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Beauty on a Budget Zury Yes One Brazilian Curly Hair
Hey Gurulettes here's a quick video review on zury yesone brazilian 16,18,20 with the big closure. Brought at my local beauty supplies store. I love this hair you ladies should try it if you love big hair too plus for the price what are you losing. Thanks for watching & if you haven't Subscribe please do so 😘. Be Blessed Business Inquiry: [email protected]
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How to: Feed in braids without weave /Lemonade Braids
Showing how to do Feed in braids without weave doing the lemonade braids hair style. Very easy to understand if y'all would like a more detailed video just leave it in the comments. Thank you for watching don't forget to like & subscribe. Hair used: Sensationnel African Collection 3× jumbo Braids (local beauty supply store) 1/2 pack used I don't own any copyrights to the song in the video
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Havana mambo Twist Crochet Braids
Somewhat of a Tutorial and review on Janet Collection mambo twist, I didn't show a close up of me crocheting because it's a lot of video you can look at to see How to. Store order the hair from: http://www.megabeautymart.com very fast shipping and free shipping when you spend $50 Also don't forget to like & subscribe thanks for watching..... 😘 Be Blessed Song: Soulja Row - vows [email protected] Don't own any copyright to the songs playing in the video. [email protected] Business Inquiry: [email protected]
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HOW TO: Easy DIY invisible part full wig (No Sewin) No leave out method
Hey Gurulettes, I'm back with this easiest DIY U-PART wig with no leave out, crochet invisible part knotless. I hope you guys enjoy Thank you for watching don't forget to like & Subscribe 😘 ITEMS USED QUE Malaysian Straight 7 piece bundle hair Mesh Doom cap Glue gun & glue sticks Braiding hair For Business Inquiry: [email protected]
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DollarTree Makeup Organizer DIY
Hey my Gurulettes, In this video, I create a Glam makeup organizer using all Dollar Tree products. This huge organizer which holds all of my makeup cost less than $30 dollars and it came out So nice Hope you guys like it. Thank you for watching and make sure you like & Subscribe to my channel....Mwuah Supplies: (1) trays (3) Glasses (2) acrylic makeup organizers (4) napkin holders (2) Butter containers (12) square acrylic Draws (1) bag of crystal circles  (3) Diamond Wrap Hot Glue For Business Inquiry: [email protected]
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Outre Expression Deep Wave
How to: crochet
Hey everyone I'm back with another quick video about this bomb a** hair that I will definitely buy again. I hope you enjoy the video & Thanks for watching. Don't forget to Like & Subscribe 😍 For Business Inquiry [email protected]
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How To Full Set Gel Nails
Hey welcome back to my channel!! Hope you like this review I did on canni gels and this is one of my new clients that wanted a full set with her favorite color 😍 I love Canni Gel polish. There smooth when applying, no chipping, cures pretty & fast. Once again Thank you for watching don't forget to like & subscribe 😘 💖PRODUCTS USED💖 ALL FROM ALIEXPRESS CANNI BUILDER GEL- CLEAR CANNI GEL POLISH- COLOR #618 ROYAL BLUE CANNI BASE COAT CANNI NO WIPE TOP COAT DIAMONDS & GLITTER UV GEL FROM ALIEXPRESS AS WILL. NAIL GLUE FROM SALLY'S NAILS FROM AMAZON I don't own any copyrights to the songs in this video. Business Inquiry: [email protected]
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DIY mother's Day gift for kids to make
Hey everyone, Here's a creative DIY for the kids. We are creating mother's day gifts. Items was brought from dollar Tree & Walmart. I hope you guys enjoy. Thanks for watching don't forget to like & Subscribe 😘 “LET THE BEAUTY YOU LOVE BE WHAT YOU DO.” (RUMI) I don't own any copyrights to the song in the video Ashanti- Mother For Business Inquiry: [email protected]
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Havana Mambo Twist/ Crochet unraveling
Unraveling of havana mambo twist crochet, I love this stylish hairstyle more this way and everyone else did also I received so many complement. THANK'S FOR WATCHING LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE if you haven't, 😘 I know the sounds is not playing just wanted to show the results of unraveling [email protected] NikkiFlawless_the_model Business Inquiry: [email protected] Don't own any copyright to the songs playing
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Watch me Slay this wig Tutorial & Review Brazilian deep waves from Beauty Forever (AliExpress)
Hair review and making of my wig with hair from Beauty forever vendor off AliExpress Brazilian deep waves 18,20,22 Deep Waves Lace closure come from vendor Charlie store QingDao Best Wigs Co.,Ltd off AliExpress I wouldn't recommend Charlie store for a closure the hair shedded so bad from the closure. Beauty Forever store: linkhttps://m.aliexpress.com/store/storeHome.htm?sellerAdminSeq=201687762&gclid=CjwKCAiA8vPUBRAyEiwA8F1oDLYYAj6HWyaCbw5aP1zSfkS_tm2Zs9Lf6wSZCO_WqXwzcBCUorY_BRoCC_kQAvD_BwE#/ For Business Inquiry: [email protected]
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Everyday Makeup Tutorial
Simple Everyday Makeup Tutorial Hey Everyone, I wanted to film something more natural a look you can wear everyday less dramatic. So I really hope you guys enjoy this tutorial! Don't forget to like & Subscribe!!! Thank you for watching Check out my DIY VIDEO Makeup Organizer: https://youtu.be/JdvgVCflYhY Business Inquiry: [email protected]
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Easter Basket DIY DollarTree
Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel 😊 This video will be about making your own Easter basket!!! Budget friendly all items was brought at DollarTree. This project is a great family activity that the kids will love. Hope you guys enjoy our video don't forget to like and Subscribe Thank you for watching 😘 Don't own any copyrights to the song in the video Business Inquiry: [email protected]
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How To: Best U-part Wig Tutorial 
Easy & Fast
Heyyyy Gurulettes, Just a quick video on the making of my u-part wig with model model equal French Deep hair, I love this hair no complaints this my second time buying this hair. Hope you guys liked the video & don't forget to Subscribe if you haven't. Thank you for watching & Be Blessed 😘 Business Inquiry: [email protected]
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How To: Spring Makeup Tutorial (Easy)
Hi guys welcome back! I wanted to create something easy, fresh and spring look, so this is the look I've created. I hope you enjoy it and thank you for watching! XOXO 🌸Products Used🌸 Elf eyebrow Kit- Dark Brown Elf- Concealer Biege LA Pro Concealer- Fawn Beauty Glazed-Jaclyn Hill Dupe eyeshadow Pallette AOA Lip liner- Blessed AOA Lip liner- Drama AOA Wonder matte lipstick- Blessed Wet&Wild Eyelashes I do not own any copyrights in this video BUSINESS INQUIRY: [email protected]
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SouljaRow- King Kong ft Billy Blue also feature in
Souljarow king kong video had fun on this set🎥 follow Souljarow on instagram @Souljarow 😍
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AliExpress Iwish water wave Hair review 😡
Heyy! Gurulettes, Basic hair review about the brazilian water wave hair and how I made, style and color my wig unit and my thoughts about the hair. This was my first & last time ordering from the vendor 😡 the hair was ok long as you don't color the hair. I hated this hair 😭 But thanks for watching & if you haven't Subscribe please do so & don't forget to like the video 😘 Be blessed Business Inquiry: [email protected] Don't own any copyright to the songs playing in the video.
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Moe kash - My job, video I was feature in
My job video it was nice being in this video
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Isis Red Carpet DAISY Beyoncé bob
I love this lace unit purchased At my local hair store and i love this unit, had it since December or January and it still in good condition I have color XR4/27/30
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Shop Miss A Haul
♥Hey Gurulettes!! Today I am doing a haul of somethings I received from Shop Miss A! I was literally shook at everything being a dollar😮 I cannot wait to try more things from them and do a try on haul! Thank you to Shop Miss A for the stuff! I hope you guys enjoy! Subscribe if you haven’t already! Comment ideas of videos you guys would like to see me do! Love you guys.♥ Be Blessed 😘 Business Inquiry: [email protected] Don't own any copyright to the songs playing
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NikkiFlawless_the_model Promo
NikkiFlawless_the_model Promo Video
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Natural Hair Routine/ Regiment for 3c/4a Hair
Heyyyyyyy Gurulettes Here's a video on my hair Regiment basically all the products I use on my natural hair Journey and things I'm using to grow my hair back, You can Ask any questions or request videos you would like me to do. Thanks for watching!! don't forget to like & subscribe 😘 Be Blessed Business Inquiry: [email protected] Don't own any copyright to the songs playing in this video.
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Klass - Bagay 9 video I was feature in
Music Group Klass, A video I was featured in. I had so much fun filming with this crew "I love this song" ♡#Caribbean #KompaMusic I Don't own any copyright to the songs playing in this video. Business Inquires: [email protected]
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Canni Gel Nail polish/ AliExpress Haul
Canni gel polish & other items order from AliExpress. I'm an beginner at doing nails, im still learning & you guys will be on this Journey with me. 😊 Thank you for watching!! Don't forget to Like & Subscribe. Be blessed & remember you are your own beautiful & always Love yourself 😍😘
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