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Frozen- Say something im giving up on you
Its really bad im sorry but schools back Dx
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Schleich ~ Wolves vs Foxes part 3 Battle scars
The wolves are going in for there surprise battle with thier arch rivals the Foxes. But Alue and Fern have other thoughts about the battle they decide to warn Risy about the incoming battle . what will happen will everying end peacfully or will the conflict between the Wolves and Foxes still be there . Watch to find out ;) Created by Razady do not Copy ! this is not the end i will be making a christmas eposide keep in tuned :)
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Frozen ~ Anna and Elsa you are my sunshine
Okie dokie yet again another video but i have so much spare time that i can't help but make a lot of these. So this one was inspired by various gifs on tumblr and i thought i would make one of my own C: by Scarlett xx
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Schleich ~ Wolves vs Foxes part 1
hiyaaaaaa i thought i would do schleich eposoides sooo here we are hope u like it . Story line Wolf clan : Mum ~ Storm. Dad ~ Balto. Wolf cub ~ Fern. Second wolf cub ~ Alue. Adopted Meercat ~ Timon . Fox clan: Mum ~ Nadia. Dad ~ Foxy. Fox cub Risy. Big brother fox ~ Ash. adopted warthog ~ pumba . Also in the wolf clan big sister ~ Katy and Big brother ~ Kodi. so yeah please enjoy and watch out for part 2
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Schleich ~ Wolves vs foxes part 2 friends or Enemies ?
Fern and Alue go for another walk int the forest to see Risy there secret friend . But when they go to see Risy everything doesn't go to plan as thier mums Nadia and Storm go looking for them they find that Alue & Fern haven't been catching butterflys. After there cover is blown and they are told to never see each other again as clan meeting is happening the wolves are planning a surprise battle. But will Fern & Alue tell Risy or fight for whats right ? find out in Wolves vs foxes part 3 battle scars . All credit to Kevin MacLeod for his amazing music and credit to cris brown ;) copyrights on my storyline please DO NOT COPY MY STORY !!!!!!!!! :O by Razady
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ℓισи кιиg- ѕ¢αяѕ яєѕтαυяαит
alipup36 and me got bored we we made a video about scar building a restaurant, blah blah blah and a song to match will come out soon!!! like please By the way I'm Mufasa and Simba. and Alipup36 is Zazu and Scar :) haha just realized how crap i am at doing Simba's voice :P
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Surfs up ~ Into yesterday ♥
OMG THIS IS SOOOOO SHORT !! I think this will be a intro ^^ yay ! but im not quite sure O.o anyways hope you enjoy this video ! i'm kinda proud of it ?! By Laika ♥
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Frozen unconditionally
Just a quick video C: Nothing too special but i hope you enjoy!
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balto- buttarazzi
ok sooo its easy to see that we were boerd me and alipup sat in the chair for about 1 hour and suddenly ali had an idea she said one word BUTTS soooo i thought yea* that would work sooo we stuck to that idea and we mad it me and alipup are proud of the final resualt and also hope ya happy as well^^ we did all the lyrics for our song all the funny pics and the voices are ours soooo yeah it is copy right this vid 100 % copyright..........^^ and also plz leave a message down below to tell ma what ya think and plz noooo bad comments it makes me feel bad sooooo no BAD coments sooooooo enjoy and ohhh by the way im the voice of jenna and alipup is the voice of steel sooooo yeah catch ya later guys and *huggs* for all.........^^*
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funny pictures of bolt and lion king
funny pictures of bolt and lion king
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Lion King - Fly
Heey again ! YAY a video I'm actually proud of =] This took ages to do. But it was worth it i guess ? i hope you will enjoy this video as much as i did making it haha *it was a pain making it* hehe no i love editing especially with Lion king because it is my absolute favourite movie in the whole wide world ^^ yes i loved it since i was 2 !! Editor : Me Movies used : Lion king , Lion king 2 (Simba's pride) editor soft ware : Windows live movie maker ! hehe song : ''Fly'' by Rihanna and Nicki minaj I heard this song when it first came out but remembered about it when i was at my cousin Brittany's and i thought WOW this fits the lion king so this video was born :) toodles ! from Razady ( Simba )
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Balto- whos that girl
balto- guy jenna- girl purple dog- eve I did this movie with alipup36
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Bolt & Pluto's christmas eve special ~ looking for santa
Hiyaa ! i can't believe it's Christmas eve :D where has the days gone ? anyway hope you enjoy another Bolt & Pluto adventure they can be real crazy at times O.O Keep in tuned for a video early in the morning tomorrow because i will be showing you guys my presents and what i do on Christmas :) rate,like,Favourite,comment and SUBSCRIBE !!! enjoy this video and have A very Merry Christmas everyone :DD made by Razady (Laika) do NOT COPY !! my story line i give credit to Alipup36 for letting me use this idea of looking for santa Thankyou Luv :DD
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Balto gold
Balto gets jazzy :D with help of his friends Jenna, Boris and Steele hope you like it by alipup36 as well 8D DON'T OWN ANYTHING
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Bolt & Chico ~ Something that i want
Heyaaaaaa :D my little cheeblings :DDDD ahaha anyways here is a video with Bolt and Chico but no pluto *sigh* but i thought i would do something diffrent. Sorry for the long pause of Wolves vs Foxes but i just had to do a videowith Bolt in ti becuase i haven't done a video with them since last year 0.0 damee i feel sooo lazy -.- hope you enjoy SUBSCRIBE !!! byes. From Laika
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ѕιмвα - ρℓєαѕє ∂σи'т gσ
What a crap video ! but i had to post something ... and i thought this was an exception of posting something ! so Tada :) nothing special ! but comment down below ! because Simba loves feed back :) from Razady (Simba) xx
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alipup36 hacked you!
HEYYY RAZADYYYYY! AMAZING VIDEO I MADE FOR YOU its of our favourite youtube clips :)) ENJOY :) love from alipup36 xxxxxxx no copyrights on any song
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Lion King - Carry on
Heey :) this is a video out of boredom nothing special ... But enjoy i guess ? song by : Fun Movie : The Lion King : Walt Disney edited by : Razady Simba xxx
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Frozen fix you
Hey everyone so i decided to make a frozen video to fix you C: first off i would like to say that i'm sorry about the double up scenes that play twice at the end i don't know what happened there but apart from that i hope you enjoy it made by Scarlett 2013 30/12/13
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ℓισи кιиg- ѕ¢αяѕ яєѕтαυяαит ѕσиg
lion king scars restaurant spoof song hope you like and sorry the song, the video and lyrics are messed up Razady is Hyenas alipup36 is Scar no copyrights on the video
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~going to be away for easter break **
hiyaaaa* im going to be away for the easter break me a alipup36 are going to the beach house ~jumps around~ YAYAY but theres nooo enternet accsess soo i cant go on utube *stops jumping around* but were gonna make loads of vids like haley and patch and bolt and pluto vids were gonna make a easter special with them ^^ that all i had to tell ya sooooo byeeee *waves both hands in the air*
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My intro ♥
YAY !!! a INTROO !!! i havent had a intro before so its not that good :/ but its of my amazing pets actually puss puss is my next door neighbours cat but she comes in our house and we feed her so she is practually our kitty ♥ and my mice arn't they so cute ? :) i luvvvvv them and my puppy is adooravle im not bragging but i luv them all ♥ hope you enjoy byesss
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вαℓтσ 2 ~ qυιєт ♥
Heeeeya ♥ OMG i haven't done a Balto video in ages ! so i thought i would do one today :D i got alot of inspiration when i heard this song by the amazing Lights so i had to do a Balto video to it and i thought it fitted well with Alue !! ^^ hope you guys like it. Please no bad or rude comments because this took me FOREVER TO DO !! T_T DO NOT OWN MOVIE OR SONG ALL RIGHTS GO TO UNIVERSAL STUDIOS AND LIGHTS !!!!!! all i simply did was edit ^^ ♥ From Laika ♥ ♥ ♥ (;
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MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR from bolt and pluto !! :)
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ℓισи кιиg - вσяяσωє∂ нєανєи
Hello :) i hate this video ! i forgot to cut out some background music i did way to many flashes and there's an ugly green line on the the side T_T but at least i have a video to show. I didn't finish it because i ran out of inspiration ... Hope you will some how find a way to enjoy this video ! but i didn't take to long to make and windows live movie maker sucks ! :P hopefully getting Sony Vegas pro again x_x i do NOT own the music or ths amazing movie !! Music : Corrs Borrowed heaven Movie : Lion king Walt Disney ! By Razady (Simba) ;)
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how to make a smootie with pluto
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вαℓтσ ~ вєαυтιfυℓ (fσя ¢нσиу) ♥
To my dearest Chony ♥ I made this for you ! i guess it's a very late birthday present ? i don't know. But this song was perfect for it ! by the way i'm Balto your jenna ♥ Took a very long time but it was worth every second becuase i knew i was making it for you ! ♥ From Razady (Laika) ♥ Song : Beautiful by Justin Beiber and Carly rea jepson ! Movie : Balto owned by Universal studios ! Do not own the song or the movie ! i simply just edited it !!!
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Balto ~ Bom Bom Bom small project ^^
Okay so this is out of bordem !! its NOTHING SERIOUS !!! I'ts a veryyyy small project !!! no bad comments ! By Razady (Laika) Song : Bom Bom Bom by sam and the whomp !! DO NOT OWN Movie : Balto ! made by Universal studios ! DO NOT OWN !!
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bolt 2 trailer
FULLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......... :)
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Lion king Fandub - Me as Nala
Hello ! oh shucks i sound like a dying cow xD But i really wanted to do a fandub because i can actually freaking talk to the characters :D as you can see i did a very poor job of Nala ! and i don't want your bad comments because i know I'm very bad . All credit goes to Boundless Disney studios for providing this video for me and also my trusty iPod for recording purposes XD oh and i have never ever never done a fandub before so don't be hard on me ! Dx Hope you enjoy ! from Razady (Simba ) xx P.s I don't think i will do any more fandubs ! but if i did i would hands down do it with the Lion king ! because I AM IN FREAKING IN LOVEEE WITH IT !!!!
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Bolt & Pluto ~ deck the halls music video :)
This video is a christmas special becuase its christmas this SUNDAY !! WHOOP WHOOP :P please no bad comments becuase it took for ever ! -_- Enjoy and MERRY XMAS PEOPLES !!
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вαℓтσ ~ нαℓℓ σf fαмє ♥
Heeeyaaa ♥ Another Balto video YAY :D i had soo much inspration and tyhis song by the script and will I am fitted Balto perfectly !! i'm really proud of thus no bad comments please it took me a longgggggg time *sad face* hope you enjoy ! From Laika ♥ ♥
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Kassidy and co. in the lost world of bones
Hope ya like it
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Frozen Life's to short
So i decided to do a video to this song which is so beautiful and heart warming i just wish they actually put it in the movie but anyways i hope you enjoy my video oh and Happy new years everyone! From Scarlett xx
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ѕιмвa + nala - ѕave мe ♥
waaaaa Dx what a crap video ! but anyways i can't believe this took so long. I just didn't have motivation or time to do this took up to a week and all i have is this to show ?! but anyways it's dedicated to Simba and Nala my all time favourite :D hope you enjoy because i have really nothing else to say ? XD Edited by me :D Song : Save me Nicki Minaj (hope i spelt that right xD ) Movie : The Lion King Disney (My all time fricken favourite ) By my little Banana beaks ! from Razady (Simba)
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вαℓтσ ~ вє αℓяιgнт fσя мιχу ♥
To my dearest Mixy (Brittany) ♥ Words can not describe how much i love youu !!! ♥ and since we both lovee Balto and you like this song i thought it would be perfect for you. I love you Mixy and i promise that everthing will be alright ♥ From Razady cousin ♥ P.S Im Balto your Jenna :)
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SURPRISE! from alipup36
SURPRISE RAZADY! its alipup36 HACKED!!!!! merry christmas and enjoy your video :) from alipup36 and the balto gang and special guests! lots of love FROM ALIPUP36!!!!! XXXXXXXXX times billion and beyond!
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save me san francisco balto
balto groups singing the song save me san francisco
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how to make spiders with pluto and hayleh
ma dog and alipup's FUNNY!!!
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Lion King (for Chontelle)
Hokie dokie artichokie ! this is a little surprise your My bbffllu Chontelle because we both loveeeee this song i thought i would use it with Simba and Nala. Of coarse! hehe anyways hope you like it my love xx oh and i'm sorry for the inactivity !
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