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Ritz-Carlton Customer Experience Training
What do we mean when we talk about customer experience in IT at WCM? Watch this quick video for an insight into the C3X initiative, and learn more about the upcoming Ritz-Carlton Customer Experience training for IT staff and leadership.
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BitLocker Laptop Encryption Tips
BitLocker is a service used to encrypt all Windows laptops at WCM so your data stays safe. Here are a few tips to enhance your BitLocker experience.
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It's National Cyber Security Awareness Month!
October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and ITS is spending the next few weeks making sure you're #cyberaware. Keep an eye out for tips and tricks in your inbox and on our website over the next few weeks. Italian Morning by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://www.twinmusicom.org/
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BI Quick Tips #35: Smart Copy
Watch this episode of BI Quick Tips to learn more about working with Smart Copy in Analysis for Excel
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Getting to know ITSM: Knowledge Management
Learn more about the Knowledge Management Process within the ITSM program at WCM ITS.
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Getting to know ITSM: Request Management
Learn more about the Request Management process within the ITSM program at WCM ITS. Song: Eye Do Artist: Jeremy Blake Download: YouTube Free Audio Library
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Ask the CIO: What is ITSM?
Listen to CIO Dr. Curtis Cole explain ITSM and what it means for ITS.
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BI Quick Tips #30: How to Store Prompts in Analysis for Excel
Watch this BI Quick Tip to learn more about the Store Prompts selection in the Properties window of Analysis for Excel. This tool allows you to save the selections you make on the Prompt screen.
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BI QuickTip #46: Hierarchies in Excel
Watch this Quick Tip to learn more about hierarchies in Analysis for Excel
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Panopto uses SAML for user authorization
Here at WCM, we use SAML to sign-on to a bunch of different apps. In a recent Panopto migration we took it a step further and integrated SAML to help determine user permissions. Learn more here!
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Introducing eForms
On July 11th WCM will launch two new eForms: Payment Requisition and Travel & Business Expense Reimbursement. Watch this quick video to learn more!
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eForms: Payment Requisitions
Submit payment requisitions quickly and easily with our new eForms service!
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Tech Tuesday: Taming Your Outlook Inbox
How many emails are currently cluttering your inbox? ITS Learning Specialist Scott Luzniak teaches you tips and tricks to tame your inbox and prioritize the emails you really need. Tech Tuesdays take place every Tuesday at noon in the library for 30 minutes, unless otherwise noted. Recorded on June 19, 2018.
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All About Proofpoint
Ever wonder what those emails from Proofpoint are? They're to help you manage your email so you can decide what's spam and what's not. Make sure you're getting the email you want to receive by visiting https://antispam.med.cornell.edu.
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New tile dashboard for WBG
Watch this video for a preview of the new tile-based user interface launching in the Weill Business Gateway in February 2018
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Research Visibility Dashboard Tour
Get a quick overview of our Research Visibility Dashboard in the Weill Business Gateway. This reporting tool is currently available for Principal Investigators, Departments Administrators, Department Designees, and Division Administrators. To log into WBG, visit https://wbg.med.cornell.edu.
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New Webmail Features
Microsoft has mad some updates to improve your Webmail experience. Try them out by logging into your Webmail account at o365.med.cornell.edu!
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BI Quick Tips #37: Using Pivot Tables in Analysis for Excel
Watch this BI Quick Tip for info about using Pivot Tables in Analysis for Excel
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What's happening at SMARTFest 2017
Come to SMARTFest on Thursday, February 16 from 11-3pm. Watch this video to see what's in store this year.
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All About Ransomware
In the past few weeks, hospitals across the nation, including some of our partner institutions, have reported outbreaks of ransomware in their systems. Watch this quick video to learn more about ransonware, what WCM ITS is doing to keep you safe, and what you can do to prevent it.
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Join us for the 5th Annual SMARTFest!
Our 5th Annual SMARTFest is on Feb. 1, 2018! Join us to learn more about emerging and supported tech at WCM.
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Get IT help with Traveling Training!
If you need guidance on how to use our supported software, request help from our Traveling Training team!
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BI Quick Tip #28: Enter values as Filter Criteria in an Analysis for Excel report
Watch this video from the WCM ITS Training Team to learn how to enter long lists of variables as Filter Criteria into Analysis for Excel
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Tech Tuesday: LastPass
WCM ITS has partnered with password manager LastPass to offer you a complementary account. Watch this recording of our March 15, 2016 Tech Tuesday to learn more about enrolling in LastPass and using the tool. Features a helpful demo by our LastPass service representative.
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BI Quick Tip #36: Filter and Sorting in Analysis for Excel
Watch this video to learn more about Filtering and Sorting in Analysis for Excel
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ITS Goals for FY 2016
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Join us for SMARTFest 2016!
Mark your calendars for ITS and the Library's 3rd Annual SMARTFest of February 23, 2016! All WCM faculty, staff, and students are invited to learn more about the tech and library services offered on campus. For more information, visit https://its.weill.cornell.edu
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Getting Your Smartphone Tagged: Setting Up an Appointment
Fees have been waived to get your smartphone tagged! With a tagged device, you can gain access to WCM resources on your phone, like email and Wi-Fi. For more details on how to find your MAC address as seen in this video, visit our website: https://its.weill.cornell.edu/guides/how-to-find-your-wireless-mac-address
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2017 Year in Review
It's been quite the year! Here's a glimpse of our year in tech.
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eForms: Travel and Business Expense
Need to submit your travel and business expenses for reimbursement? Learn how to do this quickly and conveniently online with our new eForms.
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BI Quick Tips #29: How to Save a Workbook that Doesn't Refresh Upon Opening
Watch this week's Quick Tip to learn about working in the Properties Menu. We'll show you how to save a workbook that doesn't refresh upon opening.
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BI Quick Tip #33 Conditional Formatting in Analysis for Excel
Watch this BI Quick Tip video to learn how to work with conditional formatting in Analysis for Excel
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BI Quick Tips #32: Saving Report Variants
Watch this episode of BI Quick Tips to learn how to save variants of your report in Analysis for Excel.
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Analysis for Excel for BI Reports
Learn how to use our Analysis for Excel tool in the Weill Business Gateway!
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Traveling Training Brings Learning to You!
Get training on various ITS applications in your own office. Contact [email protected] to schedule an appointment with one of our learning specialists!
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Requesting Access to Red Cloud
Interested in using Red Cloud? Learn how to access the service from ITS.
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BI Quick Tips #34: Advanced Calculations
Watch this episode of BI Quick Tips to learn more about working with Advanced Calculations in Analysis for Excel
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Unpower Hour 2017
Do your part for Unpower Hour and come to the library after turning off your lights and computer! Learn how you can help the college conserve energy.
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Getting to know ITSM: Incident Management
Learn more about the Incident Management Process within the ITSM program at WCM ITS. Soundtrack credits: Artist: KV Song: Shore Download/Stream: /HJiRz1toDc
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Visualize your data with Lumira!
Turn your spreadsheets into beautiful charts, visuals, and infographics with SAP Lumira, now available at WCM. Installation instructions: https://its.weill.cornell.edu/guides/how-to-download-and-install-sap-lumira More info about Lumira at WCM: https://its.weill.cornell.edu/services/business-applications/lumira Music credits: Easy Lemon 60 Second by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1200077 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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BI Quick Tip #31: The power of Repeat Members
Watch this BI Quick Tip to learn what the Repeat Members function can help you do
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Introducing lynda.com
lynda.com is officially here! The Samuel J. Wood Library is providing all WCMC faculty, staff, and students free access to thousands of technology video tutorials on Excel, Word, SharePoint, PowerPoint, and more. All you need is a valid CWID and password to access content. - More info on service: http://weill.cornell.edu/its/applications/educational/lynda/ - How to log into lynda.com with your WCMC credentials: http://weill.cornell.edu/its/applications/educational/lynda/how-to-use-lynda.html
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