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Free People Presents | A Day in the Life of Candice Swanepoel
Accompanying the Free People July catalog is a short video titled, "A Day in the Life of Candice Swanepoel." Candice playfully walks us through a day in her life as a top model, drawing parallels to her upbringing as a dairy farmer. The clever and light-hearted account illustrates just how down-to-earth and fun-loving Candice really is. It goes to show, you never know where your past experiences will lead... Shop the collection: https://www.freepeople.com/clothes/ Read more about Candice on the blog! http://blog.freepeople.com/2014/07/day-life-candice-swanepoel/ VIDEO CREDITS Actress: Candice Swanepoel Film Director: Duncan Winecoff @ All:Expanded Co-Director: Guy Aroch Concept By: Free People Written By: Jenny Bahn Director of Photography: Stuart Winecoff @ All:Expanded Art Direction: Free People First Assistant Director: Jake Saner @ All:Expanded Editor: Ryan McKenna @ The Mill Producer: Carl Walters @ The Mill Color: Michael Rossiter @ The Mill Sound: "Date Prep" by Kerry Muzzey, courtesy of The Music Bed, LLC.
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Free People Presents | FP Movement
Four women rise with the dawn. Each has a thirst for sweat. The world is all their own, and they can move through it as they wish. Whether it be the waves, an asana, rhythm, or the power of two feet propelling forward -- their health is what makes them happy. The short film finishes as they come together, feeling whole from a morning well spent. Celebrate life with Free People and FP Movement. Read more about it on our blog: http://blog.freepeople.com/2014/05/free-people-presents-fp-movement/ Shop The Video: FP Movement: https://www.freepeople.com/fp-movement/
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Sh*t Free People Girls Say
"Sh*t Girls Say," Free People style! Like our style? Check out more on the blog! http://blog.freepeople.com/2012/02/sht-free-people-girls/
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Free People Presents | Neighbor ft. Daisy Lowe
In Neighbor, Free People's most recent short film, Daisy Lowe plays the sexy girl next door trying to reel in a cute boy, played by Jacques Naude, who lives in building across the way. This cheeky love story features the UK model/actress putting in a good deal of effort to appear effortlessly beautiful. Daisy Lowe aims to get the mysterious neighbor's attention through their city window with a few funny mishaps along the way. The short is a quirky take on the best way to find love... by simply being yourself. Shop the looks: https://www.freepeople.com/clothes/ or read about it on our blog: http://blog.freepeople.com/2013/06/neighbor-starring-daisy-lowe/ VIDEO CREDITS Featuring: Daisy Lowe and Jacques Naude Shot By: Carlos Veron Edited By: Ryan McKenna, The Mill Music By: Gina Cimmelli Creative Direction: Free People and Brody Baker for SWG Directed By: Jonathan Doe and Guy Aroch Art By: Kara Northcut and Andrea Huelse Makeup: Deanna Hagan
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Free People Presents | True Blue
Indigo...the color of wisdom and intuition. It represents an inner awareness of spirituality, and allows for deep focus during meditation. Sink into the blue hue, and lose yourself in the process of dyeing with indigo. Inspire your own "True Blue" with a DIY on the blog: http://blog.freepeople.com/2014/05/shibori-dyeing-indigo/ Directed by Michael Graham
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Free People Presents | The Ride ft. Erin Wasson
Take a leap of faith with The Ride. Free People's latest short film encompasses the sense of strength, courage, and adventure found in the brand's March catalog starring Erin Wasson and Mark Wystrach. The story begins with Erin, a broken hearted soul lost in the chaos of LA, when she reconnects with Mark, a past love. Spurred by a simple question, it all unfolds. Riding on a Harley down desert roads, we watch the intimate moments that rebuild Erin's trust in love and the beauty of the world around her. As moments of laughter, passion, and wonder unfold, Mark proves to Erin that taking a leap was worth it. Read more about The Ride on our blog: http://blog.freepeople.com/2014/03/free-people-presents-ride-ft-erin-wasson/ Shop The Looks: https://www.freepeople.com/clothes/ VIDEO CREDITS Title: THE RIDE Actors: Erin Wasson, Mark Wystrach Direction: Duncan Winecoff for All:Expanded Creative Direction: Guy Aroch and Free People Director of Photography: Stuart Winecoff of All:Expanded 1st Assistant Director: Jake Saner of All:Expanded Editor: Ryan McKenna Producer: Carl Walters Color: Michael Rossiter Sound: Midnight by Salomon Ligthelm, Courtesy of The Music Bed, LLC.
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Vinyasa For Beginners | Rachel Brathen | Free People
Yoga instructor Rachel Brathen walks through the full breakdown of the Vinyasa during Free People's Pura Vida Getaway in Nosara, Costa Rica. Read more about Rachel on the blog: http://blog.freepeople.com/2014/06/vinyasa-breakdown-rachel-brathen/
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Free People Presents | Roshambo: Paper-Scissors ft. Christopher Abbott
Free People has launched the final film, titled 'Roshambo: Paper-Scissors,' in the 'Roshambo' series to conclude the compelling story of two lovers, played by Christopher Abbott and Sheila Marquez. In the previous chapters of the series, we watched as Chris and Sheila, rekindled their romance, and witnessed Sheila's heartbreak after parting ways with Chris. In 'Roshambo: Paper-Scissors,' we saw a parallel night to Sheila's getaway in Rio from the previous film. Chris is staying in Paris, distracting himself with an alluring French woman played by actress, Ana Girardot. Although beautiful and charming, he cannot stop experiencing flashbacks to the true love that he has lost. Sheila's image appears every which way, and his date quickly takes notice. We end where the first film left off and find out what path the lovers take; will they stay together, or will they part ways forever? Please let us know what you think in the comments below and be sure to check out the first two videos: Roshambo - http://freep.pl/nxEd4 Roshambo: Rock - http://freep.pl/M1uAx VIDEO CREDITS Director(s): Guy Aroch and Jonathan Doe Director of Photography: Carlos Veron Creative Director(s): Free People and Brody Baker for Starworks Concept By: Free People Producer: Starworks Group Post Production Co: The Mill Editor: Ryan McKenna Colorist: Damien Van Der Cruyssen Producer: Carl Walters Actors: Christopher Abbott, Ana Girardot, Sheila Marquez, Sabrina Nait, Stef Van Der Laan, Alba Galocha
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Washed Ashore | Hair Tutorial | Free People
Learn how to get the hairstyles featured in our June E-book with Behati Prinsloo! Hairstylist Amy Farid demonstrates how to get the modern dread, how to perfect "castaway" hair with added elements, and a fresh new take on braids. Read more about it on the blog: http://blog.freepeople.com/2013/07/hair-tutorial-modern-dread/ Shop The Video: Hair Accessories: https://www.freepeople.com/hair-beauty/
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Free People Presents | Love Storm
A Western Romance featuring Nick Fouquet and Abby Brothers. Directed by Phillip Lopez. Shop the collection: http://www.freepeople.com/ or read about it here: http://blog.freepeople.com/2014/11/free-people-presents-love-storm/
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Fall Makeup Tutorial | Free People
Our makeup artist April Al-Zahrani shares her tips on transitioning from summer to fall beauty and demonstrates how to acheive a perfect runway-ready look for fall, featuring model Martha Streck. For the products used in this video visit our blog: http://blog.freepeople.com/2013/09/makeup-tutorial-fall/ Shop The Video: Beauty & Wellness: https://www.freepeople.com/beauty-wellness/
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Sonoma Broadway Farms | Love What You Do | Free People
Meet Jill and Sesa, the inspiring managers and farmers behind Sonoma Broadway Farms in California. Hear how they got their start in the farming industry and why they are so passionate about what they do. Visit them online: http://www.sonomabroadwayfarms.com/ or http://blog.freepeople.com/2014/09/love-sonoma-broadway-farms/
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Free People Presents | Inspired By Domino Kirke
Musician, doula, all-around muse... Domino Kirke is the embodiment of seeking out what you most love to do and making it your career. Watch and see why we're so inspired by this beauty! Read more about Domino on our blog: http://blog.freepeople.com/2014/04/inspired-domino-kirke/
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Peach, Basil + Lavender Galette Recipe | In The Kitchen | Free People
Beth Kirby of the blog Local Milk demonstrates how to make Peach, Basil, and Lavender Galette - one of the dishes from our Backyard Party in Nashville. See the full recipe with steps on our blog: http://blog.freepeople.com/2014/07/kitchen-beth-kirby-local-milk/ Visit Beth’s blog: http://localmilkblog.com/
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On Set with Staz Lindes: What 80s British Band Are You? | Catalogs | Free People
Go behind the scenes of our June E-Catalog. Model and rock goddess Staz Lindes finds out which chapter of 80s British rock she is at heart. Visit http://blog.freepeople.com/ to take the quiz for yourself and shop the collection here: http://www.freepeople.com/june-2015-catalog/ Music: "Golden Colorado" by Bonzo Madrid
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BLDG 25 Blog Presents | Casey Harper | Backyard Sessions
Casey Harper, member of Athens-based band Family and Friends, performs a solo acoustic version of her song "Old Friend." Read more about Casey on the blog: http://blog.freepeople.com/2014/06/bldg-25-blog-presents-backyard-sessions-casey-harper/
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Free People Presents | Love What You Do: Rachel Brathen and Dennis Schoneveld
Newly married Rachel Brathen and Dennis Schoneveld talk about their shared passion for yoga, wellness, each other, and the pursuit of happiness. Shot during our Pura Vida yoga retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica! Read more about Rachel and Dennis on the blog: http://blog.freepeople.com/2014/07/love-rachel-brathen-dennis-schoneveld/
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Free People Presents | Little White Tee
Enduring cool, forever classic. The little white tee is one fashion essential we're taking with us everywhere this spring. Follow along for a day in the life of a little white tee to see the many ways it can be worn! Shop all tees: https://www.freepeople.com/tees/
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Free People Presents | Ruby the Hatchet at SXSW
Hit the road with Ruby The Hatchet as they make the trip from Philadelphia to Austin for SXSW 2014! Get a glimpse into the life of a touring musician and a behind the scenes look at SXSW from the perspective of the band. Read all about it on our blog: http://blog.freepeople.com/2014/04/road-sxsw-ruby-hatchet/
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Free People Presents | Through Her Lens
From muted misty mountains to colorful street corners, trail Erin Wasson’s path through Peru in this behind-the-scenes peek at the making of our August 2016 catalog. Outfitted in billowing boho dresses, military-inspired layers and hand-touched extras, Wasson blazes the way for the season ahead. Credits: Direction: Lauren Cohan DP: Jacques Naude Producer: Emily Bonner Casting: Valentina Nourse 1st AC: William Busfield Hair: Amy Farid Makeup: Ayami Nishimura Local production/Peru: APU Productions Local Producer: Bruno Canale Local Coordinator: Javier Bellina Post Production: The Mill Post Production Producer: Colin Moneymaker Editor: Ryan McKenna Assistant Editor: Rachel Greco Color Producer: Natalie Westerfield Colorist: Michael Rossiter Music: For the Better (1822/7) by Max Brodie, Courtesy of The Audio Network
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Doub Hanshaw | Lessons for the Wild | Free People
Free People's LESSONS FOR THE WILD is a four-part mini series sharing the stories of empowered women from different fields of work and walks of life, each emboldened to chase that which their hearts sought for them. In the debut episode, take a trip through time with Doub Hanshaw, as she recounts a journey that led from the girl in a New York apartment with a head full of questions and doubt, to the FP Creative Director leading a catalog shoot on the sands of Morocco. Credits: Cinematographers: Kevin Castanheira, Grant Babbitt Production Assistant: Troy Hauschild Music & Sound Design: Daniel Bowersox
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Free People Presents | Sun Chaser
In the 'Sun Chaser' video, our main character, Annie, lives in rural Kansas and is planning her trip west with her best friend Esther. Together the two chase the ocean and follow the sun as it sets to the west each night. But what Annie comes to realize is that you can't share your dreams with everyone, and some things have to be sought after alone. Read more about it on the blog: http://blog.freepeople.com/2014/04/free-people-presents-sun-chaser/ Shop the collection: http://www.freepeople.com/trends-sun-chaser/ VIDEO CREDITS Directed By: Free People Actors: Annie McGinty, Esther Honig, and Alec Nicholas Director of Photography: Alec Nicholas First Assistant Director: Zach Van Benthusen Art Direction: Free People Produced By: Free People Local Producer: Mallory Fletchall Production Assistant: Mitch Jones Hair/Makeup: Emily Nickrent and Sam Berns Post Production By: Free People Music Supervisor: Alec Nicholas Music by: Organized Crimes, "Rock Bottom" Styling: Free People
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Canyon Braid Tutorial | Free People
Learn how to do a gorgeous fishtail braid hairstyle like the one featured in our "Fall in the Canyons" styling story! Model Jessica Mau demonstrates how you can do this easy hairstyle yourself. Music by Margo May + Hannah Hurrle (ssshheee), "Time To Wait." More hairstyle tips on our blog: http://blog.freepeople.com/beauty/ or to read a step by step of this tutorial visit: http://blog.freepeople.com/2014/03/canyon-braid/ Shop The Video: Hair Accesories: https://www.freepeople.com/hair-beauty/
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Free People Presents | Harold & Mod | Love What You Do
Meet Milo Beloved, owner of the sweet Birmingham vintage store Harold & Mod. Hear about the inspiration behind his business and how he turned his fantasy into reality. Visit his shop online: http://haroldandmodshop.com/ Read more about Milo on the blog: http://blog.freepeople.com/2014/08/love-harold-mod/
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The Ultimate Bed Head | Hair Tutorial | Free People
An effortless look that works for any occasion, from day to night. Learn how to get that perfectly tousled, just-rolled-out-of-bed look with just a few easy steps! To read the how-to step by step, visit the blog: http://blog.freepeople.com/2014/03/hair-tutorial-ultimate-bed-head/ Shop The Video: Hair Accessories: https://www.freepeople.com/hair-beauty/
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A Messy Braid | Hair Tutorial | Free People
Learn how to get the hair in our June E-catalog, "Call of the Wild," featuring model Martha Hunt and her hair-stylist boyfriend! Read about how to get a modern version of this braid on the blog: http://blog.freepeople.com/2015/03/ultimate-festival-hair/ Shop The Video: Hair Accessories: https://www.freepeople.com/hair-beauty/
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Free People Presents | An Interview With For Love & Lemons
Meet Laura and Gillian, best friends and the creative minds behind the line For Love & Lemons, who we are thrilled to be collaborating with on an exlusive line of pieces for our Intimately Free People collection. Hear about how they got their start in the industry and where they draw inspiration! Read more about For Love & Lemons on the blog: http://blog.freepeople.com/2014/08/studio-tour-love-lemons/ Shop the collection: http://www.freepeople.com/the-fall-2014-intimates-ebook/
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FP Presents | Earthship Biotecture
The Earthship Biotecture, founded over 40 years ago in Taos, NM, serves as a beacon of living harmoniously within ones environment. Sustainability is essential to the development of these magical structures, as you will learn from its founder, Michael Reynolds. http://blog.freepeople.com/
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BLDG 25 Blog Presents | Family And Friends | Backyard Sessions
The Free People BLDG 25 Blog presents a backyard session with Athens-based band Family And Friends performing their song "Wyoming." Read more about our backyard session on our blog: http://blog.freepeople.com/2014/05/backyard-sessions-family-friends/ Family And Friends are: Mike MacDonald - Guitar, Vocals Casey Harper - Vocals Jamie Rios - Percussion Ryan Houchens - Percussion JP McKenzie - Guitar Tuna Fortuna - Bass Maria Kindt - Viola, Vocals Visit them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FamilyAndFriendsBand
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Butternut Squash Ravioli Recipe | In The Kitchen | Free People
Looking for a last-minute addition to your holiday menu? Chef Greg Glowatz has a colorful, nutritious and amazingly tasteful vegan dish to share with you -- homemade butternut squash "ravioli" (with the squash taking place of the usual pasta), accompanied with sautéed kale, rainbow chard and caramelized onions, and topped off with handmade cashew cream, toasted pumpkin seeds and crispy sage. Credits: Film and photos by Michael Persico
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FP Movement Presents | Movement Is Free
Whether you’re riding a wave or running wild, all you really need to get moving is you! FP Movement presents, Movement Is Free, starring inspirational women who motivate others through all different fields of work from a model, stylist, actress, yoga & pilates instructor, filmmaker, surfer and runner. Each girl shows how she is unique in the way she stays active. Shop The Video: FP Movement: https://www.freepeople.com/fp-movement/ Credits: Director: Lauren Cohan Director of Photography: Stuart Winecoff Producer: Emily Bonner Post Production Producer: Colin Moneymaker Editor: Ryan McKenna Colorist: Michael Rossier Actors: Camille Rowe, Djuna Bel, Davida Williams, Carlen Altman, Ryan Lagasse, Josh Elan, Jamie Rosquist, Dana Hanlon, Georgie Flores, Josh Upshaw
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Free People Presents | Love What You Do: Grant Monahan
The photographer of our latest Vintage Loves shoot, Grant Monahan, talks about his love for photography, surfing, and his family's food truck, The Ditch Witch, in Montauk NY. Read more about it on the blog: http://blog.freepeople.com/2014/07/love-grant-monahan-2/
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Kids on The Run | Free People
MOSS + MEADOWS (www.mossandmeadows.com) move their life from Texas to California, and we went along for the ride! These two creatives never stop moving. This short movie gives you insight into their love and story through their resounding passion for film, fashion and photography. In 2014 they started a production company working with brands globally to create campaigns, lookbooks, editorials and more. Extended documentary film on their life coming soon! Read more on our blog: http://blog.freepeople.com/ or shop our intimates e-book here: http://www.freepeople.com/some-kind-of-sunshine-lookbook/ Director - Asher Moss (www.ashermoss.com) Director of Photography - Adam Bove (www.adambove.us) Edit & Color - Adam Bove (www.adambove.us) Styling & Modeling - Melodi Meadows (www.melodimeadows.com) "When Morning Comes" by Asher Moss "Rock N' Roll" by Thee Shams
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Free People Presents | Pearl Charles: "Minds A Mystery"
Travel to the Joshua Tree desert in this psychedelic rock video featuring musician, Pearl Charles. This is Charles’ second video off of her debut self-titled album, and hits all of the perfect blues/rock/psychedelic/country spots.
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Free People Presents | River Rose ft. Dan Sartain
Follow Birmingham, Alabama based musician Dan Sartain through his 'backyard' as he performs his song 'Marfa Lights' while accompanied by some dreamy FP ladies. Check this out on our blog: http://blog.freepeople.com/2014/08/river-rose/ CREDITS Concept & Art Direction: Free People Videographer/ Editor: Kevin Castanheira Video Assistant: Shabier Kirchner Models: Stormi Henley, Lillian Hardy, FP Birmingham store steam Hair/ MU: Emily Nickrent Photographer: Alexandra Valenti Sound: Dan Sartain 'Marfa Lights'
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BLDG 25 Blog Presents | Love What You Do: Chantel Jiroch of Rawesome Juicery
Chantel Jiroch, owner of Rawesome Juicery, shares the inspiring story of following her dream and starting her own business. Rawesome Juicery specializes in healthy juices, smoothies, and salads, and is located in the Sweet Auburn Curb Market in Atlanta GA. Visit the website: http://rawesomejuicery.squarespace.com/ - Read more on our blog: http://blog.freepeople.com/2014/06/love-chantel-jiroch-rawesome-juicery/
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Free People Beauty + Wellness | For Women By Women feat. The Beauty Chef
We’re celebrating the female-founded #fpbeautyandwellness lines we love ✨ Carla Oates , Founder and CEO of @thebeautychef , teaches us what it really means to be gutsy and follow your gut. CREDITS: Carla Oates
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Free People Presents | Mother's Love
Free People celebrates Mother's Day with model Shelby Keeton. Alongside her ringleted son, Hendrix, she shares her world-changing experience of becoming a mother -- the different kind of love she has discovered, and the hopes and dreams she holds for her child's future. The feature goes inside the world of a model and her son, and why being a mother, "is both the best job and the hardest job you could possibly have." Read about it on our blog: http://blog.freepeople.com/2014/05/mother/ CREDITS Model: Shelby Keeton Son: Hendrix Director: Michael Graham Photographer: Annie Edmonds Hair & Makeup: Emily Nickrent Stylist: Corey Madley
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Beautiful Simplicity | Why You Should Try Yoga | Free People
A Bikram yoga teacher Thayne Dibble shows an elegant composition of yoga asana's and talks about what yoga means to her. Shop FP Movement Yoga here: http://www.freepeople.com/fp-movement-yoga/
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Bambi and Chau | Free People
We love Bambi Northwood-Blyth! She and one of our designers had some fun drawing each other in our studio :) Read more about it on our blog: http://blog.freepeople.com/2011/07/bambi-chau/
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LA Free People Girls | FP Me Styling Tips | Free People
Follow two of our favorite FP Me Stylists, Joanna & Tina, as they journey through the iconic Hollywood Hills to talk about styling your street style pics! Learn secrets to taking the perfect FPMe pic - from selecting your perfect location, to feeling natural and comfortable during your shoots! Share how you style Free People on FP Me! Visit http://www.freepeople.com/fpme/
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Introducing Free People's Open Call Winner | Jens (Photographer)
Meet Jens Ingvarsson, the winning photographer of Free people's Open Call campaign. Ukrainian born, Jens studied photo journalism before travelling to Asia for almost a decade and moving to New York City to pursue photography. Watch behind the scenes as he captures top model, Erin Wasson, for Free People's June E-Catalog. Read more about it on the blog: http://blog.freepeople.com/2014/06/open-call-meet-winners/
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Week 1: Balance | New Year, New You | Free People
For the new year, we are sharing a free video series of simple and helpful yoga exercises to incorporate into your daily routine with Ashley Rufo from Corepower Yoga. Week 1, we are starting with yoga balance poses you can do at home. Shop The Video: FP Movement: http://www.freepeople.com/fp-movement/ Credits: Music by: Scavenger Hunt: https://www.facebook.com/ScavengerHuntMusic Ashley Rufo: https://www.instagram.com/ashleyrufo_yoga/ Corepower Yoga: http://www.corepoweryoga.com/
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Free People Presents | Nick Fouquet | Love What You Do
Here at Free People we are endlessly inspired by people who have a dream and set out to make it a reality. We're taking our Love Stories series in a new direction, to explore the things that move people...and what makes them love what they do. For this edition, we visit hat maker Nick Fouquet in Venice, CA. Read more about it on our blog: http://blog.freepeople.com/2014/05/love-nick-fouquet/
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Pine Pollen Quinoa Salad Recipe ft. Sun Potion | In the Kitchen | Free People
Chef Greg Glowatz is back to celebrate the end of fig season and our undying love of whole grains. Using Sun Potion’s Pine Pollen, this quinoa salad recipe provides a quick energy lift, rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. New to pine pollen? No worries. The transformational powder is easy to use and blends smoothly into a range of recipes. Pine pollen has a smooth and silky texture, making it an easy addition to hot beverages, like coffee or tea, or a topping to your favorite smoothie bowl. We especially love it in savory recipes, like this quinoa salad in particular. Try this earthy dish straight off the stove in the winter or as a cold quinoa salad in the summer. With so many nourishing benefits (below!), it’s sure to be a staple year round: •Pine Pollen Benefits -Balances hormones -Boosts metabolism -Increases energy -Increases stamina Learn More About Pine Pollen: http://blog.freepeople.com/2016/10/kitchen-pine-pollen-quinoa-salad/ •Fig Benefits -High in fiber -Aids cardiovascular health -Good source of potassium -Rich in vitamin B6 Learn More About Figs: http://blog.freepeople.com/2016/08/wellness-encyclopedia-figs/ Read The Full Pine Pollen Quinoa Salad Recipe ft. Sun Potion: http://blog.freepeople.com/2016/10/kitchen-pine-pollen-quinoa-salad/ Shop The Video: Beauty & Wellness: https://www.freepeople.com/beauty-wellness/ Sun Potion: https://www.freepeople.com/sun-potion/
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BLDG 25 Blog Presents | Love What You Do: Family And Friends
Athens, Georgia, based band Family and Friends share their story on how they were formed and why they love performing together. Read more about them on our blog: http://blog.freepeople.com/2014/06/love-family-friends/ Family And Friends are: Mike MacDonald - Guitar, Vocals Casey Harper - Vocals Jamie Rios - Percussion Ryan Houchens - Percussion JP McKenzie - Guitar Tuna Fortuna - Bass Maria Kindt - Viola, Vocals Visit them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FamilyAndFriendsBand
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BLDG 25 Blog Presents | Vegan Apple Pie Squares | Free People
Brittany Mullins of the blog EatingBirdFood and local Richmond FP Me customers demonstrate how to make Vegan Apple Pie Squares - a dish created with apples from local farm, Graves Mountain Lodge, for an store event at Free People’s Richmond boutique. Find out the ingredients on the blog: http://blog.freepeople.com/2014/10/vegan-apple-pie-squares-brittany-mullens-eating-bird-food/ Music by: Ryan Petrillo, "Apple Pie"
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BLDG 25 Blog Presents | Backyard Sessions: Quiet Life | Free People
Meet Quiet Life, an Americana rock band from Portland Oregon who joined us here in Philadelphia for an intimate backyard session. Get to know more about the band and watch a special performance of their song "Record Time." Visit their website for tour dates and to purchase their latest EP Housebroken Man! http://quietlifeband.com/ Read more about them on our blog: http://blog.freepeople.com/2014/09/backyard-sessions-quiet-life/
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DIY Arrows | Free People
Just in time for Valentine's Day, get inspired to make your own DIY arrows for a sweet decoration or alternative valentine for the one you love! For further instructions visit http://blog.freepeople.com/2014/02/feather-arrows-valentines-day/
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My Blue Morocco | Catalogs | Free People
Explore the beautiful country of Morocco, from the vibrant blue city of Chefchaouen to the vast dry lands of the Sahara Desert via the Free People December 2015 catalog. Models: Hana Jirickova, Marine Deleeuw, Nick Fouquet Photographer: Jason Lee Parry Videographer: Kevin Castanheira Hair: Luke Chamberlain Makeup: Erin Lee Smith Music: "New Voyage" by A. Taylor
Views: 17171 Free People

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