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first time dancing in 2 years..*Fail*
So basically I stopped dancing and it was off and on since my accident and hip problemos im sure you dont care LOL but here is me doing some things that made me look like a wimp! Instagram: @elissadeheart
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Pregnancy Prank on Boyfriend *backfires
soooo im not the best actor but I thought it would be a good prank to scare him a little hehe like if you would like more pranks and comment them! Instagram: @elissadeheart
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first time doing my solo in 3 years..
HEYLLOOOO well um i tried didn't I lol let me know if you wanna see more dance videos!! boy do my feet hurt after that LETS TRY AND GET TO 50K!!! heheeh FOLLOW MEEEE: @elissadeheart @elissadeheart2
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first time doing gymnastics in 7 years..
well so this happened lol I'm a little sore and I didn't do anything crazy comment if you want me to make a series of gymnastics videos!! follow me on Instagram if you want: @elissadeheart
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hickey prank on boyfriend *he started to cry
awww a wittle prank dont hurt nobody...actually today it did :__( anyways here it is for all of you asking me to prank him muahahah comment more prank ideas! like and subscribe it would mean the worlllddddd
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the truth on how i got skinny
welll HIIII how is everyones day going mine is just fine oh wait you didnt ask LOL give it a like and subscribe it would mean the worldddd hehe Instagram: @elissadeheart @elissadeheart2
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how i do my makeup everyday
HEYLOOOO back with another video!!!how are you guys liking me being consistent hehehe. comment down video ideas and subscribe it would mean the worldddd Instagram: @elissadeheart @elissadeheart2 music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxpEdiB6U88
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dancer tries to teach non-dancer ballet
heylo welcome back to another video. people seem to like videos related to dance so I tried LOL.
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reacting to EMBARRASSING childhood videos
OMG i was a crazy wild child still am who am I kidding HA anyways i have tons more videos and if you want me to make another video let me knowww. Lets try and get to 25k subscribers it would mean the worlddd Instagram: @elissadeheart @elissadeheart2
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Reacting to Meeting My Boyfriend For The First Time *flips for kisses*
This was about a year and a half ago and boy have our lives changed since we met...I never thought my skating trip to ice cream would be the day I met him. Anyways hehe as you can tell I still get embarrassed watching this video!!
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the most uncomfortable video of me singing
WELLLLLL ya okay BYEEE anyways i havent posted because i have had some sort of stomach virus or somethin idk but im almost better!! comment video ideas and like and subscribe it would mean the worlddd btw i do not own any right of this music here Instagram: @elissadeheart @elissadeheart2
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how i do my makeup
um hi not much to say but you can follow my instagram @elissadeheart and subscribe if u want
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watch me dance again..and fail
heyloooo so random video like always lol but yeah!! lets try and get to 50k subscribers sounds like so much but i have faith we can do it maybe possibly hehe instagram: @elissadeheart
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10 gross things ALL girls do
heyloooooo back with another video heheh Well i hope you can relate to these if not i think i might curl up in a ball and never leave the house no but on a real note how cute was the ending ?(: lets try and get to 30K subscribers it would mean the worldddd Instagram: @elissadeheart
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getting my wisdom teeth out
soo I don't really remember any of this, only bits and pieces. clearly I felt like I didn't get enough chapstick hahaha. anyways hope you enjoyed follow my Instagram: @elissadeheart
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trying to sing when the party's over by billie eilish
hello little different video today of me attempting to sing I get so uncomfortable even watching it back ahhh. sorry theres little glitches I also cut the clip so you don't see me heavily breath and lick my lips LOL follow my Instagram! also I don't own any of this music. [email protected]
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sisters get spray tans for the first time..
heylooooo back with another video sooooo ya we got spray tans just for fun to see what we would look like make sure you wait until the end LOL afterwards i took a shower AND IT PRETTY MUCH CAME OFF LOL anywhooo thanks for 50K YAY!!! lets try and make our way to 100K I HAVE FAITH FOLLOW ME: @elissadeheart
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Chapstick Challenge
welllllll my boyfriend and I decided to kiss each other with a layer of chapstick hehe sorry if we grossed you out we just loveee each other....and chapstick but shh dont tell instagram: @elissadeheart
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getting a new car
finalllyyy oh my gosh. but again, so so thankful and lucky to even be able to have a car to get around places wasn't expecting this to happen today but enjoy this video! follow me on Instagram: @elissadeheart
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another video with my boyfriend
welcome back to my channel. as requested I filmed a video with my boyfriend which might just be the most basic video but I don't know what else to film so let me know! the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTcv4sMCq3M&list=PL6NdkXsPL07IbXr-jMNJk0WUFej0-XDzY&index=11
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What I Got For Christmas 2017!
OK so im uploading this a little late but i have been so busy with life HEHE but here it is!!!!!! well enjoy and comment your favorite thing you got mine was spending time with my family(:
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how to grow your hair SUPER long and thick
OK so I get so many comments and requests asking for this video and honestly I was a bit all over the place talking fast but one of the biggest tips is to be patient(: do not damage your hair and keep cutting it otherwise you will move a step forward then two steps back. Instagram:@elissadeheart.com
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a weekend in my life
hello welcome back to another videooo. I know its been a while but I. have videos and surprises coming (; enjoy this video that is all over the place as usual. my Instagram: @elissadeheart
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tips for anxiety and self-confidence
SO sorry if this video is boring and a lot of talking, but ive gotten some people asking me what helps me and if i have anxiety. yes, i can make a whole separate video talking about my experiences and how i overcome it. let me know hehe. WERE AMLOST TO 40k that means almost halfway to 100K thanks for all the love lets keep it up hehe!! Instagram: @elissadeheart @elissadeheart2
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How To Become a Model +about the industry
This video is a bit all over the place but basically here are the tips: 1. get scouted (not that easy) 2. submit pictures online 3. open calls
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get ready with me & come to dance with me
hiii lots have wanted these types of videos and if you want more let me know! just me goofing off and getting ready.if you want and ice skating version of this let know too!! instagram:@elissadeheart
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he almost killed me?!
phew that was a close one teehee. ANYWAYS let me know what you guys wanna see and if you like what you see! like and subscribe it would mean a lottt(: if you see this comment your favorite emoji hehe Instagram: @elissadeheart
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meet my boyfriend
hey welcome back to my channel. today you meet someone I sort of kept a secret for a while for personal reasons. anyways hope you enjoyed my Instagram: @elissadeheart
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another video that doesn't make much sense
welcome back to my channel..this video doesn't have much purpose to it, just me and mallory goofing off. anywayssss comment videos you would like to see! follow me on Instagram: @elissadeheart
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breakup prank on boyfriend *did not go well
MAKE SURE TO WATCH ALL THE WAY TO THE END HEHEHE!!! sooo today i broke up with jake....sik. Oh and sorry for the messy room hahaha he is a boyyyy but still i hoped you enjoyed this video and subscribe it would mean the world!!!!100K here we come!!! FOLLOW ME: @elissadeheart
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something scary happened yesterday
HEYLOOO so not the exact video i would wanna be telling a story buttt everything will work out(hopefully) but lets try and get to 100K!!!! FOLLOW ME: @elissadeheart
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a question you are probably curious to know..
heyloooo im finally back heres the q and a finallyyyy.. dont mind me looking very crusty in this video it was like 90 degrees no ac so i was sweatin anyways hope you enjoyed somewhat
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my first mukbang
heylooo welcome back to another video!! I decided to eat and. talk about random things. and hopefully you found some entertainment out of this. subscribe to find out the secrets (;
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ballet dancer tries hip hop for the first time..
HEYYYLOOO okay okay i know embarrassinggg!!!i am not a hip hop dancer and i do not take it seriously just for fun!!! Anyways im back and posting!!! lets try and get to 100K!! FOLLOW ME: @elissadeheart
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trying to re-decorate my room
hi not the best video and maybe not he most entertaining. BUT WE HIT 100K ahhh ill do a special video for that and continue to keep making videos. i got some stuff for my room and had fun in the process obviously my room is not complete but its a start Follow my instagram: @elissadeheart
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what I started as a new hobby
hellooo welcome back to another video. at first, I contemplated uploading this video but I thought what the heck might as well. it will sort of be the start to upcoming videos relating to this! if you want more ice skating and dance videos let me know because I enjoy making them! follow me on Instagram
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first time going back to dance in years
soo I finally went and took class!! lots have people were wondering if I would ever go back so here is the video! I couldn't film inside my studio but I hope you still enjoyeddd(: songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3TC8XmZPvU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkAzQRY2RoE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEhGXw-JuY4 instagram: @elissadeheart
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driving my boyfriend’s car
well this happened... did I mention it was a bit TOUCHY lol. dont make fun of me I know I am not very good!!! Instagram: @elissadeheart
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couples extreme yoga challenge
OK so we decided to do some yoga poses and i think, well, we nailed it! LET US KNOW what you think hehe Instagram:@elissadeheart
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i answer questions honestly
heylo another video!! we are so close to 100k and i appreciate all the support! let me know what you like seeing and ideas you have for me! ok byee follow me on instagram: @elissadeheart
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so many things wrong in this video
well..... yeah thats that i finally got my farts out and life went on anyways comment video ideas and lets try and get to 25k subscribers were growing and lets not stop hehe!!! Instagram: @elissadeheart @elissadeheart2
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the real reason why i left school..
HEYLOOOO so today im explaining the real reason why i was homeschooled!! again, public school is not for everyone im not trying to bash on public school or tell you to quit public school..it is just a better choice for me and seems to suit my life better(: LETS TRY AND GET TO 100K!!! FOLLOW ME HEHE: @elissadeheart
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I've been in a fight?! *answering questions
helloooo long time no video im so sorry!! I answered some questions and let me know if you like these types of videos (: like and subscribe it would mean the worlddddd hehe Instagram: @elissadeheart
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i saved a lizard's life
HEYYY AGAIN we out here doing daily vlogssss 1 like=saving 50 lizard lives Instagram: @elissadeheart Twitter: @lissaaaaa__
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A Day Shopping With Me
hello everyone watching! finally a new video hehe! sorry for the crappy quality towards the end it was night time but wanted to get it done(: anyways comment what you want to see I have some ideas also that I am excited to share! Instagram: @elissadeheart
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what i do on a normal day
HEYLOOOOOOO sooo this is filmed over the span of a few days cause i sort of forget to film and most of the time driving heheh. but i will get better!!comment video ideas and LETS GET TO 100K FOLLOW ME: @elisadeheart
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watch this if you've had a long day
hello welcome back to another video I already edited this whole video then it all got deleted yayyyy but hope you enjoy the usual me and mallory being us.
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cooking is just not for me
HEYLOOO okay okay honestly i didnt fail because it tasted GREAT but the process was a bit um a FAIL LOL LETS TRY AND GET TO 100k subscribe and it would mean the world to meee!!! FOLLOW ME: @elissadeheart
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come thrift with us and see what we find
heyloo welcome back to another video my friend and I went thrifting and pretty much took all day to look through everything. not a super successful day but we found a few things her video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01Q5gFoJXSk&t=21s follow me on Instagram: @elissadeheart
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what can we find thrift shopping??
well not a success or am I just too lazy? who knows. ANYWAYS sorry i haven't uploaded in a few days just you know busy stuff hehee.. Instagram: @elissadeheart
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