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ENAT/ALF Alta runway 29 arrival
A quick description of the arrival pattern for the Alta Airport (ENAT/ALF) runway 29. EDIT: As of the 28th of August 2008, there is a new arrival procedure available. The old procedure remains the more commonly used procedure, as the new procedure requires special permission.
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Paragliding July 4th, 2013, at Laudunfjellet
New day, new adventure. I had already done a quick 3-minute glide, and this was my 2nd flight of the day. Since there weren't enough time left to land and climb back up for a 3rd flight before going home and preparing for work, I decided to make the most out of the one flight I knew I could get. Listen closely, and you might be able to hear the happy beeps of my Vario/Altimeter as I climb... Sadly, the video file from the GoPro ends after 32 minutes of flight, so that is all I have. But I do have some stats from the flight: - Starting altitude: 490 meters above sea level (ASL) - Maximum altitude: 663 meters ASL ... the road below is at approx. 330 meters ASL. You do the math... - Max/min climb rate: 1.23 / -2.85 m/s over 60s - Best distance over 5 points: 4.8 km
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Paragliding June 16, 2013, at Laudunfjellet
After a good forward start from Laudunfjellet (Laudun mountain), I try to see if there is a possibility that I might be able to hang alongside the mountain, but there just isn't enough wind for it today. Maybe next time. After landing, I'm running a little to reach a more suitable place for packing... The start isn't in the video, I keep forgetting to activate the GoPro before takeoff. At least I'm not forgetting the basic preflight checks (helmet, equipment inspection, harness, wind, traffic)... Anyone notice that I keep grabbing the raisers? Yeah, I'm working on getting rid of that habit. In my defense, I'm only a student pilot, and this was my 23'rd flight.
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