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Next Questions — Lorena Rae
NEW YORK — Lorena Rae is starting a new chapter in her life. Having recently moved to New York, signed with Next, and as of yesterday passed 1 million follower on Instagram, Lorena has the makings of not a simply a new chapter, but a spectacular one. Hailing from the north of Germany, Lower Saxony to be exact, Lorena has long had her sights set on a bigger, possibly even American stage. You can hear it, or rather not hear it in Lorena’s voice. She speaks with an almost native American accent, which to even a discerning ear is hardly detectable. “I was never really a fan of the German accent. I would try to watch all my series like Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl in English, which taught me very much,” says Lorena. “Plus, my mom’s dad was from New York, so I think that was in my genes.” To put this in perspective, the prevailing practice in Germany is voice dubbing. Seeking out English language versions of popular American television series and movies is certainly not impossible, but still requires effort, one that Lorena has certainly expended with great success. Blessed with beautiful skin, a flawless body, and a sunny disposition, Lorena Rae has everything that it takes to make this new chapter of hers the best one yet. Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Lorena Rae”; Interview and video, Damien Neva at Next Management; Model, Lorena Rae.
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Next Questions — Erika Linder
NEW YORK — Biology is such that no matter how many shoots Erika Linder does as a woman, which the Swedish model most certainly is, her appearances in print as the male of the species will always grab headlines. Recently a pair of smashing editorials for ELLE and Marie Claire have given lie to the idea that Erika’s repertoire is strictly male. “This year I wanted to shoot more feminine stuff just so I don’t get caught up in just doing the men’s stuff,” says Erika about her year to date. “At the end of the day I am a girl. I don’t want to be a guy. I am perfectly comfortable with who I am, it’s just work.” This last point in particular is something Erika made clear more than once during the interview, she is a girl and happy being a girl no matter what is lately trending in the gender-politics zeitgeist. The versatility of Erika’s look are part of what have made her a favorite of Nicolas Ghesquière on the runway for Louis Vuitton as well as the stealthiest casting for Tom Ford advertising in recent memory. As exceptional as Erika’s CV reads, her ambitions are immense as evidenced in the admiration she holds for houses for which she has yet to work including Saint Laurent. “There is something that speaks to me [about Saint Laurent]…the whole music scene and underground.” At the bottom of it all, though Erika is willing to have a laugh whether it concerns Sweden’s export of babes or who is the greatest Batman of all time. And if readers are wondering, Michael Keaton! Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Erika Linder”; Interview and video, Damien Neva; Model, Erika Linder.
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Next Questions — Younes Bendjima
NEW YORK — The world is rife with distraction. Great is the reward for those who do not succumb to outside influences. Any boxer who steps into the ring to compete knows this and trains at length to ensure focus is at maximum. Younes Bendjima began training as a boxer at the early age of 11 with his uncle, who is his trainer to this day. The physical regimen is of course demanding, but to truly conquer the psychological edge must be maintained. Born in Lyon, Younes was raised by his mother, whose rearing in combination with boxing helped him become the man he is today. “Boxing teaches you about respect, hard work, focus on what you eat, how many hours you sleep,” says Younes, who learned very early on the consequences of not meeting the expectations demanded of a genuine competitor. Distraction inside the ring can prove consequential, if not fatal. Same is true outside of the ring. Away from the headlines and nearly incessant press, Younes leads a quiet life, dominated by training, devotion to family, and his career in modeling. Younes made his modeling debut for Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, walking in the men’s Spring 2013 runway show. Notice of the booking came almost immediately after the casting, which prompted in him near disbelief. Younes has been modeling since that day, which he pursues alongside his boxing regime. Arriving late last week in New York, Younes is enjoying the change of scenery from his sunny home of Los Angeles. Just yesterday Younes mounted a successful takeover of the Vogue Hommes Instagram, setting an impossibly high bar for anyone looking to do the same for the publication. “I try to keep it low-key…I work out…take care of my family. That’s the most important, if people want to know who I really am.” No distraction there, Younes is his own man. Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Younes Bendjima”; Interview and video, Damien Neva at Next Management; Model, Younes Bendjima.
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Next Questions — Trevor Signorino
NEW YORK — “I’m just an everyday guy. I’m 22-years-old, I go to school, I’m trying to get a degree, live an average life. The fact that I do get to possibly be on a billboard or a commercial or whatever is awesome, but it’s never going to change my character or who I am.” That Trevor Signorino, face of a Versace fragrance campaign and favorite of Bruce Weber, considers himself just an everyday guy ought to give everyday folk succor in these trying times. Everyday is simply not a word that anyone in full command of his or her faculties would use in relation to this flawless human specimen. Exceptional or extraordinary, either would more adequately begin to describe the Toms River, New Jersey native, but neither really do justice to the young man himself in his ascendency in the world men’s modeling. Two and half years into modeling, Trevor has featured in fragrance and fashion advertising for Versace by Bruce Weber, shot advertising for Diesel, and claimed a cover of men’s fashion biannual Hercules, also by Weber. Countless editorials and runway appearances have additionally helped establish Trevor as one of the hottest prospects men’s modeling today. No surprise, then that Models.com has ranked Trevor on its Hot List. Still, though if asked, Trevor mentions that he is but three semesters away from graduating with a teaching degree. He already coaches high school football, which is something he loves. “I just love working with kids, watching them grow.” Teaching physical education and health as well as coaching football, basketball, or track are lifelong dreams of his, but Trevor is not about to turn his back on modeling. Whatever path Trevor takes, it will be successful. He just has that air about him. Looking like he stepped straight out of central casting is one thing, but having two feet planted firmly on the ground will always serve Trevor well. “I’m in two worlds right now…so for now I’m just going to ride the wave.” Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Trevor Signorino”; Interview and video, Damien Neva at Next Management; Model, Trevor Signorino.
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Next Questions — Leila Goldkuhl
NEW YORK — “I’ve gotten to the point where I feel like it’s always a steady climb,” says Leila Goldkuhl reflecting on her career. “And it feels good!” Steady as the climb has been for Leila, it has reached no less dizzying heights for the Rhode Island native including of late the Zara Spring / Summer 2017 advertising campaign by Steven Meisel. Getting on this path of Leila’s, however was never a guarantee especially considering a stint she had several years ago on a long-running fashion reality TV series. These days if that mere mention sounds like something of an anachronism, which it is, then it’s because of the serious work Leila has put into to becoming the successful high fashion model she is. In addition to Zara this season, Leila has also photographed the latest Vera Wang advertising campaign with Patrick Demarchelier. A year ago of course saw Leila land an advertising berth in the Givenchy campaign by Mert & Marcus. Away from print, Leila has also proven herself a major force on the runway walking in the Fall 2017 ready-to-wear season for the likes of Chanel, Calvin Klein Collection, Loewe, Stella McCartney, Valentino, and more. Ever a student of fashion, Leila relishes the moments she has had working with immensely talented people such as Riccardo Tisci and Raf Simons. Not that Leila would ever get ahead of herself, but her rescue dog, Ziggy, a Chihuahua Dachshund mix (a Chiweenie, if you will), keeps her grounded, if not climbing ever so steadily. Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Leila Goldkuhl”; Interview and video, Damien Neva at Next Management; Model, Leila Goldkuhl.
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Next Questions — Georgia Hilmer
NEW YORK — Georgia Hilmer’s first foray into high fashion truly came with an exclusive for Saint Laurent, the same season in which Hedi Slimane debuted his first womenswear collection for the storied French house. “I got to work with [Hedi Slimane’s] team, hang out with some really fun people, and sort of feel like a grown up living in Paris for the first time. It was awesome.” Georgia has gone on to become a fixture on the runways for Saint Laurent and others not least of which include Chanel. The latter in particular has been a faithful client booking the full-time New York University undergraduate student for its globetrotting runway shows in Paris, New York, and most recently Seoul. That the Garden State native keeps her feet so firmly planted in the worlds of high fashion and higher education is as worthy of praise as it is rare. Accomplished as Georgia is in front of the camera as she is behind the camera (she’s a regular photo diarist for Dazed), she is equally lucid and often funny in writing, which no doubt is a byproduct of her twin passions for reading and knocking out The New York Times Crossword Puzzle in ink no less. Come for the beauty, stay for the conversation — Georgia has it all. Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Georgia Hilmer”; Interview and video, Damien Neva; Model, Georgia Hilmer.
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Next Questions — Alanna Arrington
NEW YORK — Alanna Arrington is having a banner year. Were she any other model, then the compulsion to somehow have the past 11 months preserved in amber would be strong. Anyone reading the words on this page, however knows Alanna is not just any model nor is she one to rest on her laurels, however numerous. At the end of the month Alanna will be walking for the first time in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which will cap a juggernaut of a year in New York that began brightly. That Alanna’s success has come at such a frenetic pace, however belies the tremendous amount of work she has put into being the best she can be. Suspicions are high too that Alanna has even greater heights to scale. Part of the reason those who know these sorts of things in fact know these sorts of things is the way in which Alanna has achieved all her success. Naturally beautiful, Alanna brightens any room with her personality, humility, and complete and utter effortlessness. She is the genuine article, the likes of which this industry rarely produces let alone rewards. “I thought modeling was just a hobby at that point,” says Alanna reflecting on the early part of a then nascent career. “I never assumed that I would be in the position I am with the people I love supporting me 100 percent for what I do.” From Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to the world, Alanna Arrington is destined for many banner years to come, if not the stars themselves. Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Alanna Arrington”; Interview and video, Damien Neva at Next Management; Model, Alanna Arrington.
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Next Questions — Langley Fox Hemingway
NEW YORK — “When I was 7 [years old] I dyed my hair bright red...I cut it this short and got punk pants from Hot Topic with zippers all over them, but got them taken in to fit me, and then just wore a wife-beater,” explains Langley Fox Hemingway when asked to describe her peak fashion moment. This response might strike some as slightly bemusing for a model slash artist who has graced the runways of Marc Jacobs and Saint Laurent amongst others and has collaborated with brands ranging from Louis Vuitton to Forever 21, but there is frankly nothing puzzling about the choice coming from Langley herself. This streak of independence is no recent affect of hers developed in the watchful public eye, but in fact stretches well back into her adolescence where it was encouraged to flourish. Langley Fox started sketching at an early age and never really stopped. Langley’s illustrations invariably accompany her print modeling work as they have for LOVE and more in recent years, which together with her inimitable style are both part of what makes Langley her own woman. On the day of her interview Langley wore a flight suit she bought in the children’s section of a military surplus store in Los Angeles, which considering her body of work and soaring ambitions could not be a more appropriate wardrobing decision. The sky is the limit for Langley Fox Hemingway. Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Langley Fox Hemingway”; Interview and video, Damien Neva; Model, Langley Fox Hemingway.
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Next Questions — Tyler Blue Golden
NEW YORK — “Find the things that you’re passionate about, let those shine through, be honest, be original, and…keep skating,” says Tyler Blue Golden, who credits skateboarding as a life-changing activity for all the doors it has opened. Chief amongst his accomplishments of the last year include working with Raf Simons and Willy Vanderperre on advertising campaigns for Calvin Klein. Tyler’s his own man and now is looking ahead to even greater feats
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Next Questions — Blanca Padilla
NEW YORK — “I think it’s really good to always try to be better than the day before,” says Blanca Padilla. “It takes effort. It takes determination, but it works.” Blanca ought to know this more than most. The beauty from Madrid has long enjoyed a well established modeling career having achieved everything from landing a cover of her native Vogue España to walking in the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. For most models, this would have been enough, but Blanca is not most models. Before the shows in September were even so much as a mood board, Blanca had set her sights on something bigger, something which would eventually culminate into a semi-exclusive for Givenchy. This sort of exclusivity is very often reserved for models making their debut, the reality of which made the honor all the more special. That Blanca was also the only model in a cast of over 50 girls to wear not one, but two looks is no mean feat, one which bolsters her very thesis of being better than the day before today. Blanca has always boasted a beauty that is almost maddening in its perfection, but added to her aesthetic appeal is a newfound complexity, the likes of which makes her first choice today and most certainly tomorrow. Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Blanca Padilla”; Interview and video, Damien Neva at Next Management; Model, Blanca Padilla.
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Next Questions — Kate B
Kate B knows her look — beautiful. “There are three types of models...weird models, ugly models, and beautiful models,” explains Kate before quietly admitting that she feels she is firmly in the third camp. No, this is not just another narcissistic pronouncement from a selfie-obsessed Gen Z model, rather it is an insightful observation from a seasoned professional of the beauty and luxury industries. It is difficult to argue with the Russian beauty, who featured prominently in one of the most memorable Dolce & Gabbana advertising campaigns in recent memory. Kate especially enjoyed shooting that campaign, not least for its transformative effects that enabled her look like the princess she truly is, much to the chagrin of her friends. “We know you in real life...you’re crazy!” Never mind what some might think, Kate’s beauty is undeniable and allied with a genuine sense of humor and utter refusal to take herself too seriously, she is downright irresistible. Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Kate B”; Interview and video, Damien Neva; Model, Kate B.
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Next Questions — Pyper America
“Oh my gosh...my favorite modeling moment,” begins Pyper America in the latest installment of the weekly video interview series Next Questions, “was when I went to Iceland with my brother Lucky and we shot with... .” Viewers never do get to hear with whom the famed siblings shot; the credits are already rolling by that point and the audio is on fade out. The suspense will undoubtedly frustrate many of Pyper’s hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, but at the same time they can be heartened to learn that in an age when an ever-widening public sphere seems to gobble up every last vestige of private life a bit of mystery can still be found. Not all of Pyper’s interview has undergone redaction, however. Viewers will learn amongst other things that Pyper reckons Emma Stone to be the ideal candidate to play herself in a hypothetical Pyper America biopic or that chocolate is the young model’s favorite flavor. The magnetism of Pyper is palpable, which makes early modeling milestones such as her cover of this month’s Harper’s Bazaar China or the recently announced Ksubi denim campaign look like the rule rather than the exception. As for Pyper’s shoot in Iceland...time will tell soon enough. Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Pyper America”; Interview and video, Damien Neva; Model, Pyper America.
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Next Questions — Aiden Curtiss
NEW YORK — “I really like it, actually,” admits Aiden Curtiss when asked about modeling. “It’s super hard, which I kind of expected…but the positives out of it make it all worth while.” Aiden perhaps knows better than most the value of the moment she is presently enjoying at this early stage of her modeling career. This past season Aiden made her runway debut opening the Roland Mouret show in Paris and ever since has been working steadily. Aiden has always been around fashion, growing up as she did the daughter of a father who is a menswear designer and whose birth mother was a model. Born in London, where Aiden lived until the age of nine before eventually moving to New York with her family. After turning 18 years old, Aiden finally acquiesced to entreaties she had heard over the years that she model by signing with Next. Apart from modeling, Aiden has a passion for producing music, specifically dubstep. Don’t get it twisted, however, cautions Aiden, adding there is more to the music subgenre than those disparaging caricatures reveal. Aiden produces and DJs music along with other like-minded artists to form what she describes as a collective. Aiden is hopeful that her participation in music will inspire other like minded young women like herself. Whether she find herself before a camera, on a runway, or in the recording studio, Aiden is sure to find success and really like it. Listen to Aiden’s music at https://soundcloud.com/LUMACID. Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Aiden Curtiss”; Interview and video, Damien Neva at Next Management; Model, Aiden Curtiss.
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Next Questions — Lucky Blue
NEW YORK — Another day, another Lucky Blue story. Today, though the script has been flipped and this entry comes from inside the agency for an all new occasional video interview series called Next Questions in which models, talent, and persons of interest answer the questions they aren’t typically being asked. Fresh on the heels of his interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Lucky entertains a series of questions ranging from what his favorite Emoji characters are to which country can his most fanatic admirers be found. The young man of the moment is on course to surpassing one million followers on Instagram and yet he carries himself an affability and generosity that belies his ever loftier standing. There is no limit to what Lucky Blue can achieve, which makes this first installment of Next Questions all the more special. Watch this space for future episodes. Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Lucky Blue”; Interview and video, Damien Neva; Model, Lucky Blue.
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Next Questions — Melodie Monrose
NEW YORK — Radiant is a word that immediately comes to mind when describing the beauty of Melodie Monrose. Native to Martinique, the rugged paradise of an island in the Eastern Caribbean that is part of the Lesser Antilles, Melodie has always loved the beach and the sunlight miles and miles of unobstructed sands afford. Melodie brings that sunlight with her no matter where she goes. Melodie recently achieved a personal milestone by having a campaign of hers appear along Houston Street, the prime advertising spot of Lower Manhattan. “I took a picture [of the billboard] and sent it to my mom and she was so happy for me,” explains Melodie about the afternoon she spotted the campaign rendered at such an immense scale. “That would be one of the peak fashion moments, but I have had so many.” True story. Melodie’s many peaks include having walked the runways for nearly every major fashion house, photographed with Mario Testino, appeared in various editions of Vogue and other leading publications, and much more. In an industry where models of color are continually underrepresented, Melodie is a shining example for all. Melodie is unequivocal in the advice she gives young models of color and insists they should strive to move far beyond expectations set for them. Aim for the radiant sun, which is what Melodie has always done. Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Melodie Monrose”; Interview and video, Damien Neva; Model, Melodie Monrose.
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Next Questions — Jane Moseley
NEW YORK — Jane Moseley has enjoyed a fair amount of press appearances in Vogue, Interview, W, CR Fashion Book, and more since walking exclusively for Balenciaga last month in Paris and for good reason, she is a breath of fresh air. Covered it what appears to be more and more tattoos by the day, Jane will never be an everyday model nor does she aspire to be. First and foremost Jane is an artist who lives in Los Angeles, who also happens to be the daughter of cult horror actor Bill Moseley. Growing up with a father who starred in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986) was always going to set Jane apart from her contemporaries, but aside from the ink on her arms, she commands attention in other ways. In fact, Jane says, recalling words of her father, “the truest psychos are the ones that try to act normal...so I’ve always gone with that.” To be clear, Jane is not psychotic, but she is blessed with a wry wit, dark humor, and an undeniable magnetism that have served in good stead her various endeavors from fine art to high fashion modeling. Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Jane Moseley”; Interview and video, Damien Neva; Model, Jane Moseley.
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Saint Laurent Spring / Summer 2017
PARIS — “You need to keep away from the walls. Don’t forget this is a building site.” Models hear all types of shouted instructions throughout the season from when to dress to how forceful to walk, but this reminder was certainly a first for many of these girls, none of whom were wearing hard hats as so often is required on such sites. As visual metaphors go, an active construction site, replete with excavated earth, crumbling concrete walls, and a tower crane holding over it all a massive YSL logo (it’s back!) in lights, the occasion could hardly be misread. Anthony Vaccarello took creative reins at Saint Laurent in early April and 178 days later showed his first collection at the house for Spring / Summer 2017 and, in his words speaking to Vogue, said, “It’s a work in progress.” Provisional as it sounds, there is no doubt Vaccarello will continue building and any more than there is that Tuesday night’s runway site will one day be the future Saint Laurent headquarters. On the evening, eight models from across the Next network including four exclusives (denoted with a parenthetical E) walked including Hiandra (E), Agnes Åkerlund (E), Binx, Vera Van Erp, Anja Rubik (E), Karmen Pedaru (E), Melissa Stasiuk, and Selena Forrest. All told, there could have been no finer way to begin Fashion Week in the French capital than laying a strong foundation at the house built by Yves Saint Laurent. Credits include: Client, Saint Laurent; Collection, Women’s Ready-To-Wear Spring / Summer 2017; Clothing design, Anthony Vaccarello; Styling, Alastair McKimm; Hair, Anthony Turner, Makeup, Tom Pecheux; Show direction and production, Alexandre de Betak at Bureau Betak; Casting, Piergiorgio Del Moro, Samuel Ellis; Video, Damien Neva at Next Management.
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Next Questions — Marjan Jonkman
NEW YORK — “I always want to wear something that’s interesting, that’s not boring,” says Marjan Jonkman, whose sense of personal style has earned her no shortage of devotees throughout fashion and beyond. Marjan exudes an effortless cool, which is something she has long admired about Hedi Slimane. “I started with Hedi Slimane and Saint Laurent...he is just cool, he doesn’t try anything, that’s just how he is.” What is also true is that Marjan doesn’t try anything, that’s just how she is and has been since making her high fashion debut as a Saint Laurent exclusive during the Spring 2015 ready-to-wear season. Marjan has never looked back as she has rocketed to the fore whether it’s shooting with Mario Testino in India or the streets of Amsterdam or appearing in the latest Céline advertising campaign by Juergen Teller. That Marjan’s career to date has been anything but boring is a testament to the model and what she brings to the party. Her willingness to laugh, her fearlessness, her poise, her grace, her style, all of these qualities set Marjan apart from the rest. “I can’t tell anything about it yet, but I want to give something back to the world.” Marjan already has given so much, but it will surprise no one when she gives even more. Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Marjan Jonkman”; Interview and video, Damien Neva at Next Management; Model, Marjan Jonkman.
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Next Questions — Sam Evans
NEW YORK — In this mad world finding anyone let alone a 15-year-old comfortable in their own skin can be a tall order, but actor and model Sam Evans is not just anyone. Signed to Next in Los Angeles at the age of 12, Sam is no stranger to the rigors of life in the entertainment industry and three years later with nearly 200K Instagram followers, he is on the cusp of something big. Having spent much of the year on the traveling for work including a month of modeling in Tokyo, Sam was in town for New York Fashion Week: Men’s Spring 2017 during which he made his runway debut for John Varvatos. Hours before the show Sam strolled into the agency for this interview with a confidence that belies his years. It was just Sam in the waiting room without need of a parent, handler, or smartphone babysitter of any kind. For a few years now Sam has received acting coaching including weekly scene study as well as focused training in preparation for auditions. The time Sam has spent studying his craft seems to have paid off in producing an incredibly well adjusted young man whose sense of himself is rare in most men twice his age. All of Sam’s work to date will no doubt serve him well in what looks like a promising career in both acting and modeling. Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Sam Evans”; Interview and video, Damien Neva; Model, Sam Evans.
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Next Questions — Kailey Hsu
NEW YORK — “It’s sometimes hard to take yourself seriously when you’re kinda sexy making those faces,” admits Kailey Hsu contemplating her career in front of the camera. “But I’m getting a lot better at it, I promise!” To be fair, Kailey is more than capable when it comes to bringing that sexy blue steel when it counts most. This Miami native, daughter of five to a father from Shanghai by way of Hong Kong and a Hungarian mother from Chicago, brought it in a major way for her breakout high fashion moment last September in New York when she walked for Riccardo Tisci’s Spring 2016 Givenchy runway show. “That was the most crazy adrenalin rush I think I will ever have,” explains Kailey about the crowning moment of actually walking out onto the runway following what had been a late night fitting and little to no sleep. She took that moment like a champion and a year on since then has been working steadily. As for the summer, Kailey has no plans that will take her away from her life as an in-demand model who positively smolders with blue steel. Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Kailey Hsu”; Interview and video, Damien Neva; Model, Kailey Hsu.
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Next Questions — Hedvig Palm
NEW YORK — Since making her debut as a Jil Sander exclusive back when Raf Simons was the brand’s creative director to last month when she walked for the same designer’s final collection for Dior, there has always been a lyrical quality to Hedvig Palm. The grace with which the Swedish beauty moves suggests she is in possession of a most accomplished interior symphony orchestra. The truth behind the supposition is not terribly wide of the mark as it so happens Hedvig has been playing the cello since the age of nine and spent much of that time playing with an orchestra. Music continues to be a hugely important part of Hedvig’s life. She grew up in a musical household in Sweden, one in which she regularly played music with her multi-instrumentalist parents and brother. Although Hedvig does not play the cello on a daily basis, something she misses dearly, she nevertheless finds solace in jazz, especially its vocalist greats such as Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. Performing music is something that has imbued Hedvig with a confidence that is unique to musicians. Far from cracking under the enormous demands of playing with dozens of other accomplished musicians in an orchestra, the experience helped Hedvig forge and even stronger character, one tailor-made for the demands of high fashion whether she’s walking the runway for Givenchy or starring in an advertising campaign for Valentino. Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Hedvig Palm”; Interview and video, Damien Neva; Model, Hedvig Palm.
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Next Questions — Ruby Aldridge
NEW YORK — “It was really cool to do shows again,” admits Ruby Aldridge. “I didn’t think I would do them again. I just had a totally different outlook on it...maybe more adult.” In February of this year Ruby began what would be a focused ready-to-wear season with a Calvin Klein Collection exclusive. A handful of shows were to follow in Europe that included Bottega Veneta and Balmain amongst others, all of which felt markedly different from what Ruby recalls from the whirlwind seasons from the beginning of her career. Today Ruby brings to her work real poise and focus. Ruby’s magnetism and hunger for life is evident in her recent work, which includes a cover of the current issue of 10 and the Fall 2016 advertising campaign Juicy Couture. This week, however away from the bright lights Ruby’s off to Europe for a rendezvous with family at Disneyland Paris and later London. “Live the dream, really...it’s good to be alive.” Aye, that! Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Ruby Aldridge”; Interview and video, Damien Neva; Model, Ruby Aldridge.
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Next Questions — Clara McSweeney
NEW YORK — Careers in modeling are not simply the manifestation of a will to power. The myriad barriers to entry are formidable, all of which make a mockery of such philosophical triflings as will. That being said, a woman capable of walking down the industry’s most exclusive runways who is in possession of a will to power, that is, a desire to achieve the highest possible position is likely to go far indeed. Irish model Clara McSweeney hails from the village of Kilmurry in County Cork. With a population of little more than a 100 inhabitants, Kilmurry does not exactly distinguish itself in the indices of world fashion. Geography was never going to be an impediment for Clara, however who decided at an early age she would be a model. “Even as a child I always said, maybe I could be a model one day.” As a teenager, she went one step further, agreeing with her mother that she would try it out. That she did. Lithe and endowed with overwhelming natural beauty, Clara was never going to to be a hard sell, not then and certainly not now. If those early days were dominated by marathon journeys up the M7/M8 to Dublin to make prohibitively early call times, then her subsequent move to New York has afforded her a way of life far more conducive to professional modeling. What living in Gotham has also brought Clara is time and peace of mind to pursue her artistic passions. Anyone who follows Clara on Instagram will know of her fervor for painting. Living on her own in New York has been something of a revelation for Clara in artistic terms. The very fact of privacy after all was never a guarantee coming from a big family back in Ireland. Independent to a fault, Clara is just the sort of woman who can reach whatever heights whether in modeling or brushing oil across a canvas. Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Clara McSweeney”; Interview and video, Damien Neva at Next Management.
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E B O N Y — By Brandon Maxwell
E B O N Y — By Brandon Maxwell
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Next Questions — Lorena Maraschi
NEW YORK — For Lorena Maraschi it all comes down to a haircut. Languishing for two years in her native Brazil, Lorena’s modeling prospects were looking bleak, however a photographer decided to cut her hair, thereby providing the catalyst behind her career surge. “After that everything changed, I did Prada, I opened the show. After that everyone started to look at me differently.” Lorena’s shorter hair immediately proved a hit, landing her a Prada exclusive including the show opening look in the Fall / Winter 2016 ready-to-wear season. Lorena would later shoot the corresponding advertising campaign with Steven Meisel, a booking which she ranks as transformative. Lorena has since featured in advertising campaigns for Valentino as well as on the covers of a handful of magazines including the March 2017 edition of Vogue Brasil. “What I really like most about fashion is not the clothes,” admits Lorena. “It’s the image. You’re [as a model] selling a dream to the person who’s going to buy the clothes.” To be fair, Lorena does in fact love clothing, but recognizes her own limitations when it comes to styling said clothing. Bringing to life the dream that surrounds the clothing, however is something at which Lorena particularly excels. In another era what she describes would simply be called modeling, but in an age when the clothes are but extensions of the brand, Lorena conscientiously embraces her role as purveyor of the dream. Without getting overly theoretical, suffice it to say Lorena loves what she does and especially so since a fateful haircut not so long ago. Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Lorena Maraschi”; Interview and video, Damien Neva at Next Management; Model, Lorena Maraschi.
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Next Questions — Selena Forrest
NEW YORK — “It was literally a two-minute shoot,” explains Selena Forrest when asked about her i-D cover session with Daniel Jackson. “I went on set and wiped my eye and bang, that was the shot.” Improbable as it sounds, Selena’s shoot more or less unfolded in the manner in which a player comes off the bench cold to score a cup final winning goal, which speaks to the heart of her success as a model. Modeling is something that comes naturally to Selena and is an ability that very early on groomed her to open the Proenza Schouler runway show during the Spring 2016 ready-to-wear season. That much vaunted debut of hers, however was no one-off as Selena has proven time and again since then over the past year with back-to-back advertising for Proenza Schouler as well as a role in the DKNY Fall 2016 campaign. In addition to the aforementioned cover for i-D, Selena has also featured on the cover of T Magazine and in the pages of Vogue Italia photographed by Steven Meisel. “I don’t know what to make of my success,” says Selena. “Everything just happened so fast and I see other girls who have been doing it for so long and haven’t done half the things I have been doing...I’m just so grateful and blessed.” This feeling of gratitude that Selena expresses is also a side of her that she feels seldom comes across through pictures that comprise her portfolio or newly minted Models.com Hot List profile. “I have a hard outside, but inside I am really the softest, kindest person you will ever meet.” So long as Selena stays true to herself, then every possible success will be hers. Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Selena Forrest”; Interview and video, Damien Neva; Model, Selena Forrest.
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Next Questions — João Knorr
NEW YORK — “I like my job,” says a grinning João Knorr. For the Brazilian native, modeling has provided an opportunity to not only travel the world, but also express himself on a scale previously unimaginable. To get a sense of scale, consider in a but a year since he was discovered, João made his runway debut as a Versace exclusive opening the menswear show in January, photographed with Steven Klein for a Vogue Italia cover story, and landed his first advertising campaign for Dsquared2. These days João is in New York for the first time where he is working regularly. João hails from the south of Brazil, in the Rio Grande do Sul state capital of Porto Alegre. Modeling began almost immediately for João after being scouted playing volleyball in June 2017 and by the end of the year he would ink a contract with Next Management. Fitness is something for which João has always had a high aptitude. Growing up he played tennis and volleyball at an advanced level. As much as he enjoys sport, this new life of his as a model is something he has fully embraced. Of equal Dutch and German extraction, João’s chiseled features and peroxide hair call to mind “White Wedding” era Billy Idol, not to mention Rutger Hauer’s Roy Batty in Blade Runner (1982). Likeness aside, João is his own man and surely will be drawing his own comparisons in good time. Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — João Knorr;” Interview and video, Damien Neva at Next Management.
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Next Questions — Lina Hoss
NEW YORK — “No bad hair days,” reveals Lina Hoss when asked about her cropped do. Fact is Lina has likely enjoyed more than 1400 such days since the age of 16-years-old when she resolved to cut her hair short. She admits to wearying of having long hair, a look that she says everyone seemed to have where she grew up just outside of Hannover, Germany. So one day Lina cut her hair short and the rest, well, is history. To say Lina has made the most of her look would be an understatement. Lina’s short hair not only emphasizes her exceptional beauty, but distinguishes her from just about every other model in whatever room, runway, or photo set she finds herself. A year ago her look landed an unforgettable cover of i-D by Daniel Jackson, which to this day is used on the front of her comp card, not to mention Models.com profile. Lina has also featured in a variety of advertising campaigns over the last two years of full-time modeling, including the current Gucci campaign by Glen Luchford. Lina’s runway CV has always been impressive having walked for amongst others Louis Vuitton, Valentino, and Saint Laurent, but this past season it was burnished all the more with appearances for Proenza Schouler, Burberry, and Gucci. What is the secret to Lina’s success? An insatiable curiosity for all aspects of fashion, oh, and plenty of chewing gum, both have helped stave off bad days, be they hair or otherwise. Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Lina Hoss”; Interview and video, Damien Neva at Next Management; Model, Lina Hoss.
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Next Questions — Denya Altevers
NEW YORK — Conventional wisdom in these parts holds that a start at Prada is more valuable than nearly any other. There are exceptions, there always are, but a model’s chance to take her first steps for Miuccia Prada is never a bad idea. Certainly was not when Denya Altevers made her runway debut 10 days ago in New York for the Prada Resort 2019 runway show. Denya could hardly believe her good fortune, but when it came time to step into the spotlight she did not flinch. “If people believe in me this much, then obviously I could be a good model,” says Denya. Belief goes only so far, but in service of genuine modeling aspirations it can take a model to dizzying heights. This momentum is still with Denya and is set to make her something of a revelation in the weeks and months to come. To hear Denya tell it, having lived in so many different places at such a young age has helped her adapt on her travels as a model. Born in London, Denya lived there for a couple years before moving to her mother’s native Slovakia. After her parents split, Denya would spend summers in the United States with her father, himself a military man, which meant a different state every year. The consequence of all this is a mastery of languages including Slovak, Czech, Polish, and of course English. There is not much of an accent to be heard in Denya’s voice, again thanks to the travel, which makes her something of a culture chameleon. For now Denya is enjoying her life as a model in New York for the first time. She will undoubtedly travel in the months ahead and when the time comes best be sure Denya will be poised. After all, Denya obviously will be a good model. Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Denya Altevers”; Interview and video, Damien Neva at Next Management.
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Next Questions — Justin Gossman
NEW YORK — Next Questions returns and just in the nick of time for the first ever New York Fashion Week: Men’s with an interview with none other than Justin Gossman. The San Diego native stars in the Costume National Fall 2015 campaign by Glen Luchford, which looks tailor-made for Justin. “The Costume National campaign was very rock & roll...they let me play my own music, they let me play my guitar and have fun.” Tall, ever lithe, and rarely seen wearing a shirt underneath his vest and suspenders, Justin transmits something of a latter-day Mick Jagger. That is no accident either, Justin holds in highest regard the Rolling Stones icon. Justin burst into the world of fashion shooting with the legendary Brad Elterman in the photographer’s Villa La Reve residence. The pair hit it off nearly immediately sharing a love for switchblades and more. Justin has gone on to feature on the runway for amongst others Gucci, Lanvin, and Rick Owens. Whatever the men’s season in New York has in store for our man, one thing is for certain, Justin Gossman will carry on rocking to his own infectious beat. Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Justin Gossman”; Interview and video, Damien Neva; Model, Justin Gossman.
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Next Questions — Abby Champion
NEW YORK — There are few better times to be in Gotham than when spring takes hold. There is a vibrancy that can be felt in the streets, which has not been case for many wintry months. With this change in weather has also come the arrival of Abby Champion, which in many ways transforms this spring bloom into a bouquet. Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, Abby got her start modeling in Los Angeles and has also spent time in Miami, but throughout it all has always had her sights set on New York. “There are a lot of companies here that I have dreamed of working for and the way to work with them is by being here,” says Abby. Since arriving, Abby has had little difficulty adopting local customs that include lots of walking and of course wearing all black. On the afternoon of her interview, Abby cut a classic New York figure wearing black denim, black T-shirt, and fresh pair of Dr. Martens, which further emphasized her natural beauty. Welcome to New York, Abby, this season is yours to shine. Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Abby Champion”; Interview and video, Damien Neva at Next Management; Model, Abby Champion.
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Next Questions — Lili Sumner
NEW YORK — “I don’t really have any female style inspirations,” admits Lili Sumner in the latest installment of the weekly video interview series Next Questions. “I kind of prefer how men dress when they dress in a feminine way.” Glance over Lili’s modeling CV with her numerous runway appearances for Saint Laurent, many of which were exclusive, and no great leap of the imagination is required to work out her affection for period styles of the likes of David Bowie and Mick Jagger. Wearing a ruffled silk shirt in white paired with a plaid capri pant and finished off with a vintage leather belt, hat, and Chanel flap bag, Lili’s styling nous does not go unnoticed. On the contrary, the New-Zealand-by-way-of-London beauty’s inimitable style is something that is as carefully cultivated as it is so effortlessly executed. “Always vintage...always,” Lili says when asked to choose between it and something new. “Because new stuff, anyone can get it, but if it’s vintage, then it’s yours...usually.” What is exclusively Lili’s is her own way in high fashion, which has gone from strength to strength translating her successes on the runway to her presence on the page. Where Lili goes from here is anyone’s guess, so long as it is to even more dizzying heights. Credits include: Title, “Next Question — Lili Sumner”; Interview and video, Damien Neva; Model, Lili Sumner.
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Next Questions — Alessio Pozzi
NEW YORK — In the early days of his career the scar on Alessio Pozzi's right cheek would invariably be airbrushed out of photographs. One day, however the scratch that his beloved pet cat gave him before he had even started kindergarten became part of his look. By the time clients stopped deleting this characteristic feature, Alessio had long established his career to become the model he is today. Hailing from Brescia, Italy, Alessio got his start modeling in 2014 on the runway and later in campaigns for Riccardo Tisci’s Givenchy. Alessio has gone on to feature in a number of advertising campaigns for the house of Armani, Versace, Calvin Klein, and more. Having traveled the world far and wide, Alessio has come to appreciate his origins in the Lombardy region of Northern Italy. So much so in fact that when he is not traveling for work, Alessio is back with his friends and family in Brescia. Outside of modeling, Alessio enjoys football and is an ardent supporter of Juventus, which he and the rest of Italy believe is a dead certainty to wrap up its seventh consecutive Scudetto title. Alessio is also something of a gamer and if left to his own devices might never leave the blue glow of the gaming screen. This fact alone is reason why Alessio leaves his Xbox and related gear at home when his is traveling for work. Discipline like this is part of what has made Alessio a top model, cat scratches and all! Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Alessio Pozzi”; Interview and video, Damien Neva at Next Management.
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Next Campaigns — Tom Ford Spring / Summer 2017
Watch: Tom Ford Spring / Summer 2017 Campaign Credits include: Client, Tom Ford; Collection, Spring / Summer 2017; Photography, Tom Ford; Styling, Carine Roitfeld; Hair, Akki Shirakawa; Makeup, Isamaya Ffrench; Manicure, Tracey Sutter; Model, Grace Hartzel. ► TOM FORD Web Link: https://www.tomford.com/s/tomford/s-s-2017-landing.html/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tomford/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/TOMFORD/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tomford/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TOMFORDINTERNATIONAL/ ► NEXT MANAGEMENT Web Link: http://www.nextmanagement.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nextmodelmanagement/ Twitter :https://twitter.com/nextmodels/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nextmodels/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/NextModelsManagement/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/nextmodels/ ► ORIGINAL VIDEO https://youtu.be/ZLWf_fQUxSA/
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Natasha Ramachandran on New York Fashion Week Fall 2014
NEW YORK — Natasha Ramachandran (Next) about her favorite fashion designers including Haider Ackermann as well as the upcoming Fall 2014 ready-to-wear season. This video was produced in cooperation with The Fashion Spot.
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Grace Hartzel Vogue Thailand May 2018
Watch: Grace Hartzel Vogue Thailand May 2018 Credits include: Publication, Vogue Thailand May 2018; Photography, Natth Jaturapahu; Styling, Charles Varenne; Hair, Joey George; Makeup, Makky P. ► VOGUE ESPAÑA Website: http://www.vogue.co.th/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VogueThailandOfficial/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/VogueThailand/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/voguethailand/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/VogueThailand/ ► NEXT MANAGEMENT Web Link: http://www.nextmanagement.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nextmodelmanagement/ Twitter :https://twitter.com/nextmodels/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nextmodels/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/NextModelsManagement/
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Next Questions — Myrthe Bolt
NEW YORK — Myrthe Bolt likes to smile. The reason is rather uncomplicated, the facial expression makes her happy. “When I shoot I love to do the smiling [shots] because it’s not very often that you have to do one,” Myrthe explains. “When I make a selfie I would never do that to be pretty...I would always try to smile.” That Myrthe boasts a phenomenal smile also confirms that as a model she knows her angles. Hers is a weapons-grade smile the likes of which would have highway patrol tearing tickets on quota deadline day. Beating a moving violation is one thing, but making it in the high stakes world of modeling are two very different propositions. Myrthe is equal to the challenge, however as she has proven since first appearing on this page back in February walking in the Versus Versace show in London. That season she would go on to walk for Fendi and Chanel amongst a select few others, which were reasons alone to smile. Hailing from the north of the Netherlands, Groningen to be exact, Myrthe was discovered a couple years ago. She would eventually sign to Next worldwide and shortly thereafter make her runway debut on the final day of shows during the Spring 2017 ready-to-wear season walking for Miu Miu. Earlier this year she even featured in the pages of British Vogue for a shoot she did in Tenerife. Fashion or modeling for that matter was never anything in which Myrthe had much interest growing up, but she nevertheless has taken to her newfound trade. One day in the future Myrthe plans to study medicine with the aspiration to become a doctor. Until that day, however expect this girl to keep on smiling. Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Myrthe Bolt”; Interview and video, Damien Neva at Next Management; Model, Myrthe Bolt.
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Next Questions — Sabrina Ioffreda
NEW YORK — As the hours slip away until the curtain raises on the Spring 2016 ready-to-wear season this Thursday in New York another curtain comes down on the Next Questions series for the season with its 20th and final episode starring none other than Sabrina Ioffreda. Last week Erika Linder graced this series as one of the stealthiest castings for Tom Ford advertising in recent memory, but let’s not for a moment lose sight of the smoldering brunette from Argentina who did all that kissing. Sabrina had long cemented her place in the collective memory with advertising for Prada, but Tom Ford Lips & Boys put the high gloss on those honors. “[It] was the best job I ever did. It was so much fun. I had the opportunity to kiss six beautiful boys and a beautiful girl.” Sabrina’s Argentinian accent adds particular emphasis on the “and” of that description, which ought to give anglophone viewers a taste of Sabrina’s personality that her compatriots and Spanish speakers in general have great familiarity. Truth be told no matter what language Sabrina speaks, her expressive ability is in no diminished however much speaking English has her feeling like a bird in a cage. There is no cage, be it language or steel, that can contain Sabrina’s beauty and spirit, which is part of what has made her a favorite for advertisers, the printed page, and runway alike. In this 20th and final episode of the season Sabrina delivers a personal message in Spanish, discusses her career to date, and extols her love for her country as embodied by her compatriots Lionel Messi and Pope Francis, leaders of two of the world’s major religions, football and Catholicism. Next Questions will return with an all new season in late October Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Sabrina Ioffreda; Interview and video, Damien Neva; Model, Sabrina Ioffreda.
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Next Questions — Aube Jolicoeur
NEW YORK — “Hold up, this is the end of the world, this can’t be my life.” What began in disbelief for Aube Jolicoeur has rapidly coalesced into unshakeable conviction. Quaint as it sounds a mere two months later, those early days were something of a shock for the Haitian beauty. Aube once wore extensions in her hair, but never really received much in the way of interest as a model. Aube’s nascent career took a dramatic turn of fortune when she decided to cut her hair and wear it naturally. The resulting interest was nearly immediate. She booked the Marc Jacobs Spring 2018 runway show in September, which would be her first major show of many throughout the season. Bottega Veneta would later come, followed by Versace, Saint Laurent, Miu Miu, and others. Aube has been steady shooting ever since the season wrapped back in October and can look forward to bright future in an all new world. Aube was born the port town of Jacmel, Haiti. At the age of nine her father sent her to the United States where she spent much of her adolescence in the state of Kentucky. Three years ago she moved to New York, which she now considers home. Aube carries with her a strong sense of responsibility for her family back in Haiti, especially since her father passed away and that she is the oldest. That her career is taking off at this moment comes not only as a personal triumph, but also one she hopes can be a beacon for others. “The way my life is going right now, I don’t want it to go away,” says Aube. “The whole Haitian community depends on me...hopefully I can open doors for other Haitian models.” No question Aube will walk through plenty of doors and inspire even more to join her. Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Aube Jolicoeur”; Interview and video, Damien Neva at Next Management; Instant photography, Savi Designs; Model, Aube Jolicoeur.
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Esmerelda Seay-Reynolds on New York Fashion Week Fall 2014
NEW YORK — Esmerelda Seay-Reynolds (Next) speaks about her breakout first season, recent editorials in LOVE S/S 2014, and the upcoming Fall 2014 ready-to-wear season. This video was produced in cooperation with The Fashion Spot.
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Roger — Next Visits
NEW YORK — The streets are not exactly flooded with models this time of year like they are in late August and early September, but if you know where to look then there are models to be spotted as it is in fact Resort season. One such model who arrived in town last week and will be here for months to come is Roger. The Nashville native possesses a striking beauty that belies her otherwise unfussy nature — she is just as much at home vibing to the new Tyler, The Creator album as she is walking for the likes of Proenza Schouler and Marc Jacobs. On Thursday of last week Roger walked for Gucci and this morning once again for Marc Jacobs. Yesterday, however in between fittings Roger took the time to bring viewers along with her to Washington Square Park for the latest installment of Next Visits. On the day Roger was celebrating her 17th birthday and to mark the occasion she threw caution to the wind and ordered herself three hot dogs from a park vendor. Sadly for the birthday girl the park fare wasn’t up to scratch and she summarily binned the overpriced franks. The park itself, however was a charm. A seat on a shady bench from which to soak up cool spring breezes and live music by a nearby jazz trio provided the Roger a modicum of respite before inevitably her next appointment. This is the second installment of what will be a weekly series called Next Visits in which models, talent, and more take viewers to their favorite places. Credits include: Title, “Roger — Next Visits”; Interview and video, Damien Neva; Model, Roger; Location, Washington Square Park, New York NY.
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Next Questions — Nimue Smit
NEW YORK — Nimue Smit admits she is a somewhat of a nerd, her chief weakness being a soft spot for science fiction. Doubtless this admission will jeopardize any career aspirations the Dutch beauty has after she long ago catapulted her away into high fashion by way of a Prada campaign by Steven Meisel. There is something endearing about the manner in which Nimue owns up to this predilection of hers, as if it would be inconceivable that a recently graduated premedical university student from Holland like herself could possibly derive satisfaction from a genre currently in the clutches of a virulent Star Wars revival. What Nimue’s admission of course betrays is a passion and attention to detail that has served her well throughout a long career. That passion is more than evident in the Vogue Nederland cover story from this summer that she shot with Dutch photographer Marc de Groot. Nimue began shooting with de Groot at the age of 16 and all these years later was thrilled to travel to the Dutch island of Aruba off the coast of Venezuela for a weeklong shoot. Originally the story was meant to be 16 pages, but ended up being a full 28. Nimue believes this expansion was down to the sheer fun of the shoot, which helped create some truly extraordinary portraits. As if the shoot did not provide enough enjoyment, Nimue and crew dove into the sea and swam with flamingoes once they wrapped. Apart from modeling, Nimue is passionate about cooking healthy, which she enjoys doing at home for friends and family. Making traditionally prepared dishes more healthy, for example, by substituting vegetables for refined starches is something Nimue especially loves. This passion is also partly behind her involvement with Healthy Food Company, which is committed to making wholesome snack foods available to students and others across the Netherlands through the development, distribution, and stocking of its own proprietary vending machines. Was Nimue’s background in the hard sciences previously mentioned?! Beauty and intelligence wedded to a high work ethic are all part of what has made Nimue the successful model she is today. If Nimue is what a nerd looks like, then there might be hope yet. Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Nimue Smit”; Interview and video, Damien Neva; Model, Nimue Smit.
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Next Questions — Tessa Bruinsma
NEW YORK — Turn back the calendar to the beginning of 2015 right around the time when Gucci released its longtime creative director Frida Giannini and promoted from within its ranks Alessandro Michele to steer the ship into then uncharted waters. In those heady early days when the luxury brand was undergoing a massive creative overhaul right in the thick of it was Dutch model Tessa Bruinsma. “When you think about me starting modeling, I think of Gucci,” says Tessa who walked in Michele’s debut runway show for the house and then went on to feature in the corresponding advertising campaign by Glen Luchford. “Even before doing my first show with them I already was with the team busy to create the looks for a few weeks. I really got to know them and I’m really happy how it turned out.” As an admirer of the arts, Tessa found Michele’s new vision for the brand especially appealing and credits her early work with it as catalyzing her career into what it is today. Tessa hails from Utrecht in Holland, where she has a younger brother. Tessa’s mother and father both work in the field of environmental science, which is a something she sees herself one day studying. Tessa admits she was something of a rough-and-tumble girl growing up and remembers being drawn to playing football in the school yard or drawing with just about whatever she could use to make a mark on paper. Fashion was never anything that figured all too prominently in Tessa’s aspirations, but is a field she has grown to love now that she has found her place insided it. “There are thousands of girls [in the modeling industry], so you need to stand out,” says Tessa, who with a strong work ethic and refreshing sense of humor continues to distinguish herself in a saturated market place. Credits includes: Title, “Next Questions — Tessa Bruinsma”; Interview and video, Damien Neva at Next Management; Model, Tessa Bruinsma.
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Fall 2016 Women’s Calvin Klein Collection
NEW YORK — These days catching sight of Abbey Lee either requires strategic position on the red carpet or tickets to the cinema, rising movie star that she is. Thursday afternoon at Spring Studios for the Fall 2016 women’s Calvin Klein Collection runway show, however provided an occasion to see a most breathtaking Abbey Lee back in a high fashion setting, this time as a front row VIP. Before the show, however Abbey could be seen backstage unflinchingly recording in one take a Snapchat for the social media app’s brand ambassador after a request was made. On the runway a trio of models including Ruby Aldridge, Caroline Reagan, and Wangy featured, the former making a most dramatic return and looking every bit the Calvin model she is. Credits include: Client, Calvin Klein; Collection, Fall 2016 Women’s Calvin Klein Collection; Clothing design, Francisco Costa; Styling, Camilla Nickerson; Hair, Guido Palau; Makeup, Pat McGrath; Casting, Maida & Rami; Video, Damien Neva at Next Management.
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Next Questions — Ali Michael
NEW YORK — “In this business and in life in general you actually have to have a sense of humor,” says Ali Michael. “You definitely can’t take anything personally...if somebody doesn’t like your face, laugh about it, and hope that somebody else won’t hate your face later. That’s all you can do.” Ali speaks with authority on this subject, she’s after all been modeling before media was ever even social. That her career has extended far beyond the modeling infancy of her teenage years is a testament to Ali’s timelessness and canny ability at reinvention. Hailing from Gravevine, Texas in the suburban Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex, Ali was not given much hope at making it modeling, let alone high fashion. “I was told I would never be able to do runway shows in Texas,” to wit Ali figured anywhere outside of Texas would be all the more improbable. How wrong she was! Ali would walk in New York for Marc Jacobs in her first season, which culminated in her show opener for Alber Elbaz’s Lanvin. This moment was to set the tone for Ali, which was proof positive that she indeed was to have a career beyond the Lone Star State. Over the years Ali would go on to shoot with photographers Mario Sorrenti, Patrick Demarchelier, David Sims, and more. Ali has also appeared in major advertising campaigns for amongst others Calvin Klein, Lanvin, and Coach. Fast forward another decade and Ali has a steady stream of editorials that are seeing the light of day including a recent Document story by Mario Sorrenti, with others to follow. Ali also appears in a music video for The xx song “On Hold” directed by Alasdair McLellan, which was shot in Marfa, Texas. In the video Ali plays a high school cheer leader, a role which she relished as the shoot occasioned her to attend an actual high school party for her first time ever. With a face and body that are clearly likable, Ali Michael is poised to enjoy a career that will flourish for many years to come. Visit alimichael.com. Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Ali Michael”; Interview and video, Damien Neva at Next Management; Model, Ali Michael.
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Next Questions — Caitie Greene
NEW YORK — “I guess I’m about to be super busy this summer,” understates Caitie Greene in this latest installment of Next Questions speaking about a certain May 2016 cover of Vogue Italia photographed by Steven Meisel. To celebrate the cover, the agency presented Caitie with a custom sheet cake with the cover photo rendered in icing! Committed vegan that she is, Caitie did not deign to take a bite, but all the same relished the occasion. Since Caitie’s first ever Vogue cover broke the other week she has kept a breathless schedule of appointments with a bevy of customers. Caitie’s career trajectory to date involves being scouted on Christmas Eve in a Target by Jeff and Mary Clarke of Mother Model Management, walking in a handful of runway shows including the likes of Gucci and Stella McCartney, and now landing one of the most coveted covers in high fashion. The pace has been dizzying, but throughout Caitie has kept her resolve and is setting her sights on ever bigger prizes. “It’s kind of changing my perspective of the world too, especially moving to a whole new city, doing something I never thought I would do...it’s really life changing in the way that it changes your brain almost.” Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Caitie Greene”; Interview and video, Damien Neva; Model, Caitie Greene.
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Charlie Paille — Model Turned Clothing Designer
NEW YORK — Charlie Paille has been modeling professionally for four years and as far back as she can remember has had a keen interest in how clothes are designed and produced. Charlie started making her own clothes at an early age and eventually studied fashion design at Collège LaSalle in Montréal, where she later graduated. Charlie's career as a model and lifelong student of design converged in dramatic fashion during an eyeopening year she spent working as a fitting model for Francisco Costa, the Women's Creative Director of Calvin Klein Collection. Day after day Charlie savored every moment spent working in the Brazilian designer's studio, whose exacting processes from pattern to runway she studied eagerly. Today, Charlie works out of her Greenwich Village studio on pieces for herself and close friends. Charlie's creative process is no mere conceptual exercise, but in fact is focused on output. In particular, a garment's wearability is immensely important to Charlie. "I go to the fabric store and I touch [the fabric] and feel it and I just close my eyes and I can imagine the clothes right away." Charlie is steadily creating more and more pieces as the weeks tick by and aspires to one day create an entire collection. She also sees herself collaborating with other designers. Either scenario or even both are plausible for so clearly a talented model turned designer that is Charlie Paille.
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Next Questions — Arthur Kulkov
NEW YORK — Arthur Kulkov is busy these days. The second collection of his lifestyle brand / between rivers / is nearing the final production stages before it is publicly available. This has meant travel and daily communication with the producers in Portugal, both of which Arthur likens to childrearing. “That brand is my baby now. Every day you have to feed it, pamper it, take care of it.” Like a proud father, Arthur sees this brand as his future, one which is borne out of decade of modeling at the highest levels working for Tommy Hilfiger and landing numerous magazine covers of GQ and Details. Born in Mezhdurechensk in the center of Russia, which borders Kazakhstan and Mongolia, Arthur emigrated to the United States in 1997. He grew up in Brooklyn, where he eventually attended St. Francis College to study marketing. Throughout his youth and to this day, Arthur has played football (soccer) and once harbored dreams of playing professionally as a center back. That a storied modeling career instead flourished is no mere consolation. Arthur still trains and plays on a regular basis to stay fit and at 34-years-old is in his prime as male model just at the time when most professional footballers are winding down their careers. What is more, Arthur will make it to the 2018 World Cup in his native Russia after having won a lottery to purchase a ticket to the semifinal match in Moscow. Until next summer, Arthur relishes settling into the swing of things having singed with Next Management in New York, oh, and nurturing affectionately the baby he calls / between rivers/. Credits include: Title, “Next Question — Arthur Kulkov”; Interview and video, Damien Neva at Next Management; Model, Arthur Kulkov.
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Louis Vuitton Autumn / Winter 2016
PARIS — The finish line for the ready-to-wear season is in touching distance and yet unreachable unless through the obligatory passage point that is the Louis Vuitton runway show, which as ever was staged Wednesday morning on the outskirts of the French capital at Foundation Louis Vuitton. Walking for Nicolas Ghesquière were 10 models from across the Next network including Odette Pavlova, Lorena Maraschi, Alanna Arrington, Erika Linder, Tamy Glauser, Lina Hoss, Julie Hoomans, Lineisy Montero, Selena Forrest, and Sandra Schmidt. Set to the the 1978 tune of Lou Reed’s “Street Hassle,” there was an expectant air about about the runway show, which included 52 total looks. Truth be told, however there was also a steel about the collection and the runway with its shattered glass columns that the string arrangements completely belied. The view backstage was a mixture of excitement and disbelief. Alanna was “pretty excited” and Vuitton regular Erika was plain gobsmacked professing to believe she as in “[outer] space.” Whatever the case, Wednesday morning proved a fine way to begin the season’s ultimate final lap. Credits include: Client, Louis Vuitton; Collection, Women’s Ready-To-Wear Autumn / Winter 2016; Clothing design, Nicolas Ghesquière; Styling, Marie Amélie Sauvé; Hair, Paul Hanlon; Makeup, Pat McGrath; Casting, Ashley Brokaw; Music direction, Michel Gaubert; Video, Damien Neva at Next Management.
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Next Questions — Estella Brons
NEW YORK — “When I was young, I never liked my eyebrows,” says Estella Brons, who admits to a phase of overly aggressive plucking as an early teenager. The results were less than satisfactory, however. Estella would eventually swing to another extreme by letting her eyebrows grow out naturally. It was not until she began modeling a couple years ago that Estella would find the right balance working with a professional who would give her full-volume brows definition. The rest is history. Estella’s eyebrows have gone on to become something of a signature look for the Dutch beauty, prompting Vogue to hail her as the “new eyebrow spirit animal” of its readers. The role suits Estella just fine, especially as she rises through the modeling ranks of high fashion working for the likes of Prada and more. Estella’s rising stature has not gone unnoticed. In late April in fact Estella was fêted by illustrator Sean Ryan, creator of Badly Drawn Models. Not surprisingly her eyebrows were given prominence. Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Estella Brons”; Interview and video, Damien Neva at Next Management; Model, Estella Brons.
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