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WooCommerce Manual Orders and Phone Orders
A great extension for WooCommerce that helps you manually add new orders fast and easy. Extremely powerful for adding your phone orders, or mobile orders, or anywhere! See all of our WooCommerce extensions at http://ignitewoo.com
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Woocommerce Product Enquiry Professional
WooCommerce Product Enquiry Professional is a super powered product enquiry tool that makes it easy for your shoppers to ask you questions fast. Using a product enquiry form can increase your sales because shoppers can send questions to you directly from your product pages without having to find your site's contact form. Learn more here: http://ignitewoo.com/woocommerce-extensions-plugins-themes/woocommerce-product-enquiry-professional/
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Woocommerce Quick Order Forms 4.x - Bulk Order Forms - Wholesale Order Forms
WooCommerce Quick Order Forms is a new plugin that lets you easy build simple one-page quick bulk order forms for your site. Shoppers can quickly scan through a list of products, choose what they want to purchase, and add those items to the cart on the fly - all from one page without having to surf your web site going from product to product adding them to the cart. It's great for general orders, wholesale orders, bulk orders, and for any situation where you need to provide a simple, easy to use one page order form so that your shoppers can purchase what they need quickly and easily. See more about this extension at http://ignitewoo.com/woocommerce-extensions-plugins-themes/woocommerce-quick-order-forms-bulk-order-forms/
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Woocommerce Precious Metals
WooCommerce Precious Metals helps you update your product prices based on the current spot prices of precious metals. You can use it to sell coins, jewellery, items that are plated with precious metals or contain precious metals, any type of item that requires pricing based on precious metal content. Learn more here: http://ignitewoo.com/woocommerce-extensions-plugins-themes/woocommerce-precious-metals/
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WooCommerce Ship to Multiple Addresses
WooCommerce Ship to Multiple Addresses lets your shoppers ship some or all of their order to multiple destinations, all without having to leave the checkout page. This video gives you an overview of how it works. Check it out!
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WooCommerce Auctions Pro
WooCommerce Auctions Pro is rock solid and package with great features that let you easily run auctions on your site. Check it out in this brief demo video
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WooCommerce Hot Deals Pro
A great extension for WooCommerce that helps you lets you quickly and easily create special deals for any products on your site! See more about this extension at http://ignitewoo.com/woocommerce-extensions-plugins-themes/woocommerce-hot-deals-pro/
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WooCommerce Tab Control Pro
WoooCommerce Tab Control Pro is a total tab customization solution that gives you complete control over your product tabs, fast and easy. You can add tabs, remove tabs, and rearrange tabs. More here: http://ignitewoo.com The plugin works with the default WooCommerce tabs and recognizes most 3rd party tabs added by other plugins and themes. And, WooCommerce Tab Control Pro add two new kinds of tabs – global tabs and per-product tabs – making for a total of four tab types that you can manage with this software. When creating your own global tabs or per-product tabs you can easily embed nearly any kind of content into a tab. If you can embed a type of content into a post or page on your site then you can probably embed it into a custom product tab too. Plus the standard WordPress rich text editor is available for use in designing the content for all global tabs and per product tabs.
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