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Honda Ruckus Off-Road Trail Riding in WI
My friend and I went trail riding in Lena, WI. It takes a minute for him to find me, I hit some nice swamp land and test the limits of the Ruckus
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Honda Ruckus Makes Own Trails
Here's one I forgot about from last summer's trips to Lena, WI to go off-roading on his family's land. There are awesome trails already there, but I decided to pave a new one:)
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360 tire-tap on my 1987 Haro Master
Me putzin' up a pop 360 by the garage of hell on a 1987 Haro Master I brought back to life. FUCKITTY FUCK YAH!!!!
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Raging Bull roller coaster ride
The Raging Bull at Six Flags in Illinois.
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The 81 Honda pa50 had a good run.
I fired it up ther other day just to take it around the boulevard and low an behold a cop pulled a u-turn and started heading toward my 2004 moped plate, or so I thought. Regardless, it spooked me and I just dont need some more bullshit to pile onto all the other bullshit. Then Id have to buy warning lights for low flying planes and all that that goes with it. Fuckit, $370 and one of the most attractive girls Ive met in a long time bought it for campus.
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Honda Ruckus Plowing Thru Snow
I started the Ruckus and couldn't resist the urge to take it thru a little snow.
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Honda Ruckus+Wisconsin Winter=Minimal to Zero Fun
Fact:Wisconsin winter sucks. Ya, I live here, I should expect it, I do, but what the hell is the point of dealing with it when there's sunny California out West. Some day.
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Sticking the Bongos
When it comes to drums, I prefer to use sticks, NOT, my hands. So after some thought, I gave it a go.
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Dangerous moments with Bob Vila
I kicked Vila off the set and got so steamed I started shaking hands with danger. Vila tried to sneak back on set through the back. Lost and confused like always, Vila stumbled onto the "7th Heaven, We're Back, We're Pissed" reunion show during an already underway fist fight between Matt and Lucy VS The Last Wish Kids(Cancer ridden children that are 90% dead) and got severly beaten by Annie's dad when he rose from the dead to get a McDouble)
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Ruckus night ride down Riverside.
Down Riverside Drive, turn at the old APAC, and maximum acceleration up to Jeff's rezidence.
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Honda PA50 small talk, a brief moment with Operation Ivy, then wide-open
First day I popped the choke and 2 pedals later gas met spark, and they hung out with air and hauled some ass. Then I drive out of the picture for a minute and leave you with Operation Ivy via cassette, a thing happened, then I come back for the quick walk-around.
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Honda 300EX BackFlip
This is the guy I rescued my "new" Honda from. Throttle Bottom!
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First After Hours Jam in 7 Years
Music by Jeff, Raggy, and myself. The first time we jammed in 6-7 years.
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Humid Day, Fast as Hell Honda
It's fast :)
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RUCKUS OFF-ROAD IN "The Ruckus, off-road".
Featuring me and my 07 Honda ruckus, I venture into the lands of the off-road and have crazy little adventures with my pals, Sewage Steve and Shitty Bill.(not shown, EVER!!!)
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Honda Ruckus Roostin'
Seeing as it wasn't -17 degrees outside for once, I uncovered the Ruck and after some negotiating with the Kickstarter(ONLY issue I've ever had with this beast,I put on 5000 miles in 3 years), it gave way and the Ruck-O was purring like the mountain lion it is. I couldn't resist the Roost. Well, Ride On.
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Honda Ruckus VS Lena Pipeline July 30 2011 100 degrees in the shade
Zip, boom , bop......WARNING: EXTREME HEAT AND GODDAM HORSEFLIES....THOSE GODDAM HORSEFLIES AND THEIR STUPID BUZZING...it;s totally worth it, but you are NOT allowed here, there, grannys underwear....that's how I want my burger motherfucka!!!!
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Honda Ruckus in Janda woods
Ruckus madness. Not really:)
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Unlucky drummer has floor fall out beneath him(BLOODY)
I hadn't played for a few weeks. So I played.
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Well hello out there.
aw hell
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BMX inspired PA50 endo action.
Andy films and I took a shot in the dark, literally, and almost rolled out of a front-brake levered endo. I'll get the roll-out soon I'm guessing:)
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Honda Fun
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Long Skid to Concrete
I fired out this long carving skid on the wet concrete and lost control of the situation quickly.....
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old school 360s
bmx action
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BMX 360 still spinnin at 32
Mwa doing my first 360 on a BMX bike in over a year or two. It felt pretty cool to know it's still a possibility
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Backyard Celebration.with Mr. Seyler
Peter Cottontail becomes the prize of the day.
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Guitar whatnot.
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The Jam Room June 25 2013
Rock N Roll outlaws
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The Batman Experience
I filmed the Batman ride at Six Flags yesterday.
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Honda PA50 Ride-Along
Honda PA50, summer, and some parking lot action.
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Honda Ruckus Trail Riding
Me riding my Ruck thru Green Isle park in the A.M.
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Ruckus, industrial exploration
The Ruckus on a fine Sunday morning. Brought to you by Hall & Oates.
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Front row on American Eagle
Filmed the ride at Six Flags. Went the quality route and waited for the front row seat. What an old rickety son of a bitch!
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More Music After Hours
More music. More music.
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Music After Hours
Jeff and myself jammin in the ol' band room once again:)
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Drumming for nothin
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The Ruckus in Lena, WI
Me navagating the Ruckus through some uncharted field in Lena, WI.
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"Ruckus on Ice"
Cabin Fever takes over and I get my one minute thrill. OF COURSE the AWESOME neighbors flip on half the lights and get all excited over this. I am their only excitement. Pretty sad.
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