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Leather and Lace - Harlee and Tim Hewitt (cover)
The first of many songs to come that i recorded with my talented daughter.
Views: 305 Tim Hewitt
Bryan Adams - Brand New Day (Cover)
..song off the newest Bryan Adams album...actually made a makeshift video after i recorded the vocals on this for fun so its not so boring to listen to my songs :)
Views: 1520 Tim Hewitt
Heart to Heart - Kenny Loggins (cover)
Kenny Loggins tune that was co-written with Michael McDonald....had to record this..classic jam
Views: 1194 Tim Hewitt
I Got You Babe - Harlee and Tim Hewitt (cover)
Did this one specifically for my Mother...she actually has heard of this song :)
Views: 896 Tim Hewitt
Still They Ride (cover)
Cover of a classic Journey song..this is second upload...had an issue...so i remixed and uploaded it again :)
Views: 522 Tim Hewitt
Tim Hewitt - The Flame (cover)
At the request of my friend, Beth Warsen, i recorded this Cheap Trick song for her and her husband Mike's Anniversary. Hope you like it Mike and Beth!!
Views: 173 Tim Hewitt
Harlee sings at school
Harlee singing at Booker T Washingtons Home Coming Coronation Ceremony
Views: 148 Tim Hewitt
Tim Hewitt - One More Try (cover)
My 2nd attempt at a George Michaels song. Great tune.
Views: 132 Tim Hewitt
Bryan Adams - You Belong To Me (Cover)
another song off of the "Get Up" album by Mr Bryan Adams...its a toe-tapper....super fun to sing and i like the sentiment.
Views: 3894 Tim Hewitt
Journey - After All These Years (cover)
made this video for my parents 57th wedding anniversary. I sang the lead and backing vocal parts.
Views: 293 Tim Hewitt
Honesty - Tim Hewitt (cover)
Billy Joel...i'm a fan..loved singing this song.
Views: 309 Tim Hewitt
How Much I Feel - Tim Hewitt (cover)
Forgot how much i loved this band (Ambrosia) This is the first of a couple i will record. So groovy :)
Views: 285 Tim Hewitt
Hot Girls in Love - (cover)
Loverboy...yep. Actually among others...Mike Reno was one of my early vocal influences. He's got serious pipes!!
Views: 473 Tim Hewitt
If You Don't Know Me By Now - Tim Hewitt (cover)
Little diddy by Simply Red..well their version of it. A cover of a cover. :)
Views: 77 Tim Hewitt
Tim Hewitt - "Overjoyed" (cover)
My 2nd attempt at a Stevie Wonder song.
Views: 128 Tim Hewitt
How Long - Tim Hewitt (cover)
Great song by Paul Carrack. I changed up some things a little but not too much.
Views: 109 Tim Hewitt
Send Her My Love (Journey cover)
I remember auditioning for a band back in the early 90's with this song..one of my fav Journey tunes
Views: 319 Tim Hewitt
Journey - "Patiently"  (Cover)
Old school Journey...loved recording this one :)
Views: 97 Tim Hewitt
One Night Love Affair (cover)
Brian Adams is my favorite Canadian....well ok maybe 3rd. :) He has so many cool tunes...didnt want to do the obvious ones
Views: 410 Tim Hewitt
Toto - Rosanna (Cover)
Iconic group....iconic song.
Views: 649 Tim Hewitt
Tim Hewitt - Almost Paradise (cover)
Finally got to record with my buddy and stupid talented friend Mike Wilson...we did this song as a goof one night at Karaoke...decided to record it for fun.
Views: 222 Tim Hewitt
Goo Goo Dolls - IRIS (Cover)
great song by the Goo Goo Dolls...so much a deeper song than one might think
Views: 66 Tim Hewitt
Tim Hewitt - The Christmas Song (cover)
"THE" Christmas classic...Nat King Cole..no one better. My first attempt at this style..be kind :)
Views: 105 Tim Hewitt
Tim Hewitt - "Missing You" (cover)
One of my favorite songs by John Waite...alot harder to sing than most realize.
Views: 141 Tim Hewitt
Like a Star - Tim Hewit (cover)
A killer song by Corinne Bailey Rae. Have always loved her...actually heard this song on the radio the other day and had to record it. Tasty.
Views: 139 Tim Hewitt
Lido Shuffle (cover)
Boz Scaggs classic...one my favs of his...ya just cant help but tap ur toes and sing along on this one
Views: 137 Tim Hewitt
INXS - Afterglow (cover)
This song is post Michael Hutchence..LOVE this song...so haunting. I haven't really stretched my lower register..this one does it.
Views: 162 Tim Hewitt
I'll Always Be Right There - Tim Hewitt (cover)
Bryan Adams...great song writer...great song for the lovebirds. I love singing his songs.
Views: 114 Tim Hewitt
When I See You Smile cover
I posted this song earlier..but the vocals seemed buried..so i re-mastered and here it is.
Views: 184 Tim Hewitt
Happy Birthday Harlee!! (Isn't She Lovely - Stevie Wonder-cover)
A Happy 18th Birthday to my daughter, Harlee!! I recorded this song because i have always thought of it since the day she was born. THE song to convey how Daddy's feel about their baby girls.
Views: 237 Tim Hewitt
Tim Hewitt - Wild World (cover)
Great old Cat Stevens song that Mr. Big did a cover of and made "re-famous". Love this version..Love Mr. Big!!
Views: 89 Tim Hewitt
U2 - Pride (Cover)
With the civil unrest recently...this just seemed an appropriate song for me to record.
Views: 151 Tim Hewitt
Voodoo Crush @ Sidelines
Some clips of my longest running cover band (11 yrs), Voodoo Crush. Playing at Sidelines Sports Bar and Grill in Tulsa Ok. 2010-ish
Views: 151 Tim Hewitt
Stop Dragging My Heart Around - Harlee and Tim Hewitt (cover)
Harlee loves Stevie Nicks...so HAD to do this one.
Views: 205 Tim Hewitt
Bryan Adams - Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman (Cover)
One of my favorite Bryan Adams songs.
Views: 1383 Tim Hewitt
Why Cry (Panic Channel cover)
this song is by Panic Channel..Dave Nevaro's solo project a few years back....great album if you ever get a chance.
Views: 77 Tim Hewitt
I can't make you love me cover
A classic...this song is great...i was stoked when i found this track to sing to. Actually proud of this one :)
Views: 184 Tim Hewitt
Nothing Compares to You (cover) Kathryn Stefanic
Kathryn Stefanic doing a cover of the Chris Cornell version.
Views: 73 Tim Hewitt
Rock Me Tonight (cover)
Who doesn't like Billy Squier?!! Fun song to record!!
Views: 195 Tim Hewitt
Difficult Kind (cover)
My good friend Peter Crane and I decided to record this Sheryl Crow song. Its the first time we have recorded anything together in like 20 years. Pete did all the music and i recorded all the vocals.
Views: 133 Tim Hewitt
Holly Jolly Christmas - Tim Hewitt (cover)
Another Christmas song i recorded..fun stuff!!
Views: 53 Tim Hewitt
Suspicions - (cover)
Great old song. The track i used is the Tim McGraw version.
Views: 93 Tim Hewitt
She Will Be Loved cover
Have always loved this song...i purchasd the track off of Karaoke-Version and recorded the vocals
Views: 125 Tim Hewitt
Permanent - Tim Hewitt (cover)
Recorded this haunting song by David Cook with some dear friends in mind whose family member is battling Cancer.
Views: 163 Tim Hewitt
Tim Hewitt - When I Was Your Man (Cover)
Great Bruno Mars song...i did my best...i mean c'mon..its Bruno :)
Views: 205 Tim Hewitt
George Michaels - Careless Whisper (Cover)
great 80's slow jam by Mr. Michaels. One of the most underrated vocalist in my opinion
Views: 205 Tim Hewitt
Little River Band - Reminising (cover)
LRB.....great stuff...singing this song takes me to a different place and time
Views: 133 Tim Hewitt
Vendetta - The Night
This is one of the original bands that i was in...circa 1990 (approx)....based in Dallas TX. We recorded a 4 song demo in Crystal Clear Studios. This is my favorite track.
Views: 71 Tim Hewitt
White Christmas - Tim Hewitt (cover)
My second attempt at "crooning" a Christmas song. Based loosely on the Michael Buble' version.
Views: 154 Tim Hewitt
Blue On Black - Tim Hewitt (cover)
Great Kenny Wayne Sheppard tune. Had to channel my inner Barry White for this one...its about at the bottom of my vocal range. :)
Views: 84 Tim Hewitt

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