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Claudia and Kleyton at Waterloo's got Talent 2010
Claudia Sotto Solis and her friend Kleyton Farias performing "the prayer" by Andrea Bocellli and Chrisitna Auguilera at waterloo region's got talent in 2010. My video is of the worst quality and for that i do apologize also i'm sorry about the shaking but i was so nervous for her so i couldn't help it. Anyway the video quality is of minor importance to me, what matters is that you can still hear their beautiful voices.
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Dorian Preview part 2
A last preview of the Dorian Gray fashion animation. The final animation will feature, hopefully, twenty one outfits. It's been difficult becasue I've had to re-start it from scratch, when the files were lost a year ago. I'm also working on a separate fashion animation but that one is even farther from completion than this one. The subject is similar in that it is another catwalk sequence, but that's all I'll give away for now. Also, yes I know it is now 2014 and this animation went through a lot of set-backs. This collection probably won't be complete till 2015. Oh and before anyone calls me out on it - yes, i was I highly inspired by the Z-Zegna spring/summer 2010 men's collection.
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BlurbBook Preview: Dorian Gray Illustrated by Maira
So this is just a screen recording of the blurb preview of my illustrated version of Dorian Gray. The illustrated book and the design of it are my thesis project at Sheridan College. You can skip through the video if you're just interested in seeing the illustrations. Most of them are on my website: www.maillustration.com
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