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Asperger's Girl- Phrases that confuse people with Autism
Here are some phrases that may confuse people with Asperger's Syndrome. When I say 'Maybe people will avoid using them' I mean when people know their friend or loved one really struggles to answer these questions as its much easier on them. There will be people with Asperger's Syndrome that do not find these phrases confusing, but a large majority of people on the Autism Spectrum struggle with these phrases. :)
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Asperger's Girl- My diagnosis (drawn)
I tried to draw the process of my diagnosis and anything that was slightly odd that I noticed or others noticed about me whilst I was growing up. Hope you enjoy.
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Aspergers Girl- Feelings/Alexithymia
Talking about feelings and alexithymia
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Asperger's Girl- Pro's and Con's to getting a diagnosis
I'm back! Sorry about the long wait from my previous video. I also apologise for how jumpy the editing is in this video, I rambled a lot and kept saying 'ummm' which I had to cut out. Thank you for watching my videos and I hope you enjoy them! I tried uploading this on Saturday but sadly it failed to upload so I had to re-upload on Sunday :)
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Aspergers Girl- The Aspergers Voice
When I say monotonous I meant to say monotone
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Asperger's Girl- Stress, how to manage it and sensory toys
In this video I talk about stress and ways to manage it as well as showing you guys some DIY sensory toys.
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Facts About Me Part1
I decided to do a video sharing some facts about me. There are 15 'facts' in this video and some more in part 2 (which I am still finishing off). The video was too long for one whole video so I thought I would split them into two eight minute video's. There will also be a holiday video coming soon.
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Asperger's Girl - Making & Maintaining Friendships
Hey! Its been a while (as always).. I have exams coming up now until June so hopefully I will post a vide or two before then but I can't make any promises. Hope you enjoy this though!
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Asperger's Girl - Autism and Loneliness
Finally done with exams so I thought I'd film another video about Autism and Loneliness. Hope you enjoy!
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Asperger's Girl- Anger
This was a requested video and although I usually upload on a Saturday/Sunday my schedule has changed now that I am at University so I will probably upload on a Tuesday/Wednesday.
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Asperger's Girl- The Androgen Theory
Sorry I haven't made a video in a while, I had A Levels to revise for and then sit. I decided to make a video on this because it really interested me and I wanted to explore the link between autism and The Androgen Theory. I'm not saying its 100% correct but I thought it would be interesting to make people aware that this is a theory that exists. I get a bit confused in the video when talking about males on the spectrum but i have since realised that what happens to the females the reverse tends to happen to males so they don't tend to me overly 'macho'.
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About me- Part2
Its finally uploaded. I had a lot of school work to get sorted in the first couple of weeks back so I couldn't upload anything. Another video is planned for the next week as it will be my birthday on Wednesday. If anyone wants to view/read more about what Ive been getting up to I have a blog on word press called anjamelissa that talks about my daily life.
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Asperger's Girl- Signs of Autism in Baby Photos
Here I look at my baby photos and see if I can spot the early sign of Autism :) I hope you enjoy this video and I hope this is helpful to people who have kids or who want to look back at their own photos.
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Asperger's Girl- Pro's to having Aspergers
Quick update on school and I've listed some pro's to having Asperger's Syndrome.
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Asperger's Girl- My Daily Routine
My routine is VERY structured. I plan pretty much every hour of my day with a few planned hours in the day where I can do anything I want (but these random activities are still planned). If something from my routine is missing or gets disrupted (eg. My bowl isn't clean to use or I wake up late) I get very panicked, anxious and angry. I thought it would be quite interesting for people to see the routine of someone with Aspergers.
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Asperger's Girl - Mortality
Happy New Years! Sorry for the long wait in between videos. I will try to upload the video about coping at University this week as well.
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Asperger's Girl- Fact or Fiction (with my sister)
In this video my sister, Lisa, helps me identify myths about autism that a lot of people take as fact! I am on holiday currently so excuse the different setup. I had to make do with what I had :)
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Aspergers Girl - Special Interests
Its been a while but I'm done with the first year of university and so finally had time to make another video! Hope you enjoy, sorry its so long. Follow me on twitter: @melissa_anja Email me (questions or business enquiries): [email protected]
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Asperger's Girl - Telling People You Have Autism
Hey guys, I'm back from my Holiday! Hope you enjoy the video! Twitter - @melissa_anja Email - [email protected]
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Asperger's Girl- OCD
A rather serious and long video but none the less important. Hope you enjoy... In an effort to not make this video too long I haven't gone into too much detail about my own OCD experience and have left out some of my other OCD traits so if anyone would like to see a follow up video just leave a comment down below! Thanks for watching. Twitter : @melissa_anja Email : [email protected]
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Asperger's Girl- Eye Contact
I thought I'd go back to how I originally started filming these youtube videos so this video has zero editing (other than adding a title) and there is no music. I hope you enjoy, sorry its been so long since I last posted.
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Aspergers Girl - Stimming
Twitter : @melissa_anja Email : [email protected]
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Asperger's Girl- Interests
Hello. Here I am talking about my interests other than Physics. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for watching.
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Asperger's Girl- Depression
I filmed this back in November but procrastination and lack of motivation brings it to you in 2019 (sorry). Hope you enjoy!
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Asperger's Girl - How to Cope at University
Here is the long anticipated 'How to cope at University' video. I started uploading this a week ago but YouTube was having technical difficulties...
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Aspergers Girl - Talking about food
Hi everyone! I decided to make a video whilst I was home alone about food that I like and dislike and digestion, which I think is a common problem to people with autism, although you may disagree with my statement.
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Asperger's Girl-Talking about my favourite particle
I have Asperger's Syndrome and I am 15 years old. I like Physics and Chemistry. Sorry about not looking at the camera very often, I usually like to look at my hands when I speak. I am reviewing my favourite particle App in this video. Thank you for watching.
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Asperger's Girl- Idioms
Talking about idioms and how I try to understand them.
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Asperger's Girl - Shopping Tips
Email : [email protected] Twitter : @melissa_anja
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Asperger's Girl - Update Video!
Sorry this video is a bit of a ramble but I've been busy with Uni and i thought I'd update you all! Hope everyone had a nice Christmas! Email: [email protected] Twitter: @melissa_anja Apologies for the quality of this, I didn't have space on my computer for a better version lol. Next time it'll be better.
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Aspergers Girl- What I Did Today
What I did today! I'll do a more detailed one once my flatmates move out! Twitter - @melissa_anja Email - [email protected]
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Near future plans and the cinema
I haven't done a video in a while and I want to keep you guys updated about what's happening in the future. I also wanted to discuss my holiday worries and my attitude to the cinema. I had to cut some bits out so that why it can look dis jointed because I kept leaving really long pauses and it made the video too long otherwise.
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Asperger's Girl- My Birthday
Today is my 16th Birthday! I got a Geiger Counter! Thought I would share.
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Asperger's Girl- Another Favourite Book
Here I am talking about another favourite book of mine. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Thanks for watching.
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Robert Pattinson- Her Cover
Here I am playing Robert Pattinson's Her on the piano.
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New channel and quick update
I've been busy with a lot of school so I haven't uploaded in a while. I am on holiday now so will be videoing a lot. I hope you guys enjoy my videos at Rel Rell. Here is a link to my first video: http://youtu.be/3I75iVO_lVY More to come.
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Cat hiding from builders working in my house
via YouTube Capture
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