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Brand New Day-Ryan Star(cover)
-Bettering myself and fixing my mistakes.- Hope you guys enjoy, i ended up not playing the original and played whatever lol
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La Fuente-Lilly Goodman (Cover)
i had to play this song for a lady in church today and i fell in love with it, such a beautiful song.
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Letter From A Thief-Chevelle (Cover)
-faaavooorriittteee baaaannddddasdkjnvxcjvmxfkjmdslkfmz- anywho/i was too lazy to look up the lyrics so i played from what i remember lol so i might have messed up one or two words. OH! and i forgot the chords for the "solitude" part lol -durf- nevertheless, i love this song and this band so much! [3
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Father of Mine-Christine D'clario (Cover)
I adore this song, hope you do too.
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last to know-three days grace(cover)
ah, sweet, sweet memories.. not:D lol so this is for you and to add on, i found someone better:) **I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG**
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Under My Skin-Frank Sinatra (Cover)
I'd like to dedicate this song to a special person to me-Lorraine Martinez. Not only because she lent me this beautiful red guitar [333 lol but because shes just too damn amazing. I had fun playing this, hope you enjoy.
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Missing-Evanescence (Cover) :D
the audio is blah and video is a bit delayed D: but i hope you enjoy it anyway! :D
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Heart-Shaped Box-Nirvana (cover)
Love this song, enjoy !
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Baking Adventures & Sister Tag (ft. Juda)
Oh the chaos! Message from juda: Hey guys! Hope you enjoy this video cause after watching it, it was pretty funny to me lol. But sheaaaaaa, subscribe and thumbs up fo ma sistaaaaa! :D
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Anew-Melanie Espaillat
(i need to buy a better mic...) just a song ive written, hope you enjoy c:
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The Only Exception - Paramore
:D lol
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It Had To Be You-Frank Sinatra (Cover)
Well, it had to be you. Its 2 something in the morning and my brains all mushed so I messed up a little here and there lol but I still adore this song and Sinatra. Hope you enjoy.
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Happy Together-The Turtles (Cover)
excuse my mom coming at the end -.- lol hope you guys enjoy.
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Wicked Game-Chris Isaak (Cover)
well actually, I was listening to Adam Gontier's cover and I made mine based on his lol but both versions are great! Love them both.
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venting and stupidity
things on what we hate & just stupid sister moments.
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life lessons with Leah
learn, young youtube watching grasshoppah
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Blind by Lifehouse (cover)
-sick still, hope its still good :/ - i sang it differently than the original cause the original was too low for me and i sounded like a man. lol **I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG**
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BOY-Skin (cover)
pretty pretty song, enjoy !
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Sober-Tool (Cover)
easljkfmndkjtggf Maynard[3 I will forever laugh at the stoic-ness in my face in the beginning l o l oh man.
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Lost In You-Three Days Grace(cover)
no music, just voice. hope its still good:/
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me and my baby cousin making faces lol
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All Around Me-Flyleaf(Cover)
lacy's voice is amazing. thats it.
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use somebody- kings of leon (cover, ft judyann :D)
we made our own version lol
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Pedals-Melanie Espaillat (ft. Juda dancing..)
I'm sorry. But smile always and anyways. Lyrics: Verse I You brought out the best in me You saw things I couldn't see It made me believe. Years ago, when my heart was forced to stone You held me when I was alone You made me believe, in love. Chorus And I found pedals In my pocket and there were never Ending surprises With you Baby And I found butterflies When I felt you around My Sweet Verse II Memories of you and I Are mine to keep In a world where no one can ever reach Cause only you know the way There's a smile in me That only you know how to make And only you know how to forever make me sing This song, my love song Bridge Even in our most bad times You stayed by my side And I'll never forget your loving lines "I am yours, you are mine." Chorus And I found pedals In my pocket and there were never Ending surprises With you Baby And I found butterflies When I felt you around my sweet You made me feel so free (Messed up and said sweet at the end..lol)
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Fully Alive-Flyleaf (cover)
i move a lot x____x wth lol **I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG**
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Hanging By A Moment (cover)
this video was completely unplanned so yeah, ignore my brother in the end haha :D lol - i was sick here btw lol yeah.. - **I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG**
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