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Himawari Sunset / 向日葵サンセット - Expert 13 PFC
First upload of this newer series, going to be doing uploads of PFCs I do on StepMania, I use a fightstick as my way of playing, just feels natural to me after years of playing it this way. I can try doing requests of songs 15-14 and under, my current cap for PFCing, depends on the song itself. English Title: Himawari sunset Japanese Title: 向日葵サンセット Artist: ARM・まろん (IOSYS) × ランコ・パプリカ (豚乙女) RemyWiki Link: https://remywiki.com/Himawari_sunset Expert 13 BPM: 135 Done on Stepmania 5, Theme is the DDR A theme. A recent song I came across, love it way too much and figured it'd be a decent first upload, not too sure how I feel about the hand cam myself, but I hope you're alright with it.
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Phelddagrif Deck Tech
During the videos two motorcycles went through, not sure how it effected the video. I wasn't expecting it to be so long, thought it'd be a bit faster. I didn't want to go in depth with all the cards because some were simple. xD I am assuming that people that watch the video are more in tuned with Magic The Gathering, so like in the portions of the video like "Signets", I wasn't going to explain what they did, since they're widely used in Commander.
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