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Pretty Girl ~ Alex
An Alex Nunez ms to the song "Pretty Girl" by Sugarcult. I OWN NOTHING!
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Breakeven ~ KC/Clare/Eli
Song: Breakeven Artist: The Script Character(s): KC Guthrie. Eli Goldsworthy. Clare Edwards. Description: Klare. Eclare. KC's POV. KC realizes that he lost his one true love, Clare, to Eli. How come when a heart breaks it just doesn't break even? Notes: none. I OWN NOTHING!
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You Found Me ~ Cassie/Kendrix
A Kendrix/Cassie mv based on "Power of Pink" with Kelly Clarkson's "You Found Me".
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There, There, Baby ~ Melissa/Jackson
An mv about Melissa/Jackson and all the crap they go through. Song is "Speeding Cars" by Imogen Heap. I OWN NOTHING!
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She Will Be Loved ~ Taylor/Jackson
A TJ mv to the song "She Will Be Loved" by Maroon 5. I OWN NOTHING!
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She Will Be Loved ~ Jackson/Taylor
Song: She Will Be Loved Artist: Maroon5 Character(s): Cody Jackson, Taylor Hagan Description: Jaylor. With a little Jelissa. Jackson is always there for Taylor no matter what, even though she's Eric's girl. I OWN NOTHING!
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I'd Lie ~ Jackson/Taylor
If you asked Taylor if she loves Jackson, she'd lie. Song: "I'd Lie" - Taylor Swift Idea from: CherryLine101 - Thank you! I OWN NOTHING!
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Love Ya Too Much ~ Daley/Nathan
Song: Love Ya Too Much Artist: Jump5 Character(s): Daley Marin, Nathan McHugh. Discription: Dathan. Daley's POV. I OWN NOTHING!
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When It All Falls Apart ~ Gabriella/Troy
A Gabriella/Troy mv to the song "When It All Falls Apart" by the Veronicas. Gabriella's having the worst day of her life. But it only gets worse when Troy breaks up with her. I OWN NOTHING!
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The Diary of Clare
Song: Diary of Jane Artist: Breaking Summary: When Clare leaves the school courtyard, she leaves her diary. Eclare. Notes: Check out the story - http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6189194/1/The_Diary_of_Clare I OWN NOTHING!
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Glow ~ Ellie Nash
No matter what, Ellie still glows. Song is "Glow" by Katy Rose. I OWN NOTHING!
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Who Knew ~ Melissa/Jackson
A request based off the rp again to Pink's "Who Knew". Jackson and Melissa are together are on the island, but when they get home, he ignores her and it all falls apart. It's really crappy. Sorry. I OWN NOTHING!
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Where I Stood ~ Melissa/Jackson/Taylor
Song: Where I Stood Artist: Missy Higgins Character(s): Melissa Wu, Cody Jackson, Taylor Hagan Description: Jelissa. Jaylor. Melissa left Jackson because she knows Taylor will love him better. Note: YouTube took off the audio. Find the real version here: http://www.vimeo.com/3907891 I OWN NOTHING!
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I'd Lie ~ Sharpay/Chad
A Chadpay Valentine's Day video. I know it's late, but still. It's to "I'd Lie" by Taylor Swift. Sharpay knows everything about her best friend Chad and she wouldn't tell you, but she loves him. I OWN NOTHING!
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Hot Mess
Song: Hot Mess Artist: Cobra Starship Characters: Eli Goldsworthy. Clare Edwards. Fitz. Summary: Clare uses her womanly whiles to protect Eli and Adam. Eclare. Flare. Notes: Pretend Declan is Fitz. This story will be up ASAP! Also, I lied in the video; Hot Mess is rated R/M, not PG-13/T, for sex, language, drugs, and alcohol. I OWN NOTHING!
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You Found Me ~ Max/Taylor
A Taylor/Max video taken during "Team Carnavil". Song is "You Found Me" by Kelly Clarkson.
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All The Same ~ Taylor/Jackson
A Taylor/Jackson video to the Sick Puppies' "All the Same". I OWN NOTHING!
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It's Not Your Fault ~ Daley/Nathan
A Daley/Nathan video to the song "It's Not Your Fault" by New Found Glory. Nathan and Daley are falling apart and Daley cries her eyes out, thinking it's her fault. Nathan says otherwise. I OWN NOTHING!
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Keeping Quiet
An idea I came up with today during school, I had to make a video for it. Nathan and Daley like each other and try to be a couple on the island without telling the others. Song is "Silence" by Aly&AJ
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I Hate Everything About You ~ Chad/Taylor
Based off of the couple Chaylor(Chad/Taylor); my all time favorite couple! With the song "I Hate Everything About You" by Three Days Grace
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Hero/Heroine ~ Nathan/Daley
A Nathan/Daley mv to the song "Hero/Heroine" by Boys Like Girls. I OWN NOTHING!
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The Man Who Can't Be Moved ~ Jay/Manny
Song: The Man Who Can't be Moved Artist: The Script Character(s): Jay Hogart. Manny Santos. Description: Janny. Jay's POV. Jay hopes Manny wants him back and will wait until she does. I OWN NOTHING!
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Legally Blonde ~ Troy/Sharpay
A Troypay video set to the song "Legally Blonde" from Legally Blonde the Musical. Video goes along with the lyrics. I OWN NOTHING!
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The Sun and The Moon ~ Jason/Kelsi
A small Jelsi video to "The Sun and the Moon" by Mae. For Jo because I love her. I OWN NOTHING!
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Chasing Cars ~ Eric/Taylor
Eric and Taylor reflect on each other while on the island before they say goodbye. I OWN NOTHING! Song is "Chasing Cars" by the Snow Patrol.
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My Wish ~ Lex/Daley
A Lex/Daley video to "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts. I OWN NOTHING!
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When There Was Me and You ~ KC/Clare
Song: When There Was Me and You Artist: Vanessa Anne Hudgens Character(s): Clare Edwards. KC Guthrie. Description: Clare looks back at what she wishes she had. Notes: none. I OWN NOTHING!
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What I Know ~Chad/Taylor
Another Chaylor MV to the song "What I Know" by Jake Epstein in Degrassi.
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Everybody's Fool ~ Taylor Hagan
A darker sided video to Flight 29 Down's island princess, Taylor Hagan. Set to "Everybody's Fool" by Evanescene. I OWN NOTHING!
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So This Is Love ~ Jackson/Taylor
A Jackson/Taylor video to the song "So This Is Love" from Cinderella. I OWN NOTHING!
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Legally Blonde ~ Taylor/Jackson
Song: Legally Blonde Artist: Legally Blonde the Musical Character(s): Cody Jackson, Taylor Hagan Description: Jaylor. Taylor was kissed by her professor and then he fired her. So she's leaving, but Jackson's not sure he can let her go. Notes: For Sadiep16. I hope you like it! I OWN NOTHING!
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4ever ~ Taylor/Jackson
Views: 812 kendrixaimeeoliver
Strong Enough ~ Z Delgado
A video about Z and how much she grew to "Strong Enough" by Stacie Orrico. I OWN NOTHING!
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Happy Ending ~ High School Musical
A High School Musical video to the song "Happy Ending" by Mika. Focused on the main six: Troy, Gabriella, Ryan, Sharpay, Chad, and Taylor. I OWN NOTHING!
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Time ~ Ashley Hammond
My MV about Ashley Hammond in Turbo. Song is Chantal Kreviazuk's "Time".
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She's Got A Girlfriend Now ~ Troy/Gabriella/Sharpay
Troy and Gabriella broke up. Now he wants her back, but she has a girlfriend, Sharpay. Everytime Troy turns around, Sharpay and Gabriella are there. Song: "She's Got A Girlfriend Now" - Reel Big Fish. I OWN NOTHING!
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Breathe Me ~ Adam Torres
Song: Breathe Me Artist: Sia Characters: Adam Torres. Summary: A video about "My Body is a Cage" Parts 1 and 2. Notes: N/A I OWN NOTHING!
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High School Musical Grease Mix
Some HSM scenes to Grease songs. Songs (in this order): "Greased Lighting" with Troy. "Magic Changes" with Troy and Gabriella. "Mooning" with Ryan and Martha. "We Go Together" with everyone. "There are Worse Things I Could Do" with Sharpay and Chad. "Freddy, My Love" with Kelsi and Jason. "Summer Nights" with everyone. I OWN NOTHING!
Views: 16125 kendrixaimeeoliver
Flattery ~ Daley/Nathan
I've been wanting to make a Dathan video to this song for a long time and I finally got the chance! YAY! I OWN NOTHING!
Views: 336 kendrixaimeeoliver
Poker Face ~ Kira Ford
Kira and her men to the song "Poker Face". I OWN NOTHING!
Views: 2233 kendrixaimeeoliver
Promise Ring ~ Chad/Taylor
A Chaylor video to "Promise Ring" by Tremolo. Kind of based off of the HSM rp I'm in. I OWN NOTHING!
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One of These Days ~ Daley/Nathan
A DN mv to "One of These Days" by Michelle Branch. I OWN NOTHING!
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Face Down ~ Jackson/Daley/Nathan
AU. Nathan's hurting Daley, but she thinks it's because he loves her. Jackson tries to help her see the truth and talks to Nathan. Song: "Face Down" - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus I OWN NOTHING!
Views: 1348 kendrixaimeeoliver
Mr. Nice Guy ~ Troy/Gabriella
Song: "Mr. Nice Guy" from Degrassi:TNG Gabriella hates how Troy's treating her and decides to fight back. I OWN NOTHING!
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In This Diary ~ Nathan/Melissa
A Nathan/Melissa video to "In This Diary" by Ataris. HSM clips are Nathan grown up, because Corbin looks older in them. I OWN NOTHING!
Views: 876 kendrixaimeeoliver
Sometimes ~ Troy/Gabriella
Gabriella has something to tell Troy. I OWN NOTHING!
Views: 4139 kendrixaimeeoliver
There Are Worse Things I Could Do ~ Daley Marin
A Daley video to "There Are Worse Things I Could Do" from Grease. Lots of Nathan/Daley and then some Eric/Daley and Jackson/Daley. I OWN NOTHING!
Views: 3847 kendrixaimeeoliver
7 Things ~ Daley/Nathan
A Dathan video to the song "7 Things". I OWN NOTHING!
Views: 496 kendrixaimeeoliver
Samson ~ Dodger/Owen
A Cry_Wolf video about Dodger and Owen to "Samson" by Regina Spektor. I OWN NOTHING!
Views: 498 kendrixaimeeoliver
Change ~ Misfits
Song: Change Artist: Taylor Swift Characters: Adam Torres. Clare Edwards. Eli Goldsworthy, Summary: A video about Degrassi's best threesome ever, Misfits. Notes: N/A I OWN NOTHING!
Views: 3012 kendrixaimeeoliver

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