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How to pay an online invoice from PayPal with a Credit / Debit card
You can pay your online invoice when we email you with PayPal, or you can pay the invoice with a credit or debit card. Here is a short video on how to do the transaction online. You can visit our website here: www.inflateonline.com. Transcription: Hi, this is Kimberly from Inflate Online. This is a quick video to show you how to make a payment when you receive an invoice from Inflate Online. Ok, let's get started. You'll be receiving your invoice through email. When you receive the email, it'll say you have received an invoice from Affordable Moonwalk Rentals Inc. This is our parent company. Click here, and on this screen you'll see the total amount due and the date that it is due. To view and pay your invoice, click here. This screen is going to show you your invoice details. It'll show you the description of the items that you purchased, the quantity, and the price. Check everything and make sure it's correct before making your payment. If there are any discrepancies, please give us a call and we'll be happy to make any corrections needed. If everything is correct, click pay now. Ok, this screen is going to give you the option to log in to your PayPal account. The reason that you would log into your PayPal account is if you would like to use that account to make your payment. If you would prefer to pay with a debit or credit card, just go right down here and click. This screen will allow you to put in your debit card information, credit card information, or PayPal credit special offer. Enter all of your information here and then click review and continue, and this is where you'll submit your payment. Thank you.
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How we make our giant inflatable advertising balloon at Inflate Online
At Inflate Online, we make our giant advertising rooftop balloons in the USA. We are located in Covington, GA, 45 mins east of Atlanta. We stock different size balloons and custom make to your specifications if needed. http://www.advertisingballoonsforsale.com/balloons.html
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What's the difference? - Our different sandbags
See a comparison of our different sandbag options. You can learn more about our sandbags here: http://www.advertisingballoonsforsale.com/repairs.html Transcription: Hey guys this is Seth with inflateonline.com and this video is just going to be about our sandbags and the different models that we have. So first up, we have the econo model and as you can see you have the two inch velcro that opens up and you put your pea gravel or sand. You can use either pea gravel or sand in any of these models. So your sand or pea gravel goes in there you seal it right there. And then on this side you have your D ring to anchor the unit down. Now this one right here is not great for transporting. It will transport but you're just going to have to pick it up all the way around, like that, and it's going to be heavy. So if you have a indoor facility or you have a unit that does not travel very much and you can just lay this down this si perfect for that. Or if you're on a budget. Again this is our econo model. Next we have the premium model which is right here. This one's a little bit nicer. Two inch velcro opens up and you put the contents in there. And then right here you can see we have the two inch strap and a D ring for strapping your unit to it. This is also not, again, great for travel. But it's a little bit nicer than the econo. So if you do have somewhere, like an indoor facility, this will be perfect for that. Or delivery, or anything like that. Then our last model is the premium. This is by far the nicest. As you can see it's double stitched. Two inch velcro opens up and then you also have a strap right here that pulls tight to make sure that this is not going to open up at all. So it can be moved around and you don't have to worry about this slowly opening up. The strap is going to protect that. Also, you have carrying straps right here for trasporting the unit. So if you have deliveries, this is perfect for deliveries. You can grab one in each arm, take it all the way down to the delivery put it down on the floor, and whenever you're done pick it back up and take it again. Again, premium is perfect for transporting. All of these are very well made. So just go to www.inflateonline.com to order. We have them all in stock. If you order from us we'll be sure to get them to you as soon as we possibly can. So please feel free to go to www.inflateonline.com to order any of these models. We have all of them in stock. We have live chat on the website. You can also contact us by email or by phone. Whichever is easiest for you. Please also stay tuned for more videos and don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe to this video so that we can make more videos to help you in the future. Thank you.
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How to setup Dancing Man Advertising Inflatable
In this video we share an easy step-by-step tutorial on how to set up an air dancer. It's easy and you can have a sky guy set up and ready to go at your place of business or party within minutes. We also have many other advertising inflatables for sale on our website including rooftop balloons, themed balloons, and custom sky guys. Buy our Wavy Man Dancing Guy at http://www.InflateOnline.com Transcription: All right guys we made you this short video to show you how to operate one of our sky guys. The first thing you do is you open it up and take it out of the bag, and once it's out of the bag you find the velcro base. Once you find the velcro base you're just going to just velcro it to the velcro around the blower. You want to make sure that the velcro is very smooth around the blower. You don't want any- where it's got gaps and it's folded over just make sure it's nice smooth and tight and it goes all the way around. Once it's on the blower you want to inspect and make sure that nothing around the blower. Once the sky guy is up you don't want to hit anything like trees and cars because it will shorten the life of the sky guy after a while. And once it's on, you turn it on. And that is one of our sky guys. Takes about a minute to set up.
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How to set up an advertising inflatable dancing tube
Here's an easy step-by-step tutorial on how to set up one of our sky guys. In just minutes you can easily set up an advertising air dancer sky tube at your place of business or party. See our inventory of low cost advertising outdoor inflatable dancing tubes: http://www.InflateOnline.com.
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Bloopers - How to set up a Wavy Wacky Inflatable One Arm Man
Bloopers and behind the scenes of our video shoot for how to set up a sky guy. Check out our website for custom sky guys, themed balloons, and other advertising inflatables. http://www.InflateOnline.com
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What is a Moonwalk Blower? - Inflate Online
Inflate Online sells many different blowers for your inflatables. This is our Kodiak 1hp blower, which we use to blow up all of our party inflatables and bounce houses. Check out our website for more information about our different blowers for sale: http://www.advertisingballoonsforsale.com/kodiak1.html Transcription: Hey guys this is Seth with www.inflateonline.com and today I was going to show you this blower right here. This is the KP-1 blower. I'm going to show you the specifics of this blower and walk you through it. So this particular blower right here is going to pull seven AMPs and a CFM of 1,170. It's going to blow up about 90% of the unit that you have. Slides, jumpers, things like that. It is very versatile, we use it to blow up our jumpers, slides, everything like that. I'm going to move it around so ya'll can get a good look at it. I do want to point out that we do have a handle on it for moving it to and from an event. And then it's also stackable. It's got ridges right here so you can stack five or six of them up at once. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment, live chat us on the website, give us a call or an email. Whatever you need to do to get in contact with us, and we'll see you in the next video.
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Inflate Online - Advertising Balloons for Sale - Advertising Inflatables
USA made advertising inflatables. Check out our website for our complete list of products and let us know if you have any questions. http://www.InflateOnline.com Some of the products we have include: Air dancers Sky tubes Rooftop/advertising balloons Themed balloons Inflatable gorilas Blowers Light kits Transcription: Hey guys, this is Jacob with Inflate Online. Inflate Online sells advertising inflatables. American made advertising inflatables. We're located in Atlanta Georgia and most of our inflatables ship out in one to two business days. Some of the inflatables we have are sky guys and sky tubes. Both sky guys and sky tubes are incredibly affordable ways to advertise your business. But if you want something bigger, we have rooftop balloons and also themed advertising balloons. The rooftop balloons are great because they are equipped for a banner, so you can advertise any kind of special event that you're hosting. They also have 16 tie down points around the balloon so you can safely secure it. Also they're ready for internal lighting and we sell light kits for the balloons so you can light it from the inside. And the bases are made out of 18 ounce vinyl. Which means that it's the same type of vinyl that is used for commercial grade party inflatables like bounce houses and water slides. We also sell accessories for inflatables like blowers. We have blowers both for the sky guys, sky tubes, and for the different advertising inflatables we sell. We also have hook stakes and tent stakes to secure the inflatables. If you can't stake the inflatables down we also sell sandbags, and we sell repair kits and patch kits for any inflatable damages you might have. If you have any questions about anything that we sell, please leave us a comment under the video. Also you can go to our website and live chat us. Or you can give us a phone call or send us an email. Our website is www.inflateonline.com. Also be sure to like us on Facebook to see our different information and promotions that we have. If you'd like to see more videos like this just hit subscribe and we'll see you in the next video.
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Outdoor Advertising Made in the USA
Do you have a storefront that needs increased visibility? Inflate Online manufactures high quality advertising inflatables. We're located east of Atlanta, Georgia, and we have fast production and fast shipping. Some of the items we sell are: Rooftop balloons Themed balloons Inflatable gorillas Sky Tubes Air Dancers We have much more on our website. You can see everything we have available here: http://www.advertisingballoonsforsale.com/ Transcription: Hi I'm Meagan. And I'm Jacob. Do you have a storefront? Do you need an increase in visibility of your storefront? Well Inflate Online sells affordable advertising inflatables. Some of the inflatables we sell are the giant rooftop balloons, themed balloons, anything from gorillas, dinosaurs, and more, and we also have the fly tube guys, and the sky tubes. If you'd like to see pictures of any of these products, just click this video and it'll take you to our website. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to give us a call or send us an email. Also fill our the catalog request form for a free catalog of our products.
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FOR SALE! 15' tall dynamite 'sale' advertising inflatable
This inflatable is for sale! It's in great condition and ready to ship. You can learn more about it here: https://www.advertisingballoonsforsale.com/as-dragon-18.html
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Inflate Online.com
At Inflate Online, we sell advertising inflatables like sky guys, sky tubes, giant gorillas, and advertising balloons. We have been manufacturing advertising inflatables in the US for over 10 years. We are located in Covington, Georgia. We sell new, custom, and used inflatable advertising, as well as accessories for advertising and party inflatables.
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Dancing sky guy- Imported Sky Guys from Inflate Online
We're selling durable China imported advertising flying tube men. We also sell custom made air dancers and sky tubes, as well as rooftop balloons and themed advertising inflatables. Check out our website for prices: http://www.advertisingballoonsforsale.com/18blimda.html Transcription: Hey guys this is one of our imported blue sky guys. It's a great sky guy and great quality. It's not as high of a quality as our USA manufactured sky guys but if you're on a budget this is a great sky guy. It's made out of rip stop nylon and it's really going to last you a while. It's super bright. Dances like that. Everybody's going to see it. It's a good guy. Check out our website. We've got him on there at a discounted price. Also check out our other advertising inflatables.
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FOR SALE! 18' giant inflatable dragon
This dragon advertising inflatable is in great condition and ready to ship. You can learn more about this inflatable here: https://www.advertisingballoonsforsale.com/as-dragon-18.html
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FOR SALE! 8' spiral advertising balloon
This balloon is in excellent condition and ready to ship. You can learn more about this inflatable and order it here: https://www.advertisingballoonsforsale.com/8spbaus.html
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20' Pink Gorilla Advertising Inflatable
Advertising inflatables are a great way to advertise your business, and a giant pink gorilla will attract the attention you need to your business. We are not limited to inflatable gorillas, though, we offer a wide variety of advertising inflatables such as rooftop balloons, sky tubes, air dancers, and much more! Check out our website for more information: http://affordablemoonwalk.com/KH_Pink_Gorilla.html
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New Giant 20' Inflatable Advertising Gorilla For Sale
For Sale: New 20' Giant Inflatable Gorilla. Draw attention to your business or event with this advertising inflatable. For more information and pricing, check out our website. http://www.advertisingballoonsforsale.com/20blackgorilla.html Transcription: This is one of our 20' tall gorillas. He is used but he's in great condition. We've got tie downs up top and over down so you can safely secure the unit. This is great if you're advertising your business for some type of special event. This thing looks awesome out by the street where everybody's going to see it. We do have a limited stock so make sure you give us a call as soon as possible.
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Inflate Online's 50' Inflatable Tube
Check out all of our advertising balloons! http://www.advertisingballoonsforsale.com/assgo15rtl.html http://www.advertisingballoonsforsale.com/assgo20rtl.html http://www.advertisingballoonsforsale.com/assgo25rtl.html http://www.advertisingballoonsforsale.com/assgo30rtl.html http://www.advertisingballoonsforsale.com
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Advertising Tube Men Blowers
Not sure which air dancer blower is the right fit for you? In this video we describe the differences in the two sky guy blowers that we sell. Both are great blowers, but watch the video to find out which one is perfect for you. Check out our website to purchase your blower: http://www.advertisingballoonsforsale.com/blowers.html Transcription: Hey again this is Seth with www.inflateonline.com and today I'm going to be comparing and showing ya'll the specs of these two blowers. These are our sky guys blowers. And we'll get into it real quick. So the main similarities between these blowers is that they're both vortex blowers. They both push out about 5,000 CFM a piece. Both of these blowers will work with any sky guy or sky tube that we have. They both have the velcro on the sides, and both are going to be perfect for you to use. The differences are that this one has rollers on the bottom and it's for flat surfaces. If you don't want to use the rollers, you can get away with putting it on the ground. But to get the rull vortex effect and the full CFM you're going to want to use the rollers. This model right here, if you have a pitched roof or uneven surface you can tilt this forward and backward and there is a locking mechanism here that locks it into place. So forward and backward to steer the sky guy into the wind. All right guys, so that's the comparison between our two sky guys. Again, the biggest difference is that this one is able to tilt. This one right here is going to save you a little bit of money so whichever you need. If you have any questions don't forget to send a comment to us. We have live chat on the website. Give us a call, email us, get in contact with us and we'll be sure to help you out. See you in the next video.
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Used 30' Giant Inflatable Gorilla for sale
At Inflate Online, we sell giant gorillas and advertising balloons. This shows our used Giant Green Gorilla. We have a wide variety of advertising inflatables for sale including air dancers, sky tubes, rooftop balloons, and much more! We sell used advertising inflatables here: http://www.advertisingballoonsforsale.com/usadin.html. We also sell new and custom advertising inflatables at http://www.InflateOnline.com, including new giant gorillas. Transcription: This is our 30 foot tall green gorilla. This one is used so it has some light wear. But overall it's in great condition. If you look up top you can see some tie downs and down below there are more tie downs just so you can safely secure the unit. This gorilla is really in great shape except for a little light wear. All the seams are double stitched. It's structurally sound. If you're looking for an advertising inflatable at a discounted price this would be a great choice. But if you want something different, check out our website because we have a large variety of advertising inflatables.
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Giant Inflatable T-Rex for sale - Advertising Inflatable - Inflate Online
At Inflate Online, we sell giant inflatable dinosaurs and advertising balloons. This shows our used 22' T-Rex inflatable. We sell used advertising inflatables here: http://www.advertisingballoonsforsale.com/usadin.html. We also sell new and custom advertising inflatables at http://www.InflateOnline.com, including a new T-Rex advertising inflatable. Used T-Rex Inflatable: http://www.advertisingballoonsforsale.com/22trex.html New T-Rex Inflatable: http://www.advertisingballoonsforsale.com/trex.html Transcription: This is our 22 foot T-rex. It is used but as you can tell it's in great shape. There's a removable banner box on his stomach right there. It's made out of seven ounce vinyl. All the seams are double stitched. Down low and up top there are tie downs points so you can safely secure it. And again this is our used one it's in great shape. But if you want a new one we also manufacture them.
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Inflate Online - Advertising Balloons for Sale - Welcome
Inflate Online sells themed advertising inflatables that will draw attention to your business and increase sales. Stand out over the competition, increase sales, maximize profits, and make more money. We offer unique advertising inflatables that will improve your overall business. Check out our inventory here: http://www.inflateonline.com If you have any questions, give us a call: (888)-503-3802
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FOR SALE! Huge cell phone advertising inflatable
This inflatable is on sale! Get it now y clicking here: https://www.advertisingballoonsforsale.com/ascp10.html
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FLY TUBE GUYS - What is the difference between USA and imported Fly Guys?
This video compares the differences between out imported sky dancers and the USA made sky tubes we make at our facility. If you would like to learn more about these air dancers, click here: http://www.advertisingballoonsforsale.com/guys.html Transcription: Hi, I'm Samantha with Inflate Online. Today I'm going to be comparing and contrasting two sky guys I have in front of me. One made in our facility in Atlanta Georgia and the other is an imported sky guy. This is our imported sky guy. It has two faces. One on the front, and one on the back. It also has hair coming out the top so it flies around as the air passes through it. These are a thinner material and lighter thread than our USA made sky guys. So they're not going to last as long. But these are great for people that are on a low budget. These are great for people that need them for only a short amount of time and for events that last only a couple weeks or so. Because these are cheaper and there is a wide variety of colors you can get more than one of these sky guys for the price of one USA made sky guy. But you just have to keep in mind that they will not last as long. This is an example of a sky guy we made here in our facility in Atlanta Georgia. It is a thicker material. It also has thicker thread that is double stitched. They have a face on only one side and as you can see this sky guy does not have hair on the top. But because we make these here in our facility they are very customizable. You can customize your own sky guy for what color it is, what type of hair it has, as well as lettering on the front of the sky guy. So we make these very customizable. These sky guys, though cost more than the imported sky guys, will last you much longer. They hold up to the elements better because they are more heavy duty, and they are great for businesses that want to use them daily. They will last a few months instead of a few weeks. As for the bases, with our imported sky guy they have a canvas base. For our USA made sky guys, they have an 18 ounce vinyl base. The benefit of having a base on your sky guy is to prevent it from being damaged when it's being applied or removed from the blower. Both of these sky guys have two inch velcro on the inside of the base. That makes it easy to apply to the blowers that we sell on our website. If you want to see a comparison to the different blowers that we have and which one fits your needs, click the card right here and you can learn more about that. Also if you want to see how to set up one of these sky guys with the blower you can click the link in the card as well. If this video was helpful make sure to like it as well as subscribe. We have plenty of tutorials and product information for you on this channel.
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