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Top-Cast® Installation
Extended video showing installation.
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By using the Sleeve-Lock® Grout Sleeve Splicing System you can count on more splices per bag of grout and simple, time saving installation.
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DeckFast™ Shoring System
Symons by Dayton Superior DeckFast is a two-component slab form system that is simple and quick to erect, providing a ready-to-pour slab surface. Learn about how DeckFast can provide you amazing productivity and cost savings on your next slab surface job.
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Create elegant and beautiful concrete finishes with Top-Cast®, a water-based concrete surface retarder manufactured by GCP Applied Technologies and distributed by Dayton Superior. Easy to use Top-Cast produces finishes from micro-etch to fully exposed aggregate for lower costs. See why Top-Cast is your top choice for delivering high quality decorative concrete surfaces and superior value to your customers.
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Tilt-up Insulated Wall Panels featuring Delta Tie Connectors
Instructional video on sandwich panel construction from forms to tilt-up using Delta Tie concrete panel connectors and Dayton Superior’s full range of tilt-up construction products. Dayton Superior is the world’s leading bundled solutions provider for high-performance concrete construction solutions. For more information: http://daytonsuperior.com/insulatedpanels/p24-delta-tie-insulation-system
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Symons Steel-Ply - the workhorse of the concrete forming industry!
Break free from the burden of custom forms with the versatility, simplicity, and durability of industry proven Symons® Steel-Ply®, the one forming system that can handle whatever comes your way. Learn more - http://daytonsuperior.com/products/system?name=steel-ply-concrete-forming-system
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Dayton Superior - Top-Cast® by GCP Applied Technologies Inc
Dayton Superior, in partnership with GCP Applied Technologies, featured Top-Cast® demonstrations in the outdoor exhibits area at World of Concrete 2017. Top-Cast is a top surface retarder for decorative concrete finishes that requires no special equipment or training to apply. Watch the video to see how anyone can achieve an elegant and beautiful concrete finish.
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Highways and Bridges
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Bar Lock® Couplers System
The Dayton Superior Bar Lock Couplers System provides a simple, quick and cost-effective method for splicing smooth or deformed rebar in tension and compression applications
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Dayton Superior® Max-A-Form® STS
The Symons Max-A-Form STS forming system is the leader in rentable, self-spanning, steel formwork. The innovation behind the Max-A-Form STS includes a proprietary design and manufacturing process which provides a superior finish, pour after pour. Max-A-Form STS demonstrates the Dayton Superior’s proficiency in redefining what is possible in the concrete construction industry, thus providing our customers with a competitive edge.
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Delta Tie
Delta Tie Insulation System - Simple. Fast. Flexible.
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Benefits of Tilt-Up Construction Solutions
When you choose Dayton Superior as your single source provider for all your product and service solutions, we take your tilt-up project from concept to completion faster, safer and more efficiently. More information at http://www.daytonsuperior.com/solutions/tilt-up
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Dayton Superior Pentra-Hard® Densifier
Dayton Superior Chemical Product Solutions: Pentra-Hard Densifier
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Dayton Superior Sleeve-Lock®
Sleeve-Lock is a proven grouted rebar splicing solution that is stronger, faster and smarter than other precast connections. This simple device eliminates the need to thread rebar on-site or pay premiums for pre-threaded rebar, and provides a quick and strong bond through a specifically developed grout system.
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Top-Cast® is a water-based, top-surface retarder which does not require covering with plastic for protection. It is available in 11 depths of etch, each one color and number coded for safety and convenience. http://www.daytonsuperior.com/products/chemicals?name=top-cast-
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Power Master Catalog Preview - Dayton Superior
Dayton Superior’s Concrete Construction Solutions Catalog for the Power industry offers all the product solutions you need, engineered for the precision performance you want! Download your catalog today. http://www.daytonsuperior.com/forms/power-master-catalog-request
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Sleeve-Lock® Spanish
Usando el Sistema Sleeve-Lock Grout Sleeve Splicing pueden contar con simple, ahorrando tiempo de instalacion.
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Bridge and Roadway Catalog Preview - Dayton Superior
Our products for the bridge and roadway market enhance the strength and safety of thousands of miles of roadway across the nation and around the world. Request your FREE Bridge and Roadway catalog download today! http://www.daytonsuperior.com/forms/bridge-and-roadway-catalog-request
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Sleeve-Lock® French
En utilisant le système d'épissage "Sleeve-Lock® Grout Sleeve" vous pouvez compter sur: plus épissures par sac de coulis et une installation simple et efficace sans aucune preparation de bout de barre.
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Pro-Poxy™ 500 Field Test
Pro-Poxy™ 500 is a 2-component epoxy system used to anchor threaded rod or reinforcing bar into concrete, offered by Unitex® by Dayton Superior. The product has been tested to ICC-ES AC308, ESR-3959 and is certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 by IAPMO R&T. The video shows an on-site field test of the product - learn more at http://daytonsuperior.com/products/chemicals?name=pro-poxy-500
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Mid Rise/High Rise Catalog Preview - Dayton Superior
Dayton Superior’s Mid-Rise/High-Rise Concrete Construction Solutions Catalog offers all the product solutions you need engineered for the precision performance you want! Get yours today at http://www.daytonsuperior.com/forms/mid-rise-and-high-rise-catalog-request
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Delta Tie French
Système d’isolation Delta Tie - Simple. Rapide. Flexible.
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About Dayton Superior
Dayton Superior is the leading single-source provider of concrete construction product solutions. Specializing in the manufacture of concrete accessories, concrete chemicals, concrete forming and concrete forming products.
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Retail Commercial Industrial Catalog Preview - Dayton Superior
Dayton Superior’s Retail, Commercial and Industrial Concrete Construction Solutions Catalog offers all the product solutions you need, engineered for the precision performance you want! Request yours at http://www.daytonsuperior.com/forms/retail-commercial-industrial-catalog-request
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Parking Garage Catalog Preview - Dayton Superior
Dayton Superior’s Parking Garage Concrete Construction Solutions Catalog offers all the product solutions you need engineered for the precision performance you want! Download your catalog today. http://www.daytonsuperior.com/forms/parking-garage-catalog-request
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Full Line Catalog Preview - Dayton Superior
More than 170 pages of innovation - the Dayton Superior Full Line Catalog is now available! All the product solutions you need, engineered to Perform with Precision. Request your copy today at http://www.daytonsuperior.com/forms/full-line-catalog-request.
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