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How to bottle up KOMBUCHA
Items needed for kombucha; 1 1/2 gal glass Jar Cloth & Rubberband 1 SCOBY 1 1/2 GAL Of Filtered WATER 5-7 TEA BAGS 1 Cup of Cane SUGAR 1 Cup of Kombucha starter
My First "Fairy Garden"
Creating a fairy garden for the First time :) Materials used ; Fairy House, 3 Fairy figurines, one on a unicorn, one on a swing & one sitting on a tree stump, purchased at Big Lots :) 3 plants, 3 pc. Table & chairs, White Sand, Rocks, Moss and a 19" wide, 7" deep planter! Fairies and supplies can be found at Myfairygarden.com
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Preparing Shade Corner Garden
Putting a corner garden in for shade plants and dug up a huge stone, that was covering a hidden, brick layed rectangular whole under my garden spot.stayed tuned for Part 2, finishing my corner shade garden. Plants Iam using are: HEUCHERA- Coral Bells Jacob's Ladder, LADY FERN, Bleeding Heart, Astilbe's, Hosta's & Chives.
Flower Arrangement~Dianthius, Pansies & Creeping Jenny
Planting a flower arrangement in a decorative tricycle, kidding A perennial Dianthus , that can be planted in a garden area after warm season is over. Also using purple & lavender Pansies with trailing Creeping Jenny. Finished arrangement will be shown in another video coming up in UPDATE of What's Growing On!
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Deco Mesh Bumble Bee Wreath Completed!
My Bumble Bee Wreath is finished...yay! Items used: 18" wreath frame and 18 black, pipe cleaners from Walmart. Following item from Craft Outlet 21" Black poly mesh 10 yards 10" Poly Burlap Check Mesh 4 rolls Ribbon------------- cut 13" each 2 1/2 " yellow & black plaid ribbon 1 1/2" Daisy print on black ribbon 1 1/2" Big Polka Dot, yellow & black 1 1/2" white Satan bumblebee ribbon 15" Wooden Sign: Bumblebee Welcome One metal bumblebee ; Dollar General 2 LG Red Rose's- Walmart
Canadaway Creek, Nov.27, 2017
Day after Thanksgiving. It sure was roaring! My back yard
Christmas living room Tour 2018
A tour of my living room decor, Christmas Eve 2018
Homestead Homie Shirt & What's growing on!
Practice video, sharing my Homestead Homie Shirt. And a few starter seeds indoor growing for my "new" garden 2018.
Easy, Homemade Organic Toothpaste in a jar ♡ Cheap!
Sorry Guys, this video got rudely interrupted! Here I show you how to make safe, cheap toothpaste right out of your products used from most kitchens,,,so, Get rid of the harmful pastes in a tube and start makeing your own toothpaste.
Spring preparing for 1st Crop Gardens of 2018(part 2) Thanks for watching, see you soon in my next F
Continuing of me trying to prepare my raised bed containers.
My beautiful Pomeranian ♡ Sarene'na
2016 Walk to the Creek
Making Kombucha
What you will need to make your very own Kombucha; 1 SCOBY 1 1/2 - 2 GALLON JAR 6-7 TEA BAGS 1 CUP SUGAR BRING WATER to fill JAR to a boil Steep TEA BAGS, then remove teabags ADD 1 CUP SUGAR & STIR PLACE SCOBY IN PREPARED TEA COVER JAR with breathable cloth Place in an out of the way spot Kombucha should be ready in about 10 Days. Bottle up and store in fridge ENJOY
Tabouli Salad, stuffed Pita Pocket
Ingredients : 1& 1/2 Cup Bulger Wheat 1& 1/2 Cup water 1 Cup each of Red bell pepper, Yellow bell pepper, Green bell pepper 1 Cup Black Olives 1 Cucumber 1 Tomatoe 1 Cup Chick Peas Dressing: 1/4 - 1/2 Cup Olive oil 1 Lemon 15 mints leaves
Preparing for Monarch Butterfly, release?
Was going to release my butterfly that I raised from egg, it wasn't quite ready to go yet, so Mom says😉also a reuniting with (Tabby) the Missing tiger kitten. I think she wandered after her momma cat.
Dandelion Salad topped with Redbud
preparing dandelion greens and flower heads with nasturtium leaves, violas & Redbud salad with Chives..all foraged from right out my back door. may of 2018
Spring preparing for 1st Crop Gardens of 2018(part 1)
It happened again, my camera ran out of storage room. Sorry for the rude cut off :(Time for me to learn editing and get a new Sims card & maybe hire a camera man/women...lol
Blustery Day in Western N.Y.
Another test video trying to learn editing and add music. Trial & Error...April 4th 2018. Very windy like 60 mile an hour winds.I wanted to send video's to family and friends and this was the only way to share them. So,,,I decided to put them on YouTube..lol.
First sighting of Momma Cat, May
This was the first day I saw momma cat, she had the black kitten in her mouth to move them from under my back deck. Where she transported them to the back of neighbors garage under car parts. So I grabbed my phone camera and filmed her to find that there was four baby kittens.
Capturing a rainbow and a quick peek at Monarch Butterfly Waystation
Tried to capture a rainbow and It shows up a little bit. Also a showing of my monarch butterfly Waystation Garden. While filming I spotted a full stage caterpillar that is very ready to go into it's Chrysalis. So ,,I removed part if the milkweed plant to bring it inside safe from predators. Sorry for the cut off of video, been having camera difficulties. Stay tuned for part 2 of my first new found caterpillar on my very own newly planted milkweed plant.
The Beautiful creation of the Monarch Butterfly (Part 2)
Monarch caterpillar has journeyed up his , or her cage to prepare it's spot to attach itself with it's incredible silk spun button that he will then turn around to attach itself to that button, then finally will hang , head down, in a "J" shape. And will stay like this for about 14 hrs. Stay tuned for part 3 as it starts it's process of the pupa completion where it will then be a beautiful Jade color with gold trim.
The Chrysalis of Monarch Caterpillar to a Beautiful Jade color with Gold Trim
The caterpillar will appear to unzip it's skin and the pale green pupa will become exposed. Once the first crack in the caterpillar's skin appears, it takes about 5-7 minutes. The monarch pupa will continue to change by whirling and twirling in it's "pupa dance" When the process is complete, the pupa will be a beautiful Jade color with gold trim.
Over The River & Through The Woods to an Abandoned Cabin We Go/ 2017
Taking a hike out back along Canada Way Creek, to an abandoned hunting cabin. This was recorded in 2017 the day before Thanksgiving. With my fur baby, Sarene'na and long time friend, like a sister, Sue. Was done in mind in dedication to Off Grid w/ Doug & Stacy. Field Trip Friday, in Fredonia.
Foraging Redbuds, Dandelions & Viola's
Collecting a few edible flowers to add to my salad. The plant growing up the corner and all through the rocks just under the hummingbird feeder is called EUPHORBIA. It is an herb.The growth above ground is used to make medicine. It is used for breathing disorders including asthma, bronchitis and chest congestion, also used for mucus in the nose and throat spasms, hayfever & tumors.The clover like plant with the 3 heart shaped leaves that has a sour , taste to it is WOOD SORREL, Though I think the plant that I last showed you that I was so excited to try was a Columbine plant and the flowers and leaves are edible as well.
Plants prepared for Window Boxes / Front Porch
Iam going to be Planting up 4 Flower window boxes for my front porch, using Yellow & White Wave Petunia's, Coleus, Dusty Miller, Starlight Rose Zinnia's & Sweet Potato Vine. Also planted 3 Endless Summer(Bloomstruck) Hydrangea bushes; the one-of -a- kind reblooming garden Hydrangea that blooms spring to fall, year after year! And an update on my Corner Shade Garden, that I just love 😀