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Jimi Hendrix MACHINE GUN (A study)
Some licks and phrases from Machine Gun. The poor old mic on my camcorder is struggling in the face of 8 celestion green backs up close. Amp was Marshall 100w jcm2000 this amp seems to work best with the dunlop hendrix fuzz face, even better than my plexi..go figure ??. The univibe is an original Roger Mayer voodoo vibe. The Strat is a standard although is does have a reverse headstock and reversed bridge pickup. the fuzz is the dunlop Jimi Hendrix Fuzz face (the blue one) I think these are replicas of the fuzzes jimi used at the maui gig and Isle of wight. At Woostock i think Jim iwas still using the dallas arbiter(red one) with the germanium transistors.. the blue ones had/have silicone ones. Jimi fuzzes were midified by roger mayer around 69-70 to include silicone transistors fro reliability.
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Jimi Hendrix - 1983.. (A Merman I Should Turn To Be)
This is my unaccompanied version of Jimi's 1983..(A Merman I Should Turn To Be) from the Electric LadyLand album I used an Danelectro Analogue echo for the underwater bits.
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A demo of the new dunlop jimi hendrix fuzz face, based on the model Jimi used at the maui gig(check the rainbow bridge concert footage) and at the Isle of wight. i think he was still using the the germanium version at woodstock.
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Jimi Hendrix  - Hear My Train A Comin
Voodoo Strat, Marshall plexi, Axis Fuzz, Voodoo Vibe. An Attempt to try and get the tone on the rainbow bridge live version
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Jimi Hendrix - All Along The WatchTower
The sound quality is not great but here is my attempt at this classic from electric ladyland. Fender Blues junior, Fender Stratocaster, TS-808. spot the obvious mistake LOL.
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Jimi Hendrix - Stone Free
This is my version of Stone Free From Jimi's 1966/67 album Are you Experienced. It was a little hard to keep the momentum of the track without any backing but hope you enjoy it anyway. I used my marshall plexi head, Roger Mayer axis fuzz and my reverse headstock custom shop strat. Peace JRY
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Jimi Hendrix - The Wind Cries Mary
This is my version. usual setup Roger Mayer effects, Strat, Marshall 100w tube head.
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Message Of Love - Jimi Hendrix(Band Of Gypsys)
This is probably my favourite song from my favourite live album. Hope you enjoy my version of this. Peace.
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Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
My version Of Voodoo Chile
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Jimi Hendrix - I Dont Live Today
One of my faves from Are You Experienced. Bridge pickup all the way and axis fuzz through a twin.
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Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced
My version, With a backing track I cobbled together with an sr16 drum machine and an old fender precision bass.
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Hey Joe - Jimi Hendrix
I have had quite a few requests to do this. so here goes... Soundwise I tried to aim for a cross between the Monterey fuzzed up version and the clean tones of the 'Are You Experienced' studio track. But hey as Jimi often said "Its nothing but a jam" Again its the Roger Mayer Axis fuzz with cleaner bits backed off on the guitar volume. Amp is Marshall 100w plexi head as always. The backing track is at concert pitch, I tune to E-flat most of the time so this felt really odd to play. I ust hope I have not Crucified this classic.
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Jimi Hendrix Inspired Original Song
This is a demo I recorded a little while ago.
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Jimi Hendrix - Come On (Let The Good Times Roll)
A brief study of Come On from jimi's Electric LadyLand. Marshall Plexi, Dunlop jimi Hendix Fuzz, Vox Wah(with band of gypsys mod). The volume was backed off on the guitar to clean the fuzz slightly.
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Jimi Hendrix - Angel
Dedicated to my Mum.
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Jimi Hendrix - Drifting + Rainy Day Dream Away
Jimi Hendrix - Drifting + Rainy Day Dream Away, Plus me noodling about with my new fender twin.
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Jimi hendrix - Hey Baby(New Rising Sun)
I have not put any lead lines in this version because I think that without the chords behind them they dont really work and most important to me is the song itself. On the First rays of the new rising sun album jimi did not use the univibe but instead uses some flanging i've tried to emulate the same effect here with a very old 70's ibanez flangerto get that undewater sound. I have always loved this song since i first heard it in my early teens on the Rainbow bridge soundtrack. enjoy.
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Jimi Hendrix - Midnight
This is my version of Midnight from the 'Midnight Lighting' album. Its not an exact copy, just me foolin around with the riff really.
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Tone Chasing -  Fender Twin
A quick jam with my new fender twin. i'm kickin the ts-808 in and out here and there. In pursuit of that elusive perfect tone. oh well, one day.....
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Jimi Hendrix - Jam
Jam using the Hendrix thumb over the neck chord syle. Marshall DSL JCM 2000, roger mayer voodoo vibe, Roger Mayer, Axis Fuzz reverse 68 strat.
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Electric LadyLand / One Rainy wish - Jimi Hendrix
This is the Outake version of the Electric Ladyland guitar part Played through A Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe into a Marshall 100watt head and 4x12 cab. The One Rainy Wish version is just something I like to play about with on my own sometimes, same setup as before both recorded 5 minutes apart. Hope you guys enjoy.
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Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze
This really a demo of the Roger Mayer Octavia, this was the pedal jimi used on the original recording. I'm using the axis fuzz and a marshall jcm 2000 head. oh and my new fender 60's reissue strat.
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Jimi Hendrix - Drivin South
My Version Of Drivin South.
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Jimi Hendrix-Star Spangled Banner
My version of The Woostock Star Spangled Banner. Roger Mayer Voodoo vibe, Axis Fuzz. Stratocaster Alnico ickups, Bridge Pickup selected.
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Jimi Hendrix- Who Knows
This is just me having a jam on the who knows riff. i'm using my blues junior and a ts-808, insted of my marshall and roger mayer gear.
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My jam on jimi's 1969 record plant recording nine to the universe.
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Jimi Hendrix - Dolly Dagger (from Rainbow Bridge)
One of my all time fave hendrix songs using just a little fuzz through a marshall.
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60's custom player strat, fender twin amp
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A brief study of the riffs and licks etc in Jimi Hendrix's Izabella This is not an exact copy more of a study of style. Gear used: 60's reverse fender(of course)stratocaster Marshall plexi(reissue.. im not that loaded) 50w head 2 4x12 marshall cabinets Roger mayer voodoo vibe(one of the old ones) and dunlop jimi hendrix fuzz face(blue silicone based one like jimi used at he isle of wight and maui gigs... not the red germaniuim based one as used at woodstock)
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Kemps Jig .wmv
My 1st attempt at his piece, not 100% correct yet and my technique needs some work.. I will Try Harder :-)
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Up From The Skies - Jimi Hendrix
This is my version of jimi Hendrix's Up From The skies from Axis Bold as Love, the clicking you can hear is the acoustic sound of the strings as the guitar is close to the camcorder microphone, could not turn the amp up as it would drown the singing. I am using a 100w marshall super lead head celestions in a half stack and roger mayer effects.
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Jimi Hendrix - Burning Of The Midnight Lamp
Just my attempt, with a vox band of gypsys mod wah
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Eternal father strong to save -  Dedicated to my Grandfather, Harold Pope
A recording on garageband of the sailors hymn eternal father strong to save, i recorded this purely with guitars as a tribute to my grandfather who served in the navy during the second world war, but sadly passed away in 1990. So this is for you Papa
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Marshall 1959 SLP 100w.wmv
Demo of Marshall 1959 SLP 100w reissue some hendrix tracks... Sorry about the lack of vocal volume as the camera was facing away from the PA 3 hendrix tunes, various degees of gain needed.. I think the ts-808 gain was backed off & the overall amount of gain was tweaked with the guitar volume as needed, have not tried the plexi with a les paul yet. :-) There is a slight echo via the vox 'time machine' in th effects loop.
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Stevie Ray Vaughan - The Sky Is Crying
This is my second attempt at an SRV song. I realise my blues playing needs some work but hey, Im trying... gear is febder 60's player strat, through a fender twin amp.
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SRV Style Jam
An off the cuff jam Along to the baking track for Stevie Ray Vaughan's Tin Pan alley. There is only a couple of SRV licks in there but its more of a feel thing really. The amp is a fender twin ,Im going straight in with no effects other than the twins reverb. The guitar is a pale blue 60's player strat, the strings are 12's & I dont have any tabs ..its just a jam. Lots of people ask for tabs, I would love to give em to you guys but I really dont use tabs at all.
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Jimi Hendrix - You Got Me Floating
I have just brought a mid 70's JMP 100w marshall head and this is a sort of try out for it. I have plugged straight into the amp with no effects. i think this version of the jmp was the 1st to have two inputs(my plexi has 4), marshall used the extra diode they gained to create a hi input and a pre-amp volume(again this is missing from the plexi's you just have to turn those bad boys up to overdrive) hence on this amp i get some distortion at a sensible volume with no fuzz pedals. for some reason to my ear this amp sounds better than my plexi which is closer to the hendrix era amps from about 5 years ealier.
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Little wing.wmv
Second video from a recent friday night gig on the south coast of England. Guest drummer this time. well done Marty :-)
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Jimi hendrix - Third Stone From The Sun
After watching the Stevie Ray Vaughan "Live At The El Mocambo" DVD I thought it would be fun to have a go at a similar version of Jimi's Third stone from the sun. The Camera's recording mike is distorting slightly butI hope you can get the general idea. I hope you enjoy JRY
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brush with the blues .wmv
Jammin' on brush with the blues Marshall plexi 1959SLP reissue (loud) dunlop fuzz digital delay
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After many request to do a focus piece i have finally got round to it. enjoy
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Voodoo Chile
The band I play in 'PI' Jamming on our live version of Jimi's Voodoo Child Jimirayyng guitar vox John Walton Bass Ray Lawrence Drums This was impromptu spur of the moment jam Recorded live at 'The Bird In Hand' HampshireUK July 2011
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Stevie Ray Vaughan - Lenny
This is my first attempt at an SRV Song, its not as smooth as I would have liked and is a bit stilted in places maybe its that i'm not used to playing with a drum machine. The biggest thing I am learning from listening to Stevie's playing is feel and control and tone, I am nowhere near his league but you gotta start somewhere. The click is also louder than I would have liked, anyway enough whining. I'm using a 60's player strat with 69 pickups a ts-808 and a fender blues junior amp.
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Jimi Hendrix - Highway Chile
Another attempt at something from Are You Experienced 60'reissue strat, axis fuzz, fender twin amp
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My version of The loner - gary moore
Apart from jimi hendrix, gary moore was one of my main influences
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cos we ended as lovers
My first attempt at a jeff beck number.
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Jimi hendrix- Killng Floor (Monterey Version)
Just been watching this concert. Jimi's sound was realy fuzzy early in his experience days, so I wacked the RM Axis Fuzz right up to get that creamy distortion. I'm using my new 60's player strat on this clip.
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Day Of The Eagle.wmv
I originally purchased this amp fro convenience but I am so impressed by it I may mike it through the pa and use it at gigs, Anyway I am using a roger mayer voodoo vibe with the amp everything else is included with the amps onboard effects. I am playing my version of Robin trowers "Day of the eagle" because it was the 1st song that came into my head when using the amp with the univibe for the 1st time. The amp speaker was a marshall 2x12 at 8 ohms miked with an sm57 into a joe meek valve mike pre-amp and then into my pc soundcard where i mixed it with the backing track using Sonar producer edition. The guitar is a USA strat about 15 years old with a lefty neck I bolted on myself.
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Another track from our 'Polymorphism' album
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Randy Rhoads - Dee Cover .wmv
This is my cover of randy Rhoads's Dee from Ozzy's Blizzard of Oz.. album. I think its pretty close, but i worked it out by ear so it might no be exaclty what Randy played. added some studio reverb in Vegas pro afterwards to help cover my shite playing :-) Please comment and rate if you like
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