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Roccbox - Pizza Napoletana in Garage at only 48 Degrees Fahrenheit!
I didn’t think I could get the Roccbox up to temperature because is was so cold and window outside, but I was able to make a 90 second pizza, in the garage! The Roccbox is so insulated that it got to temp, and maintained the heat really well!
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Roccbox -Three Pizzas in 9 Minutes!
The goal was five in 15 mins, but I flubbed on the fourth. It was so humid, and I forgot to dust the work surface with flour between pizzas, so the third one stuck to the surface, and the fourth was a disaster. The fifth turned out great! Next time, I’m not going to try to set a world record, take my time, and stretch out the dough individually, instead of a pre-stretch. I will also add more kindling to the back of the Roccbox when needed, to raise the temperature and add that wood smoked flavor!
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Roccbox - Neapolitan Pizza!
Using gas burner.
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Neapolitan Pizza in Oven - Sadly not in my Roccbox :-(
It was 32 degrees and about to snow outside, so I tried to use Neapolitan style dough in the oven, rather than in the Roccbox. It tasted great, but didn’t have as crisp of crust, the rise of the cornicione, or the leoparding you get in the Roccbox. I did it at 500 degrees Fahrenheit, first on a pizza stone, secondly under the infrared broiler. The dough was allowed to rise 4 hours, before balling. The balls were then frozen (I made 15x 250 gram dough balls). When I pulled them out of the freezer, I allowed them to rise and ferment at room temperature for 29 hours, before stretching and baking. The dough turned out great, and would have definitely turned out even better in the Roccbox. If I had to change one thing, it would be to let the dough rise longer, and add olive oil in the dough, like Vito Iacopelli’s video on how to make dough for the home. At least I have 13 more dough balls to use in the Roccbox!
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Roccbox - Using Gas and Kindling to get to 450 Degrees Celsius Faster!
I’ve been using kindling wood in the back of the oven, while using gas as well! It gets your Roccbox up to 450+ degrees faster, and uses less gas. I’ve kept kindling fired up in the back of the oven while doing pizzas, but it gets the oven too hot, and gives you less time to rotate the pizza. Just be sure not to put the wood over the burner. Just to the sides of it. When I become better at using my GI Metal turning peel, I’ll maybe do it again. I’ve also found that it adds wood smoke flavor to your pizzas, even after the wood becomes charcoal. For clean up, I just disconnect the gas burner, and use a leaf blower to blow out the ashes. You should try it! :-P
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Roccbox -Neapolitan Pizza Crust!
Neapolitan Crust in the Roccbox!
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