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Jimi Hendrix- Little Wing (Cover) by Jack Misukanis
One of my favorites. I did my own solo but hopefully you can still dig it.
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Jimi Hendrix- All Along the Watchtower (Cover) by Jack Misukanis
I tried to do the vocals on my guitar. Enjoy!
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Eric Johnson- Cliffs of Dover (Cover) by Jack Misukanis
A tonal update from the other version I uploaded.
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B Minor Backing Track Based off "Turn Blue" by The Black Keys
Thanks for watching and like if you enjoyed! I did everything but the drums, which I had to find loops for online. Thanks!
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Jimi Hendrix- Voodoo Child (Cover) by Jack Misukanis
My Wah pedal is kinda tough to stomp on so that's why it looks like I jump so hard at certain parts. And before you say something, yes I know about my pinky. Also I recorded other versions but I couldn't get the second solo better than this. Enjoy!
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Stevie Ray Vaughan- Lenny (Covered) by Jack Misukanis
A lot of improvisation. Enjoy!
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Eric Johnson- Cliffs of Dover (Cover) by Jack Misukanis
My uncle is no professional so please excuse the shakiness of the camera.
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Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix (Cover) by Jack Misukanis
Tribute to JH with his classic track. Enjoy!
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A Minor Backing Track (Rock) Based Off "Crystal Lake" by Grandaddy
I stole Quist's idea and soloed over the first time through but I promise you can have the rest. If you enjoy, feel free to like, comment, and subscribe for more! Also feel free to suggest other songs to turn into backing tracks. Enjoy! The song I used: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ysq_SYy1taA
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Led Zeppelin- Going to California (Cover) by Jack Misukanis
A cover of a great acoustic zep song. I went for a 12 string on the main part because I liked how full it sounded. I dedicate it to my aunt. She was a really nice person and she lost her life to cancer. Thank you for watching.
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Eric Johnson- Manhattan (Cover) by Jack Misukanis
The solo is half his and half mine. Enjoy!
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Blue Bossa by Kenny Durham Played by Jack Misukanis
College Audition video
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The Rain Song- Led Zeppelin (Cover) by Jack Misukanis
One of my all time favorites. Hopefully I did it justice, Enjoy!
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Autumn Leaves by Joseph Kosma Played by Jack Misukanis
College Screening Video
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