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How to Get a Job with the Department of Homeland Security
The Department of Homeland Security is home to some of the hottest career in government, with oversight of the U.S. cybersecurity mission. Its careers are some of the most diverse, as well, ranging from analytical and IT positions to careers in law enforcement and infrastructure.
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What to Expect During Your Security Clearance Background Investigation
Preparing for a security clearance background investigation? Investigations range from a basic credit and criminal background check to in-depth interviews with family and neighbors. From a public trust to an SSBI, here's what to expect.
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How to Get Hired as an Intelligence Analyst
Interested in a career in intelligence analysis? Consider getting the triple threat of skills - analysis, linguistics and IT. Veterans can find great opportunities in intelligence, but be sure to emphasize overseas experience on your resume, and highlight foreign languages and information technology expertise.
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Top Reasons Applicants are Denied a Security Clearance
Out of approximately thirteen hundred security clearance cases decided on by Administrative Judges at DOHA during the 2008 fiscal year, Financial Considerations was by far the most prevalent issue and appeared in over 50% of the cases. Over the years the number of cases involving Financial Considerations has gone up or down depending on changes in the economy, particularly unemployment. Read more at http://www.clearancejobs.com/cleared-news/65/doha-top-reasons-for-security-clearance-denial-in-2008
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Top 10 Reasons Security Clearance Applications are Rejected
Filling out your security clearance application (SF86) incorrectly could mean additional months of delays or even not getting a cleared job. The devil is in the details - missing survey release forms, data on foreign born relatives or information on debt - are all reasons for applications to be rejected. Get the details on the top 10 reasons applications are rejected and make sure you don't make these mistakes.
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Careers in Geospatial Intelligence
Intelligence analysis opportunities are growing, especially for those with an eye for maps. If your friends have ever referred to you as the 'human GPS,' a career in geospatial intelligence might just be a great fit for you. The National Geospatial Intelligence Agency is the main source for geospatial intelligence jobs, with career opportunities both for the government and as a contractor. Most positions are located in the Washington, D.C. area.
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What May Delay, But Won't Disqualify You From Obtaining a Security Clearance
Filling out a security clearance application, or SF-86, can be nerve-wracking, especially if you have a few skeletons in your closet. Fortunately for most applicants, there are a number of issues, from criminal conduct to foreign connections, that aren't automatic ground for a security clearance denial. Please note that every clearance case is different, and this video is not offering legal advice or council. If you're facing serious pitfalls or concerns, work with your facility security officer or seek professional security clearance assistance. For more information on rebutting and appealing security clearance denials please read http://www.clearancejobs.com/cleared-news/62/rebutting-and-appealing-security-clearance-denials
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The Skills You Need for an Intelligence Career
Landing an intelligence community or defense industry career isn't just a spy game. There are steps you can take to increase your chance of landing a great job or advancing your career. From getting agency experience to brushing up on a language or increasing your cybersecurity skills, there are steps you can take to help jumpstart a fast-paced national security career. Read more: http://www.clearancejobs.com/cleared-news/386/what-skills-make-up-the-secret-sauce-for-cleared-professionals-in-the-intelligence-community
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How Your Personal Finances Can Impact Your Security Clearance
Focus on the impact of delinquent debt, mitigating delinquent debt and delinquent debt & interim clearances and what to do if you have delinquent debt. Read more at http://www.clearancejobs.com/cleared-news/39/the-impact-of-delinquent-debt-on-security-clearances
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Drug Use and Security Clearances
Drug use can raise questions about an individual's reliability and trustworthiness, both because it may impair judgment and because it raises questions about a person's ability or willingness to comply with laws, rules, and regulations. Drug abuse also raises concerns about an individual's susceptibility to blackmail and the possible presence of mental health issues. Drug use can cause financial problems, sometimes leading to other criminal activity to support a drug habit. Read more at http://www.clearancejobs.com/cleared-news/79/drug-involvement-and-security-clearances
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Your Post-Military Career: Six Strengths to Help Veterans Stand Out
Veterans are storming the civilian job market, so how can you stand out from the crowd in your job search? Highlight specific strengths, including overseas experience, diversity, and leadership.Veterans possess the kinds of skills employers are looking for, but pay careful attention that both resumes and interviews demonstrate those skills, rather than hide them. And be sure to get specific - simply having veteran's preference or status will not be enough to land you a great post-military career. Read more: http://www.clearancejobs.com/cleared-news/440/veteran-job-search-standing-out-from-the-crowd-in-a-competitive-job-market
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Cyber Forensics and Cyber Security: A Growing Industry
The first of a three-part series titled "How to Get Hired in Cyber: Making the Cut at ManTech.' Defense contractor ManTech's Cyber, Forensic and Intrusion Analysis Division, a part of the Mission Cyber and Intelligence solutions group, is a leader in providing cutting-edge cyber solutions to defense and intelligence community customers. The common denominator for cyber experts? Skills, passion, and a security clearance are requirements in order to thrive in this increasingly in-demand field.
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Spy for Hire: 5 Little-Known Intelligence Agencies Hiring
The CIA and FBI aren't the only intelligence agencies with positions to fill. Put your national security passion to use pursuing a career with the Department of Treasury battling the bank accounts of terrorists or with the Drug Enforcement Administration combating drug kingpins. Learn about these and other agencies with interesting intelligence missions. Read more: http://www.clearancejobs.com/cleared-news/1113/5-lesser-known-intelligence-agencies-looking-to-hire
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How to Get a Security Clearance
Here are the 5 steps you need to take to get a security clearance. Since you can't sponsor your own security clearance, you'll need to obtain a security clearance thru internships, military or government positions. Have other questions about security clearances? Check out our Security Clearance FAQs - https://www.clearancejobs.com/security_clearance_faq.pdf
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Explaining Your Financial Problems on the Security Clearance Application (SF86)  or Interview
The whole purpose of the security clearance process is to try to predict future conduct based on past and current conduct. When a person has acted honestly and responsibly for a few years, it is much more indicative of their future conduct than something that happened further back in time. The challenge for most people is effectively explaining to an adjudicator - through their application form or a security interview - what has changed in their life that shows they will not get into the same unfavorable situation in the future. How should you explain your financial problems? Read more at http://www.clearancejobs.com/cleared-news/41/explaining-delinquent-debt-on-the-sf-86
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How to Get a Job at the NSA
Considering a career with the National Security Agency (NSA)? The NSA offers a variety of exciting career opportunities, but certain skills - particularly high-level IT skills - are most in-demand. Getting in the door isn't easy - ability to obtain a security clearance is a requirement. Internships and job fairs offer a great way to get a jump start.
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Five Overseas Jobs Currently In-Demand
Interested in a career overseas? OCONUS locations continue to offer a number of job options for cleared professionals. Iraq and Afghanistan contracting jobs aren't the only things available, either - locations range from Russia to the Netherlands and hot careers include program management and construction management.
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How to Get a Job in the U.S. Secret Service
Are you looking for a challenging law enforcement career that could put you shoulder to shoulder with some of our nation's most important political figures? The U.S. Secret Service offers a variety of careers from force protection to office administration.
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Top 10 IT Certifications for Security Cleared Professionals
Certifications can take your job, and your salary, to another level. Find out which certifications are most widely held among security cleared professionals. With the demand for cybersecurity professionals continually on the rise, these top 10 certifications are being used by many to bridge the experience gap and help them land their dream job.
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Security Clearance Careers in Cyber Security
Cybersecurity and information security experts are increasingly in demand, especially with the federal government and defense industry. Breaking into the field requires a background in technology, and experience, certifications, and of course - the ability to obtain a security clearance. Watch the latest episode of ClearanceJobs TV for more information on this "hot" job.
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What is an Interim Security Clearance?
An interim security clearance can be your fast track into a security clearance job. Here's what you need to know about processing times, and why a denial doesn't mean your chance of obtaining a favorable clearance is over.
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The Benefits of Overseas Contracting Jobs
Many overseas contracting opportunities can be found now throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. As you might suspect, the competition for those jobs can be intense, and for good reason. Even for veterans or globetrotters who think they've seen all of the world they care to, the benefits of overseas contracting can be compelling, and include more cash for the same work; better benefits; a chance to experience new cultures and people; and experience that will stand out on your resume. Read more: http://www.clearancejobs.com/cleared-news/284/the-benefits-of-working-overseas-as-a-contractor
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Getting Your First Government Job
With record numbers of baby boomers entering retirement new opportunities in government service are available for veterans leaving service or students graduating from college. Breaking into your first government gig, however - whether you're interested in a federal government position or as a contractor with a government agency - can be a challenge. Check out this tips to help you land a job, from beefing up specific skills to networking the right way.
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Top Five Highest-Paying States for Aerospace Engineering Jobs
The aerospace industry is shifting, but there's still money to be earned, especially for those with critical math, science and engineering skills. Here's a round-up of the top five highest-paying states for those looking to begin or advance a career in aerospace.
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4 Ways Your Spouse Can Screw Up Your Security Clearance
Have a spouse who is a little spendy? Or with a bit of a recreational drug habit? Illegal behavior on the part of your spouse, or financial issues, may cause you security clearance problems. Here's what you need to know.
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Criminal Conduct and Security Clearances
Have you have been arrested, charged or convicted of a single serious crime or multiple lesser offenses? Have you intentionally provided false information on their clearance application forms, had illegal drug involvement, or been involved in previously unreported crime can also be affected. Over the years Criminal Conduct has consistently been among the 4 most common reasons for security clearance denial. Read more: http://www.clearancejobs.com/cleared-news/72/effect-of-criminal-conduct-on-security-clearances
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What is a Career as Background Investigator Like?
The government needs more security clearance background investigators. Background investigators may work for the federal government or contractors. What does a typical day at work look like for an investigator, and is this career path right for you?
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Military Transition - Things to Never Say to a Recruiter
Preparing for a job interview? Here's a run-down of things you should never say. From over-sharing to politics, there are many topics that can set a recruiter on-edge. Show your personality, but keep the overall tone professional.
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Sexual Behavior and Your Security Clearance
Guideline D of the adjudicative guidelines considered for security clearance applicants is 'Sexual Behavior.' Your SF-86 doesn't include a detailed query into your sexual habits, however. The government is most concerned with sexual behaviors that are criminal in nature, including certain types of pornography.
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How a CIA Employee Lost Her Job
Moonlighting, online gaming and spending hours accessing systems she shouldn't have - all of these security violations added up to one senior CIA security officer - eventually - losing her position of privilege.
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Military Job Search: What You Need to Know When Separating from Service
Whether your transition from military-to-civilian life is six months or several years from now, there are a few things to keep in mind as you separate from service. Review this quick checklist and you'll be well on your way to being prepared for life outside of uniform, including landing your next cleared job. Read more: The Final Countdown: Your Military Separation Checklist
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How to Apply for an Overseas Job: Resume Tips
A resume is a critical step in applying for any job - including one overseas. Follow basic tips, including tense and proofing for grammar. Also be sure your resume shows any relevant overseas experience, as well as your ability to physically handle strenuous work. Contract opportunities overseas are heating up, so be prepared to take on the opportunity.
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Security Clearance Resumes: What You Can and Can't Include
Writing your resume as a cleared professional can be tricky. Some details, including office location, size, and coworker names, may be classified. Here's a brief review of what can, and can't be included. Read more: http://www.clearancejobs.com/cleared-news/682/how-to-highlight-your-security-cleared-skills-on-your-resume-without-revealing-classified-information
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Security Clearance Salary Trends
Several Factors are pushing security clearance salaries up in 2017. The OPM breach, a 25 percent reduction in the number of Department of Defense clearances, and high demand for cybersecurity talent are pushing some salaries up. But that doesn't mean everyone will see huge salary gains in 2017.
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Common Military-to-Civilian Translations
Your post-uniform mission is to convince a potential employer of that very same fact that you are a talent. In your quest for a new job, you will most certainly find yourself trying to communicate your ever so marketable awesomeness via the time-honored resume. Love it or hate it, it's still the expected job search instrument of choice used to showcase past work experiences, marketable skills, obvious superpower abilities and applicable shiny credentials. Read more: http://www.clearancejobs.com/cleared-news/138/common-military-to-civilian-translations
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How to Get a Job in Force Protection
Considering work in overseas contracting, force protection or physical security? New opportunities are likely to open up overseas, as combat troops return home. In addition, with military operations expanding to Africa, and the State Department looking to add to its force protection team, expect opportunities in new regions. Find out what skills will set you apart to get a job in this exciting, growing career.
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Job Search Tips - 5 Things Recruiters Wish You Knew Before You Applied
If you're currently applying for jobs, recruiters can be your best ally. But it's in your best interest to impress. Here are five things they want you to know, from why you shouldn't apply for that job you're not qualified for, to why it's not personal - it's business.
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Military Security Clearances
Simply put, if your job requires access to classified information, you are required to have a security clearance. The level of clearance you require is determined by your military job and the location of your assignment. Certain military jobs are required to have access to classified information, regardless of location. But certain locations or assigned units can also require clearance even if the job does not.
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4 Changes Coming to the Security Clearance Process
Here are four changes coming to the security clearance process.
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Tips for Completing Your Security Clearance Application
Completing your security clearance application, or Standard Form 86 (SF86) can be daunting. The form asks specific questions and requires a keen eye for detail. Here are a few tips to keep in mind, including when estimation is okay, the importance of 'the past seven years' and 'ever,' and why you should keep a paper copy yourself.
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What is Shadow IT?
Employees have gone rogue with IT devices as long as employers have had personal computers and networks. Here's how IT professionals, security professionals and employees can work together to ensure the work gets done in a secure environment.
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Security Clearance Polygraph Secrets Revealed
Preparing for a security clearance polygraph examination is enough to make anyone nervous. Questions include what kinds of questions will be asked, what role will personal life and conduct play and how long will it take? Check out this video to learn more about what to expect, as well as why your examiner is unlikely to ask embarassing personal details. Read more at: http://www.clearancejobs.com/cleared-news/335/how-to-prepare-for-a-security-clearance-polygraph-examination
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Alcohol Consumption and Security Clearances
Security clearance applicants who have received alcohol counseling and those who have been involved in alcohol-related incidents, such as drunk driving, disorderly conduct, and public intoxication may be a security concern. Alcohol is legal and its consumption, regardless of quantity, does not by itself trigger a security concern. Alcohol consumption becomes a concern only in certain situations. Read more at http://www.clearancejobs.com/cleared-news/59/alcohol-consumption-and-security-clearances
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NATO Phonetic Alphabet
The NATO phonetic alphabet is used to help service members communicate. But you may use the same alphabet when speaking over the phone. Learn more about the origins of the phonetic alphabet and why it's still in use today.
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Top Reasons for Security Clearance Denial in 2017
Here's a round up of the top reasons for security clearance denial in 2017. Financial Issues continue to be far and above the most significant issue resulting in security clearance denial. Other issues include Personal Conduct (lying on your SF-86) and Foreign Influence.
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How Does a Polygraph Test Work?
A polygraph test begins with diagnostic questions to test your baseline responses to questions. Because there aren't actually rods attached to your brain, it's more accurately described as a 'fear-detector' than a lie detector. Learn more about what you can expect as a security-cleared professional undergoing a polygraph.
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How to Keep Your Security Clearance
If you've done the work to obtain your security clearance, it's important to keep your clearance active. From how to keep your current if you retire or separate from service, to how to make sure you don't lose your eligibility due to bad behavior, here's what you need to know about keeping your clearance.
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Cyber Security Compensation for Cleared Professionals
Cybersecurity is absolutely where the money is. Individuals looking to earn near six figures with great job stability need to look no further than a career in cyber. Learn which niche industries offer the highest pay.
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Behaviors That Could Cost You Your Clearance
From sexual harassment to sex in public, there are a few scandalous behaviors that may cost you your security clearance.
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LinkedIn and Your Security Clearance
LinkedIn has been named a major threat to security clearance holders. Does that mean you need to delete your profile? No. But you need to be cautious. Here are a few tips to help secure your profile.
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