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Avalis Dungeon 3 - Hallway Simulator
So you thought this channel was dead!? Well, it still kind of is, but there's still some awful indie games that must be exposed and frowned upon, and this channel will not rest until all of them are shown! Well, there's that or someone could give me a link to a recording software that records steam games and WON'T destroy framerate :P (no seriously please I need recommendations).
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Avalis Dungeon 2 - NOT NOT NOT
It's like chapter one, but worse. I fear for chapter three......
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Beach Bubbles part 1 - fucking fish
sooooooooo sorry for the audio quality. Next time i think I'll move the mic 200 feet away from my face so that I don't overload it this video contains fish and a girl with jetpacks on a beach collecting bubbles....watch at your own risk. like us on bacefook ( link will be soon)
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epic of splits
*DISCLAIMER* We do not own any of the audio used in this video, we just thought it would be funny has hell to make it :D Splits just got 1-up'd ragdolling intensifies No we're not really going to record computer games all that much sadly, but maybe in the future it might happen. just not in the near future, for as you can probably see the framerate is pretty low :S
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just a thingy
*insert something witty here*
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Censored - [Redacted]
sorry that it's been awhile that we've uploaded, just kinda got lazy and forgot with all the planning of what to do with this channel. like us on bacefook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shit-Stick-Gaming/535152406561405
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Beach bubbles part 2 - hardest game ever
if you don't like it when youtubers don't make progress, I advise you don't watch this video. like us on bookface - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shit-Stick-Gaming/535152406561405
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Mario Kart 64 part 1 - Mushroom Cup *Actual N64*
So while I continue to be lazy with uploading Dark, Here's a good game from way back when, Mario Kart 64, featuring actual Nintendo 64 footage, no emulator! Took a while to set that up, but in the end it worked. I hope I might be able to one day record my SNES as well, but that's not working at the moment.
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New channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSJArslk_pF2VgW-7If22mA Thanks for the good run!! :D
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SSG update
so uhm, yeah
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I'll get the mic and game volume levels down eventually I swear. On a less brighter note, we start up the game Dark, a game aboot vampires that I will regret playing later on in life.
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i done goofed...one moment please
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Beach bubbles FINALE - can we do it?
nope like us on bookface - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shit-Stick-Gaming/535152406561405 THANKS FUR WATCHING
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Avalis Dungeon 3 Part 2 - Why is this a game?!
After putting much more time that it should have taken to beat this game, it's completed in the worst of ways. I goofed up on the audio a bit, but I swear one day I'll get it right!
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Avalis Dungeon - HOT HOT HOT
brought to you by broken and shitty microphones! "sexy dolls inside" https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shit-Stick-Gaming/535152406561405?ref=hl - like us on bookface!
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Shit stick gaming trailer (cause why not?)
shitty trailer.....gotta be good, right?
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