Specific Pricing, it is a lot easier to set discounts and dynamic prices for your customers WooCommerce stores.
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Customer Specific Pricing Plugin for WooCommerce
The Customer Specific Pricing plugin for WooCommerce allows you to set a different price per product per customer/group/user role in WooCommerce. It works simple and variable products. http://goo.gl/uUoJ8d
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Edwiser RemUI Theme for Moodle with Drag and Drop Functionality
This update gives you a free ticket to a world of “Complexity Simplified”. With an all-new Drag & Drop feature of Edwiser RemUI, Innovate, Imagine and Implement! The same old customization, reduced efforts, lesser time, increased productivity. If you haven't bought Edwiser RemUI yet, get your own copy now at https://edwiser.org/remui/
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WooCommerce Moodle Integration Plugin- by WisdmLabs
The WooCommerce Moodle Integration Plugin (http://wisdmlabs.com/woocommerce-moodle-integration-solution/) automatically imports Moodle courses as Products in your WooCommerce store, thus integrating Moodle and WordPress. Transcript: Moodle is a high end learning management system. And WooCommerce is the best e-Commerce solution available. But they are two different platforms, Moodle is an independent platform and WooCommerce is on WordPress. In the e-learning space, they are two different planets. But as an e-learning website owner, you would want to integrate the two, to get the both from best worlds. The option you have, is to create your courses in Moodle, and then create them again in WooCommerce as products. Every time a student purchases a courses, you’ll have to enroll him in your Moodle website yourself. Manually! (That’s a lot of work) Com’on! Are we still in the stone-age? There is a solution! Here’s introducing the WooCommerce Moodle Integration plugin, to automate the entire process. This plugin seamlessly extends your WooCommerce store, by allowing you to import courses directly from your Moodle website, using a one-click option. Newly created courses and course categories are imported as Products and Categories in your WooCommerce store. Previously imported courses are updated if any changes are made in Moodle. And if a course is deleted in Moodle, it is deleted as a product from your WooCommerce store as well! Awesome! But wait! There’s more. Once a student purchases a course from your WooCommerce store, he or she is automatically enrolled for the course in your Moodle website. The student details are also duplicated, and their profile is created on Moodle. The student can use the same WordPress login credentials to directly login into your Moodle website, and start taking the course immediately! Cool! Sounds like something you’re looking for? Get your own WooCommerce Moodle Integration plugin (http://wisdmlabs.com/woocommerce-moodle-integration-solution/) and supercharge your e-learning website right away!
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eLumine LearnDash theme: Mobile layouts.
eLumine has been specifically designed to display content across popular devices and screen-sizes effortlessly. The mobile navigation has been simplified to make it intuitive for students of all age groups. Mobile-responsive layouts Reader-friendly mobile templates Simplified mobile navigation
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Edwiser Forms is a plugin that lets you create forms in your Moodle. With this plugin, you can create Moodle forms ranging from a basic ‘Contact Us’ form to a more advanced ‘Course Feedback’ form. Edwiser Forms comes packed with a variety of features like -Drag & Drop Builder, -Conditional Logic, -Multipage Forms, and so on. Evidently so, Edwiser Forms is your go-to solution, for Custom Forms Creation in your Moodle, in a hassle-free manner. Get Edwiser Forms Now!
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Custom Product Bundles(Boxes) - 'Create Assorted Bundles in WooCommerce'- by WisdmLabs
For WooCommerce users, who want to allow customers to select and purchase an assortment of products, the Custom Product Boxes plugin is for you! With the Custom Product Boxes plugin in your WooCommerce store, you can add a ‘create-your-own’ box product. A customer can select and add products to this box, to create their own assorted bundle. All you have to do, is set the box quantity and decide the add-on products a customer can add to the box. This WordPress plugin adds a ‘Custom Product Box’, product type in your WooCommerce store. In the product settings, you have to set the quantity (the number of items, which can be added to the box), and select the add-on products, which can be added by a customer to the box. The created Custom Product Boxes are available as usual products in your WooCommerce store. A customer has to then select a box he needs. He is then shown the add-on products. which he can add to the assorted box. He can add and remove products from the box, until he fills the box, to its capacity. Once the box is full, he can checkout the assorted box from your WooCommerce store as usual. Sounds like something you need? Get your own copy of the plugin from http://wisdmlabs.com/assorted-bundles-woocommerce-custom-product-boxes-plugin/
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Instagram WooCommerce Integration Plugin- by WisdmLabs
Click http://wisdmlabs.com/instagram-woocommerce-integration-solution/ to know more about this plugin. Providing shoppers with an option to Create collages on your Woocommerce store has never been so simple. Now all you have to do is install the Instagram Woocommerce Integration plugin and start using it. If you're wondering how then here's a lowdown. Instagram WooCOmmerce Integration Plugin allows users to import images from Instagram or upload images from the device in use and create a collage to customize a particular product. Features to for the WooCommerce Website Owner Define Number of Images in Grid The maximum number of images that can be added to the grid can be defined by web admin at the time of product creation. Automatic Deletion of Images Images that have been used by shoppers while creating but have not been used in the final product are deleted from media library after a predefined period of time. Define Space Between Images The padding that should be applied between grid images can be defined by web admin. Define Size of Images in Grid The size of images in collage grid can also be defined by the web admin at the time of product creation. Instruction for Shoppers The web admin can provide shopper with instructions to use the the the functionality. These instructions will be available to the users on the product page. The plugin is translation ready Features for Shoppers on your Woocommerce Store Import Images from Instagram Users can Import Images from Instagram to create the collage on product page. Instagram Page with Sticky Menu The instagram page has been provided with a sticky menu to show users the number of images that can be selected and the number of images that have been selected. Instagram Image Search Based on User and Tags Images in Instagram can be searched based on User Name and Tags Upload Images from Device in Use Additionally, users can also upload images from the device that is being used. Replicate and Delete Grid Images User can replicate and delete the images that have been added to the grid to create the collage as per requirement. Touch Enabled Grid The image grid on the product page is touch enabled enabling users to use the functionality on their touch devices too. Preview Created Collage A preview of the collage can be viewed by the user on the cart page just before check out
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Edwiser Forms - A Brand New plugin to create forms in Moodle.
When it comes to communicating with students or improving their user-experience, Forms are integral to your training success. Get Edwiser Forms at https://edwiser.org/edwiser-forms/ Edwiser Forms offers you an all-round forms solution that makes building simple to complex forms quick and easy! Templates Available - Features : Drag & Drop Form Builder Ready to use Form Templates Conditional Logic Multi-page Forms Responsive Mobile Layouts Instant Notifications Entry Management Easy to Embed Translation Ready Spam Protection File Uploads 20+ Ready to Use Form Fields
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Health Checker Plugin for WooCommerce- by WisdmLabs
If you have a WooCommerce site for medicinal products then the Health Checker Plugin for WooCommerce (http://wisdmlabs.com/health-checker-plugin-woocommerce/) is an ideal plugin for your website. It allows your website visitors to interactively filter products on your website based on their symptoms and health conditions. The process the user will follow: The customer will have to first select the gender, age and body type for which he is searching for products. Once that has been done the customer will be presented with a selectable image from which he will select a body part. Based on the body part selected various symptoms will be selected under the health categories tab. Further the user will have to select an appropriate symptom and health condition based on which health products will be listed. The customer can now proceed with product purchase based on his requirement. Sounds good right? But what about setting up the plugin. If you’re worried that the set up process for the Health Checker Plugin for WooCommerce will be a difficult one then it’s time to loosen up as the plugin setup is simple. Execute the following six simple steps and you’ll be done with the plugin set up. Install and activate the plugin. Install and activate the plugin following the same process you would for any WordPress plugin. Add Health Category - Health Condition Pair Defining a health category and health condition pair will allow you to define a symptom for which a health condition is related Select the page you want the filtered product to be displayed. Here you will have all the pages of the website listed in a dropdown list. You will have to select the page you want the filtered products to be displayed on. The one thing to keep in mind though here is that the product filter and product display page should not be the same. Select the health Categories and health conditions pair on the product page. The health categories and health condition pair created earlier will now be displayed on the product page and can be selected by the admin. Based on the categories and conditions selected the product will be displayed. Add a shortcode to a page you want to display the product filter The [health_checker] short code should be used on the page the product filter has to be displayed. Add another shortcode to a page you want to display the The [health_products] short code should be used on the page the filtered products have to be displayed. Visit http://wisdmlabs.com/health-checker-plugin-woocommerce/ to get more information about the health checker plugin.
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Group Registration for LifterLMS
Group Registration helps you save time by enrolling students in groups and assigning Group Leaders to manage them. It enables the Group Leaders to purchase multiple licenses, with the power to enrol/unenroll students as per their discretion. All of this at the front-end; no back-end access is required. But this singular feature helps you out in a number of ways you’ve probably never thought about! Click here to download: https://wisdmlabs.com/group-registration-for-lifterlms/
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LD GroupRegistrationDemo
Allow Group leaders to purchase a course (or courses) on behalf of students, and then enroll them to it, by adding them as group members.
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Instagram WooCommerce Integration Plugin- by WisdmLabs
Ever considered the possibility of creating collages in your WooCommerce store? If yes, and you have been left wondering how, then I have just the solution for you. Presenting to you the Instagram WooCommerce Integration Plugin (http://wisdmlabs.com/instagram-woocommerce-integration-solution/), a solution to make the process of creating collages in your WooCommerce store effortless. So what exactly is the Instagram WooCommerce Integration Plugin? Instagram WooCommerce Integration Plugin allows shoppers to create collages on a product page by importing images from Instagram or fetching images from the device that is being used. The number of images the shoppers can add to a collage will depend on the grid size that has been assigned to the product. The shoppers will have to login to an Instagram to fetch images from Instagram. Once logged in to instagram, shoppers can select images that have been uploaded by them. Alternatively, they can select images by searching through instagram based on username and tag name. All this while shoppers will be able to see a sticky menu on the top of the instagram page which displays the number of images that can be selected and the number of images that have already been selected. Once the shoppers have finished selecting images they will be taken back on the product page where they can rearrange images in collage grid using the drag and drop option. They can also duplicate and delete images. And then of course finally when shoppers are done creating the collage they can proceed to the cart page where they will be able to preview the collage that has been created. If shoppers like what they see they can then proceed to checkout. Simple! Isn't it? So if you are an ecommerce shop owner and like the functionality that the Instagram Woocommerce Integration plugin (http://wisdmlabs.com/instagram-woocommerce-integration-solution/) provides then go ahead and get yourself a copy of the plugin!
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Migrate Your Magento Store to WooCommerce
We Get It! Migrating your store from one platform to another is no joke! You want to retain your existing pomp and glory, give your customers a top-notch shopping experience and of course, maintain if not increase your revenue streams. Switching platforms can be a perilous endeavor unless you do it right. You have critical data involved, and losing any of it in the process of Migration or experiencing downtime, is absolutely not an option! But you don't have an option do you?! Magento has stated that they will stop supporting updates for Magento 1.9 and below. This means you’re most likely facing issues with the maintenance, laggy performance, hosting. But the switch is easier than you think. WooCommerce can be the perfect platform to support your journey to e-commerce success. And we're right here, to help you through the migration process. Talk to us, to find out more!
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