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✔7 Things you didn't know existed ▶24
Amazing Inventions you never knew........ Links Makey Makey Go http://www.makeymakey.com/ The Flyte http://flyte.se/ Neptune Suite http://www.getneptune.com/ Food Sniffer http://beta.myfoodsniffer.com/ The Orphe http://no-new-folk.com/en/ The Undress http://www.theundress.com/ The Ring Clock http://www.ringclock.net/
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5 Futuristic Motorcycles Available Now!
Amazing futuristic motorcycles..... Subscribe https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUi4aspUAMcEG5ZEdnOrBQg?view_as=public
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MeMover FIT ▶Freeze Reviews Ep.1
Buy Here https://me-mover.com/ Subscribe to Authentech https://www.youtube.com/user/bschmanke Subscribe to Freeze HD https://www.youtube.com/user/EnzoShelby67 Music: Canvai - Den Haag https://soundcloud.com/cfnetworks/canvai-shine
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✔7 Things you didn't know existed ▶34
SUBSCRIBE https://www.youtube.com/user/EnzoShelby67?feature=iv&src_vid=v-L6-6GGjVY&annotation_id=annotation_1532615901 Links PowerUp Fpv http://www.poweruptoys.com/ Nora http://www.smartnora.com/ The Aspirus http://www.aspirus.co/ Gest https://gest.co/ Skybuds http://www.skybuds.com/ Qube http://www.qube-smarthome.com/ Cast http://www.castbygenii.com/
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5 Most Extreme Machines ever made
Some of the baddest machines ever made..... SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE http://www.youtube.com/user/Enzoshelby67?sub_confirmation=1 Shockwave Video - Ric Peterson (A moment from miramichi by Ric Peterson) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRaQUP2mKUY
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Top 5 Virtual Reality gadgets of the future
These gadgets will push VR onto the next level...... Links Prior VRhttps://www.yeitechnology.com/priovr Cyberith Virtualizer http://cyberith.com/ Stem Systemhttp://sixense.com/ The Reactive Griphttp://tacticalhaptics.com/products/ The Dexmohttp://www.dextarobotics.com/
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Top 5 3D Printing Gadgets You Must Have
You wont believe these 3D printing gadgets...... Links The Palette http://www.mosaicmanufacturing.com/ Tiko http://tiko3d.com/ Voltera http://www.voltera.io/ Retouch 3D http://retouch3d.com/ Protocycler http://www.redetec.com/
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✔7 Things you didn't know existed ▶22
Amazing new Inventions....... Links Droplethttp://www.dropletlife.com/ The Ksafehttp://www.thekitchensafe.com/pages/ksafe Rocketbookhttp://www.rocketbook.it/ Glowhttp://www.glowheadphones.com/#intro Ambi Climatehttp://www.ambiclimate.com/ Notionhttp://getnotion.com/ Dashbon Maskhttp://www.dashbon.com/
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✔7 Things you didn't know existed ▶35
1,000,000 Subscribers Give Away https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUEI4mKJRpI Links Microbot Push http://prota.info/ Pura Scents http://purascents.com/ The Fleye http://gofleye.com/ Ekko http://www.ekkoaudio.com/ LifePrint http://www.lifeprintphotos.com/ The Lampster http://thelampster.com/ JellyFish Aquarium http://jellyfishart.com/
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✔7 Things you never knew existed ▶18
These new inventions will surprise you...... Links Displio http://draugiemgroup.com/en#projects The Touch board http://www.bareconductive.com/ Sugr Cube http://www.sugrsugr.com/ Wishbone http://www.joywing.cc/ Quitbit http://www.quitbitlighter.com/ Seer AR http://www.caputer.com/home The Vocca http://voccalight.com/
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5 Things proving we are living in the Future
The future is now..... Links Jibo https://www.jibo.com/ Homey https://www.athom.com/ Lily https://www.lily.camera/ Luna Smart Bed http://lunasleep.com/ The Flike http://whatisflike.com/
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3 Explosive Rubber Band Machine Guns
These three rubber band machine guns will blow your mind..... Links 1.http://www.woodnboom.com/ 2.Rubber Band Blaster http://www.shuttlebaylabs.com/ 3.RBmG 01 http://www.xyzbot.com/category-s/128.htm
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7 Shocking 3D Printed Things
You wont believe these were 3D printed......... SUBSCRIBE TO Freeze HD https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUi4aspUAMcEG5ZEdnOrBQg?view_as=public SUBSCRIBE TO PRINTTHATTHINGhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UChZtzs4LEvhgUltMC8y6tcQ NEXT VIDEO Top 5 3D printing gadgets you must have https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9JqdMwyELE
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Top 5 Gadgets your Pet Must Have
Your Pets will love these..... Links The Pura http://www.noacare.com/ Woof Washer http://www.woofwasher360.com/ Disco Dog http://discodog.nyc/ The Catit http://usa.hagen.com/Cat/Toys/50730 Squeaker Buddy http://www.squeakerdogs.com/
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Top 5 Bike Inventions you must have ▶2
These bike inventions will surprise you too............ Links Vanhawks Valour https://www.vanhawks.com/ Plume http://www.plumemudguard.com/ FlyKly Wheel http://flykly.com/ Rubbee http://rubbee.co.uk/content/rubbee-drive Noke Smart lock http://fuzdesigns.com/products/noke-u-lock
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✔7 Things you never knew existed ▶16
These 7 things will surprise you.... Links 1.Keeo Carbon http://getkeeo.com/ 2.Personal Robot http://www.robotbase.com/ 3.The Point http://formdevices.com/ 4.The Level http://www.fluidstance.com/ 5.Sammy Screamer http://bleepbleeps.com/ 6.CanFocus Button http://www.canfocus.com/ 7.Takee Holographic phone http://www.estar-takee.com/index.php
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World's Most Advanced Suitcases
Is this the future of Luggage? Links Hop Autofollow http://cargocollective.com/ideactionary/hop Modobag http://modobag.com/ Trunkster Zipperless Luggage http://trunkster.co/ FUGU Luggage https://www.fuguluggage.com/ SpaceCase 1 http://www.planettravelerusa.com/
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✔7 Things you didn't know existed ▶28
You wont believe these gadgets... Links Aria http://ariawearable.com/ 3DSimo http://3dsimo.com/ CleverPet http://getcleverpet.com/ Gecko Switch http://www.geckoswitch.com/ The AllBe1http://www.allbe1.com/ Adaptive Saber Parts http://www.saberforge.com/ The Vufine http://www.vufine.com/
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Top 5 iphone gadgets you should buy
Take your iphone to the next level.... Links The Poppy http://www.poppy3d.com/ SONICable http://sonicable.com/ The Case Cam http://case-cam.com/ Cabin http://hevolabs.com/ Ipin Laser http://www.hypershop.com/HyperShield/iPin-R11101.html
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✔7 Things you didn't know existed ▶31
Innovations Galore..... Links TLT Board http://www.tltboard.com/ Passfort http://getpassfort.com/ Batteriser http://www.batteriser.com/ The Ginzvelo http://www.ginzvelo.com/ Closca Fuga http://www.closca.co/ Keplero Wallets http://www.kepleroluxurywallet.com/ The BedJet http://bedjet.com/
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7 Amazingly Unusual Bluetooth Speakers
Speakers like you have never seen before...... Links Hidden Radio http://hiddenradiodesign.com/ Hydra Bottle speaker http://hydra-smartbottle.com/ Mr Everything http://mreverything.net/ Omo+ http://www.raptorcreative.com/ Storm Trooper Speaker http://www.blueskydesigns.co.uk/star-wars/ Kien Flexible Speaker http://kien.io/ Mars Levitating Speaker http://www.crazybaby.com/cn/index.html
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Top 5 Inventions changing the world ▶2
Technologies changing our world.... Links Gloveone http://www.gloveonevr.com/ C.H.I.P http://www.nextthing.co/ Whill http://whill.us/ Edyn https://www.edyn.com/ Altaeros BAT http://www.altaerosenergies.com/
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5 Robotic Gadgets you should buy
Amazing robotic inventions.... Links Meccanoid G15 KS http://www.meccano.com/meccanoid/# The Ringo http://temp.plumgeek.com/ JD Humanoid https://www.ez-robot.com/Shop/AccessoriesDetails.aspx?productNumber... Vortex http://www.dfrobot.com/ Buddy http://www.bluefrogrobotics.com/
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Top 5 iPhone Gadgets you should buy ▶2
Amazing Gadgets for your iPhone......... Links The popSlate http://www.popslate.com/ MagBak http://1lss.com/pages/iphone Icons http://corners4.com/ Galileo Motion Control http://motrr.com/ Prong PWR Casehttps://prong.com/
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✔7 Things you never knew existed ▶15
Fantastic innovations you still dont know....... Links Mint Breathometer https://www.breathometer.com/ The Andromium http://www.andromiumos.com/ Bulbing Magical Light http://www.bulbing-light.com/ Egloo Candle Heater http://eglooinfo.it/ The Stethee http://www.stethee.com/#/stethee BeON Bulb http://www.beonhome.com/ The Twiink http://www.mytwiink.com/
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5 Futuristic Home Gardening Inventions
Futuristic Home Gardening........ Links The Lilo https://pretapousser.fr/ Tableau http://pikaplant.com/ EcoQube C http://aquaponicsfilter.com/ Click And Grow http://www.clickandgrow.com/ The ODO System http://www.onedropone.net/
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✔7 Things you didn't know existed ▶25
More Inventions to blow your mind...... Links Drumpants http://www.drumpants.com/ Miito http://www.miito.com/ RideAir Pump https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2073772882/rideair-the-next-generation-of-effortless-air-pump/video_share The Lightsail http://www.planetary.org/ GoSun Stove http://www.gosunstove.com/ Smartplate http://getsmartplate.com/ The Soundtorch http://www.thesoundtorch.com/
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Top 5 iphone cases you should buy
These cases are out of this world.... Links The Lunecase http://www.noloinc.com/#icon Pinc VR Case http://www.pincvr.com/ Flir One Case http://www.flir.com/flirone/ Peri Duo Case http://www.myperi.com/ Lucidream eXo http://www.lucidream.com/products/exo/
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Top 5 Drone Inventions you Must Have
Drone Inventions you never knew about..... Links Skyprowler http://www.krossblade.com/ Sprite http://www.ascentaerosystems.com/ Ghost Drone http://ghost-drone.com/ B unstoppable Flying Tank http://www.bgobeyond.co.uk/ Cyphy lvl 1 http://www.cyphyworks.com/
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Top 3 shoe accessories you must have
Unbelievable shoe technology and accessories to flair your shoes.... Links 1.Zubits http://zubits.com/ 2.Hickies http://www.hickies.com/ 3.Pungas http://www.hickies.com/ 4.Powerlace shoes http://www.powerlace.com/
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Top 5 Smartphone Gadgets you should buy ▶3
More Gadgets for your smartphone........ Links Nikola Labs Case http://www.nikolalabs.co/ iblazr http://iblazr.com/ Better Re http://enlighten.today/ Gekkopod http://gekkopod.com/ The Phree http://otmtech.com/
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✔7 Things you didn't know existed ▶20
Black Friday Deals http://amzn.to/1PQPkzo http://amzn.to/1PQScMN These New Inventions will surprise you..... Links Kisha https://www.getkisha.com/ Sesame http://www.candyhouse.co/ Bookniture http://www.bookniture.com/ Milk Nanny http://www.wicoz.com/ The AmpStrip http://www.ampstrip.com/ PlayBulb Garden http://www.playbulb.com/en/playbulb-garden.html#meet-playbulb-garden YikeBike http://www.yikebike.com/
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Top 5 Bike Inventions you must have
These bike inventions will surprise you.... Links Smartgrips http://smrtgrips.bike/ Add-e http://www.add-e.at/ Lucid Brake 2.0 http://lucidbrake.com/ Raht Racer http://www.rahtmobile.com/ Halfbike 2 http://halfbikes.com/
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5 Wireless Earphones Headphones you should buy
These audio gadgets will amaze you...... Links Pearbuds http://www.peardesigns.io/ Nextear http://nextear.net.au/ Aftershokz Trekz http://aftershokz.com/ Earin http://www.earin.com/ Here Active http://www.dopplerlabs.com/
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5 Smartphone gadgets you should buy
Amazing Gadgets for your smartphone Links KiiTAG2http://lifensoul.com/ Embrace Plus http://www.embraceplus.com/ Novelsys Amperehttp://www.novelsys.co/ WonderCubehttp://www.thewondercube.com/ Ricohttp://www.getmyrico.com/
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Top 5 Futuristic Music Instruments invented
Welcome to the Future of music...... Links Owow http://www.owow.io/ Artiphon http://www.artiphon.com/ Keys http://www.playkeys.io/ AlphaSphere http://www.alphasphere.com/ MiMu Gloves http://mimugloves.com/#TheGloves
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6 Things your kitchen must have ▶3
Unbelievable Kitchen gadgets to desire.... Links Rollie EggMaster http://www.getrollie.com/ Deluxe Corn Stripper http://www.amazon.com/RSVP-Shuck-Deluxe-Corn-Stripper/dp/B007KRE9JO? Burger Master http://www.shapeandstore.com/ OptiGrill http://getoptigrill.com/ The Drop https://www.getdrop.com/ Porthole Infuser http://www.theportholeinfuser.com/
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4 Unbelievable Starwars inspired Drones
Buy Starwars Drones.... Millennium Falcon http://amzn.to/1IZpxh3 X Wing http://amzn.to/1IZpIsM Starwars Gift Items http://amzn.to/1IZqo1l Sphero BB-8 http://amzn.to/1IZqaHy Jedi Master Yoda http://amzn.to/1IZqgPc Zero Gravity X-Wing http://amzn.to/1M6OSFK Olivier C Drones Imperial Star https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNsXQ8aNMvU Rc Tie Fighter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-bbgIyxvE4 Rc Millennium Falcon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oufm-SXdiI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QOW5X7q9qk Rc X-Wing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3xcSv_CT5o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8V2p_kByWlY SUBSCRIBE TO OLIVIER C https://www.youtube.com/user/olivierc600 SUBSCRIBE TO FREEZE HD http://www.youtube.com/user/Enzoshelby67?sub_confirmation=1
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✔7 Things you didn't know existed ▶21
You wont believe these gadgets... Links RayGo http://www.getraygo.com/ Beam http://www.beamlabsinc.com/ Blinkhttp://www.blinkforhome.com/ PancakeBot http://www.pancakebot.com/ Iris http://www.lightexture.com/ HiSmart Bag http://www.hismart.us/ Aivvy http://www.aivvy.com/
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✔7 Things you didn't know existed ▶23
These will surprise and shock you... Links Wake http://luceralabs.com/ Right Psi http://rightpsi.com/ Flexcam Pic http://www.flexcampic.com/html/design.html Bruno Smartcan http://www.brunosmartcan.com/ The InAir https://www.inair.tv/ RocketSkates http://www.actonglobal.com/ Oomi http://oomihome.com/
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Top 5 Gaming gadgets of the future
Gaming gadgets you will buy soon...... Links The Zrro http://www.zrrobox.com/ Naos QG http://www.mionixlabs.com/ The Fuffr Touch http://fuffr.com/ Kor-FX http://www.korfx.com/ TreadGaming http://treadgaming.herokuapp.com/
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✔7 Things you didn't know existed ▶33
More inventions you knew nothing about.... Links Skreens http://skreens.com/ Skarp Laser Razer http://www.skarptechnologies.com/ Hoverboard http://hoverboard.com/ Makerarm http://makerarm.com/ Magic Cube http://cool-invent.com/collections/pre-order The Buzz Clip http://www.imerciv.com/ TempeScope http://www.tempescope.com/
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Top 5 Computer Gadgets you should buy ▶2
Amazing Gadgets for your computer......... Links Slide N Joy http://www.slidenjoy.com/ Zcan http://www.d-toi.com/zcanwireless.html Keyboardio http://shop.keyboard.io/ Remix Mini http://www.jide.com/en/mini Swiftpoint GT http://www.swiftpoint.com/
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7 Futuristic Kids TOYS and Gadgets
Next generation kids gadgets and toys....... Links 1.Tinitell http://www.tinitell.com/ 2.Trobo Robot http://www.herecomestrobo.com/ 3.Moff http://www.moff.mobi/ 4.Ozobot http://ozobot.com/ 5.Toymail http://www.toymail.co/ 6.The Kiband http://www.kiband.com/ 7.Dynepod http://www.dynepic.com/
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Top 5 Photography Gadgets you Should Have
Amazing gadgets for every photographer..... Links Pico Time Lapse http://www.mindarin.com/ Capture Clip https://peakdesign.com/store/?c=clips Everyday Messenger https://peakdesign.com/store/?c=bags The Gnarbox http://gnarbox.com/ Petzval 58 http://www.lomography.com/magazine/312484-the-new-petzval-58-bokeh-control-art-lens-hits-the-800-000-mark-on-kickstarter
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6 Things your kitchen must have ▶2
Kitchen gadgets to desire.... Links Neo Smart Jar http://www.skelabs.com/ The Tweak http://tweakstrainer.wix.com/tweak-strainer Paragon Cooktop http://paragon.webflow.io/ The RMDLO http://www.rmdlo.com/ Trongs http://www.trongs.com/ Meld Knob & Clip http://www.meldhome.com/
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5 Coffee Gadgets every coffee lover will go CRAZY for
Do you love coffee? You need these... Links Ember http://www.embertech.com/ Ikawa Roaster http://www.ikawacoffee.com/ The BOD http://www.bodybrew.com/ Stojo Pocket Cup http://stojo.co/ Bruvelo http://www.bruvelo.com/
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✔7 Things you didn't know existed ▶26
You never knew these..... Links Autonomous Desk https://www.autonomous.ai/ Aura http://www2.withings.com/us/en/products/aura? Buddyguard http://www.buddyguard.io/ Myoware http://www.advancertechnologies.com/ Revolar http://revolar.com/ GoFar`http://www.gofar.co/ Sensorwake http://sensorwake.com/fr/
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✔7 Things you didn't know existed ▶32
More inventions you knew nothing about.... Links Rainworks Spray http://rain.works/ Icebreaker http://and-ice.com/ Task One Iphone Multitool https://thetasklab.com/task-one-multi-tool-case YoYo Mats http://www.yoyomats.com/ Teletrip https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/52219654/teletrip-instant-travel-with-telepresence-robots?ref=nav_search Infento Constructible Rides https://www.infentorides.com/ Unified Weapons Master http://uwm.tv/
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5 Futuristic Toys every Kid Must Have
Next generation kids toys..... Links Cognitoys http://cognitoys.com/ Thymio https://www.thymio.org/en:thymio Roominate http://www.roominatetoy.com/ Quirkbot http://store.quirkbot.com/ Roby Genius http://sociallyshaped.com/
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