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Noggin The Nog, The Flying Machine - Part 1, The Jar
Hey I couldn't find this on youtube so I decided to upload it :D hehehe. Enjoy this old British children's TV program "Noggin the Nog".
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Cleethorpes scooter rally 2009
a few pictures of cleethorpes scooter rally. it was great! pictures all on myspace \/ \/ http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewPicture&friendID=101390452&albumId=2469880
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ship simulator 2008 how to change wave hight to anything you like
i have patch v1.0 they have fixed this in patched versions of the game I couldn't find anything when I looked for information on how to do this so decided to make a video of how I did it. Walk through open /c drive-program files then search Shipsim in this location. open the file named shipsim2008. look for the file named Weatherpresets.xml left click and select open with- wordpad or notpad (I prefair notepad). Theres 5 presets in this file make sure you check which one your changing (you may actually be able to make a new one, I never tried). Once you have opened the file look for the section where it says wave_amplitude1 type="val" change this number /wave_amplitude1 save this file and if it doesn't let you, save it into a different location (like My doc's) and delete and replace the old file (I would recommend backing up the original file just in case).
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Testing Maginon AC 500 touch "Go pro clone" @720p30
I bought one from Aldi for £45 and it seems like it's a good product! I just hope the 440mah battery is good and manages to run the camera for a reasonable amount of time between charges... At the moment of uploading this I've only just bought and tested it! I'll update this once I find out. Like most cheap camera's it looks nowhere near what you'd expect for a 720p video "Update... I recorded for 50 minutes today and I had 2/3 bars left! although I deleted one of the videos because my card was full... but on the last video I filled the 4GB card 100% with a 25 minute long video but the video didn't actually cut off! It's almost as if the camera started compressing the video file some how (4GB for 25 minutes is pretty outrageous though! the camera claims 1gb/10mins but the videos I took was more like 1GB/5mins... maybe it's the way it stores the data... although I just bought a 32gb Micro SD from ebay for £9!)"
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Pulsatile Tinnitus sound
this is taken from the BBC series "The Outcast" and it's the sound you hear when he's having a panic attack. I used to hear this exact sound when I was having a panic attack when I was a kid It sounds very similar to the sound of the womb - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaiLpUZ2DNY
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Fringe Retro intro (1985)
This was a special intro for Fringe in the episode thats set in 1985 where walters son dies and he creates a doorway between the universes after he realises the walter in the parallel universe misses the one chance he has to save his son Season 2 Episode 16 (Peter) This was also used in Season 3 Episode 15 (Subject 13)
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Titanic theme "My heart will go on" on Zelda - Ocarina of time
there's lots of mistakes... it's not easy playing music with an Xbox controller :(
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scarborough scooter rally 2009
just a few bikes leaving
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scarborough scooter rally 2009 p1/2
scooter rally 2009 10th-11th april
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scarborough scooter rally 2009 p2/2
check out my pictures on myspace http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewPicture&friendID=101390452&albumId=2469880
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Crossing the Humber Bridge bike ride
Music is by Melody Sheep and is from "Symphony of Science" Check out their channel! - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR9sFzaG9Ia_kXJhfxtFMBA Recorded Using Aldi's Maginon Ac 500 Helmet Cam
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Hull Skyride 2013
A lap around the Skyride Trail on my 2009 Trek FX 7.1 Hybrid. Hope everybody had a good time :)
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Wind Blowing through wheat feild
Amature footage of a beautiful sight
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Kerbal Space Program - Space Shuttle
Space shuttle in KSP! the LV-T45s gimbal has been increased to 20* and the LV-1 "Ant" engines Vac ISP has been increased to 400 from 290 and thrust to 5KN from 1.5KN
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vespa T5 MK1 start 1
me starting my vespa t5 mk1 for the first time after engine rebuild :P
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The Truths of war
Original Footage from - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNSil6Fjz5g Music, John Lennon - Imagine
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vespa T5 MK1 start 2
me starting my T5 Mk1
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Hull Skyride 2014
Walk/ride around the Skyride Event! Ride starts @ 12:12 Using Aldi action cam AC-500
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Playing Chords (reggae oriented?)
Sorry i'm out of shot but I get camera shy. I'm a little heavy on the chords but its not too bad. lol probably one of my most watchable guitar videos yet XD Thanks!
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My new tanglewood Starfire Gold Electric guitar
just a quick video of me having a quick go on my new guitar :D I bought it 2nd hand for £80 and love it :P I had just fitted some new strings befor this video as the ones that was on it had rusted. I would recommend a tanglewood electric guitar for beginner and experienced guitarists it has a brilliant sound to it and compared to my old guitar you dont need to use much pressure to hold the strings on the frets. Id give the tanglewood 9/10 for its sound quality, build quality and value for money as for my old guitar (CB sky) I would give it 3/10 because it was horrible to use and came free with 2 dead notes on the 4th fret and no matter how much I lifted the bridge it didnt comepletely fix the problem and my volume switch came loose and the wire inside is now loose and needs resoldering. lol what did I expect it was made in china.... (I have now soldered the wire on the volume control and its working perfectly) Hope you like the video and I must warn you I have only been playing 3 months lol sorry for the bad sound quality at the start :(
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Uncharted worlds (Mass Effect) on Guitar. Just a quick video mainly to share the tablature
This a a pretty easy tune to play and here are the tabs (I recommend using a capo on the 8th fret) E--15--13-----18----20----22-- B------------15-----8-----8------ G----------------------------------- D----------------------------------- A----------------------------------- E-----------------------------------
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